Fascia is a tissue in our body that functions much like electrical wires…except fascia is a flat tissue and it conducts electricity via water and as a result of proper hydration. And proper hydration pertains not just to water but to salts/trace minerals/electrolytes that function to transmit electricity.

Using Electricity and pH to Cure Disease: Basic Overview


Health and healing almost invariably involves electricity, electrons, and energy in one form or another. Though most of the people throughout the world are familiar with pills and surgeries as the primary concepts that are used in conventional medicine to treat illness, unfortunately, pills and surgeries are rarely the proper solution to health problems. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Surgery is the best course of action if your body is severely injured. And some pills contain substances that release reactive oxygen species (ROS) like hydroxyl ions that ultimately work to cure disease because of the inherently electrical nature of these ROS. But this article was written to help readers better understand how energy in the form of scientifically validated concepts like electrons and electricity is used to actually cure disease.


Electricity is the flow of electrons (negatively charged) and protons (positively charged). The flow of electricity occurs as a result of the attraction of a negatively charged electron for a positively charged proton (and vice versa). In order for electricity to happen, there must be “flow”. In physics, we know that this “flow” can only occur when there’s a complete circuit, but the human body is innately electrical as a result of the high content of water in all tissues, particularly in the fascia. 


What is fascia?

Fascia is the sheet of fibrous connective tissue that envelopes, separates, and binds together all of the muscles, organs, and other soft tissues of the body. Fascia is dense and tough and is has a translucent appearance. It covers everything and envelopes it in a bag to separate each part of the body from the other parts. This separation helps prevent disease in one area of the body from spreading easily to other areas of the body. 


But fascia doesn’t just separate body parts and regions from each other. It also connects them together. Distant areas of the body are connected one to the other via the fascia. For example, most people are familiar with the fact that a person with heart pain may experience pain in the left arm instead of feeling pain in the chest or they may feel a pain in the chest that radiates down the left arm. That’s because the heart meridian travels through the fascia down to the tip of the left pinky finger. 


The heart meridian, like all meridians travel through the fascia. The meridians carry electricity or energy, otherwise known as “chi” or “qi” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine or as “prana” according to Ayurvedic medicine. These meridians, which seem to travel along very erratic paths that don’t always make sense according to those who are more familiar with the way conventional medicine divides the body into “systems” of organs that are related functionally. But studying embryology and the earliest development of a human being from a mere collection of cells that slowly turn into tiny organs that eventually “bud” out into the limbs and muscle groups explains the course of the meridians. Segmental anatomy takes an alternative look at the way the human body is viewed and considers the relationship between and among the various organ groups, muscles, limbs, etc. in terms of embryonic development. The fascia, as it turns out, is a tissue that remains intact and regionally dispersed throughout the body even after an embryo develops such that the course of our original human development can be traced by looking at the fascia in a fully-formed adult. 


Most people are mildly interested in these facts about fascia and how fascia makes sense out of the acupuncture meridians, but things get a lot more interesting when we think about fascia as a sort of electrical wiring (that’s distributed throughout the body in sheets and “bags”) that works better or worse depending on the body’s level of hydration. Indeed, the fascia must be hydrated with water in order to be conductive. Fascia that is severely dehydrated is much less conductive electrically than fascia that is properly hydrated. 


But drinking just any kind of water is not always enough to fully hydrate the fascia in order to restore the meridians and properly electrify the organs. As we discuss in another article, water comes in a wide variety of forms and formats. The amount of electrolytes/salts/trace minerals in the water plays a role in its electrical conductivity. And the number of protons (in the form of hydrogen ions) is another important factor that determines the conductivity of a given glass of water. Increasing the number of hydrogen protons is roughly equivalent to increasing the pH to a more alkaline state which means that alkalizing tends to electrify the fascia. But again, we talk about water in greater detail in a different article


Water that doesn’t contain trace minerals or salts (also known as electrolytes due to their electrical nature) is less hydrating because it is less electrically conductive in the body. Trace minerals often occur as “salts” in part because all salts consist of a positively charged ion and a negatively charged ion. The positive and negative charge of salts/electrolytes/trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, chloride, iodide, and more allows the body to produce electricity. These positively and negatively charged ions move across membranes to create a sort of magnetic “friction” that produces electricity. Though technically, the electrical membrane potentials produced when certain salts move back and forth across membranes is a little different than the static electricity that happens when you rub a balloon against your hair and your hair stands up on end, this visual is helpful for people in terms of visualizing how our bodies produce electricity through the movement of these salt ions of opposite polarities across membranes.


If you drink reverse osmosis water, for example, it probably doesn’t contain trace minerals/ electrolytes/salts. This type of water can slowly erode away at your health unless you add sea water supplements to your water to restore the electrolyte content and make your water more “electric”. 


