Chlorine Dioxide Questions and Answers


  • I did the Classic Protocol 1000 for a week and developed diarrhea after the second day of treatment. I quit taking CDS / MMS three days ago, but I still have diarrhea. What’s going on? 



If you weren’t having diarrhea prior to taking CDS and then you suddenly started having diarrhea upon taking 1 drop here are some likely possibilities as to what is happening:


–First and foremost, you need to know that diarrhea is the body’s natural way of purging something that doesn’t belong in the digestive system. Vomiting is another natural way of purging infectious organisms or toxins from the body quickly. If you are able to stay hydrated, and if you don’t otherwise feel very ill (though you may experience some headaches or even chills and fever as a result of this type of diarrhea), it is EXTREMELY likely that the CDS was able to overcome some colony of pathogens in your intestines, stimulating your immune system to take over (at long last) and join the fight.


–Pathogens will often lower immunity chronically in the body when they take up residence long term in the gut. Often, it is only possible for pathogens to survive in the body long-term if the immune system is somehow disabled. But when you take something like CDS and the pathogens are killed off in great quantities, the immune system wakes up and can then function in a similar way to CDS. The immune system produces reactive oxygen species and singlet oxygens that attack pathogens in a manner that is nearly identical to CDS. 


–It is likely that the CDS killed a microorganism that was living under some biofilm in your intestines. In doing so, the biofilm perhaps broke off and revealed a colony of bacteria or viruses or parasites (or all 3 of these things) that have been living in your body for quite some time. This kind of situation can create an imbalance that takes time to resolve. 


Again, assuming that you’re talking about CDS as the treatment that started this massive detoxification of pathogens from your digestive system I would consider the following possible actions:


–Diarrhea is a form of purging something (a toxin, a pathogen, etc.) from the body. As such, you should support the purge as long as you are able to stay hydrated. I know how uncomfortable this can be! I’ve had similar things happen to my family and me. 


–I do NOT recommend taking an anti-diarrhea medication because you DON’T want to stop the purge. On the other hand, you do want to encourage your intestines to rebalance when the timing is right. Black tea is a natural anti-diarrheal that won’t stop the purge but that will help your large intestines to rebalance. 


–Do you take a sea water supplement? I would highly recommend that you order a sea water supplement to keep the electrolytes balanced in your body during CDS treatment. Below is an article about sea water and how to take a sea water supplement to “super-hydrate”. The minerals in the sea water will bind to certain toxins to escort them out of the body “less dramatically” than what you would otherwise experience (for example—you may experience less diarrhea as you take this supplement because it binds to toxins and renders them harmless on their way out of the body).


–If you don’t have access to a sea water supplement, consider getting a watermelon or other watery-fruits that contain a lot of juices and juice those fruits and drink that water instead. Watermelon can worsen diarrhea at first, but the goal is to consume “structured water” that is extremely hydrating and full of electrolytes that your body can use to get the purge over with while your body stays hydrated. 


–Bone broth is yet another source of structured water. If you can make bone broth soup (especially a home-made chicken noodle soup—not the canned version) that cooks for several hours before you eat it…this would be an excellent thing to add to your diet right now. Brone broth soup, FRESH fruit juices, and sea water supplementation all help the body hydrate, they provide a lot of nutrients, and they are simple for the body to digest. Keep in mind…structured water was studied in its own special department at the University of Michigan (if memory serves) and it has been scientifically proven that water molecules will change shape in response to everything from emotions (positivity and negativity) to toxic chemical exposure. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water so…how we feel about what’s happen inside and around us affects how these water molecules inside the body are shaped. Homeopathic medicine is based on this property of water (that it can mimic the shape of other molecules). Structured water is a pure form of water that has a positive shape that is beneficial for human health. In plants, structured water means bigger, healthier plants. In humans, the same is true. Avoid canned products if you can (if you’re in a winter climate, I know that can be hard to do). At the very least, try to consume as much structured water that has super-hydrating properties as you can throughout the day until the diarrhea stops. It will help your body do what it needs to do. 


–If you are treating a major disease like cancer, Long COVID, Lyme Disease, HIV, etc, etc…don’t stop the treatment. Rather, after you’ve activated the 1 drop of CDS and added water to the solution, pour just 1/4 of the mixture into a separate glass and take that dose until your body fully recovers. This would be equivalent to 1/4 of your normal dose. 


–If the diarrhea continues for more than a 5 more days (a week total), and you try the sea water and the black tea and still, it continues, start taking a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C opposes CDS, but it also opposes your natural immune response. If your immune system has been hijacked by a pathogen for a long period of time and it has suddenly been stimulated to release singlet oxygens (which are roughly equivalent to tiny bombs) that are attacking a pathogen, another part of your immune system goes off to build specific antibodies/weapons that are targeted toward the disease-causing pathogen in a more sophisticated way. But your body needs time to build these antibodies (usually 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the situation). So if one part of your immune system has recently started bombing pathogens in your digestive system, causing chronic diarrhea as your digestive system purges the dead and dying pathogens…you don’t want to cancel out those oxygen “bombs” by taking vitamin C. Because vitamin C will neutralize the oxygen “bombs”. You want to give your body plenty of time to develop antibodies / targeted weapons to kill the pathogens and to protect the body in a general way against that type of pathogen in the future. That’s why I’m suggesting that you wait a bit longer before taking vitamin C. 


