How to Use a Castor Oil Pack and Castor Oil Cupping to Overcome Disease and Chronic Pain


Castor oil is derived from the Ricinus communis plant.

The use of castor oil packs is an important treatment that people can use to heal from a variety of diseases particularly those that involve the gallbladder, thyroid gland, and reproductive organs including the breasts. Castor oil also can be used to hasten healing following burns and injuries. 


When you use a castor oil pack, you’re administering a powerful and broad-spectrum medicine through the skin. Castor oil easily sinks into the core of your abdomen when applied to the skin. And then it goes to work coordinating not just the movement and synchrony of muscles in the uterus, intestines, and gallbladder, but it also coordinates hormone levels including both reproductive hormones and thyroid hormones. But castor oil is still gentle and it works slowly to pull the different systems of the body back into alignment.


Castor oil is an herbal medicine that really highlights the connection between the thyroid gland, reproductive organs, and the gallbladder. 


Purchase a castor oil product that is hexane free and cold-pressed. 


What is a Castor Oil Pack?


Castor oil packs are a useful remedy for practically any abdominal problem that you can imagine, but a castor oil pack can also be used to treat fibrocystic breasts or thyroid dysfunction too. The use of hexane free castor oil packs is an age-old remedy that came back into common practice when Edgar Cayce began recommending them for the following abdominal issues:


If you aren’t able to do the Hulda Clark Gallbladder Cleanse or coffee enemas, castor oils packs offer another alternative for getting rid of gallstones without surgery. Indeed castor oil packs can be used not just for gallstones, but for general gallbladder problems including sclerosing cholangitis, constipation, and a wide variety of other digestive system complaints as well as reproductive system issues. Castor oil packs work through the following actions on the body:


  • They calm the nervous system.
  • They promote healthy bowel movements.
  • They reduce the size and number of ovarian cysts to promote the normal, healthy functioning of the reproductive system in females.
  • They sync up the hormones with the immune system and nervous system.
  • They detoxify hormones and glutathione by preserving glutathione, an important detoxifying substance in the body.
  • They reduce inflammation
  • They break down biofilm in the gut.


A lot of people who are struggling with either reproductive system issues or gallbladder issues are either taking a lot of herbs or other substances by mouth already, but the castor oil pack is unique in that it’s a treatment that can be administered through the skin. Castor oil has the unique ability to literally move epidermal cells on the skin into an alignment that promotes absorption of the medicinal agents in the oil into the skin and into deeper tissues too. Warming the skin and oil with a heating pad facilitates this process of absorption by reducing the viscosity of the oil. When you apply castor oil to the skin, it sinks in deeply until it reaches the organs that need to be treated.


NOTE: Do not use heat with the castor oil if you are experiencing inflammation. 


Castor Oil Packs as a Natural Treatment for Infertility 

If you’re looking for a cure for infertility, castor oil packs may be a good place to start. So much of this discussion is dedicated to reproductive organ healing because there’s such a strong connection between reproductive organs, reproductive hormone levels, thyroid hormones, thyroid function, and gallbladder health. A major mediator involved in all these seemingly disconnected organs is cholesterol, but we discuss that more in another section. Suffice it to say though that if you’re suffering from infertility, it’s likely that you’re under stress. Stress hijacks the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve which is part of the autonomic nervous system. Once you get into a cycle that involves a compounding of stress, it can be hard to pull out of that tailspin. 


Castor oil is a physical medicine that can be incredibly beneficial for women suffering from infertility because castor oil regulates cyclical things. As I mention several times in this discussion, castor oil works with “wave-forms” which is mathematically equal to cycles. Fertility and birth are physical events that rely heavily on the almost musical sort of rhythm of wave forms and cycles–not just the menstrual cycle, but the cycles within the menstrual cycle that women go through each month unconsciously, without even realizing it. Ovulation is not usually a conscious event, for example though women can tune into it. There are several different hormones that must be released on cue, under the conductance of the thyroid gland, which is, in turn, influenced by the liver’s use of cholesterol to form reproductive hormones, in order for a fertile egg to be released from the ovary. Castor oil specifically works with all of the various organs and hormones that must be sync-ed up in order for a fertile egg to be released from the ovary at the proper time in order for conception to occur.


