Herbs to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally / How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally


Chelidonium majus / Greater Celandine is a valuable herb that can be used to get rid of gallstones and kidney stones.

There are several herbs that can be used to get rid of gallstones naturally. Interestingly, herbs that have the ability to get rid of gallstones also have the ability to get rid of kidney stones. We’ll talk about each of these herbs below. Interestingly, there’s a connection between gallstones and kidney stones, but science and specifically conventional medicine has yet to uncover why these two issues tend to be connected. Those who develop gallstones have a 26-36% higher risk of developing kidney stones. Those with prior kidney stones have a 17-51% higher risk of developing gallstones. 

Though a person with gallstones is at a decidedly higher risk of also developing kidney stones and vice versa, conventional medicines and surgeries make sure that the treatment for these two health issues remain decidedly separate. But herbs that are used to release or dissolve gallstones naturally also work to release or dissolve kidney stones naturally. These herbs take time to work, usually 1-3 months, but the use of herbal remedies for gallstones and kidney stones can make it possible for patients to avoid gallbladder surgery if they’re used religiously and according to the dosage instructions. 

Before you begin using an herbal remedy for gallstones or kidney stones, you need to note that herbalism is very different from conventional medicine treatments. In conventional medicine, drugs cover up the symptoms of disease and surgical procedures are overused to the detriment of patients. Losing your gallbladder can have devastating effects on your health. Your gallbladder is an important organ. Losing it can mean that you develop chronic diarrhea or a variety of other chronic digestive problems that reduce nutrient absorption, leading to the development of more serious health issues in other systems of your body. 

If you are working to get rid of gallstones specifically, pick an herbal remedy from the list below and use that herb along with the following natural gallstone treatments to hasten the process of healing:

  • Do the Hulda Clark Gallbladder Cleanse.
  • Do enzyme therapy to enhance digestion and also dissolve gallstones.
  • Add a sea water supplement to your drinking water to ensure that you receive plenty of trace minerals. Sea water supplements help hydrate the body more efficiently while electrifying tissues to improve gallstone release as well as kidney stone dissolution.
  • Get 30-60 minutes of sunlight exposure without sunscreen to promote the natural production of fumaric acid, which helps reduce the size and quantity of gallstones. 
  • Note that you may experience achiness or other symptoms of detoxification as your body releases gallstones. Indeed, many people notice pain and discomfort after being in the sun, but sunlight is an important part of the treatment protocol for anyone with gallstones. Sunlight is full spectrum light and it has healing effects on the body through a variety of mechanisms of action. Read more about the use of sunlight and seawater to heal major disease here.
  • Choose an herbal remedy for gallstones from the list of herbs below.

This article provides information about some of the most powerful herbs for kidney stones and gallstones, but many of these herbs cannot be used safely during pregnancy. So we provide a list of safe and natural gallstone treatments that can be used during pregnancy at the end of this article. Because gallstones and gallbladder problems are so common during pregnancy, we wanted to specifically address how to get rid of gallstones during pregnancy using safe and natural treatments. 


One of the easiest ways to confirm the relationship between gallstones and kidney stones is to look at herbal remedies for gallstones and herbal remedies for kidney stones. A number of herbs that dissolve or release gallstones also release and dissolve kidney stones. 

It’s true that any given herb will treat various diseases that seem to be unrelated, but a study of herbalism will reveal that there are specific relationships that are particularly common. For example, there is a class of herbs that can be used to cure digestive ailments and lung problems. These herbs work on the autonomic nervous system in a manner that causes a wide array of predictable effects on both the digestive system and the respiratory system. 

And there are herbs that specifically target the gallbladder to get rid of gallstones and that target the kidney to get rid of kidney stones. These herbs work on both kidneys and gallbladder, in part, as a result of ingredients that the herbs have in common. For example, they may contain a specific substance in common that works on both gallstones and kidney stones (depending on the herb). 

For example, chelidonic acid and berberine are substances found in the herbal gallstone remedy known as Greater Celandine or Chelidonium majus. Chelidonic acid and berberine are also found in Berberis vulgaris. Both Chelidonium majus and Berberis vulgaris are cholagogues, or rather, herbs that promote bile flow, usually by encouraging the gallbladder to contract. Berberis vulgaris and Chelidonium majus are not members of the same plant family, but despite this, they both contain these two substances. Chelidonic acid promotes the flow of bile into the small intestine while berberine has a regulating effect on cholesterol levels in the body, which means that it impacts the formation and maintenance of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder. Both of these herbs also have the ability to release and dissolve kidney stones.

