The Virtues of Lithium Orotate  


Lithium orotate is the natural form of lithium that exists as a salt. Most people are familiar with lithium carbonate, a pharmaceutical that was once prescribed in high doses to bipolar patients. But lithium orotate is a natural lithium SALT that can be administered at a low dose (5 to 20 mg per day). It has a broad medicinal action on the body and also on the mind and mood. It works in tandem with Lugol’s iodine / Iodoral supplements to restore normal thyroid function to the body. 

Below are some of the medicinal benefits of lithium orotate:

  • Strengthens bone tissue
  • Anti-aging
  • Prevents Neurodegeneration
    • Prevents cell death in Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Huntington’s Disease
    • Reduces the symptoms of Tourette’s
  • Cure for Hepatitis when taken with calcium
  • Used to prevent epileptic seizures
  • Natural Headache Treatment
    • Treats Cluster Headaches Naturally
    • Treats Migraine Headaches Naturally
  • Can be used with Lugol’s iodine to treat hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
  • Can be used as an alternative to Cesium as a cure for cancer that works by alkalizing the body

How to Use Lithium Orotate with Lugol’s Iodine to Treat Hyperthyroidism Naturally (or Hypothyroidism)

There are certain types of infection or disease states that can predispose a person to developing hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism. A schistosomiasis infection, for example, can predispose a person to developing hyperthyroidism. Certain B vitamin deficiencies can also make it difficult for the body to properly utilize iodine to feed the thyroid and the reproductive organs. These supportive vitamins and minerals include:



If you are trying to correct your thyroid function, take the above listed vitamins and minerals at the recommended dosage along with Lugol’s Iodine. Start by taking Lithium Orotate at 5 mg in the evening. Administer just 1 drop of Lugol’s iodine 2% for the first week of treatment along with the supportive nutrients during the first week. During the second week of treatment, continue taking 5 mg of Lithium Orotate, but increase your Lugol’s Iodine dose to 2 drops along with the supportive nutrients. Increase the Lugol’s dose by 1 drop per week until you reach 20 drops per day. 


Taking a sea water supplement can be helpful in preventing bromine detoxification as you begin supplementing with iodine. 


Lithium Orotate has a strong mood-stabilizing effect on the body, but it is also a strong anti-cancer medicine and for those who have experienced infection that lingers or that pulses and occasionally returns from out of nowhere, it is good medicine. It alkalizes the body, in a manner similar to Cesium (which is in the same family of elements as Lithium on the periodic table–here’s a link to an article about  Cesium and cancer, but just note that Cesium can be used to cure a wide array of different diseases by powerfully alkalizing the body. Few people can get cesium in their possession, but lithium and rubidium are good second choices. You might consider taking Lithium Orotate at 5 to 20 mg per day along with a dose of Ionic Rubidium. Alkalinity gives the kidneys some much needed rest and it also globally gets rid of all types of infection throughout the body. 

Start with a low dose of 5 mg of Lithium Orotate per day for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Lithium Orotate: Summary

Lithium Orotate is valuable for a wide range of health problems. I think of it as a “chill pill” that reduces both anxiety and depression to create a more “level” mood. It is has a positive effect on nerves and brain tissues. Increase the Lithium Orotate dose up to 20 mg if you like the effects and feel like you need a higher dose. Some doctors recommend taking as much as 80 mg of Lithium Orotate daily, but 20 mg is a good average. You may experience a detoxification when you alkalize the body with natural Lithium Orotate, so if you suddenly experience detoxification symptoms after taking Lithium or Rubidium, halve the dose, but continue taking it, and wait for a few days before trying to increase the dose again. If you then feel BETTER, this medicine is probably helping you and you should slowly raise the dose again slowly over time.


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