Natto, the substance from which nattokinase is derived.

Post COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Prevention Using Traditional Chinese Medicine


Blood clotting issues caused by the COVID vaccine have created more fear than just about any other side effect caused by the vaccine. Studies have shown that the spike protein can, in fact, cause the blood to create clots via immune activation of the platelets. In this article, we talk about how to prevent blood clots using natural substances that won’t interfere with the vaccine.

Blood Clotting Basics 

Normally, blood clots form in response to injuries to the lining of blood vessels. When the blood vessel is injured, collagen in the sub-enthotheliium is exposed which causes changes in platelets that makes them clump together at the injured area. Coagulation factors are then released which causes fibrin strands to form, strengthening the clot. 


Fibrin is an insoluble fibrous protein that’s formed when fibrinogen and thrombin interact. Fibrinogen is made in the liver and it circulates in the blood stream so that it can be available whenever needed to assist in the formation of a blood clot. Thrombin is an enzyme that’s necessary in the reaction that forms fibrin. Injury to a blood vessel, release of coagulation factors, and the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen and thrombin eventually leads to the creation of a stable clot.

Blood Clots Caused by Immune System Activation

Blood clots happen in response to injuries, but the body also uses blood clotting as a system to trap foreign pathogens in blood clots. Platelets play an important role in immunity by expressing pathogen recognition receptors on their outer membranes.These receptors trigger platelet aggregation when viruses or bacteria are circulating in the blood.


Platelets have a lifespan of 7 to 10 days. They are tiny when they are in circulation in the blood, but when they’re activated by a pathogen, they spread rapidly and bind to other platelets and white blood cells. They bind to anything identified as a pathogen in an attempt to prevent it from causing infection.


Sometimes, in severe COVID infection, the COVID spike protein is able to cause micro-clotting in the small blood vessels in the body. The platelets are able to envelope COVID virions and destroy them, but in some cases, this process leads to blood clotting. Indeed, one study was able to show that the COVID spike protein by itself can cause platelet activation and adhesion which may explain why the COVID vaccine causes abnormal blood clotting reactions in certain situations. The spike protein appeared to promote the following blood clotting effects in some patients:


  • Platelet changes that lead to platelet coagulation behavior
  • Enhancement of calcium flux
  • Externalization of phosphatidylserine
  • Thrombin generation


These blood clotting effects caused a striking increase in thrombin-induced blood clot formation. That’s why scientists believe that COVID vaccines that deliver the spike protein also have a tendency to cause blood clotting. Blood clotting issues caused by COVID vaccines include:


  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Stroke


The WHO has acknowledged that mRNA spike protein vaccines have a significantly higher tendency to produce blood clots than the flu vaccine.


Lumbrokinase is made from the earth worm Lumbricus rubellus. It is an oral supplement and a medicine that is is used frequently in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat heart and circulatory issues, liver problems, as well as spleen and lung diseases. that people take to strengthen the heart and the blood vessels. This medicine has been used in the treatment of heart attack to reduce damage to the heart and to avoid arrhythmias. Studies have shown that the use of lumbrokinase improves heart function and reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system. 


Earthworms have been used as a traditional medicine in many far Eastern countries for centuries. Oral administration of dried, powdered earthworms is a potent and valuable supplement that promotes healthy blood circulation. Different species of earthworms contain differing amounts of lumbrokinases, a group of enzymes that function as fibrinolytic agents. As fibrinolytic agents, the lumbrokinases are able to reduce blood clotting in a manner that’s less toxic than aspirin and easier on the stomach. 

Using Lumbrokinase and Earth Worm Medicine to Cure Long Haul COVID and Post COVID Vaccine Syndrome


Some doctors have prescribed full-dose (325 mg) aspirin to patients with Long COVID who don’t have a major blood clot, but lumbrokinase is a lot easier on the stomach lining and its mechanism of action is safer overall than aspirin’s mechanism of action in the body. While aspirin use can lead to the development of ulcers in the stomach due to the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, lumbrokinase actually has an anti-ulcer, antibacterial action in the body. Lumbrokinase helps prevent blood clotting as well as the clumping of red blood cells. 


Lumbrokinase and serrapeptase can be used together to reduce blood clots and red blood cell clumping. It acts as an antioxidant as well as an anti-cancer medicine. 

Using Lumbrokinase to Naturally Prevent Blood Clotting Due to the COVID Vaccine

Lumbrokinase is a natural fibrinolytic (a substance that breaks up fibrin) that can be used to reduce blood clotting issues after the COVID vaccine. Indeed, Lumbrokinase can also help prevent the buildup of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels which cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. It also reduces platelet activation.


Lumbrokinase as a Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

In addition to its ability to protect and heal the heart and the blood vessels, lumbrokinase can also be used to treat adrenal fatigue, which is a common problem for people with Long COVID and Post COVID Vaccine Syndrome. 


Lumbrokinase as a Natural Treatment for Biofilm

Lumbrokinase can decrease and get rid of biofilm by breaking down the fibrin that holds the biofilm matrix together. 

Lumbrokinase Dose

Administer daily: 120 mg taken 2-3 times daily



Nattokinase is a powerful enzyme that’s produced by the Bacillus subtilis natto which is found in a fermented soybean food known as “natto”. Natto has been in use for centuries in Japan as a natural cure for heart disease. Like lumbrokinase, nattokinase also works as a fibrinolytic to reduce blood clotting naturally. It does not cause excessive changes in the blood that would lead to excessive bleeding like aspirin use or the use of prescription anti-clotting medications, however. Nattokinase works through a mechanism of action that makes it much safer than taking aspirin or prescription anti-clotting medications chronically.


Nattokinase has the ability to break apart peptide bonds in protein. In other words, it naturally breaks down fibrin in blood clots. In fact, it is four times stronger than plasmin, the substance the body makes to break down fibrin. It works through the following mechanisms of action to decrease clotting in the body:


  1. Dissolves fibrin in blood clots
  2. Inhibits platelet aggregation
  3. Increases levels of anti-clotting factors in the blood


Nattokinase for High Blood Pressure

A dose of 100 mg of nattokinase was able to reduce blood pressure a small amount in some scientific studies. It was able to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Nattokinase to Reduce Atherosclerosis

Another study showed that nattokinase at 6000 fibrinolysis units per day was able to reduce atherosclerotic plaque by 36%. This reduction in plaque was statistically better than the reduction seen in patients who are taking statin medications.


Nattokinase to Reduce Post Surgical Heart Tissue Scarring

Nattokinase supplementation has been scientifically proven to decrease scar tissue formed after heart surgery.


Nattokinase for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Venous Insufficiency

Nattokinase was shown to improve clinical symptoms in patients with deep vein thrombosis and venous insufficiency without causing adverse events.

Nattokinase Dose

If you are suffering from Post COVID Vaccine Syndrome or if you are going to go get vaccinated and you wish to prevent blood clotting from the COVID vaccine, you can follow the dosing instructions below:


Administer daily: 100 – 200 mg of nattokinase that contains 2000 – 6000 fibrinolysis units per capsule for 2 months. 


Nattokinase begins working about 2 hours after the first dose and it continues working for an additional 2 hours (4 hours total). In study participants taking this dose of nattokinase, there were no adverse events reported. Very high doses of nattokinase can cause hemorrhaging, however. Do not take nattokinase with other blood thinners including prescription blood thinners and aspirin.


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