DreamLight.app: How to Use the DreamLight to Heal from Major Illness, Deal with Chronic Pain, or Overcome Addiction

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your doctor before undergoing a treatment of any kind.

For the past 3 years, Lydi and I have been working on the development of the DreamLight.app, a guided meditation tool that uses brain entrainment technologies (light and sound) with guided meditation scripts to make it easier for patients to do self-hypnosis at home. Jennifer wrote the guided meditation scripts herself and included healing metaphors and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to make hypnotic suggestions to assist patients to work with themselves at home to overcome the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing from addiction, chronic pain, or a major illness like cancer or autoimmune disease. Now that the software has been built, Lydian and I can write scripts tailored to individuals and their specific health needs. We will slowly build our library of downloadable guided meditation experiences that will be tailored to overcoming dis-ease states. Our goal is to create guided meditation tools that work in tandem with the physical protocols for healing that we’ve developed after years of research for cancer, addictions, psoriasis, digestive diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and more.

What is the DreamLight?

The DreamLight was developed as a way to access powerful “dream-states” in the waking mind in order to solve problems, overcome obstacles and addictions, heal from major illness, diminish pain, and more. We will be adding new guided meditation add-ons to the DreamLight package over time and we’re open to suggestions in terms of possible guided meditation topics.

The DreamLight.app software includes:

  • Flickering lights that are patterned to activate the pineal gland. It roughly mimics the randomness of a flickering fire or the way that sunlight might flicker down through the leaves of a tree if you were sitting underneath it on a bright summer’s day. DreamLight users CLOSE THEIR EYES and the light penetrates their eyelids for a profound meditative experience.
  • Music that was designed to entrain the brain to the same frequency that corresponds to the flickering lights. In other words, the music enhances the trance-inducing experience of the lights.
  • Optional guided meditations. Currently, there are 3 guided meditation experiences that we offer:
    • Major illness recovery guided meditation,
    • chronic pain guided meditation, or
    • addiction recovery guided meditation.

DreamLight.app recommended add-ons:

  • The VR Headset Add-on that you can use to enhance the DreamLight experience. Simply put your phone into the virtual reality headset and find a comfortable position to relax. Though there are a number of VR headsets that would work well with a smartphone to enhance the guided meditation experience, we chose a headset (see below) that is both affordable and that also has good reviews. You’ll close your eyes during the DreamLight experience so its most important that the headset is comfortable on your head and easy for you to use with your smartphone.

  • Vitamin K2 + Vitamin D3 – Many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans have calcification of the pineal gland and other soft tissues (atherosclerosis is an example of soft tissue calcification). This calcification of the pineal gland makes it hard for them to dream, relax, respond appropriately to sunlight, experience healthy sexual and intimate relationships and more. The pineal gland affects circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones that impact relationships and our most basic levels of happiness. Calcification is due to consumption of trans fats that inhibit absorption of vitamin K2 along with a lack of vitamin K2 in the diet. Vitamin K2 is normally derived in the diet from grassfed animal products. It is not present in animal products from animals that did not eat grass (the grass promotes a fermentation process that leads to the creation of bioavailable vitamin K2). Never take vitamin D3 by itself as a supplement because vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption without regard for where the calcium goes in the body. In other words, when you take only vitamin D3 without adequate amounts of vitamin K2, the D3 is lazy and it tells your body to put calcium in the blood vessels and soft tissues rather than in the bones and teeth. Taking a good vitamin K2/D3 supplement will decalcify your pineal gland and other soft tissues within about 6 months.



  • Nattokinase – Nattokinase is another source of vitamin K2, but it should not be taken by people who are taking blood thinners. Nattokinase is an excellent blood thinner itself. If you’re taking blood thinning medications, do not take nattokinase. Rather, take a double-dose of vitamin K2/D3 instead.

  • Mucuna pruriens – Mucuna pruriens is a medicinal bean that is eaten as a staple food in parts of Asia and Central America. The bean contains a dopamine precursor that’s also present in fava beans and certain other legumes, but Mucuna provides a higher amount of this substance. As a result, the brain can produce adequate amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gets low when we never see people smiling or if we don’t experience opportunities for positive interactions with others (HINT: We’re all a bit low on dopamine after the COVID lockdowns and mask-wearing in public places). When dopamine reserves are replenished, the brain suddenly has plenty of fuel to make wise decisions. When you take Mucuna at 1500-6000 mg per day (ideally in divided doses every 4 hours), you may notice that you’re a lot less likely to buy things impulsively or to compulsively doom scroll through the news. Mucuna literally gives you “food for thought”, which is why we recommend it as an important add-on for those who are hoping to get a grip on their lives using the DreamLight.app guided meditation tool. Mucuna is one of my favorite medicines. It doesn’t make people high or jittery and it doesn’t make them feel overly relaxed or depressed. It makes people feel like themselves again. It proves itself to people, usually within 4 to 12 hours after the first dose. I take some almost every day with tea.


