Stop Progression of Alzheimer’s Using DMSO and Combination Treatments


Introduction to DMSO as an Alternative Cure for Alzheimer’s

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is an FDA approved medication that is derived from trees. It has a toxicity level similar to that of water. It is safe for use in pregnant women, lactating women, infants, and the elderly. It is nearly impossible to overdose on DMSO. But despite DMSO’s amazing abilities as a medicine and its incredible safety profile, this transformative substance is virtually unknown to patients and consumers because it has the broadest medicinal action of any medicine currently on Big Pharma’s books. Because it is no longer patentable, DMSO is kept hidden and it is rarely used even though an entirely new system of medicine could be based on the use of DMSO because of its ability to potentiate other medications that are mixed with it. This ability that DMSO has to strengthen other meds means that it resurrects antibiotics that don’t work by themselves anymore to kill those so-called “drug-resistant” bacteria. DMSO can be used to potentiate chemotherapy such that chemo could be applied in tiny (more affordable and less toxic) doses. In no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatment facilities, DPT or DMSO-Potentiation-Therapy does just that. Dr. Stanley Jacobs discovered DMSO’s amazing medicinal properties decades ago and also used it to perform amazing feats such as healing a patient’s spinal cord that had been severed at C5 (a topmost cervical vertebrae that normally would result in the patient’s death if it were damaged). The patient not only survived the car accident that caused the C5 fracture, but he also walked out of the hospital. In other words, DMSO has the ability to heal nerve and brain tissues if it is used in a timely manner as a treatment. The patient whose spinal cord had been severed was given copious intravenous infusions of DMSO immediately following the accident.

Down’s Syndrome babies whose parents apply DMSO to their baby’s skin in large doses saw their children begin to develop higher intellectual scores and lose some of the characteristic physical features of Down’s Syndrome. DMSO has the ability to modify and modulate gene expression. It also has the ability to modulate immune system function. But DMSO works slowly and methodically so if you decide to use this medicine, you need to commit to a treatment course that lasts at least 10 weeks before you begin to see results. Once you begin to see results, you’ll likely need to continue indefinitely with treatment to maintain those results.

Below we talk about how to dose DMSO as a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s and we also talk about combination treatments that can be used to deliver powerful natural oils (frankincense essential oil, grape seed oil, and apricot kernel oil) to the patient’s brain and nervous system tissues. DMSO is a solvent, so take some time to learn how to use it safely. Once you learn the basic rules for how to use DMSO safely, create the combination treatments we discuss below. It’s vital that you also learn about vitamin B17 and supporting nutrients that must be taken with the vitamin B17 in order to absorb them and be able to use them properly in the body.


Also consider using Chlorine Dioxide Solution with DMSO.


DMSO has a regenerative effect on the nerves and brain tissues. It improves nutrient supply to nerve cells and brain tissue and it protects healthy cells. DMSO increases the oxygen concentration in blood and it raises acetylcholine levels by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. 


Other advantages of using DMSO as a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease is the fact that it can be administered via the skin, intravenously (by a doctor) or orally, depending which method works better for the patient. 


Dosing Instructions:

ORAL ADMINISTRATION: It is nearly impossible to overdose on DMSO. Researchers have shown that test subjects given 1 gram of DMSO per kilogram body weight experienced no adverse effects from taking DMSO. If you wish to administer DMSO orally, simply put the dose you wish to take in water and stir thoroughly (to prevent the DMSO from sinking to the bottom of the glass). 


Start with 1 teaspoon of DMSO (use a teaspoon measuring spoon that is preferably wooden, not plastic or made of metal) in 4 ounces of water as 1 dose. Administer this dose 3 to 4 times per day.  Double the dose within one week if you haven’t experienced the results you were hoping for, but remember–DMSO takes time to work. Many patients must take DMSO for up to 6 weeks before they experience relief from their symptoms. Increase the dose by another teaspoon each week until you are taking 5 teaspoons per dose up to 4 times per day. You can continue to increase the dose up to 1 gram of DMSO per 1 kilogram of body weight if desired taken in divided doses throughout the day.


