How Full Spectrum Light and Sun Exposure Affects Gallbladder Health–and Why You Should Care If You Have MS, Psoriasis, or Other Autoimmune Diseases


My first encounter with the use of sunlight and seawater to heal the liver and gallbladder occurred when I was studying the scientific research into psoriasis cures. I found that there were a number of Sunlight and Seawater Retreat Centers for Psoriasis at the Dead Sea in Jordan. I was initially mystified by this finding and contacted my friend in Guatemala who suffers from psoriasis to ask him about it. 


“Have you ever tried sunlight and seawater as a treatment for psoriasis?” I asked him. 


He said, “Well, not exactly as a treatment, but…I guess my psoriasis does clear up immediately whenever I go to the beach.” 


I asked for clarification on the word “immediately” and he went on to describe how he’d walked out into the ocean in Guatemala to put his hands in the water when he and his wife were on vacation. His psoriasis plaques literally disappeared as he was soaking himself. 


I was awed by this. 


“Why don’t you go live near the ocean?” I asked him, explaining that there were all these treatment centers for psoriasis that prove that there’s something to sunlight and seawater as a cure for psoriasis.


“My wife’s family lives here in Guatemala City. I couldn’t do that to her.” 


And so he and I concluded our conversation. But it baffled me as to why sunlight and seawater could cure psoriasis. At the time, I was still working with psoriasis as a skin disease. I hadn’t found the research yet that talked about how 80% of psoriasis cases will clear up spontaneously with ox bile supplementation (which pointed to liver and gallbladder involvement). I hadn’t read about nightshades and psoriasis yet (though I had personal experience with a psoriasis patient who was horrifically allergic to tomatoes) and I didn’t realize how common it was for psoriasis patients to also be diagnosed with a serious digestive problem like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease


As I slowly gathered the research on psoriasis to better understand this disease, I learned more about the connection between sunlight, seawater, and how these two natural “treatments” can be used to cure a variety of autoimmune diseases, not just psoriasis. Lydian and I gave up on finishing the psoriasis book for a year because we couldn’t connect the dots on how and why the various cures for psoriasis worked until we found a lead by accident one day while researching an entirely different set of health problems. It was ultimately the Fumaria officinalis Earth Smoke plant that helped us better understand the relationship between the sun and psoriasis.


The current discussion addresses only the role of sunlight in healing diseases that are rooted in the gallbladder, but just for sake of being complete, I recommend that you read this article about the use of sunlight and seawater and how these two natural healers can work together to cure multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, autoimmune disease, and other health issues related to the liver and gallbladder.


Fumaric Acid 

Fumaric Acid is produced naturally by human skin when it is exposed to sunlight, but there are herbal medicines that also produce fumaric acid. These include:



  • Fumaria officinalis (Earth Smoke Plant)
  • Boletus fomentarius var. Pseudo-igniarius (Bolete Mushrooms)
  • Lichen
  • Iceland Moss


Salts and esters of fumaric acid are referred to as “fumarates”.


Fumarate plays an important role in our cells’ ability to produce energy (Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) from food in the Krebs cycle. Fumarate is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle and it is formed from the oxidation of succinate. Then, fumarate is converted by the enzyme known as “fumarase” into malate.


Fumarate is also a part of the urea cycle. The urea cycle involves the detoxification of ammonia (as a byproduct of amino acid metabolism) into urea, a harmless substance that can be safely excreted from the body. The urea cycle takes place primarily in the liver and to a lesser extent in the kidneys.

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Malates are the salts of malic acid. Malate plays a role in Krebs cycle and cellular energy production. Malic acid is produced as malates when the malic acid combines with magnesium calcium, or citrulline. Important to our discussion here is the fact that malic acid can be used to dissolve gallstones naturally.


Fumaric Acid as a Food Additive and as a Pharmaceutical: What You Need to Know

Fumaric acid is regularly used as a food additive. It has been a food acidity regulator since 1946. It is denoted by the E number E297. It is used in a manner similar to how malic acid is used in the production of food. Both malic acid and fumaric acid can be used to add sourness to food. 