Electrical Conductivity and Healing

A number of doctors and scientists have worked directly with electricity as a form of healing. Indeed, the earliest physicians in ancient Greece noted that a fish known as the torpedo fish (technically an eel, as I recall) could cure patients of serious diseases by shocking those patients with electricity. A number of people with diseases like cancer who have gotten struck by lightning (which is not recommended, by the way) and survive the shock are cured permanently of their disease. But two doctors have worked particularly hard at developing models to understand not just that electricity can be used to heal disease, but also why electricity works to cure disease.

Dr. Robert Beck – The Body Electric

Dr. Bob Beck wrote the book, The Body Electric. This book details the story of how and why he began working with electricity as a cure for disease. He was an orthopedic surgeon originally who began his medical career before the advent of penicillin and antibiotics. As an orthopedic surgeon, he regularly did amputations on patients and his interest in electricity developed out of the realization that certain animals, like salamanders could regenerate limbs. He wondered if humans could also, perhaps regenerate limbs. This interest became more pronounced when he was given the task of investigating Russian research into healing as a result of a job he was doing in his early career for another doctor. Over time, he discovered that electricity could do more than just regenerate limbs. He eventually developed a tool called the Micropulser that delivers tiny electric shocks to patients to cure major diseases like HIV or cancer. 

Dr. Beck also developed electrical brain wave technologies that is able to cure drug-resistant depression. His technology was stolen by Big Pharma and another man was given credit for his creation, but Dr. Beck worked hard to protect these tools such that they would be accessible to patients without a prescription and at a reasonable cost. He (and now his family) provide schematics so that anyone can build these machines to cure depression or major diseases like HIV infection, cancer, diabetes, etc. He also developed a machine that produces a magnetic field that energizes cells electrically.  

Dr. Jerry Tenant – Voltage Is Healing

Dr. Jerry Tenant wrote Healing Is Voltage and he followed a very different trajectory to develop a tool that was able to increase the voltage of human cells in order to produce healing. He was seriously ill as a young doctor and sought to cure his disease. He learned about acupuncture meridians and segmental anatomy and studied the healthy voltage of cells as well as the voltage of cells that were ailing and trying to heal. He theorized that different muscle groups, which are connected to specific organs, act as batteries that electrify and “charge” the organs. His theories explain one reason why exercise is valuable in promoting general health. When we move our muscles, we literally charge our organs electrically so that they are better able to maintain health and resist disease. Electricity travels from the muscles via the fascia (which acts like electrical wire) to the organs. The acupuncture meridians can be used to find which muscles charge specific organs and groups of organs. 


Magnets and Healing

In my pre-med days at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I worked in nursing homes and hospitals as a certified nursing assistant. Often, I worked double-shifts on the weekend with a man named “Bob” who had a daughter who had been born with spina bifida. He and his wife used magnets to heal their daughter whose neural tube defect was open when she was born and he swore by these magnets. I really liked working with Bob because he worked hard and he had a good sense of humor, but I wasn’t sold on his magnets. Nonetheless, one day, he brought a “Mag Boy” with him to work. The Mag Boy was a device with two ball-shaped magnets in a little plastic holder. These two magnets were designed to be rubbed across a surface such that they produced a strong and fairly broad magnetic field through their opposing polarities.


At the beginning of the day, Bob told me that he’d brought the Mag Boy with him and that he’d demonstrate it at the end of my double shift which involved 17 hours on my feet with only an hour break during the day. Inevitably, my feet hurt quite a bit at the end of a long day like this. 


So at the end of the day, Bob told me to sit down in the chair and he knelt with the Mag Boy at my feet. I said, “I don’t want to take my shoes off.” I wasn’t going to buy his stupid Mag Boy. It cost 60 bucks that I didn’t have. Also, I’d walked through a lot of poop on the floors that day. He said, “You don’t need to take off your shoes.” And then he proceeded to rub the Mag Boy over my shoes. 


I didn’t believe it would work…but it did. Within less than two minutes, my foot didn’t hurt. I was absolutely amazed. AMAZED. He did the other foot…and I was SOLD. I told him I’d pay him for the Mag Boy tomorrow and I used that Mag Boy for absolutely everything for 7 years until it broke in half from overuse. 


The Mag Boy and magnets in general work through various mechanisms of action. I could see how the Mag Boy would draw blood to the surface of the area wherever I used it. The magnetic field would draw the iron in red blood cells to whatever area I was treating. This relieved pain and oxygenated the tissues. It had an impressive effect on promoting blood flow to areas of the body that were ailing. 