TOPICAL ADMINISTRATION: Before you begin administering DMSO, be sure to wash the area of the skin that is going to be treated with a non-toxic soap. 


Dilute the DMSO down to a 40-60% concentration. If you wish to administer 4 teaspoons of DMSO to the skin, for example, add 6 teaspoons of water to the DMSO and then administer the entire DMSO-water mixture to the skin. Change the location of administration to different areas of the body to avoid over-drying the skin.  

Combination Treatment Recommendations


DMSO and Frankincense Essential Oil: Studies have shown that Frankincense Essential Oil, when administered regularly and chronically, can improve symptoms of dementia. DMSO and Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil have been mixed together and used a combination treatment for brain cancer because these two substances can both easily cross the blood-brain barrier and they both have healing effects on nervous system tissues. Combine DMSO and a high quality Frankincense Essential Oil (Doterra and Young Living are good brands) in a 1:1 combination treatment (1 drop of DMSO to 1 drop of Frankincense Essential Oil) applied to the neck, under and behind the ear, at the temples, at the back of the neck, and the feet. Apply this combination twice daily and alter the location of application, if necessary to avoid over-drying the skin.

DMSO and Grape Seed Oil: Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Organic Grape Seed Oil contains vitamin B17, a vitamin that has been systematically removed from the food supply (grapes, after all, are hybridized to not contain seeds) to the detriment of many people’s health. The same doctor who developed chemotherapy for cancer at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, later discovered that vitamin B17 cured cancer 100% of the time. Sloan Kettering covered up this fact because chemotherapy was more profitable. Nonetheless, doctors who have worked with oils such as Grape Seed Oil that contain high levels of vitamin B17 can attest to its ability to stop the progression of various types of degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s. Research into the use of Grape Seed Oil for Alzheimer’s has shown that in animal models of the disease, administration of this oil was able to significantly improve spatial memory performance while boosting acetylcholine levels and brain cell viability. Combining Grape Seed Oil with DMSO further enhances the effects of this treatment and allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the brain more easily to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. Combine DMSO with Grape Seed Oil in a 1:1 relationship (1 drop of DMSO to 1 drop of Grape Seed Oil) and apply it to the temples, behind the ear, on the feet and wrists, and all over the neck. Also administer 3 to 4 drops under the tongue up to 4 times per day. Move the application of the DMSO to different areas of the body to prevent over-drying of the skin.

DMSO and Apricot Kernel Oil: Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil contains higher quantities of vitamin B17 than Grape Seed Oil. As such, it may be preferable to use Apricot Kernel Oil rather than Grape Seed Oil. Combine DMSO with Apricot Kernel Oil in a 1:1 relationship (1 drop of DMSO to 1 drop of Apricot Kernel Oil) and apply it to the temples, behind the ear, on the feet and wrists, and all over the neck. Also administer 3 to 4 drops under the tongue up to 4 times per day. Move the application of the DMSO mixture to different areas of the body to prevent over-drying of the skin.

DMSO and vitamin B12: Doctors used to give patients who were over the age of 50 years, a vitamin B12 injection at every visit. That practice has been discontinued unfortunately because Big Pharma has realized that vitamin B12 deficiency leads to the development of dementia symptoms and incapacitation that is extremely profitable for the Long Term Care Industry. Vitamin B12 is not easily absorbed by the digestive system after people reach age 50+ and many patients can’t get their doctors to even try giving dementia patients an injection to see if vitamin B12 deficiency is the root cause of the Alzheimer’s symptoms. But vitamin B12 can be administered via the skin using DMSO which means that you can try giving your loved one vitamin B12 transdermally if you believe that a vitamin B12 deficiency is the cause of their dementia symptoms.



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