Fumaric acid is considered to be “practically non-toxic” by the European Commission Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition. 


In the 1950s, Big Pharma created synthetic forms of fumaric acid that are essentially toxic to the human body and marketed these “esters” as Fumaderm by Biogen Idec in Europe. Later, Biogen Idec went on to develop dimethyl fumarate as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. 


Big Pharma relies on the use of synthetically produced drugs that are not identical to naturally occurring substances like fumaric acid to make a profit. You can’t patent a naturally occurring substance like fumaric acid and pharmaceutical companies will work for years to locate natural substances that can be slightly altered on a molecular level so that they can be patented. But not all of the synthetic substances that can be patented are marketed to the public. Only the substances that will “treat” but not “cure” a disease are marketed to the public because cures for disease are not considered profitable in the long-term. So the substances and drugs that are able to cure a disease are typically “shelved”. 


When a drug is shelved, it is listed as harmful or ineffective or somehow marketed to doctors as undesirable for use. Pharmaceutical companies want to have rights to synthetic substances that cure disease because they can control information about those substances. In some cases, Big Pharma produces drugs that inhibit the body’s ability to absorb and use natural substances like vitamins. Synthetic vitamin A drugs, for example, actually cause vitamin A deficiency diseases with long-term use, though few patients recognize the development of these vitamin A deficiency diseases as resulting from the use of synthetic (non-natural) vitamin A drugs.


The use of dimethyl fumarate (BG-12) or Fumaderm may help initially in the treatment of major diseases like psoriasis or multiple sclerosis, but because this is a synthetic form of fumaric acid, this drug will actually make it hard for the body to use natural fumaric acid in a productive way, leading to a general worsening of symptoms over time. This is why dimethyl fumarate and Fumaderm were able to get approved for use: they are able to produce a positive effect initially so that patients are happy with the results, but the general decline and worsening in symptoms that patients experience keep Big Pharma shareholders happy because sick patients = bigger profits than healthy, healing, or cured patients.


Natural Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid plays a variety of important roles in the body. It plays a role in healthy digestion via its effects on the liver and the gallbladder. Animals that were fed fumaric acid in their feed produced 70% less methane during digestion. Below are other medicinal benefits of natural fumaric acid (whether taken as an herbal cure for gallbladder disease or produced naturally by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight):


  • Antioxidant
  • Analgesic
  • Antifungal
  • Antioxidant
  • Chemopreventive
  • Anti-psoriatic
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Neuroprotective
  • Liver protective


Natural Fumaric Acid has been studied in terms of its effects on liver cancer in rats. The results of this study were striking. At the end of the study, the rats who were treated with fumaric cancer had no liver cancer remaining. Additionally, natural fumaric acid has been studied in terms of its effects on Candida albicans infections. According to research, natural fumaric acid was able to significantly prolong life in animals that had been injected with Candida.

Fumaric acid is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, but like psoriasis, Big Pharma has synthesized esters of fumaric acid which are actually toxic to the body. Multiple sclerosis suffers would reap bigger rewards from taking natural fumaric acid supplements or from taking Fumaria officinalis as an herbal cure for MS.

Sunscreen Use and Natural Fumaric Acid Production


Scientific studies have shown that some ingredients in sunscreen can inhibit fumaric acid production in the skin which can exacerbate health conditions that are affected by the presence or absence of natural fumaric acid. In other words, the advertisements that remind you to use sunscreen are encouraging you to participate in an activity that causes low cellular energy levels that might cause you develop any number of disease from fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis. 


Is Fumaric Acid Bad for You?

NATURAL fumaric acid is produced naturally in the body. NATURAL fumaric acid is widely used in food and has been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Yet, it isn’t hard for me to find little blips on Big Pharma-sponsored sites indicating that somehow, despite the fact that fumaric acid is produced naturally in the body, that it is unsafe. Perhaps you found this article because you’re trying to figure out if fumaric acid is safe or not. And here’s the thing, fumaric acid propaganda is so strong on the internet because this is a substance that can cure many diseases.