How to Use the DreamLight

There are different ways to use the DreamLight.app technology. You may wish to use the DreamLight.app to help you relax and fall asleep at first. If you have a lot of anxiety or pain or if you’re working to overcome addiction, your primary goal may be to tune out rather than tuning in. As you use the DreamLight.app, you may notice that your mind wanders into some weird visions. You may feel like you fall into a wormhole of eternity from time to time. This is why we refer to the DreamLight as a legal Ayahuasca alternative. Pure Ayahuasca made from Banisteriopsis caapii and Psychotria viridisi (chacruna) produces a similar visionary experience that lasts for about 8 hours. The DreamLight, in contrast, can be used without having to ingest Ayahuasca, of course, and the experience lasts for an hour, or however long you wish. It works by stimulating the pineal gland and brain waves that entrain to the light, sound, and Neurolinguistic Programming of the guided meditation.

You can use the DreamLight by simply sitting in front of your computer and turning on the program. Wear a good set of headphones that are comfortable enough to allow you to relax or sleep/dream. You’ll need to close your eyes. The flickering lights will mimic natural flickering light experiences that you might have in nature (like watching a fire or staring up into the trees on a sunny day). The light and the music are sync-ed up with the guided meditation experience to produce a powerful trance-inducing experience.

Though you don’t have to purchase a virtual reality headset or special headphones to use the DreamLight, we recommend that you use a virtual reality headset to optimize the experience. In hypnotherapy, it’s known fact that patients who have been hypnotized once are easier to hypnotize in the future. Patients who meditate regularly are easier to hypnotize than patients who don’t. In other words, the more you practice going into a trance state, the easier it will be to go into a trance state. A trick that many hypnotherapists use is called “anchoring”. There are many ways to do anchoring, but one strategy is to use smell.

Set up a special space for your DreamLight or at least put together a little kit of your DreamLight tools (the VR headset, headphones, and “smellies”). Make it somewhat ceremonial. Use an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse either frankincense. I recommend frankincense because it’s rare to smell this scent outside of ceremonial settings. The nerves that allow us to smell things go straight from the nose to the brain (a very short distance) and they end up right in the middle of the area of the brain that processes memories. So you begin this process of healing by creating a ceremonial space of healing using smell. Put your oils in the aromatherapy diffuser (which is healthier than using incense) to acknowledge your intention for the DreamLight work.

Also note that high-quality Frankincense Essential Oil (Doterra or Young Living brands are best) can be used to cure brain cancer, reproductive organ cancers, and other types of cancer too. As such, I encourage people to interact with this essential oil whenever possible. Getting a little bit on your skin is a good thing! Also, as someone who is wishing to go into a meditative state of healing, equating the smell of frankincense essential oil with healing and curing disease resonates with Truth in the absolute sense of the word. Frankincense essential oil was one of the first cancer cures that worked on my husband’s melanoma many years ago.

Intention and the DreamLight

Many people I talk to these days in Mexico have taken magic mushrooms. Few of them set an Intention before ingesting these shrooms. And their experience is often very light and somewhat meaningless. My experience with magic mushrooms was much different, but, for example, one intention that I set when taking shrooms was to understand and come to terms with death. My experience with the mushrooms was thus darker and more complex, but also more meaningful because I set this intention before taking them. Intention sets the course for your trip.

When I was in China many years ago, I joked with my husband, John about how I wasn’t technically lost (even though we technically were), because I still knew I was in Beijing. Being lost became a standard experience while we were there, so by the end of our trip, on our final day in Beijing, we decided to Wander. Our goal was to have no goal. Rather, we set a course and went in a particular direction, but purposefully had no specific destination in mind. It was, by far, the coolest, most amazing day that we had in China. In was one of our most incredible travel experiences, in fact. Throughout the day, we ended up in the right location at the right time to see rare Buddhist ceremonies and to arrive just before closing at a music store that was going out of business. Intention is like that. It acknowledges the magic of Wandering and how we all possess the ability to be attracted to what we need and want if we allow ourselves to go off the beaten path.