Many people don’t realize that a lack of blood flow to specified areas of the body is a big reason why a specific area of the body gets sick and fails to heal. As we talk about above, fascia is this tissue that separates one organ from another organ. The fascia plays a role in preventing an intestinal disease from spreading directly into the bladder or the pancreas. Every organ is enveloped in this fascia. Indeed, every nerve is also enveloped in this fascia. And every artery in the body is followed through the body on its course by an autonomic nerve that regulates whether the blood vessel is very open and wide (to admit lots of blood) or somewhat closed. The autonomic nerve is a part of the Sympathetic Nervous System (the fight-or-flight system) and this system regulates things like the pumping of blood to the muscles when a person is under stress (like if someone gets trapped under a car and you need superhuman strength to lift the car off that person by yourself). But these autonomic nerves can also close off certain blood vessels if, for example, you experience a lot of blood loss for some reason. The opening and closing of blood vessels also happens automatically in response to emotional stressors. At any rate though, there is electricity that flows through the fascia that surrounds every nerve that innervates the muscles of every artery big or small in our bodies. If the fascia is not properly electrified in one tiny area of the body, the blood supply can get closed down to a greater or lesser extent. When this happens, that area of the body doesn’t receive the oxygen that it needs and it can become weak or diseased. Patients can develop chronic pain as a result of this phenomenon. Magnets like the “Mag Duo” below (which is almost identical to the Mag Boy that Bob demonstrated on my feet years ago, can help restore blood flow to areas of the body that are experiencing restricted blood flow due to stress, infection, or for any reason.



But magnets do more than just move blood around in the body. Magnets help promote the creation of electricity by all of those positively and negatively charged ions that people consume as salts/electrolytes/trace minerals. Magnets, after all, are essential in the creation of electricity in engines and they can be used in various ways to promote health and healing.


PEMF or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency machines can be used to significantly reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease.  And PEMF machines that are properly calibrated and that don’t produce too strong of an electromagnetic pulse (not all PEMF machines are created equal) can be used to generally improve health and well-being by magnetically and thus electrically stimulating all of the cells in the body. PEMF is a powerful pain-killer that also works to combat the core of the pain. Though BEMER is a famous PEMF brand, MiraMate products are more compact and they work just as well. They are also more affordable than BEMER products.

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Dr. Isaac Goiz and The Biomagnetic Pair

Dr. Isaac Goiz created a system of medicine based on the use of magnetic “pairs”. This system of medicine involves the systematic placement of positively and negatively charged magnets on the body to create a “channel” between the two magnets. This “channel” in the body, which reflects the magnetic field between the two magnets which might be placed right next to each other or at distant locations on the body. The channel is a pathway from one magnet to the other. Within the channel, there is a highly alkaline state that can be used to kill pathogens that are living in both locations (where the two magnets are placed on the body). 


Dr. Goiz believed that pathogens take up a somewhat permanent residence in the body in pairs. One pathogen creates a weakness that specifically favors infection by another pathogen, usually of a totally different type. For example, a viral infection with influenza may favor the presence of a bacterial lung infection/pneumonia. These pairs of organisms work together to make the body more habitable to infection, but using the biomagnetic pairs, it’s possible to alkalize discreet areas and “channels” in the body (which are based on the acupuncture meridians), to electrify tissues and cure disease. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this system of medicine involves the diagnostic method used to determine which areas on the body need to be treated using magnets. Biomagnetic practitioners use muscle testing to ask the patient’s muscles or unconscious mind to tell the practitioner which areas of the body are ailing. Most practitioners lift up the ankles of a patient and measure the length of the legs to determine whether a given biomagnetic pair should be used to treat a disease. Interestingly, one leg will shorten just slightly in response to the question of whether a given pair is appropriate for treatment. 


Though this may sound pretty far-out and kind of “kum-ba-yah” to a lot of people, the fact is, we can once again reference the concept of electricity to explain how muscle testing like this actually works. The practitioner holds onto both ankles to create an electrical circuit. Muscles that are alkaline shorten just slightly in response to an affirmative response which is what causes one leg to shorten just slightly in response to the questioning. 



Every body emits an electrical field similar to the electrical field that surrounds earth. Every human cell also produces an electrical field around it. Electricity plays a major role in healing, but its possible use acidity and alkalinity to promote electricity in the body by modifying the diet, for example. Or, people may opt instead to take alkalizing trace minerals like Lithium Orotate to alkalize and electrify their bodies. 


In the future, we’ll talk in more depth about something called Terrain Theory and the Theory of Somatids, which challenges the limits of Germ Theory though it doesn’t entirely negate Germ Theory (depending on how you integrate the idea of germs with the idea of somatids, that is). Levels of pH play a vital role in determining the developmental trajectory of somatids and the role of pH in the body, as a result, directly impacts what types of pathogens can live in our tissues. As such, pH can be used to cure autoimmune disease, cancer, syphilis and other STDs, and many of the so-called “chronic incurable diseases” that afflict humankind.

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