This article is not just about how to cure autoimmune disease, but also how to cure syphilis and other STDs, how to cure cancer, mental health issues, chronic digestive problems and more by energizing and electrifying your cells and tissues.

The pH Model of Medicine: How to Use Alkalinity and Acidity to Cure Disease


While human blood must stay within a very narrow pH range (7.35-7.45), other human tissues and interstitial fluids in the body have varying pH levels. The pH scale measures the number of hydrogen ions in a given solution of water. The higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, the higher the pH number. A balanced proportion of hydrogen ions, or a “neutral” solution = pH 7. 


At a pH of 7, a given solution or water-containing tissue/fluid is neutral. When the pH of human tissues and fluids are below 7, they are acidic. When the pH of human tissues and fluids are above 7, they are alkaline. When a person is healthy, their human tissues and interstitial fluids are often at a just slightly acidic state. The sicker a person gets, the more acidic their tissues and fluids become. 


In order to understand pH, you have to realize that pH always pertains to water. Water, after all, is made up of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Every water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But water is funny stuff. Let me explain.


Decades ago, I remember when my husband began working with “vector-based technologies” as a computer programming. He was really excited about it because vector based technologies used triangles to make the storage size of images smaller that they were using other, more clunky technologies. Around the same time, I was going through a graduate program in psychology and I was learning about “triangulation” and how all stable relationships involve units of three. So we talked a lot about triangles…which brings me back to the water molecule, which is made up of 2 parents (the hydrogen atoms) and 1 child (the oxygen atom). 


So let’s work with this metaphor of a family with two parents and a child because this is something that everyone is familiar with. I think we can all agree that there are many ways for a family consisting of two parents and a child to behave. Some of these families will get along very well, while others may end up splitting and going in different directions. In some families, the child may be closer to one parent than he or she is to the other parent. Sometimes the parents will get divorced and the child will go and “live” with the other parent (remember, this is a metaphor). Sometimes the child will go live with a different family or even with a good friend. 


The water molecule has a behavior that could be compared to the average family living in a community of other relatively similar families of a similar configuration. So if we look at a glass of water, in some respects, the molecules in that glass of water might resemble a community if we were able to look at those molecules under a microscope. 


And again, most people can agree that some communities are healthier than other communities. The health of a community depends on many things from economic opportunities to landscape. A glass of water is like a community of water molecules, which are these triangular “entities” that have personalities and they react to a variety of stimuli from heat and cold to pollutants in the system. Indeed, some types of water have extra hydrogen atoms. In our metaphor above, these extra hydrogen atoms would be a bit like young, single adults. Some water contains extra oxygen atoms which would be like additional children in the system. 


When water has extra hydrogen atoms, it has a higher pH–a higher concentration of hydrogen atoms. When water has extra oxygen atoms, or rather, a lower concentration of hydrogen atoms, it has a lower pH. When water has exactly 1 oxygen atom for every 2 hydrogen atoms it is neutral at a pH of 7.

Using pH to Cure Disease: Basic Overview

Though this discussion is about pH and how pH impacts health, I regularly talk with clients about their water because water is not just a static thing that we use to hydrate our bodies. In the book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, Gerald Pollack discusses the science behind structured water and how the water molecule can take on different shapes, like the vectors that my husband used decades ago to make the incredible graphics that are now possible today in hyper-realistic video games. What can’t be made using triangles? Triangles are the most versatile shape. They’re solid, but they’re also versatile in that they can be used to make any other shape imaginable. 

Structured Water

Structured water is a type of water that contains molecules in a hexagonal shape. Plants that are watered with structured water grow bigger and stronger faster. Structured water is energetically “clean” and it has healing effects that are often hard to explain even though structured water is a proven thing that exists. Scientifically, it simply hasn’t received the attention it deserves yet.

Salts and Sea Water Supplements

Salts are electrical. The definition of a salt is: an ionic chemical compound. In other words, a salt consists of an POSITIVE ion and a NEGATIVE ion. The positive ion attracts the negative ion to it and the two become one thing (a salt). A battery must have a positive and a negative pole in order to be “electrical”. Electrons flow from the positive to the negative pole and back again in a circuit. So salts are like tiny batteries. And there are many different types of salts or “electrolytes” that our bodies need in order to be healthy. Sometimes these electrolytes are referred to as “trace minerals”. Sea water supplements are a good source of trace minerals and natural electrolytes that help make water more electrifying and more energizing for human cells. 

