Hematoxylin is derived from the Palo de Campeche tree (Haematoxylon campechianum).

How to Use DMSO and Hematoxylin to Cure Childhood Cancer and Various Adult Forms of Cancer

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer or any other disease.

Hematoxylin is a substance that is extracted from the plant Haematoxylum campechianum or the “Palo de Campeche” tree. It is sometimes identified as C16 H14 O6. This colorless substance is oxidized when exposed to the air and becomes a bright red color that can be used in a variety of ways. Palo de Campeche tea, the whole plant substance from which hematoxylin is derived, turns a bright red color when it is brewed in hot water.


Hematoxylin, also spelled Haematoxylin, is most widely known as a dye and often, it is sold as a product that contains other chemicals that can be harmful when combined with DMSO. But by itself, as a pure substance, hematoxylin has the following medicinal benefits:


  • It cures several different types of cancer (see below).
  • It is an astringent.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can be used to cure urinary tract infections.


Hematoxylin contains five hydroxyl groups that can function as reactive oxygen species in the body, which might explain why this substance works so well with DMSO to cure cancer. DMSO carries the hematoxylin into the cancer cell. Then, the hematoxylin goes through a hematin oxidation reaction in the cancer cell that ultimately leads to the death of the cancer cell. 


Because it is used as a dye, it is easy to observe what hematoxylin is doing inside the body. Hematoxylin attaches to acidic cell structures. As such, it can be used to mark structures that are acidic and make them easier to see under a microscope. But this same characteristic of hematoxylin makes it an ideal cancer treatment because cancer cells are always more acidic than healthy human cells. When hematoxylin is combined with DMSO, it not only interacts with the exterior surface of the cell, but also with the internal cellular parts because DMSO mixes with the hematoxylin and then the combination of these two substances easily pass through the cell membranes.


Dr. Eli Jordon Tucker worked extensively with hematoxylin and DMSO to cure cancer in the 1960’s. Though hematoxylin can be used to cure a variety of cancer types, below we list some of the cancer types that have specifically been studied in terms of their response to the hematoxylin and DMSO mixture. Not all types of cancer respond in the same way to hematoxylin, but we list the cancer types that have been cured using DMSO and hematoxylin below. This treatment method is a powerful cancer cure that has a high cure rate when used to treat the following cancer types:


  • Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer Cure – DMSO and hematoxylin were administered as intravenous infusions to cure colorectal cancer, but it may also be possible to administer DMSO with hematoxylin and water by mouth. The use of Palo de Campeche with DMSO is another option for people who can’t find pure hematoxylin for the treatment of cancer.
  • Throat Cancer Cure / Lymphoma Cure in a Dog – A dog that was suffocating from late stage throat cancer asked Dr. Tucker for help. After daily administration of DMSO and hematoxylin as an IV, the dog was cured of cancer within 2 weeks.
  • Malignant Lymphoma Cure / Lymph Node Cancer Cure / Large Cell Lymphoma Cure – DMSO and hematoxylin have been used to cure malignant lymphoma. One study was able to watch the hematoxylin travel directly to the lymph node cancer without touching the other healthy cells. Once the hematoxylin-DMSO mixture reached the inside of the lymph node cancer cells, it was able to cut off the supply of nutrients to the cancer cells and oxidize/kill the cancer cells. The cancer cells can’t survive once the nutrient supply is cut off. 
  • Giant Cell Tumor Cure – DMSO and hematoxylin have been used to successfully cure cancer in the thigh bone.
  • Malignant Melanoma Cure – The DMSO / Hematoxylin mix is a skin cancer cure. 
  • Cervical Cancer Cure – DMSO and Hematoxylin have been successfully used in the treatment of cervical cancer.
  • Endothelioma Cure – Dr. Tucker was able to cure endothelioma in a child with tumors in both the blood and lymph vessels. 
  • Stomach Cancer Cure – Stomach cancer should be treated intravenously using DMSO and Hematoxylin. Do not take this mixture orally.
  • Lung Cancer Cure – Dr. Tucker administered DMSO and Hematoxylin as an inhalation treatment to cure lung cancer (see below for more details).


Combining DMSO with hematoxylin is often better tolerated as a medicinal substance than the use of hematoxylin by itself even though DMSO does not change the molecular structure of the hematoxylin.


Dosing and Administration of DMSO and Hematoxylin


DMSO and Hematoxylin can be administered together as an intravenous infusion, as a drink, or as a spray. Always buy the pure powder form of hematoxylin and not solutions of hematoxylin that may contain dangerous additives. 


The DMSO-Hematoxylin Mixture Recipe:


Dissolve 25 grams of hematoxylin in 75 milliliters of DMSO. Stir this mixture until no sediment settles at the bottom. Put this solution in a brown, glass bottle for later use.


Injection / Intravenous Infusion Dosing:

The first treatment with DMSO and Hematoxylin as a cancer cure should consist of 0.5 mL of the DMSO-Hematoxylin Mixture added to a 250 mL of 5% glucose infusion bottle. Set the drop rate at less than 50 drops per minute to avoid irritating the blood vessels. To set the drop rate, you’ll count the number of drops that are coming out of the infusion bottle into the tube that goes into the patient’s arm. Set the intravenous infusion kit so that less than 50 drops per minute are going into the patient’s arm.


After this initial DMSO-Hematoxylin treatment, if the mixture was well-tolerated, administer 1 mL of the mixture per 75 pounds (34 kg) of body weight. Increase this dose by 10% daily as long as the patient continues to tolerate the medication. 


According to Dr. Eli Tucker, the patient’s tolerance level has been reached when, a new, higher dose is administered and the patient experiences a 30 minute fever. The fever can be treated using a 50 mg Benadryl tablet (diphenhydramine).

Oral Administration and Dosing:

WARNING: Do not use oral dosing of DMSO and hematoxylin if the patient is suffering from stomach cancer. If you administer DMSO and hematoxylin to a stomach tumor, it will disappear too quickly, leaving a hole in the stomach. Always treat stomach cancer intravenously with an infusion of DMSO-Hematoxylin (see above).


Put 2 ounces / 60 mL of water (with stevia to taste) along with 1 mL of the DMSO-Hematoxylin Mixture per 75 lbs/34 kg of body weight. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning and don’t eat or drink for at least 30 minutes following ingestion. 


Inhalation Dosing and Administration via Nebulizer:

Using a nebulizer, add 4 drops of Hematoxylin with water to 2 mL of saline solution. Put 1 drop of DMSO at the base of the nose. Nebulize the saline Hematoxylin solution for 10 minutes, twice daily. Separate the nebulizer treatments by at least two hours. Do not put DMSO in the nebulizer because DMSO can melt some of the plastics in the nebulizer.


Topical Application and Dosing:

Add the DMSO-Hematoxylin Mixture to an equal amount of distilled water to make a 50:50 mixture of water and DMSO/Hematoxylin. Put this aqueous mixture on the areas of the skin affected by skin cancer. Use cotton swabs and apply the mixture twice a day. If your skin reacts well to this treatment, increase the concentration of DMSO-Hematoxylin by 10% daily.

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