Set an intention before you use the DreamLight. An intention is like a goal, but less rigid. Intention acknowledges that planning has nothing to do with reaching the final destination. Rather, when you set an intention, you think about and focus more on the feeling of desire for a positive outcome than the outcome itself. In other words, when you first start working with the DreamLight as a guided meditation tool, remember that, in regard to what you want, there may be many possible outcomes that would be acceptable to you in your waking life. You may have a particular outcome in mind, but the goal here, is to find the present moment and unpack it. As you unpack the present moment, allow yourself to be surprised and to creatively flow in directions you hadn’t considered initially. The DreamLight was designed to help you Wander. When your mind wanders, it is forging new paths around obstacles that you regularly encounter in your waking life. These new paths will unfold in your daily life in magical ways if you allow them to do so. Intention creates space for the magic to happen by NOT overplanning and by NOT creating a specific goal.

In summary, I think of Intention as a direction to follow rather than as a destination to commit to. Set a Sacred Intention for every DreamLight session.

Why You Should Download the DreamLight

At AlivenHealthy.com, our view of illness is that though two different people may receive the same diagnosis for a disease, the root causes for each person’s symptoms may be very different. As such, the cure for the same disease is likely to also be different (sometimes very different, sometimes only slightly different) for every patient. Lydi and I study disease to try to understand the manifestation of illness as a layered, multifaceted problem (cellular, ionic, electrical, nutritional, emotional or trauma-based, etc.) so we can recognize each person’s special signature and then advise them regarding the proper tools for healing.  We look at many different models of medicine to try to find commonalities suggesting root causes for a disease. Often, the results are surprising. Generally speaking, we assume that disease states, including physical illness, mental illness, addiction, and chronic pain, are manifestations of either physical imbalances or emotional imbalances. Symptoms of disease are a type of communication from the soul/unconscious mind to our conscious minds. Patients know the language of their own soul/unconscious mind, which is why doctors should listen carefully to their patients. Many patients today need help hearing themselves and they need to be listened to and also to learn how to listen to themselves. The DreamLight provides access to the inner movie reel that plays in the unconscious mind throughout the day. When the DreamLight is used to “tune in” (where patients set an Intention), rather than to “tune out” (where patients use the DreamLight as guided meditation app for sleep or to provoke rest), the images and “dreams” that patients experience can be regarded as a form of guidance or information about our Inner Reality.

Sometimes, healing is about going on a spiritual journey, being courageous, and discovering that one can find hope in the most unlikely places. In all cases though, healing involves the return to hope and hopefulness as the guiding orientation. Thriving health cannot be restored without hope. Though Lydi and I talk to a lot of people as a result of health coaching, most people don’t have the time or the funds to chat regularly. Indeed, a lot of the people we talk to need a resource to discover hope inside themselves and to cultivate a connection between their conscious, logical mind, and their emotional and symbolic unconscious mind. For some patients, gaining an awareness that their disease, pain, or addiction is symbolic is vital first step toward healing. 

It’s unfortunate that doctors have been trained to kill hope in their patients. Not all doctors are hope-killers, but many of them are. By law, doctors can offer no guarantees for healing and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education in Big Pharma, these doctors obey the rules so they can pay off their debts. Of course, medicine is an art as well as a science so of course, there are no guarantees for patients in any case. But offering a guarantee of healing is different than simply offering hope. The lack of hope comes from the fact that the conventional medicine model is designed to be profitable, not to cure disease. This makes me think of the scene in The Hunger Games where President Snow is in the garden of roses (likely a reference to Alice in Wonderland) and he asks the Game Maker, “What’s stronger than fear?”

The answer, of course, is “Hope.”

President Snow knew that as long as people had hope, they had power. Hope gives people strength. Hope leads people to do unpredictable things that can lead them out of harms way. Hope does amazing things.

When doctors give up on their patients, it sends a strong message to patients and some patients give up on themselves. Patients who are given a terminal diagnosis or who receive a grim label for a disease that will slowly eat up their life are told “there is no cure”. They’re sent home and these patients then have a choice…they can either search for a cure on their own or they can succumb to the diagnosis.

And then these patients become ostracized. They live in a realm of neither life nor death. Other living beings avoid talking with them about their diagnosis which means that these patients never receive any new thoughts or opportunities to heal from family or friends. Whereas doctors were once the confidants who gave advice and direction to patients in need of care, people don’t know where to turn these days. And with each passing day, I become more and more aware of this problem and how the emotional and spiritual aspects of disease are weighing on on people’s ability to heal. COVID challenged people in new ways and, as an optimist, I believe that the way the government handled this problem created “opportunities for growth”. People who were very straight-laced in their belief systems prior to COVID are exploring new territories in healing because they have to. And maybe that isn’t all bad. Pain can be instructive.

