Gold Coin Grass, also known as Jin Qian Cao, is an important herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for gallstones and kidney stones.

Gold Coin Grass: Herbal Cure for Gallstones and Kidney Stones


There are several herbs that can be used to get rid of kidney stones or gallstones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most important herbs used for this purpose is Jin Qian Cao, otherwise known as Gold Coin Grass.

Gold Coin Grass is used to flush out gallstones as well as to remove toxins from the liver and the gallbladder. It can also be used to prevent gallstone formation in part by stimulating bile secretion and getting rid of clogged gallbladder and liver ducts. Gold Coin Grass is an herbal treatment for jaundice.


As with other herbs that get rid of gallstones, Gold Coin Grass can also be used to get rid of kidney stones or stones in the ureters. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gold Coin Grass is often prescribed as an herbal remedy for blood in the urine (hematuria) and pain associated with kidney stones. 

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Gold Coin Grass can be used for pain relief, particularly if pain is caused by kidney stones or gallbladder stones. If you have back pain near the ribs or around the shoulder blades, it may be caused by gallbladder or kidney issues. For pain in the shoulders and mid-back, Gold Coin Grass may be able to not just relieve the pain, but also treat the underlying cause of the pain.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gold Coin Grass is often combined with Coptis Chinensis / Chinese Goldthread and Huang Lian to hasten the flushing of gallstones and kidney stones from the body. Scientific studies have shown that patients who use Gold Coin Grass can often avoid having gallbladder surgery. 


NOTE: Gold Coin Grass can cause dizziness due to the loss of potassium. Be mindful of the herb’s effects on potassium levels particularly if you have atrial fibrillation (afib) or other types of heart arrhythmia.

Gold Coin Grass Dosage:

Gold Coin Grass can be administered as a supplement, tea, herbal tincture, herbal extract, as capsules, pills, powders, or as granules. The suggested dosage is 15-60 grams of dried herb or 30 to 120 grams of fresh herb as a decoction or administered with juice.

Administer 20-30 drops per day of Gold Coin Grass tincture.


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