Let me tell you about vitamin B17. This vitamin was discovered by the same doctor who invented chemotherapy. He was working as a researcher at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, after chemo started being marketed across the U.S. and he was studying amygdalin and its effects on cancer in rats. To his surprise, this substance, which is found in grape seed, apple seed, pear seeds, and apricot kernels, had a 100% cure rate against cancer. Sloan Kettering Memorial worked to cover up this information and dismissed the doctor quietly. Then, this hospital which is supposed to be one of the “best” cancer treatment centers in the world, fought to cover up the cure, protect their financial interests and make sure other cancer cures would never become known to the general public either. 

Natural Fumaric Acid has a similar level of potential in terms of curing disease. I emphasize the importance of using natural fumaric acid because the synthetic fumaric esters in drugs prescribed for psoriasis or multiple sclerosis, are specifically calibrated to not cure the disease and to in fact, cause patients’ symptoms to worsen over time. Natural fumaric acid, on the other hand, has the ability to cure multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. Big Pharma will literally do anything to cover up this information. Propaganda is a common tactic that they use to scare people away from the drugs and the treatments that actually cure disease.


The Skin, the Liver/Gallbladder, and the Kidneys

There’s a relationship between the skin, the liver and the gallbladder, and the kidneys. These relationships work mechanistically through several different biochemical pathways, but one that’st relevant to a discussion about the gallbladder and the liver concerns sunlight exposure or exposure to full-spectrum light and how this affects the production of natural vitamin D.


When the skin is exposed to sunlight, specifically UVB light, vitamin D is manufactured. Metabolism of vitamin D takes place primarily in the liver and in the kidneys, but also, to some extent in the following organs/tissues:


  • Skin
  • The cells of the immune system
  • Intestinal epithelium, 
  • Parathyroid gland
  • Prostate gland
  • Breast tissues. 


In the bloodstream, vitamin D is carried via a binding protein and albumin that’s produced in the liver. In individuals with liver disease, vitamin D binding proteins are decreased which means that people with plenty of vitamin D may experience symptoms of deficiency because there’s not enough vitamin D circulating in the blood. 


Individuals with nephrotic syndrome and protein-losing enteropathies may also be low in vitamin D transport proteins also. Again, a patient may have plenty of vitamin D in their body, but be low in the transport proteins that allow vitamin D to circulate in the blood to different organs in the body. If this happens, the patient may show signs of vitamin D deficiency even if he or she is not technically vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D Basics

In patients with psoriasis, scientists have administered vitamin D3 orally and topically to demonstrate that plaques tend to be less severe when a patient has plenty of vitamin D available to them. Topical application of vitamin D was particularly beneficial suggesting that the production of vitamin D in the skin itself plays a role in certain types of disease. 


Psoriasis is actually a disease of the liver and gallbladder more than a disease of the skin, though its most apparent manifestation is on the skin. 

Note that you should never take vitamin D supplements by themselves. Always take them in combination with vitamin K2 to prevent sclerosing of soft tissues.


How to Use Sunlight to Restore Gallbladder Health

We’ve mentioned the use of the Budwig Smoothie as a source of healthy fats and proteins, but you should know that its ideal to drink this smoothie in the sunlight. Don’t use sunscreen, but rather let your skin absorb the full-spectrum light of the sun for 20-30 minutes daily while exposing as much of your skin as possible. When you drink the smoothie, also take ox bile supplements as well as other enzymes. Ideally, you should do enzyme therapy (to ensure that your body digests and absorbs the fat soluble vitamins in this smoothie as well as the proteins down to amino acids that will benefit liver health). Drink the Budwig Smoothie once or twice daily, and spend 30-40 minutes in the sun each day to improve gallbladder health.


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