Which Medicines to Pack for Summer Vacation


Taking care of your health is important all times of the year, but managing personal health care while traveling is something that eludes many people. After all, at-home, natural health care and maintenance practices frequently involve multiple medicines, and some of those medicines are less-than-easy to travel with (i.e. packing iodine in a suitcase). But, self-care for yourself and your family while vacationing over the summer doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the right tools, it can be swift and simple to maintain your health and your family’s health while also going on an adventure!


Here are some essential medicines and tools to pack for any trip, and how to pack them effectively and simply (note that if you’re taking capsules/pills/powders with you, make sure they’re either in their original packaging or that they’re VERY clearly labeled, especially if you’ll be traveling in an airplane; this will save you hassle later on in the security line): 


    • MMS / CDS + DMSO – MMS / CDS is a broad-spectrum medicine for the whole family. It can be used to treat almost any sickness or health complaint (including everything from malaria to a simple scrape or cut to the common cold, and even common travel-related problems such as cystitis or food poisoning), and can be used on anyone of any age (infants, children, teenagers, pregnant women, adults, and the elderly can all safely use MMS / CDS). While it requires a bit of a learning curve to start using it, our handy Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution Protocol App combined with “The Layperson’s Guide to Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Miracle Mineral Solution” can help you get started using this medicine from the moment you receive it. DMSO is another broad-spectrum medicine that can be used with MMS / CDS or separately, and is a must in any travel medicine kit. Read more about DMSO here.

      MMS / CDS usually comes in 2 different bottles. Make sure to keep them separate until you use them. Pack these two bottles each in their own sandwich baggie, and then also put them together in 1-2 more baggies. This may seem excessive, but if they accidentally leak en route to your destination, you’ll be glad for the extra layers! On top of this, try to keep these medicines separate from your clothes or valuables. If you must, put them in your toiletries bag. Ideally, though, put them in an entirely different suitcase from the rest of your belongings. Keep DMSO in two baggies of its own separate from the MMS / CDS. With the MMS / CDS and DMSO, pack a glass shot glass or two for mixing the medicines on-the-go.

    • Lugol’s iodine solution + Povidone iodine + Travel nebulizer – During COVID-19, traveling with these medicines is essential since the appropriate use of these two types of iodine throughout the day or at night after traveling can help prevent infection with respiratory infections. Read more about how to use Lugol’s iodine solution and povidone iodine correctly. A travel nebulizer like this one is a simple way to administer these medicines en route from place to place. These medicines are also safe and effective for people of any age in any situation (including pregnant women, for example).

    • Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
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    • Mucuna pruriens – Travel can be stressful for anyone of any age, and that stress can take a toll on a person’s health. Mucuna pruriens helps the body produce adequate amounts of dopamine and to regulate mood, stress levels, and bodily processes. Depending on your individual needs, you can take as little or as much as you need. This bean is used as a food in some parts of the world (it makes a fun breakfast when mixed with raw honey and put on bread), and can be given to children who are able to eat normally, teenagers, pregnant women, adults, and the elderly. This link contains more information about Mucuna pruriens.


    • Moringa – This is an herbal multivitamin. Instead of traveling with a slew of vitamins in your medicine bag, instead load up on some high quality moringa capsules. These are significantly more affordable than a multivitamin, and ultimately offer a better nutritional profile than most multivitamins. Moringa also contains minerals. Unless you or a family member is currently following a protocol involving high-dose supplementation with a specific vitamin or mineral, and especially if you’re only traveling for a period of time less than 2 weeks, moringa will be adequate to supply your vitamin and mineral needs.


    • Magnesium – This is a family-friendly supplement to support sleep. Anyone can take it safely and it will support overall health as well as relaxation. If you’re traveling to another timezone, magnesium may be an essential part of getting enough sleep and feeling rested enough in the morning that you can go sight-seeing! It can also support normal bowel movements, emotional stability, headache/pain relief, and more.


    • TENS Pads – TENS pads are a vibrational therapy that can be used to target acupuncture points on the body to incite healing, and can also help relieve muscle tension and pain, aid relaxation, promote bowel movements, and more. It takes some practice to learn how and when to use the TENS pads effectively on yourself and others (since they require you to tune into yourself and what works for YOU), but I never leave home without them and there has been more than one occasion when I was grateful to have the TENS pads with me, especially when I had aches or pains or a stomach upset. TENS pads can be used on children, teens, lactating women, adults, and the elderly. Note, however, that they should be used with caution in pregnant women (keep them FAR away from the belly area if you do use them during pregnancy, since they cause the muscles to contract).


    • Magnets – I always travel with at least 6 biomagnetism magnets, if not more than this (if I’m going on a longer trip, I take more). Magnets can be placed on areas where there’s pain or discomfort, or they can be used specifically according to biomagnetism protocols to treat disease. They can also be placed on acupuncture points. They can be used in a similar way as TENS pads (pregnant women shouldn’t use magnets at all, though, unless they can speak with a biomagnetism practitioner directly). While traveling with magnets, you should ideally keep them in a completely different bag from any electronic devices that you have (computer, smartphone, e-reader, etc). Follow this link to learn more about biomagnetism.


    • Enema bag – While some people feel uncertain about enemas, their importance in terms of health and healing can’t be underestimated, especially during a vacation. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a stomach upset or a headache caused by said stomach upset. Enemas can be a fast, effective, and painless way to resolve stress-related stomach upsets, and can also aid healing in the case of food poisoning or a stomach bug. Pack some organic coffee to brew for use in the enema, or prepare MMS / CDS enemas instead. Plain water enemas also suffice. Read more about administering enemas at this link.

  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C should not be taken with CDS / MMS, but it can be an important travel medicine nonetheless. When taken in higher doses, it can function similarly to CDS / MMS (which is good to know if you run out of MMS or can’t get it in the first place). In addition, vitamin C can help relieve detox symptoms from CDS / MMS, and can also be an important remedy for altitude sickness.


Each person has their own individual, unique needs and therefore there may be more medicines that you’ll need to add to your family’s medicine bag before going on vacation. Regardless, these are some of the basic essentials to take with you to make sure that you and your family members can maintain your health and still have fun! If you’re following a healing protocol, be sure to continue, even during vacation. Consistency is essential if you’re trying to heal from a serious disease of any kind.


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