The Gonzalez Protocol is a customized diet and nutritional supplement protocol designed to suit the needs of each patient in regard to their chemical constituency and specific health problems. This dietary protocol is based around differences in autonomic nervous system function. For example, some people may fall into the “sympathetic dominant” category, meaning that their sympathetic nervous system is somewhat overactive while their parasympathetic system is less active. For these people, a diet that balances out the functions of these two sides of the nervous system is required in order to restore health. There are 10 different primary types of diets with over 99 variations depending on the patient’s individual situation, so the information in this section is generalized (consult with a Gonzalez Protocol practitioner for more detailed information). 


Some specific supplements that Dr. Gonzalez recommends for GBS patients include omega-3 fatty acids to stimulate myelin regrowth, as well as antiviral herbs like Lomatium. These supplements (among many others, including pancreatic enzymes, which are a core component of every Gonzalez diet) should be combined with a healing diet. All of the diets prescribed by the Gonzalez Protocol are organic, free of processed and refined foods (including white sugar and heated oils), and rich in foods with high nutrient value. Coffee and alcohol must also be completely eliminated. 


The Gonzalez Protocol also requires that patients do regular coffee enemas (twice daily) to support healthy detoxification. Fresh vegetable juices are almost always a part of the program also, as are vitamins, minerals, animal glandular and food concentrates, antioxidants, trace elements, and other supplements customized to the patient’s condition.


There are Gonzalez-certified doctors currently practicing in the US, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, the Caribbean, the UK, and Turkey. Many doctors also offer Telemedicine appointments for patients who are not located in these areas or unable to travel for an in-person appointment. To apply to be a patient, visit this link: https://thegonzalezprotocol.com/how-to-apply-to-meet-a-gonzalez-certified-doctor/ 


Other diets to consider for the treatment for Guillain-Barré Syndrome if you’re unable or unwilling to meet with a Gonzalez Protocol Certified doctor are the Gerson Protocol and the Budwig Protocol. The Gerson Protocol was initially designed to cure cancer, but it can be applied to the treatment of other diseases as well. It requires patients to follow strict dietary guidelines along with drinking daily juices and performing regular coffee enemas. The Budwig Quark recipe is intended to help reenergize cells from the inside out, making it an excellent choice for people who are trying to cure or recover from Guillain-Barré Syndrome.


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