Is there a cure for Neuroblastoma? Childhood Cancer Treatments


Dichloroacetate is a small molecule that can be combined with the FDA-approved, over-the-counter medicine known as Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). We talk a lot about DMSO at because this substance has the broadest medicinal effects of any medicine currently approved by the FDA, it is cheap, and it is widely available for purchase. DMSO is a potent anti-cancer medication by itself, but in combination with other substances like DCA or Chlorine Dioxide Solution, or Hematoxylin/Palo de Campeche (just to name three that come to mind), DMSO is a powerful cancer cure for neuroblastoma, leukemia, lymphoma, and other childhood cancers and adult cancers.

As a small molecule, dichloroacetate in combination with DMSO easily passes the blood brain barrier. This is a relatively new cure for neuroblastoma for children as well as adults. In scientific studies, DCA has been shown to inhibit the growth of human tumors by acting on the mitochondria of cancer cells. While DCA has the ability to restore normal functioning in cancer cells, it does not affect healthy cells in a negative way. As a new cure for neuroblastoma using old medicines that are available over-the-counter, parents of children with cancer and adult cancer patients can easily administer DCA and DMSO as a cure for neuroblastoma cancer at home. 


DMSO also seeks out unhealthy cancer cells, but does not affect healthy human cells. DMSO is a powerful medicinal solvent that can work by itself to restore health to diseased human cells or it can be combined with DCA to not only seek out those unhealthy cancer cells, but to allow the DCA to gain special admittance into the interior of cancer cells, thus strengthening the power of both medicines against a variety of different types of cancer. 


Originally, scientists believed that DCA would not be effective against neuroblastoma, but scientific studies proved otherwise. This study showed that DCA showed an “unexpected” anti-cancer effect against neuroblastoma and that these anti-cancer effects were directed specifically at cancer cells and that the more unhealthy the cancer cells were, the more DCA was attracted to them. The less unhealthy the neuroblastoma cancer cells were, the less the DCA was attracted to them.


As such, DCA and DMSO are an important cure for neuroblastoma in children and adults. Visit for more information about the use of DCA and DMSO to cure neuroblastoma in kids and adults.


How to Treat Neuroblastoma in Children and Adults Using DCA and DMSO: Dosing and Instructions for Use

If you take DCA in water as a medicine, it can be irritating to the stomach and the body may have a hard time absorbing it. To be effective as a cure for neuroblastoma, the DCA must be absorbed which means that it should be mixed with DMSO, an excellent solvent that is safe for use in pregnancy and in infants. DMSO functions as a powerful anti-cancer agent in its own right. 


Start with a DCA dose of 10 mg/kg of body weight and take this dose for 5 days and then stop taking the DCA for 2 days. Dilute the DCA in 3-8 ounces of water (depending on the size and weight of the patient) and drink it. Add 1-5 drops of 99.99% Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO for every 10 mg of DCA administered. 

DCA and DMSO as Part of a Protocol to Cure Neuroblastoma

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and you’ve decided to pursue a natural treatment for cancer, DCA with DMSO is an excellent choice, but you should consider using DCA and DMSO as part of a comprehensive protocol to cure neuroblastoma by targeting the cancer at different levels. In this article we talk about the use of Chlorine Dioxide Solution and DMSO to cure childhood cancer along with vitamin B17, pancreatic enzymes, and iodine therapy as well as pH therapies that can be used to cure lymphoma, leukemia, brain cancer, and other childhood cancers, but there are also valuable vibrational cures for childhood cancer like Rife Therapy that you should also consider, one of the first and most important cancer cures that threatened Big Pharma and the Cancer Cure Industry.  Also be sure to learn more about no-chemo/low chemo, no-radiation alternative treatment facilities throughout the world where doctors regularly cure childhood cancer.


Also, don’t forget to download the first volume of the Cancer Cure Catalog at no charge and purchase the other 3 Cancer Cure Catalog books. The Cancer Cure Catalog series are a 4 volume reference manual of cancer cures that are scientifically proven, including a resource list of scientific articles to back up those claims. These books are organized into different facets of cancer treatment that you can offer your child as a cancer protocol that you administer at home. Or use the reference manual to quickly look up and understand natural, non-toxic cancer treatments for children at alternative medicine facilities that use low chemo / no chemo, no radiation treatment options. If you have questions about cancer treatments for children that are not listed in these books, feel free to contact us for health coaching and a customized treatment plan for childhood cancer using natural and non-toxic substances and treatment options.

Final Note: Another Cure for Neuroblastoma and Brain Cancer: Frankincense Essential Oil, Vitamin B17, and DMSO

Any adult or child who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, brain cancer, or any type of reproductive organ cancer, or cancer of the thyroid gland, you need to learn more about the use of frankincense essential oil, vitamin B17, and DMSO. Frankincense essential oil can be applied with DMSO to the base of the head at the top of the neck and also administered as drops under the tongue as a cure for brain cancer in children and adults. Frankincense has an anti-cancer effect or nerve and brain tissues. Choose doTerra brand essential oils because they self-regulate the quality of the oil and don’t water down their frankincense essential oils. Combine this treatment with the use of vitamin B17, as intravenous Laetrile injections or apply apricot kernel oil with DMSO all over the body daily. Apricot kernel oil contains a lot of vitamin B17. Unfortunately, few parents with children who have cancer realize that vitamin B17 and its 80-90% cancer cure rate was discovered by the same doctor who invented chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital many years ago. Sloan Kettering chose to promote chemo as a treatment for childhood cancer vs. natural cancer treatments like vitamin B17 though vitamin B17 was able to cure 100% of cancers induced in animal studies.


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