Coffee enemas are excellent for detoxification.

How to Do an Enema At Home to Detoxify and Heal

Enemas are an absolutely essential part of any CDS/MMS protocol. They help detoxify the whole body, and specifically help “keep things moving” in the intestines, which can make a huge difference in your comfort during the detox period. A lot of uncomfortable detox symptoms, like headaches, fatigue, irritability, pain, and others are actually caused by toxic buildup in the intestines, and using an enema can be extremely helpful for removing this buildup. Enemas also target healing and detoxification of the liver, and are thus valuable not only for digestive system buildup, but also for toxic buildup in the liver.


There are different kinds of enemas that you can do to help relieve detox symptoms and support overall healing while using CDS/MMS. While following a CDS/MMS protocol, be aware that using an enema 2-3 times per day is normal for a lot of people until they recover (though other people are fine doing enemas only once a day or less). Most of the enemas you do are likely to be plain water enemas, but there are some other enema protocols that can be helpful for specific situations as well. Below I’ve written about some of the most commonly used, effective enemas that go well with CDS/MMS treatment: 


Plain Water Enemas

For a plain water enema, you’ll use fresh, purified water that has been warmed to body temperature. Warm water (NOT hot water) is gentler on the intestines and avoids producing a kind of “shock” reaction that can happen when you introduce cold water into the intestines via enema. Use at least 1 liter of water for a regular enema. Some enema bags have a capacity of 1.5 or 2 liters, and you can either fill these up part of the way or even fill them up all the way and use the extra water for your enema. 


When administering the enema, you should lay on your right side in the fetal position. Try to hold in the water for 10-15 minutes if possible, though if you can’t hold it for this long, don’t stress, you’ll still get benefits from holding it in less time! Since plain water doesn’t interfere with MMS/CDS in any way, you can do these plain water enemas at any time during the day as needed without having to worry about timing of the enema. 

2 Quart Silicone Enema Bag

CDS/MMS Enemas

Of course, CDS/MMS can be used in an enema. The MMS1 enema protocol can be administered at the same time as a complete MMS/CDS protocol like the Protocol 1000 or Protocol 2000, or it can be administered separately on an as-needed basis. It may be helpful for getting rid of biofilm, treating Candida overgrowth, getting rid of parasites, treating autism, and relieving bladder infections and/or irritation, among other problems. 


Use a low dose of CDS/MMS in an enema at first, especially if you’re already following a complete protocol. Increase to a higher dosage slowly and only as it feels helpful. Complete this type of enema 1-3 times per day if you’re treating something gastrointestinal or liver related (or if you’re working with one of the aforementioned health problems), or every other day or every three days (or less) if preferred. Some people experience a detox reaction from doing a CDS/MMS enema, so start slowly and work your way up. 


The instructions for administering and dosing a CDS/MMS enema may be found at this link


NOTE: NEVER put DMSO in an enema!! 


Coffee Enemas and Alternatives

Coffee enemas are encouraged as a part of numerous cancer treatment protocols in particular, including the Gerson Protocol, the Gonzalez Protocol, and the Budwig Protocol. When green coffee beans are brewed and the coffee is administered via enema, studies have observed shocking (positive) increases in glutathione levels in both the small intestine as well as in the liver. As a powerful antioxidant, glutathione may interfere with MMS/CDS treatment, so people following MMS protocols should plan to do coffee enemas only in the evenings to allow plenty of time before and after MMS doses. 


Organic, light roast coffee should be used for coffee enemas, and the coffee should ALWAYS be allowed to cool before being administered (however, it should be somewhat warm still). Coffee enemas may be administered in amounts of 1-2 liters at a time, and while taking MMS/CDS, may be done once per day in the evening. 

Organic Light Roast Coffee

Follow the same instructions for administration as described in the section on plain water enemas. This link describes exactly how to prepare a coffee enema correctly. 


People who are allergic to coffee or who would prefer not to use it may also use one of the alternatives below for an enema with similar benefits (again, these, too, should only be done once a day, ideally in the evening):



Baking Soda Enemas

Baking soda enemas, like plain water and CDS/MMS enemas, will enhance the effectiveness of an MMS/CDS protocol or treatment. They can reduce hydration of the intestinal tissues in some cases so, if you are doing a baking soda protocol for cancer, be sure to drink an extra liter of water to avoid dehydrating the body. 


Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) helps alkalize the body and can prevent sickness in this way, which makes it a good adjuvant treatment for MMS/CDS treatment and will improve the success of MMS in most cases. Baking soda can also be taken internally, put on the skin, nebulized, or used as a gargle, nasal rinse, or in a douche


When administering baking soda in an enema, combine 1 teaspoon of aluminum-free (this is important) baking soda with 1-2 liters of warm water. Baking soda enemas should be administered the same way as plain water enemas, while laying on the right side in the fetal position.

Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda

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