Why did the food industry suddenly decide that seedless fruits were better than fruits with seeds? Seeds, after all, represent fertility and prolific fruit yields. Why would The Powers That Be want for fruits to NOT MAKE SEEDS? Maybe because specific types of seeds contain a nutrient that prevents some of the most profitable diseases on the planet (like cancer, for example, and a number of serious digestive diseases like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and more). If you make the whole population deficient in a particular vitamin, you can build a very stable healthcare industry around the reliably diagnosis of these diseases. And the population will have no idea that someone (or a group of people) engineered the development of these diseases merely by hybridizing the plants to stop producing seeds.

Vitamin B17: The Illegal Nutrient That Heals Gut Tissues When You Have Enough and That Weakens Gut Tissues When You Have Too Little

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for any disease.

Absolutely everyone in the U.S. is deficient in vitamin B17 because the food industry systematically has removed it from the food supply. Though some people get vitamin B17 from food quite by accident, most people don’t which causes them to develop serious diseases. Often, the most serious symptoms of disease start around age 35 for people who are currently in their 40-50’s (Generation X) and around age 25-30 in the younger generations (the age difference is due to the age at which the food supply changes were made such that people stopped being exposed to things like watermelon seeds and grape seeds on a regular basis). Vitamin B17 is found in grape seeds, apple seeds, pear seeds, watermelon seeds, and some other foods that are not eaten often by the average American. The kernels in apricot pits contain the highest content of vitamin B17 (which is also sometimes known as “amygdalin”). Red clover tea also contains a relatively high amount of vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 can also be found in raspberries and strawberries in small amounts.


When young people (anyone under the age of 70 years) develops a degenerative disease, especially an ASSORTMENT of degenerative diseases, we always assume that vitamin B17 deficiency plays a role in the problem. Vitamin B17 was discovered by the same doctor who developed chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. He discovered that vitamin B17 was able to cure cancer in 100% of lab rats. The work was covered up and the doctor was quietly laid off from the hospital. Vitamin B17 is a cure for cancer and it works by releasing a REACTIVE NITROGEN SPECIES in minute quantities along with other substances that give it access to the inside of human cells. Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution is a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES that works in a similar manner to vitamin B17 to cure cancer and other diseases. Vitamin B17 allows tissues that have degenerated to rebuild and become healthy again in part by getting rid of infectious pathogens that have caused tissue destruction and degeneration. 


Vitamin B17 not only helps rebuild digestive tissues that have degenerated, but it also helps stimulate the colon when it’s taken in the form of apricot kernels. “Bitters”, after all, in their various forms are important digestive “tonifiers” that get the muscles of the digestive system to become more “attentive” and “active”. Note that generally speaking, bitters should not be taken in high doses medicinally during pregnancy because of their stimulating effect on smooth muscle tissue. 

If you suffer from any of the following major digestive issues, vitamin B17 will play an important role in your recovery. This vitamin works slowly over time to spur the body to break down poorly built tissues so that they can be rebuilt in a healthy way that is less susceptible to infection and degeneration: 




  • More…


Vitamin B17 is a nutritional supplement for Crohn’s disease, for example, that cures this disorder through an usual mechanism of action that allows it to kill pathogens that may be causing the symptoms of Crohn’s disease while simultaneously spurring bowel movement and peristalsis to keep toxins moving out of the body. It works in a similar way to cure ulcerative colitis and colon cancer / colorectal cancer. Above, we link to information about Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) which is a medicine that works through a similar mechanism of action, but note that CDS/MMS is not a vitamin. Nonetheless though, CDS/MMS releases reactive oxygen species that are identical to those produced by our own natural white blood cells in response to exposure to pathogens. 


If you have a major digestive disorder like those listed above, you should start by eating raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels throughout the day. Begin with a small dose and work up to a higher dose. Your starting dose should be 4-5 kernels taken at a time that is separate from all other foods, supplements, and pharmaceutical medications. Increase your vitamin B17 dose daily by 4 to 5 kernels as long as your digestive system is tolerating the treatment well. If you begin to experience digestive discomforts, this is likely that you are having a detoxification reaction and it is probably a sign of healing. You may even develop a fever or other symptoms that resemble the flu. Stop increasing the daily dose during a detoxification reaction like this, but continue to take vitamin B17 at half the dose that cause the detoxification symptoms. When the detoxification symptoms subside, you can begin increasing your daily dose again until you are taking 10 doses of vitamin B17 daily (40 apricot kernels per day). 


Antioxidants in foods, medicines, and supplements can cancel out the effects of vitamin B17.  Take your vitamin B17 dose and then wait for 1 hour before taking other supplements or before eating other foods or drinking substances that contain other vitamins. 