As a cure for infertility, I really like castor oil packs because they require women to slow down, and do a bit of pampering. They can, if properly executed, become a part of a meditative experience. Don’t underestimate the value of this meditative experience in improving fertility.

Castor Oil Packs as an At-Home Treatment for Threatened Miscarriage


Castor oil packs can be safely used by pregnant women and in fact, pregnant women can use a castor oil pack if they start bleeding during pregnancy or if there is a threatened miscarriage to try to save the pregnancy. Be cautious about using heat though, if you’re pregnant and if you’re applying the castor oil over the abdomen. Put the heat setting on low. The goal is to improve blood flow to the uterus. 


Castor oil has a regulating effect on female hormone levels through mechanisms that aren’t fully understood just yet, and castor oil also reduces inflammation throughout the body while powerfully detoxifying the lymph fluids which can sometimes save a pregnancy as long as the fetus is healthy. 


Castor Oil as a Natural Treatment for Gallbladder Problems During Pregnancy


Because pregnant women often suffer the most with gallstones and gallbladder problems during pregnancy, mostly due to the way reproductive hormone levels alter the functioning of the gallbladder, castor oil packs can be miraculously beneficial during gestation. Indeed, for pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum who are having a hard time holding down any food at all, castor oil packs applied daily over the course of time can restore normal gallbladder functioning which, in turn, can significantly reduce morning sickness. 


Castor Oil Packs for Other Health Situations

I know that the average reader might not be interested in the connection between thyroid function, reproductive organ function, and the gallbladder. And they might not be as interested as I am in the relationship between the skin and the liver/gallbladder. Of course, many of us pay lip service to the idea of “holistic medicine”, but few of us can really appreciate how certain plants and herbs have been specifically designed to address very specific dysfunctions in the body. What I mean to say is that, conventional medicine advocates that there should be “one pill for one disease”, but that’s never the case. If you’re unlucky enough to be prescribed a chronic medication for a chronic illness, you’re guaranteed to end up on additional prescription medications over time to treat the diseases caused by the original prescription medication. But herbs are the medicines that provide “one pill for one disease” in the sense that herbs work against specific disease profiles. Perhaps you’ve struggled your whole life with digestive issues and recently you developed low libido too. If that’s the case, you’re looking for an herbal medicine like castor oil that treats both digestive issues and reproductive hormone issues at the same time. Maybe you have a thyroid problem too. You definitely fit profile of someone who would benefit from treatment with castor oil. 

Where to Apply Castor Oil Packs

Apply the castor oil packs where you need them most. If the joints in your hands hurt, apply the packs to your hands. If you have sciatica, apply the packs to the areas that hurt, but also apply them your abdomen (because sciatica is usually caused by a digestive upset where inflammation pushes on the sciatic nerve). If you have menstrual cramps, apply the castor oil packs to the uterine area where you feel pain, etc.


The castor oil is absorbed deeply into the body. It can go up to 4 inches deep in the treatment of health problems, so, depending on your health issue, you may want to administer the packs through your back or through your abdomen. Or you may want to administer a castor oil pack to both your back and your abdomen simultaneously. 


But though castor oil packs are often administered abdominally, you can administer a pack to your neck if you have thyroid problems or you can administer the castor oil pack to the breasts to cure fibrocystic breast disease.  And you can apply them to your appendages (the arms or the legs) if you have adhesions or pain in your joints. If you have inflammation though, don’t use heat because heat can increase the inflammatory response.  


Castor oil eye drops are also used to treat dry eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. 

How do castor oil packs work?

I haven’t been able to find research to prove this, but I suspect that castor oil contains iodine or a substance that promotes better absorption of iodine in the body because of its effects on reproductive hormones. Indeed, castor oil packs have even been shown to work on thyroid nodules and thyroid inflammation (which is also known as “goiter” despite Big Pharma’s efforts to conceal this fact). Thyroid nodules, fibrocystic breasts, menstrual problems, infertility, and all of the other health problems treated by castor oil packs are positively influenced by the use of Lugol’s iodine. That’s why it seems possible that castor oil contains iodine or perhaps B vitamins, selenium or zinc that help the body absorb iodine better. At any rate, when I think of castor oil, I know that the health issues that can be treated using iodine can also be treated using castor oil packs. 