Water that contains salts / specific trace minerals are more hydrating. They hydrate the fascia, which is like the electrical wiring in our bodies through which the meridians pass. The fascia is a flat tissue though. So it look different than an electrical wire. Fascia is a flat sheet that envelopes every muscle and every organ. Muscles and organs are contain in these fascial “bags” and then these bags of flesh are connected to each other in predictable ways that happen because of how we develop embryonically. This is why the gallbladder and the sinuses are connected together and it explains why you might get a headache if you have gallstones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the gallbladder meridian actually maps out the path of development of the embryo from the emergence of the gallbladder to the emergence of the sinuses in the head. And at any rate, these distant structures are connected via the fascia, which is like electrical wiring. 


To charge the batteries of the fascia, you would want to drink water that contains natural electrolytes. Water that contains these electrolytes tends to have a higher pH (more alkaline) and it tends to be more electrifying to the human body.


Molecular Hydrogen / Kangen Water

The number of hydrogen ions in a given glass of water determines the alkalinity of water. Water that contains higher levels of hydrogen protons is more alkaline and it also is more electrically conductive. Using a machine known as either a Molecular Hydrogen Generator or a Kangen Machine, it is possible to generate higher concentrations of molecular hydrogen in water. The molecular hydrogen dissociates into hydrogen protons/ions that increase the alkalinity and electrical conductivity of water. And these hydrogen ions are able to penetrate deeply into human cells to accomplish a variety of goals. Indeed, the hydrogen ions function as powerful “antioxidants”, but unlike other antioxidants, they don’t cancel out the effects of the singlet oxygen species released by Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). So water that contains high concentrations of molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that can be used in tandem with CDS/MMS.  By itself, molecular hydrogen can be used to cure emphysema or COPD among other serious diseases. Indeed, there’s evidence that the hydrogen ions are able to go into the nucleus of atoms to repair DNA that has been damaged. It works by restoring the hydrogen bonds that help DNA maintain its helical shape (hydrogen bonds in DNA are rather like the railings of a spiral staircase that help keep the staircase from falling apart).

The hydrogen ions that dissociate from molecular hydrogen in Kangen Water are positively charged and they help conduct electricity by providing an opposite polarity to promote the flow of electrons and electricity in fascia and in the other tissues throughout the body. Hydrogen is the smallest atom on the periodic table and a hydrogen ion is even smaller and lighter than a molecule or hydrogen or an atom of hydrogen. As such, a hydrogen ion easily passes through membranes to work with the tiniest organelles in our cells and even DNA to restore health and cure disease.


Using pH with Other Models of Medicine

If you are working from a state of ill health toward a state of better health, alkalinity and pH can be a valuable concept to explore. When the body is more acidic (below a pH of 7), it is easier for infectious pathogens to take over and form colonies or active infections in the body. When the body is more acidic, there are fewer hydrogen ions in the watery fluids and tissues of the body. This means that the water molecules  in the body have a different structure than the water molecules in a person who is more alkaline. 


What is the impact of having water molecules that are structured differently in the body? 


There are different ways to answer this question, but the answer depends a great deal on the person in question, their lifestyle and their biology. For example, there are alternative cancer treatment facilities that use an acid pH in combination with heat to kill cancer cells. 


In contrast, there are different alternative cancer treatment facilities that use alkaline pH in combination with cold temperatures to cure cancer. 


You see, pH levels affect everything from how often we take a breath to what pathogens are able to survive inside our bodies. Indeed, you can take control over your pH levels in part by changing how you breathe, how deeply you breathe, and how often you breathe. But this fact about alternative cancer cures highlights an important reality about seasonal effects on our pH levels (due to temperature changes). Nonetheless though, while pH and its effects on our body is a moving target in terms of the environmental conditions around our bodies, it is possible to raise or lower pH in order to cure disease. 

