Get Rid of Gallstones without Surgery


Dr. Hulda Clark was an expert on parasites and parasite cleanses. This gallbladder cleanse can be a life-saver if you have recently recovered from a major illness or if you are dealing with negative effects due to a post vaccine syndrome. Cleansing the gallbladder will help your body remove pathogens that are hijacking your immune system and causing health problems that may resemble “autoimmune” symptoms.


The gallbladder is an under-appreciated organ. This organ is regularly removed from the body because doctors do not realize that it is possible to remove gallstones without surgery. This is unfortunate because once a person has lost their gallbladder, they can experience an array of digestive issues that cannot be resolved without supplemental ox bile that must be taken at every meal.  

Though there are herbs to dissolve gallstones, such as Stone Root, if you are having any kind of digestive problem, Hulda Clark’s Gallbladder Cleanse is a good place to start in your journey toward recovery. Herbal gallstone treatments can take a lot of time to work in comparison with Clark’s Gallbladder Clenase. Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) is not usually necessary if you are willing to do this cleanse on a regular basis (once every 2 weeks) until you are fully recovered. Indeed, gallbladder removal does not result in the resolution of pain and discomfort in about ⅓ of patients who undergo the procedure. After cholecystectomy, about 70% of patients had relief from their symptoms within 12 months. But about 63% of patients who did NOT undergo cholecystectomy experienced relief too.

The Hulda Clark Gallbladder Flush

NOTE: Never do this gallbladder flush when you are ill. 


SECOND NOTE: It is best to do a parasite cleanse before doing the Gallbladder Cleanse. Otherwise, the gallbladder flush may make you feel quite ill. Hulda Clark’s Gallbladder Cleanse is extremely safe, but if you don’t do a parasite cleanse first, it can cause a strong Herxheimer Reaction.


Dr. Hulda Clark’s Gallbladder Flush is a famous procedure that allows gallstones to flow out of the gallbladder over the course of only 24 hours without surgery. Below are instructions for how to do Dr. Clark’s Gallbladder Flush. Following the timing of each Magnesium Salts drink precisely. Set a timer. The body has a circadian rhythm and you must drink your drinks at the appropriate time to release gallstones properly:



Fresh, Organic Grapefruit or Lemons (enough for ½ cup of juice)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (½ cup)

Pure Magnesium Salts (without fragrances or additives)

Filtered Water

Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture


1 Pitcher

Large Measuring Cup

1 Pint Jar

Getting Started:

  • On the morning when you intend to do the Gallbladder Cleanse, eat no-fat meals for breakfast and lunch. Eat the minimum amount necessary to get through the day. This will enhance the results. The goal of avoiding fatty foods is to cause the gallbladder and liver to build up bile and pressure in these organs that will make it easier to release stones later in the evening when you drink your grapefruit and olive oil concoction. Examples of a no-fat meal includes:


    • Cooked oatmeal with water instead of milk
    • Fruit juice
    • Bread with jelly or honey (no butter or milk)



  • 2:00 PM – Stop eating and drinking except for the required drinks. This will ensure positive results. If you feel like you can avoid eating for a full 24 hours prior to the Gallbladder Cleanse, that is even better and will result in more stones being released from the liver and the gallbladder. If you eat after 2:00 PM, you may feel quite ill later.


  • Prepare your Magnesium Salts and water in a pitcher. 
    1. Mix 4 tablespoons of Magnesium Salts with 3 cups of water. 
    2. This mixture will be taken as 4 separate servings of ¾ of a cup each. 
    3. Put the pitcher in the refrigerator.


  • 6:00 PM – Drink one serving of the Magnesium Salts drink (¾ cup). Rinse your mouth with a few mouthfuls of clean, filtered water afterward, if desired.


  • 8:00 PM – Drink a second serving of the Magnesium Salts drink (¾ cup). Rinse your mouth with a few mouthfuls of clean, filtered water afterward, if desired.


  • 9:45 PM – Prepare your grapefruit juice and olive oil concoction. Also, brush your teeth and do your normal bedtime preparations at this time.
    1. Pour ½ cup of olive oil into a pint jar
    2. Then squeeze the grapefruit juice into a measuring cup by hand. Remove any pulp from the juice using a fork. You should have at least ½ cup. (NOTE: Lemons can be used instead of grapefruit in a pinch). Pour the juice into the pint jar along with the olive oil.
    3. Close the lid of the jar and shake vigorously until it becomes “watery”.
    4. Add 1 teaspoon of Green Black Walnut Tincture to the pint jar containing grapefruit juice and olive oil and shake vigorously again.
    5. Visit the bathroom, as needed, even if it makes you late for the 10:00 PM drink. Don’t be more than 15 minutes late or you’ll release fewer gallstones.


  • 10:00 PM – 10:15 – Drink the entire grapefruit juice + olive oil + green black walnut tincture mixture. Drink it standing up, but get it all down within 5-15 minutes. 
    1. Take 4 to 8 L-Ornithine capsules to help you sleep better. 
    2. Lie down immediately with your back propped up at an angle on 1-3 pillows. This will position your body to allow gallstones to slide out of the liver and gallbladder. You may feel the gallstones sliding through the ducts as a slight “pressure”. Keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes.
    3. Gallstone release is not painful because the Magnesium salts have opened the bile ducts. Pressure inside the gallbladder and liver combined with the olive oil and grapefruit juice concoction spurs the release of the stones as a painless process.
    4. Set an alarm for 6:00 AM. Go to sleep.


  • 6:00 AM – Take your third dose of Magnesium Salt water. Go back to bed.


  • 8:00 AM – At 8:00 AM, you can start to eat again. Eat light. Start with fruit juice. Then, eat some fruit. By later this evening, you can eat normally.


You will likely have diarrhea in the morning. Look for gallstones in the toilet. Gallstones are often a pea green or a tan color and they tend to float. Bile ducts may also release “chaff” that looks a bit like corn kernels floating in the water. Cleansing the liver of this chaff can significantly improve the functioning of both the liver and the gallbladder. 


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