A Word about Ox Bile Supplementation and Gallstones

If you wish to get rid of gallstones naturally, herbalism can be particularly helpful in achieving that goal, but you should also consider supplementing with ox bile 125 mg (up to 500 mg) at every meal. Studies have shown that one of the most important mediating factors in the development of gallstones is bile acid deficiency. Though cholesterol makes up about 5% of every gallstone, excess cholesterol doesn’t seem to play an important role in the development of gallstones according to scientific research. It doesn’t matter if you have high cholesterol or low cholesterol, each of your gallstones will always be made up of only about 5% cholesterol. But bile acids play an important role in the formation of gallstones. Having a deficiency of bile/bile acids will eventually lead to gallbladder and liver issues as well as digestive upsets due to problems digesting your food. Taking an ox bile supplement helps prevent the development of gallstones and also it promotes the dissolution of gallstones. You can increase your ox bile supplement up to 500 mg at every meal, if necessary. 

A Word about Oral Contraceptives and Gallstones

At the end of this article, we talk about which herbs can be used to get rid of gallstones during pregnancy because during pregnancy, there are specific changes that occur in terms of reproductive hormone levels that cause gallstones to be a bigger problem for pregnant women. Unfortunately, because oral contraceptives mimic pregnancy in terms of reproductive hormones to fool a woman’s body into not ovulating, they also can lead to an increase in the production of gallstones. In other words, oral contraceptives cause women’s bodies to behave as though they’re pregnant in certain respects including in regard to the formation of gallstones. If you’re taking oral contraceptives and you also have gallbladder problems, consider getting a diaphragm or using a type of contraceptive (such as condoms) that will not involve manipulation of your natural reproductive hormone levels. Chanca piedra is one of the herbs listed below that acts as a natural contraceptive though there are a number of herbal contraceptives that exist in the world. 

You probably suspect that your birth control pills are causing gallstones if you’re reading this section of the article. If so, you’re correct. Your risk of developing gallstones is similar to the risk of developing gallstones as a pregnant woman. Nonetheless, you can take control of this problem and get rid of gallstones without surgery. If you stop taking oral contraceptives and start taking ox bile supplements, and begin using an appropriate herb for gallstones, you can expect to feel a change in your gallbladder health within 3 to 6 months.

Herbs That Get Rid of Gallstones and Kidney Stones

The herbs listed below can be used to get rid of kidney stones or gallstones through several different mechanisms of action. Choose one herb and use it along with the additional remedies listed above such as the Hulda Clark Cleanse and ox bile supplements for best results. Don’t double up with the herbs because some of them contain similar ingredients and their mechanisms of action are identical so you could conceivably overdose if you try to use more than one kidney stone/ gallstone herb at the same time.

Berberis vulgaris  / Barberry

Berberis vulgaris specifically works to restore health to the gallbladder and to the liver. It promotes the flow of bile, which relieves pressure in the liver and in the gallbladder, but it also appears to get rid of gallstones in part through the action of berberine, which has the ability to naturally reduce cholesterol levels. Cholesterol makes up about 5% of the average gallstone. Studies have shown that excess cholesterol does not necessarily cause gallstones to develop. Rather, it is a lack of bile acids that cause gallstones to develop. 

It can be used to get rid of jaundice caused by a congested liver. After all, both the liver and the gallbladder have ducts that conduct bile into the small intestine and the liver can also have gallstones that cause discomfort and digestive issues. 

Berberis vulgaris is also used to treat diabetes and dyslipidemia. It probably works in part by getting rid of gallstones blocking the Ampulla of Vater through which pancreatic enzymes flow too. If pancreatic enzymes get backed up, this can damage the pancreas which could lead to health problems like the development of cancer or diabetes. Read more about how pancreatic enzyme therapy can be used to cure diabetes as well as cancer

In addition to its ability to get rid of gallstones, Berberis vulgaris also has mild laxative effects and it is often used as a cleansing or detoxifying agent in people who are weak or debilitated. It also has the ability to reduce inflammation in an enlarged spleen. Though it has not been traditionally used to get rid of kidney stones, it may still function against kidney stones since it contains ingredients that have the ability to get rid of kidney stones.