The DreamLight.app was developed from Lydi’s and my training in hypnotherapy, NLP, and brain entrainment and our knowledge of how to use light and sound as well as linguistics to promote change and help patients overcome emotional and spiritual obstacles to healing. But it was also developed from our own dreamwork that we do when we work with clients and our family and friends. Dreamwork is a practice that many people can learn to do as a method for healing, especially when the disease appears to be incurable. The physical medicines may be available and sitting just an arm’s reach away from a person, but unless that person is willing to recognize the curative value of the medicine and believe in the possibility that it can cure disease, they may literally be blind to the fact that the medicine exists. Dreams can help with this process. I like to remind our clients that all cures for disease come from what exists in the world. If one person can cure a disease, anyone can cure that same disease. The disease is curable if it can be cured by one person. And so, our challenge at this time in history is to open our eyes and our hearts to what exists in terms of medicine and healing. We have to learn to have hope in plants and food, nature, and sunlight as well as some of the medicines created by man in laboratories that are being shelved or that aren’t widely used in conventional medicine because of their miraculous curative effects (see salinomycin as an important example of conventional medicines that have been shelved because they cure disease, though methylene blue and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) are also excellent examples too).

Lydi and I have both learned to use our unconscious minds through dreaming and hypnotic “journeying” to find answers to questions that would otherwise be hidden from us. Though we use our unconscious minds and trusted spirit guides, we use scientific literature and anecdotal reports to back up the information and help us create mind-maps of disease. In other words, we don’t blindly follow our intuition. Rather, we rely heavily on intuition and guidance to discover things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see or to find. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with shaman from different countries and we’ve used a lot of sacred indigenous medicines like Ayahuasca and sapito to learn about consciousness and how to use consciousness to solve problems. But years ago, before we had access to these resources, I wished for something like the DreamLight to help me open my mind and calm me down. I wanted something that would help me see a bigger picture.

Today, many Americans and Europeans have calcification of the pineal gland due to eating a lot of trans fats and not eating grassfed meats that contain vitamin K2. We recommend that anyone who wishes to use the DreamLight.app for healing should consider taking vitamin K2/D3 supplements as well as Nattokinase (which contains vitamin K2) as part of the guided meditation experience. With vitamin K2 supplementation, it takes about 6 months for calcifications to be removed from soft tissues like the pineal gland.

If you’re struggling to cure a disease that you’ve been told is “incurable” or worse, if you’ve been sent home to die by doctors who “can’t do anything else for you”, you need to open your mind in all directions. If you are very ill, bedridden perhaps, or in a terminal state of a disease, the biggest challenge you face is in accepting the path ahead of you. You will either heal or you’ll die. Accepting this fact for many, is the first step toward healing. 


All of us will die eventually. I’m writing this article right now, but tomorrow, or several weeks from now or years into the future, I’ll die. My physical body will die eventually. So we all belong to the same club. We all live. We all die. But somehow…for some reason, when a person grasps with desperation at life due to a fear of death, death steps a little closer. 


One retired hospice worker who stayed in my AirBnB in Mexico several years ago confided in me about how about 80% of patients recover when they give up on life, embrace the inevitability of death, and stop taking the prescription medications their doctors prescribed to them. Do what you will with this information, but it didn’t surprise me. Acceptance is powerful, but it isn’t always easy. The DreamLight was designed to help you dive into your own subconscious mind to work with the obstacles you’ve put in your own way and remove them when you’re ready. Download the DreamLight so you can take a step forward toward emotional healing from cancer.

Lydi and I know from our own personal experiences taking hypnotherapy classes and undergoing hypnotherapy, as well as from our experiences traveling to third world countries to experience trance states created through ceremonial rites, dance, drumming and rhythm, extreme heat, extreme cold, breathwork, through taking sacred indigenous medicines like Ayahuasca, sapito, Sananga, and more that transformative experiences that broaden the mind and that allow us to safely and yet gently challenge our own basic assumptions about life and death are extremely rare in the U.S. and Europe. After experiencing powerful ceremonies, exorcisms, and rites of passage in far off places in the world, we realized that these types of spiritual, healing experiences are hard to find in industrialized countries. While hypnotherapy can be extremely valuable in promoting change and pushing patients forward quickly, not everyone can afford hypnotherapy and not everyone has access to a hypnotherapist who is trained and willing to work with people who are struggling with serious disease or mental health issues like addiction. And while guided meditation can be powerful, we wanted to amp up the trance-induction strength of our product which is why we composed music that syncs with light in a way that entrains the brain to a trance state. The light and the music were meant to affect the human brain the way a flickering fire and a drum beat can affect the members of a tribe in Africa or South America to help them locate food under conditions in which the food could be literally anywhere. We wanted people to be able to experience dream-states even while they’re awake because dreams can be an important source of direction when we remember the content of the dream.  We wanted to provide people with a safe, legal Ayahuasca alternative that they can use daily to achieve insight and to access intuition (or just to relax deeply). 

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