Molecular Hydrogen as a Cure for Emphysema

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind. 

Molecular hydrogen is one of the most important cures for emphysema and chronic lung-diseases because it is a gentle therapy with no known side effects that has the ability to heal cellular damage at the level of the DNA. Treatment with molecular hydrogen works slowly and patients should commit to treatment for at least one year to reap significant benefits from this type of therapy. It requires time and persistence. Nonetheless, many patients have experienced miraculous results using molecular hydrogen as a cure for emphysema.


Molecular hydrogen can be used to selectively reduce the accumulation of hydroxyl radicals to help manage oxidative stress in the lungs of emphysema patients. But additionally, molecular hydrogen also reduces inflammation in the lungs while managing cell death and lipid metabolism. 


Studies on molecular hydrogen as a cure for emphysema have shown that administration of molecular hydrogen-rich water for 8 weeks was able to slow the progression of emphysema and mitigate the destruction of lung tissues. The molecular hydrogen-rich water had a significantly positive effect on static lung compliance. The H2-rich water also decreased levels of oxidative DNA damage and slowed cellular death. Molecular hydrogen has demonstrated effectiveness as a natural treatment for emphysema as well as a preventative agent.


The administration of molecular hydrogen water has a positive biological effect on nearly all of the organs. It functions medicinally to:


  • Reduce inflammation in the lungs
  • Reduce damaging oxidative processes in the lungs and in other areas of the body
  • Slow aging
  • Regulate the body’s self-destructive mechanisms and cellular death

Nebulizing with Molecular Hydrogen to Cure Emphysema

Molecular Hydrogen can be concentrated in water through electrolysis and patients can obtain a machine to produce water that contains a higher levels of molecular hydrogen. This water can then be nebulized such that patients inhale higher doses of the molecular hydrogen.


Molecular hydrogen functions in the body as a powerful antioxidant and it is particularly effective as a cure for emphysema in part because the molecular hydrogen is able to offset the high concentration of oxygen in the lungs that becomes trapped due to constriction of the airways. Exposure to high concentrations of oxygen causes injury to the lungs in emphysema and COPD patients which in turn leads to edema and sometimes even hemorrhage inside the lungs. The vicious cycle of ongoing lung tissue injury leads eventually to lung cell death which is responsible for the progression of emphysema and COPD. But if patients can stop this vicious cycle of oxygen congestion in the lungs by administering high concentrations of molecular hydrogen water via nebulizer the progression of emphysema and COPD can sometimes be halted or even reversed.


Studies have shown that saturated hydrogen saline is able to prevent and treat the injury caused by having too much oxygen in the lungs. In concentrations that are too high, oxygen functions as an oxidant that damages lung tissues. Molecular hydrogen, in contrast, functions as a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes this oxygen and its damaging effects in patients with emphysema and/or COPD. Over the course of a year of treatment or longer nebulizing molecular hydrogen in water, emphysema and COPD patients can cure their disease.

How to Administer Molecular Hydrogen as a Cure for Emphysema

Molecular hydrogen can be administered either as drinking water or via inhalation. Water ionizers produce hydrogen gas via electrolysis. The hydrogen may either be consumed as a gas dissolved in drinking water or via inhalation through a special machine.

Molecular Hydrogen Administered as Drinking Water

Patients with emphysema can consume 3 to 5 eight ounce bottles of drinking water daily that are produced by a molecular hydrogen generating machine.

Molecular Hydrogen Administered via Inhalation

Administer molecular hydrogen for 45 minutes twice daily as a cure for emphysema. The molecular hydrogen generators produce bubbles of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas is lighter than normal air so the hydrogen gas easily rises up through the nasal cannula during treatments. 


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