Berberis vulgaris and Berberine should NOT be used to get rid of gallstones during pregnancy because it stimulates uterine contractions. 

Berberis vulgaris Dosage:

Take 2 grams / 2000 mg of the berries daily or 1.5-3 grams daily of the dry bark. If you’re taking a Berberis vulgaris / Barberry tincture, take 20-30 drops per day (10 drops 3 times daily). Take Berberis vulgaris in 5 divided doses of 500 mg throughout the day. 

NOTE: Barberry has an anti-cytochrome P450 activity similar to that of grapefruit so it shouldn’t be taken at the same time as prescription medications such as cyclosporine that have a negative interaction with grapefruit.

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Berberine Dosage: 

Take 500 mg 3 times per day with meals or shortly after meals. It has a short half-life so it’s important to take it regularly to keep the medicine in your blood. 

Chelidonium majus / Greater Celandine

Greater celandine is an herb with a broad spectrum of medicinal action on the body. It has the ability to dissolve gallstones. It functions as a mild sedative in the body and in addition to its effects on the digestive system (via the liver and gallbladder), it is also a medicine that can be used to treat whooping cough, asthma, and bronchitis. 

Greater celandine is also known colloquially as “Devil’s Milk” because it produces a potent medicinal latex that can be used to treat serious skin problems. It is used in homeopathy and in Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure warts, condylomas, papillae, ulcers, cancer, and oral infections. There is an interesting connection between the liver and gallbladder and skin disorders such as psoriasis. About 80% of psoriasis patients can be permanently cured of their disease by taking an ox bile supplement that slowly reduces the size of gallstones, thus allowing bile to be produced normally in the liver and allowing it to flow freely into the intestines. Streptococcal bacteria can sometimes colonize a debilitated liver and gallbladder and then, these bacteria are only partially digested by the bile (which is not sufficient to fully digest them). They leak out into the intestines in the form of “bits and pieces” known as peptidoglycans that cause inflammation and ultimately leaky gut. The leaky gut then allows the peptidoglycans to go into the bloodstream and eventually they end up as irritants and inflammatory agents that cause the characteristic psoriasis rash. 

Greater celandine functions as a medicinal agent that works both topically on the skin and also on the liver and gallbladder. If you suffer from Crohn’s disease, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, psoriasis, or any number of so-called autoimmune diseases, this herb may be beneficial for you. Greater celandine also balances reproductive hormone levels. There is a link between liver and gallbladder health and reproductive hormone levels via cholesterol. Though we won’t dwell on this connection, which is complicated, I simply mention it here to point out that this plant is clearly able  to get rid of gallstones by eliminating a specific set of initial causes.

Greater celandine works in part to get rid of gallstones by reducing spasms in the digestive system. 

Greater celandine is an abortifacient that should not be used during pregnancy. 


Chelidonium majus / Greater Celandine should not be taken chronically. Take it for 3 weeks and then take a break from it for at least 1 week. 

Chelidonium majus Dosage:

Take 2000-5000 mg per day in divided doses (take 1000-1500 mg 3 times per day with meals) if you’re using it to get rid of gallstones.  Take 10 drops 3 times per day or 30 drops total each day if you’re taking a Greater Celandine / Chelidonium majus tincture.

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Fumaria officinalis / Earth Smoke Plant / Fumitory

We’ve written a bit about Fumaria officinalis (also known as the Earth Smoke Plant) in an article about how to cure psoriasis. Fumaria officinalis has a powerful effect on the liver and gallbladder. It contains a substance called “protopine” that functions as an anti-spasmodic with a constant action. The pain and discomfort associated with gallstones can be relieved to some extent with Fumaria officinalis tea because it causes the bile ducts in the liver and gallbladder to relax.

Fumaria officinalis is unique in that it has the ability to increase bile flow when an increase in bile flow is what’s needed. On the other hand, if the body needs to decrease or maintain bile flow, Fumaria officinalis will reduce bile flow or do nothing. In other words, this plant has the ability to diagnose what’s needed (in terms of bile flow) and then work with the liver and gallbladder to make the necessary adjustments to achieve optimal functioning. 