How to Control pH

It is safer to work with alkalinity and cold temperatures at home if you are hoping to cure disease using pH. Killing pathogens or cancer cells using acidity requires a super-heating procedure of patients that should only be done in the presence of trained health professionals. On the other hand, most people can use ice baths or cold showers to cool their bodies a few degrees and they can alkalize their bodies using breath and any of the following alkalizing medicinals:


Though we’ve written extensively about the use of Cesium and baking soda in the treatment of cancer, these substances alkalize the body which makes the body less habitable by pathogens. Indeed, when you alkalize your tissues using one of the above salts, do a cold shower, and breathwork, you create an internal biological environment mimicking health. And like flexing a muscle, your body learns how to maintain this healthy biological environment by literally converting unhealthy cells into healthy cells through various mechanisms of action. We’ll talk about how this happens in greater detail below.

pH and Reactive Oxygen Species Medicines


Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) medicines like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, Methylene Blue, Ozone Therapy, and Artemisinin / Artemisia annua work through a similar mechanism of action. They all release a reactive oxygen species of some kind that has a magnetic attraction toward acidic substances. The more alkaline the body tissues become, the easier it is for ROS medicines to seek out unhealthy cells including pathogens and heavy metals to engage in chemical reactions that kill pathogens or that bind to heavy metals and toxins to remove them from the body. 


When you alkalize your body’s tissues, you are essentially putting a spotlight on pathogens to make it easier for CDS/MMS and other ROS medicines to find them and remove them from the body.

Electricity and pH

The concept of pH is related to the concept of electricity. The number and balance of ions in the body either promotes the flow of electricity or it inhibits it. There are a number of doctors who have worked with electricity in order to cure disease. In fact, the practice of using electricity to cure disease dates back to the Aescelpion in ancient Greece where the earliest physicians noted that patients who were shocked by a “torpedo fish” (a type of sea creature that emits electrical shocks) could be cured spontaneously of a variety of different diseases.


Dr. Bob Beck wrote The Body Electric and he provides an in-depth overview of electricity and its use in medicine along with detailed information about his own research into the use of electricity to try to regrow limbs. In his attempt to cause limbs to regrow spontaneously, Dr. Beck discovered a cure for incurable diseases like HIV, cancer, autoimmune disease and more. He developed a device called a Micropulser that he refused to sell to Big Pharma because he didn’t want for them to buy the rights and then hide it from the public or make it too expensive for normal people to afford. Anyone can buy the parts to assemble one of these devices for themselves at home. 


Dr. Jerry Tenant cured himself of a chronic, disabling disease by using electricity to restore the proper voltage to unhealthy cells. According to his system of medicine, chronic disease develops when the body can no longer manufacture new cells that work properly. His theory is elegant and it bridges the gap between the concept of “chi” or “qi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine or “prana” in Ayurvedic medicine and conventional medicine as a model. 


According to Dr. Tenant, human cells run optimally in an environment of -25 millivolts. New human cells are manufactured in watery, electrical environments of -50 millivolts. In other words, it takes more energy to manufacture a new, healthy cell than to maintain the health of normal cells. Nonetheless, the idea of electricity and electrolytes as well as acidity and alkalinity fit nicely into Dr. Jerry Tenant’s and Dr. Bob Beck’s respective models of medicine.


Though a discussion about the electrical conductivity of water could get really technical and of course, would depend on a variety of variables, for this discussion we’re going to try to keep things simple. The number of hydrogen ions in a substance not only impacts the pH level (more hydrogen ions = higher alkalinity and higher pH), but it also influences the level of electrical conductivity of the substance. But the presence of electrically conductive electrolytes / salts / trace minerals also affects conductivity level of the watery substance. So, if you are ill and you alkalize your tissue fluids and add more electrolytes / salts / trace minerals to your water (in balanced amounts), you are essentially enhancing the electrical conductivity of your cells and tissues. Drinking electrically conductive water and taking balanced amounts of trace minerals (in the form of sea water supplements and as alkalizing salts listed above) can make it much easier for your body to restore health to ailing cells and also manufacture new, healthy cells. 


Of course, balance is essential so follow the dosing instructions when you use these substances to alkalize and electrify the body. Do not attempt to keep your body above a pH of 7.9 for longer than 3 weeks at a time. Allow your body to return to a slightly acidic state for 1 week after 3 weeks of intentional alkalizing. However, you can continue to take alkalizing trace minerals and sea water supplements indefinitely.

pH and Breath

Wim Hof became famous with his breath sequence that is able to kill pathogens and restore health to people who had been previously unable to cure their diseases. But how does Wim Hof’s system work? 


First, his breathwork sequence alkalizes the body by causing the body to take in more carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide alkalizes the body. So while we’ve always viewed carbon dioxide as a “waste product” of breathing, the reality is that carbon dioxide plays an important role in our health and wellbeing. So when Wim Hof encourages breathers to hold an exhale, he is encouraging them to alkalize, alkalize, alkalize. 