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Finally, it seems to me that castor oil contains (perhaps) a salt that works as an ion to create electrochemical gradients in the vagus nerve when it is applied to the skin. Nerves conduct impulses using ions, which is essentially a form of electrical conduction. Perhaps castor oil activates the vagus nerve / parasympathetic nervous system in addition to providing the body with certain nutrients to improve functioning of the reproductive organs and thyroid gland. The vagus nerve controls the “wave form” motions that castor oil specifically orchestrates and syncs up in the body, so it makes sense to assume that castor oil somehow impacts the vagus nerve, specifically the branch of the vagus nerve that “balances” bodily functions. 


Like other herbs such as Lobelia inflata, castor oil has differing effects on the body depending on whether it’s administered to the skin or orally by mouth. Castor oil administered by mouth causes intestinal and uterine muscles to contract and to “spasm”. In contrast, castor oil applied to the skin causes the intestines and the uterine to relax and “sync up” with sphincters and bodily openings (such as the cervix, the anus, or the Sphincter of Oddi) in the “wave form” mentioned above.


Castor oil administered by mouth produces a stimulating but laxative effect on the intestines. As such, castor oil shouldn’t be taken by mouth in pregnant women who aren’t ready to deliver their babies just yet. On the other hand, castor oil can be taken by mouth by pregnant women who are overdue and wishing to go into labor. 


Castor oil that is administered topically to the skin improves blood flow. Generally speaking, when an area of the body is in pain, blood flow is reduced. The relationship between pain and restricted blood flow is so reliable that several different systems of medicine (Neural Therapy, PEMF, etc.) are based around improving blood flow as a way to cure pain and also cure disease (blood flow equals healing). Improving blood flow to the uterus during pregnancy can improve the chances of survival of a fetus. Improving blood flow to the uterus during menstruation can reduce cramping and pain. Improving blood flow to the intestines can reduce constipation and so on and so forth.


When administered to the skin, castor oil has the ability to relax the body which, paradoxically, will help certain parts of the body work more efficiently. There are certain bodily functions, for example, that will only “flex” when the rest of the body is at rest. Intestinal peristalsis / “flexing” is perhaps the most familiar of these bodily functions. As a general rule, our bodies must be in a somewhat restful state in order for us to produce poop. Though the rectum will spasm in response to stress, the intestines can become lethargic when the body is under a lot of stress leading to constipation and digestive issues. 


The uterus is another part of the body that tends to work best when the body is relaxed, and the fallopian tubes and ovaries also tend to prefer relaxation. A stressed uterus may over-flex during menstruation. Stressed fallopian tubes may fail to sync up with the rest of the body to produce the wave form that carries an egg down to the uterus when it is properly relaxed and supplied with the proper amount of blood. Ovaries get “backed up” with eggs when women have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and then the ovaries produce too many of the wrong hormones, which is a different type of “constipation” effect in the body, not that dissimilar from digestive constipation except that it involves eggs and ovarian tissues as well as heightened testosterone levels.


And finally, in order for the gallbladder to release bile and also gallstones, the sphincter of Oddi must be properly relaxed while the gallbladder flexes. The body has many processes that involve a coordination of general relaxation coupled with flexing and spasming of specific organs or organ tissues. When the body relaxes properly, and when certain organs flex on cue in synchrony with that relaxation, health happens. Castor oil assists with this process of relaxation when it is applied to the skin. As a general rule, castor oil provides assistance whenever there is a “wave-form” required in order for the body to work properly. Examples of wave forms include peristalsis, the coordinated movement of villi, or the contraction of a muscle followed by the synchronized opening of a sphincter or the cervix.