Fumaria officinalis is particularly famous for its ability to cure psoriasis, particularly when it’s used as part of a healing protocol, but it also has miraculous healing effects in the treatment of migraine headaches. F. officinalis is able to cure migraines in about 80% of cases. It is also regularly used to treat reduced salivary secretion due to the use of prescription anti-depressants. The production of saliva plays an important role in digestion, so the use of Fumaria officinalis can help those with low saliva production to overcome this problem.

Through its healing action on the gallbladder and liver, two organs that can become debilitated and then colonized with bacteria, Fumaria officinalis can be used as part of a protocol to cure autoimmune disease such as lupus.

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Fumaria officinalis has a diuretic action on the body and it is used as a “drainage” remedy for the kidneys as well as the gallbladder and the liver. So if you have both gallstones and kidney stones, Fumaria officinalis can be used to dissolve and release stones from both organs at the same time. Note that the body produces fumaric acid, a substance found in Fumaria officinalis, when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Interestingly, psoriasis, which is ultimately a liver and gallbladder disease, can be cured with a high rate of success by spending time in the sun and seawater. This should be thought-provoking for anyone with gallbladder or kidney disease. Note that exposing the skin to natural sunlight causes the body to produce fumaric acid, a substance that naturally boosts gallbladder, kidney, and liver health. 

Fumaria officinalis can be used safely to get rid of gallstones during pregnancy. It is relatively non-toxic and can be taken long-term, though we recommend that people take a short 1 week break from the medicine periodically to give the kidneys a break from it.

Fumaria officinalis Dosage:

Take 20-30 drops of Fumaria officinalis tincture daily. Do not take more than the recommended dosage.

Fumaric Acid Dosage:

Take 500 mg of Fumaric Acid per day to treat kidney stones and gallstones at home. 

Lobelia inflata

We’ve written about Lobelia inflata in regard to its ability to cure lung disease and also as an herbal remedy for nicotine addiction. But Lobelia inflata does many things in the body. One of the most important functions in regard to gallstones and kidney stones though has to do with its ability to relax sphincters, tubes, and muscles in the body which means that it can allow stones to pass by relaxing tissues that are normally very tense. 

Lobelia inflata was once used regularly by doctors to treat a wide array of different diseases. This is a powerful medicine that deserves a lot of respect. Don’t experiment with dosing. It has effects on the body that are similar to nicotine, except Lobelia inflata effects not addictive. 

Lobelia inflata is an excellent choice for alleviating extreme constipation.

Lobelia inflata should not be used during pregnancy because it can cause a loss of uterine tone that results in miscarriage or stillbirth.

Lobelia inflata Dosage: 

Take 20-30 drops daily of Lobelia inflata tincture to get rid of gallstones. Take 100 mg of the dry herb up to 3 times daily. NOTE that 600-1000 mg is considered to be a toxic dose that can cause vomiting and dizziness. At a dose of 4000 mg, Lobelia inflata can cause death.

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Collinsonia canadensis / Stone Root / Horsebalm

Stone Root or Collinsonia canadensis is famous for its ability to get rid of kidney stones naturally as well as for its ability to get rid of gallstones. Like Lobelia inflata and Fumaria officinalis, it works in part by relaxing the body so that gallstones and kidney stones can be released naturally.

In addition to its ability to get rid of kidney stones and gallstones, Stone Root can also be used to treat hemorrhoids. As a hemorrhoid treatment, Stone Root works by promoting blood flow between the intestines and the liver. Like Chelidonium majus and Lobelia inflata, Collinsonia canadensis has an effect on both the digestive system and the respiratory system. It falls into a class or herbs that function as expectorants, but that tend to cause nausea and vomiting at higher doses. In other words, this herb has an effect on the autonomic nervous system via the vagus nerve. Stimulating the vagus nerve causes the body to produce mucus which can help people with infection or lung disease to cough productively, but in excess, mucus production can lead to nausea in the digestive system. Stimulating the vagus nerve causes the stomach and the gallbladder and liver to relax, allowing the release of gallstones. In some cases, when the gallbladder begins releasing gallstones, people experience the feeling as nausea or even extreme fear. Dosage is important when using these herbs to find the amount that allows the gallbladder to release gallstones without causing a lot of nausea. 