You should continue taking high dose vitamin B17 until symptoms of digestive illness are gone. Then, continue taking vitamin B17 / Amygdalin at a lower dose (1000 mg is ideal if you can find a standardized amygdalin product). But it’s likely that you’ll need to use other alternative therapies for 6 months to a year (perhaps longer depending on how long you’ve suffered with symptoms) to overcome your disease. Some of the most powerful treatments that anyone can do at home to cure irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, or any number of other digestive issues and imbalances include vitamin B17 along with the following:


  • Enzyme Therapy 


Enzyme therapy helps quell digestive inflammation and it also improves digestion. Improving digestion improves digestive comfort, but it improved digestion also improves nutrient absorption. And when nutrients can be properly digested and then absorbed by the body, digestive tissues can be more easily repaired naturally. Below we link to some articles we’ve written about how these enzymes play a role in curing a variety of chronic and autoimmune diseases like cancer or psoriasis. Enzyme therapies often have unexpected results, but be prepared to take these enzymes daily and with meals over the course of at least 3 months to experience their full effect.


Take the following enzymes with meals: 


Take the following enzymes once daily:


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The thyroid gland plays a role in digestion as well as metabolism. Most Americans are deficient in iodine because other halogen molecules like fluoride and bromide compete with iodine for thyroid receptor sites. Avoid commercial bread products (home-made breads are fine as long as they don’t contain flours that are bromated or ingredients that contains BVOs / Bromated Vegetable Oils). Avoid bottled citrus drinks that also contain BVOs and avoid swimming in pools that are disinfected with bromine. Get a water filter for the kitchen as well as for the shower and all sinks to diminish exposure to bromine and fluorine. 

If you suffer from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, be sure to take Lugol’s iodine with the following vitamins to avoid developing a detoxification reaction in response to Lugol’s iodine therapy:

  1. Vitamin B2 – 400 mg
  2. Vitamin B3 – 500 mg
  3. Selenium – 200 mcg
  4. Zinc – 20-50 mg daily

A number of people, especially Americans, intuitively recognize that there’s something wrong with their diet and they make extreme modifications to their diet in order to try to overcome digestive problems. A lot of Americans end up eating vegan diets that predispose them to vitamin B12 deficiency. I speak from experience on this. I was one of those vegans who developed vitamin B12 deficiency about 5 years after taking up an extreme diet that included absolutely NO animal products. My first symptoms of this deficiency were extreme digestive issues (constipation and diarrhea alternating). Anyone over the age of 50 years should be administering vitamin B12 via a “DMSO Injection” (where you combine a pure vitamin B12 powder with No Odor DMSO. If you are taking a prescription medication, check with your doctor before administering DMSO. If you can’t use DMSO, ask your doctor to administer a vitamin B12 injection or go to an intravenous injection boutique spa to get a Myer’s Cocktail instead.


Vitamin K2 is a newly discovered vitamin. Most people are familiar with vitamin K1, but vitamin K2 has a totally different function in the body. In fact, vitamin K2 works in tandem with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, but vitamin D is lazy about where it puts the calcium. Without its partner, vitamin K2, vitamin D stashes calcium in soft tissues such as organs or blood vessels. In other words, if you have atherosclerosis, you have a vitamin K2 deficiency. But if you want to cure Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis or any other major digestive disease, vitamin K2 may be a key supplement for you. Most people don’t get vitamin K2 which comes mostly from grass-fed meats and other food items that most people don’t consume regularly. And when a person is deficient in K2, and if they take a vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 supplement (even in a multivitamin), the vitamin D2 or D3 may put calcium in an organ such as the liver or the pancreas. If this happens, the patient may suddenly stop producing adequate enzymes and those organs will begin to harden. Some patients even develop diabetes in response to calcification of the pancreas. Some patients develop calcification of the bladder or the kidneys. In any case though, vitamin K2 supplements immediately start moving calcium from soft tissues into the bones and teeth.


Start with Vitamin B17 to Cure Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Other Major Digestive Diseases

It’s important that you take a high-quality multivitamin along with vitamin B17. The vitamins and minerals in a high-quality multivitamin will help your body absorb and properly use vitamin B17. Most vitamins and minerals work in tandem with other vitamins and minerals which can lead to a lot of confusion and poor results if people don’t realize this is going on. A great example of these kinds of vitamin-mineral partnerships is iron. If you take iron at the same time that you take vitamin C, your body will have an easier time taking in the iron and using it properly. On the other hand, if you take iron at the same time that you take calcium, your body may not absorb any iron at all. Vitamin B17 is like this too. You need other vitamins and minerals besides just vitamin B17 to get the most out of this nutrient. And I generally recommend that patients use a specific Thorne Research Multivitamin that also contains vitamin K2 because I know that multivitamins that contain vitamin D without the proper proportion of vitamin K2 to balance it may actually cause people more harm than good. Some of the Thorne Research Multivitamin products don’t contain vitamin K2, so check the ingredients label to make sure that it’s there.

Vitamin B17 is somewhat fragile if its exposed to other vitamins and minerals in the stomach at the same time that you eat your apricot kernels but you still need vitamin A and other vitamins and minerals to use vitamin B17 properly. Take the Thorne Research Multivitamin at a separate time from your apricot kernels. It’s best to take the apricot kernels at least 1 hour after eating and 1 hour before eating to get the best results from taking them. Taking a vitamin K2/D3 supplement in addition to the Thorne Research Multi will hasten the process of de-calcifying soft tissues in the body.



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