Castor oil can penetrate up to 4 inches deep into the body when it is applied to the skin. People who are recovering from Hashimoto’s disease may find that they are better able to tolerate iodine therapy if they combine a bit of iodine with castor oil (which supports the theory that the castor oil contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, selenium, or zinc that supports iodine absorption). On the other hand though, there are theories circulating that castor oil’s effects on the thyroid gland works by increasing lymphocytes that are produced and stored primarily in the neck and brain. These extra lymphocytes carry toxins out of the body, so having more of them hastens this process of detoxification.


Materials for a Castor Oil Pack


Castor oil packs are physically and mentally relaxing to do. They cause organs to synchronize their activities. Here’s how to use a castor oil pack to overcome anything from gallstones to fibrocystic breasts and infertility:


  1. For best results, plan to use the castor oil packs for 3 consecutive days followed by 4 days off for 2 to 3 months. You can do them more frequently, but take at least 1 to 2 days off from them each week. 
  2. Make the castor oil pack using the following materials:
    1. Cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil
    2. Wool flannel that is not dyed 
    3. Heating pad (do not use heat if your gallbladder is infected–an alternative would be to add 2-3 drops of Dimethylsulfoxide to the castor oil). 
    4. A large plastic bag
    5. Two old towels
    6. Old clothing that might get stained by the castor oil
    7. Baking soda


How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

  1. Start by putting on some old clothing that might get stained while you’re using the castor oil pack. 
  2. Put an old towel that might get stained by the oil down on the couch or on the floor. 
  3. Plug in the heating pad and put it nearby on a “low” setting.
  4. Apply castor oil to the wool flannel so that it is completely saturated. Be generous with the oil because you want there to be plenty of it to soak into your skin.. 
  5. Place the wool flannel over your gallbladder and liver area.
  6. Put a piece of plastic over the wool flannel.
  7. Put the second old towel over the plastic.
  8. Then place your heating pad on top of the towel to gently warm the tissues as long as you do not have inflammation.
  9. Keep the castor oil pack in place for an hour to 90 minutes. 
  10. Wash your abdomen with baking soda and water to remove the excess oils.

Cupping with Castor Oil to Get Rid of Chronic Pain

In addition to using castor oil as a castor oil pack, in some cases, you may also wish to use castor oil to do cupping. As mentioned previously, castor oil has the ability to improve blood flow. So you can use castor oil with a cupping set to give yourself or someone else an intense massage that takes very little effort to administer.


Restricted blood flow to a given area of the body generally equates to pain. In organs with impaired blood flow, pain may be “referred” such that the sensation of pain ends up in the back, the legs, the knees, the elbows, or in other peripheral areas of the body. The areas of the body that might be affected by any given organ is somewhat predictable. Restoring blood flow to the area of the body that’s hurting works backward to restore blood flow to the organ that’s impaired via the sympathetic nervous system (a system of nerves that follows each and every blood vessel through the body to control the dilation or constriction of the vessels, thus controlling blood flow). 

Cupping won’t work in all situations of chronic pain, but if you have chronic pain in your back or in an area of the body that can be “cupped” using a standard cupping set, then castor oil may become your best friend. Don’t use the cups to produce the raised, bruised circles from leaving the cups in place, but rather, use the cups to “massage” the area of the body after applying castor oil to the area by following the steps below:


  1. Apply cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil to the area of your body that’s in pain.
  2. Use a small cup size that can keep suction as you move it around the painful area. 
  3. Don’t stop moving the cup—keep it moving so that you don’t get congestion of blood in one single area.
  4. If you can’t reach the painful area, have someone else move the cup around over the area that hurts. It will feel like an intense massage that takes little effort from the person moving the cup. 

The castor oil will promote an increase in blood flow as will the suction of the cup. Do the massage daily until symptoms improve. Add dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) after cupping (you don’t want to accidentally melt your cups with the DMSO) and then wait for 15 minutes for the DMSO and castor oil to sink in. DMSO is a powerful treatment for chronic pain too. DMSO will help alter any abnormalities in the way that nerves are conducting pain signals to the brain. Commit to this treatment for no less than 8 weeks. Studies show that chronic pain is reliably reduced within 6 to 8 weeks after starting this type of treatment.


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