But something else happens when people alkalize their bodies using breath in this way. Not only do they kill pathogens, but they also balance the autonomic nervous system which consists of three branches:


  1. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) or Fight-or-Flight System
  2. The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Rest-and-Digest System
  3. The Parasympathetic Nervous System Play-Dead Response


pH and the Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the part of our nervous system that manages all of the unconscious activities that happen in and around our bodies. Most of us are familiar with the motor and sensory activities of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS deals with the five senses and then our motor activity. But the ANS is the part of our nervous system that works with … everything pertaining to the unconscious. 


So the ANS deals with breath and digestion and whether your liver pukes bile out into your intestines on cue or not. But that’s not all that the ANS does. The ANS also notices important details in the environment that your conscious, CNS-mind does not. The ANS feels and notices changes in the weather or patterns in your environment, the feeling that someone behind you on the bus is staring at you. The ANS is the part of the nervous system that produces goosebumps in response to…whatever your conscious mind refuses to acknowledge and work with. Maybe your conscious mind is afraid. Maybe your conscious mind simply can’t understand why you goosebumps and so the conscious mind discounts what the ANS tries to point out. Nonetheless, if the conscious mind does not acknowledge what the ANS is able to perceive unconsciously, the ANS will put this information somewhere. 


Any kind of trauma or stress that is not properly dealt with or acknowledged consciously will be stored in the body as a general rule. The ANS decides how and where to store trauma. Often, it is stored as “trigger points” in the muscle tissues in the back, though sometimes stress and trauma end up in the knees, elbows or other joints of the body. 


About one inch from both sides of the spine is a “switchboard” of nerve ganglia or natural nerve swellings that lead to and from the ANS “brain” (the medulla and midbrain) to specific organs. The SNS and the PNS (Rest-and-Digest) work together in a partnership to make sure that organs spend time in a “wakeful” state and that each organ also gets a sufficient amount of “rest”. This switchboard of ganglion, which makes up the SNS branch of the ANS can be accessed and manipulated in interesting ways to “reset” them if you understand the purpose of such an endeavor and how to do it. 


In contrast, the PSN consists of two branches of the vagus nerve. One branch deals with the “rest and digest” function wherein each organ gets to go on a coffee break. But the “play dead” response has become increasingly important in the world today. The “play dead” response happens when a person is inundated with a stressor or stressors that make the ANS think that death may be imminent. The “play dead” response happens when the ANS unconsciously recognizes that there is something threatening happening that the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge or work with. This “play dead” response is very confusing to people. They often think that they are extremely ill because they go from being kind of okay to experiencing any or all of the following symptoms:


  • Extreme exhaustion — like their life force is draining out of them and no amount of sleep or rest will help them recharge
  • Nausea or vomiting – a total release and evacuation (just before a natural death, many people’s body’s naturally evacuate at both ends)
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Extreme depression


In a “play dead” response, the body may be responding to a trauma experienced in the past or it may be responding to the release of pathogens inside the body from a colonized organ. It may be responding to the fact that the neighbors are doing some kind of illicit activity that you only unconsciously realize with your ANS. 


There are several ways to snap your body out of the “play dead” PNS response and all of them are relatively simple:


  • Socialize – Talk to someone you enjoy talking to…ideally someone who challenges you and who is not in your most intimate family social sphere. 
  • Do Wim Hof Breathing
  • Take a cold shower or dip yourself into an ice bath for 5 minutes


Final Notes

Many of our clients right now are hoping that there is one singular “magic bullet” that will help them cure their diseases. Unfortunately, medicine is multi-layered, but we wanted to simplify the concepts a bit to make them more accessible for our readers and our health coaching clients. Lydi and I work with all models of medicine, including conventional medicine and we connect the dots between these models to create meta-models. Some of our clients gravitate toward one particular system more than to another and we believe that most of our clients and our readers know how to cure themselves of their diseases…but they may not know how to do it consciously. At least not at first. 


Nonetheless, I hope this document provides a framework of science-based information to help our readers make sense out of material that may seem to contradict what their doctors tell them or what they’ve read on Big Pharma-sponsored web sites. Understanding how all of these concepts are connected and how they are mutually supportive can be extremely helpful in learning how to use this information to actually cure autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental health issues, and more.

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