Collinsonia canadensis Dosage: 

If you drink a tea/infusion of Collinsonia canadensis, the dosage is 1 cup or 240 mL. If you are taking the powdered root, the proper dose is between 650-3500 mg. Begin with the smaller dose and increase the dose slowly over time to find the proper amount for you. A root extract of Collinsonia canadensis / Stone Root is commonly dosed at 1-3.5 mL. The dose for a tincture of Collinsonia canadensis / Stone Root is 7 mL. 

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Phyllanthus niruri / Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri), otherwise known as stone breaker or Gale of the Wind, is a tropical plant native to the coastal and rainforest areas of South America. In Ayurvedic medicine, the plant is known as Bhumyaamalaki. Note that although the plant resembles the Mimosa pudica plant, the two are NOT the same, and are in fact not even closely related species. Chanca Piedra is a well-known plant in the traditional medicine practices of Brazil, Peru, India, and the Caribbean; these cultures have used Chanca Piedra for over 2,000 years for the treatment of variety of different health problems, including: 

  • Kidney stones (as well as for the treatment of other kidney and bladder issues)
  • Inflammation
  • Hepatitis B
  • Water retention (it is a diuretic)
  • Gallstones
  • Viral infections (such as colds, influenza, and tuberculosis)
  • Jaundice
  • Liver diseases
  • Asthma
  • Bronchial infections
  • Gallbladder infections and gallstones
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Uterine problems and menstrual disorders
  • Stomachaches and other gastrointestinal issues
  • Dysentery
  • Gonorrhea
  • Scabies
  • Ulcers
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • And more…

Like some of the other herbs listed in this article, chanca piedra has the ability to reduce muscle spasms which allows the gallbladder and the kidney to release stones more easily. Also, this herb tends to alkalize the body and some scientists have speculated that reducing the acidity of the body can help reduce stone production in the kidneys as well as in the gallbladder.

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As an added bonus, chanca piedra has the ability to kill Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that cause gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, and stomach ulcers. It can also be used to cure gout and it has been used in the treatment of hepatitis B. 

Chanca piedra contains high levels of antioxidants so it shouldn’t be used with CDS/MMS or other reactive oxygen species medicines because the medicinal effects of both could be canceled out by the other. 

Chanca piedra should not be taken during pregnancy. This herb acts as a natural contraceptive.

Chanca piedra Dosage:

To decrease the size and number of kidney stones, take 4500 mg of chanca piedra daily in divided doses (take 1500 mg 3 times daily) either with or without food.

Can you get rid of gallstones while pregnant? 

Yes you definitely can. But it might be difficult to fully overcome a gallbladder issue during gestation because pregnant women are producing reproductive hormones that encourage the production of gallstones. Don’t lose hope though. You can make yourself feel a LOT better by using the gallstone home remedy during pregnancy methods that we talk about below

Gallstone Home Remedy During Pregnancy

The following gallstone treatments can be used as stand-alone methods for getting rid of gallstones during pregnancy or you can combine these treatments into a daily protocol to attempt to make progress more quickly. Start by taking ox bile supplements and getting some sunlight exposure. If you live near a beach, try to go sunbathing for several days or a week. Add sea water supplements to your drinking water (1 teaspoon with every 8 ounce glass).

After you’ve worked with these treatments for about 7 days, you can add in Fumaria officinalis and attempt your first Hulda Clark Cleanse. Plan to do a cleanse once about every month. 

If you want to get rid of gallstones during pregnancy, there are several things you can do:

  • Expose your skin to sunlight daily. Do not use sunscreen. The skin produces a substance called fumaric acid that helps improve the flow of bile from the liver and from the gallbladder. Expect to see results from regularly sunlight exposure (30 minutes to 1 hour daily depending on your climate) after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.

  • Add sea water supplements to your drinking water. This will help improve hydration, provide trace minerals, and improve the functioning of your gallbladder in a very general way. It will also alkalize the body just slightly which will promote better health in general. 

  • Fumaria officinalis is an herb that’s reportedly safe for use during pregnancy to get rid of gallstones. Fumaric acid supplements may also be taken during pregnancy to treat gallstones.


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