–In the meantime, before you resort to taking vitamin C, take sea water supplements and black tea to encourage a balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body. Drink plenty of water. 



  • I am having dental surgery in a few days and I’d rather take CDS / MMS rather than undergoing antibiotic treatment, but I’m worried that the oxidant nature of CDS / MMS will interfere with my healing. Can I take CDS / MMS instead of taking antibiotics? 



For dental surgery, follow Jim Humble’s Dental Health Protocol. CDS as a mouthwash along with Dimethyl sulfoxide (DSMO). DMSO is widely used in dentistry and a number of companies have created CDS mouthwash products (for example DioxiRinse). Using CDS with DMSO won’t affect your systemic levels of vitamin C very much as I understand it. But CDS and DMSO will help you keep infection at bay during the healing process. If you can take high dose vitamin C by mouth 2 hours before or after taking CDS, these two substances shouldn’t really interact much. And as far as other antioxidants are concerned, I’ve been learning about how CDS behaves in the mouth. CDS functions in part to prevent infection by raising the pH in the mouth above 7.0 to make the saliva more alkaline. When the singlet oxygen is released into the saliva, it combines with singlet hydrogens to make hydroxide, which is alkaline. The alkalinity works magic in terms of preventing infection.

So don’t worry about the high dose vitamin C (which would help you heal faster from surgery) interacting with the CDS / DMSO as long as you don’t use them at the exact same time (separate them by 2 hours at least). The DMSO (which contains sulfur) will significantly enhance the speed of your healing as well. Dentists typically put a drop of DMSO in the gum tissues following tooth extractions so it’s regularly used in this context already. It has antibacterial properties by itself and it combines very well with CDS. Just add water to the CDS to make a mouthwash and then add another 10 drops of DMSO to the mix. It also will help to kill pain. Don’t use the DMSO while brushing the teeth though because it could eat away at the plastic on your toothbrush and take little bits of plastic into your cells. 

Once again, I highly recommend taking a vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 product to enhance bone growth. It will benefit your overall health–especially your skeletal and cardiovascular health. 


If you have more questions about the vitamin D3 and K2 and why you need these two vitamins, read this article. Take the vitamin D3 and K2 supplement at the same time that you take the vitamin C supplement as vitamin D is mildly antioxidant.

And finally, since you’re having surgery, you should consider getting an infrared light to shine at the areas that have been treated. Red light therapy will make a huge difference in how quickly you heal and how well your body forms a blood supply to the bone graft.

My husband was diagnosed with “cavitations” by the dentist and rather than having the dentist crack into his jaw, he used infrared light therapy for 5 minutes twice a day on each side of his jaw in the areas with cavitation to open up the microcirculation in bone tissues. Infrared light is extremely effective. Last year, we were in Myanmar and had a limited supply of meds, but we were able to find an infrared light. And the light mostly took care of the pain and whatever infection there was in his jaw/ear at the time. I was pretty impressed. Infrared light therapy opens the microcirculation, which ultimately makes healing happen. Microcirculation and proper blood flow to ailing areas of the body is the key to healing no matter whether there’s a broken bone or whether there’s an infection going on. 

So, in summary…for a bone graft like what you’re describing:


  1. Take Vitamin D3+K2 to remineralize bone tissues throughout the body and remove calcium deposits from the blood vessels (typically it takes 6 weeks to reduce atherosclerosis by 50%).


  1. Use CDS and DMSO as a mouthwash using Jim Humble’s Dental Health Protocol 3 times per day for the first week to ten days after surgery.


  1. Take high doses (3000 mg per day) of liposomal vitamin C (to avoid having to chew and swallow the pills) to rebuild your gum tissues. If possible, get intravenous vitamin C therapy to boost healing of the gum tissues. Take the vitamin C 2 hours before and after CDS treatments to avoid deactivating the CDS.


  1. Use an infrared light when you feel pain and to kill infection. Not only will it kill the pain, it will also open the microcirculation to boost healing and bone remineralization. Red light therapy is a potent anti-infection treatment. Scientists have yet to find a pathogen that can’t be killed with red / infrared light therapy.


I think you’ll be pleased with the results of these treatments. I understand your reluctance to take antibiotics. If I were you, I  would be very diligent about keeping the wound clean with CDS. For the first 3 days especially, you’ll want to be doing some kind of treatment every hour to hour and a half during the day to prevent infection. If you suspect infection, contact your dentist right away. Consider using the infrared light during the night for pain and to encourage (once again), enhanced microcirculation. If you get through those first 3 days without infection, that’s a good start. The high dose vitamin C will also help your tissues heal.


If you’re concerned about not taking the antibiotics, ask your doctor what kind of antibiotics he plans to prescribe. If the antibiotic combines well with DMSO (it has to have a certain molecular size/weight) you could take very small doses of it, which would be less damaging to your intestinal flora. For example, azithromycin (zithromax) can be mixed with DMSO and you could take a very small dose of it. The DMSO potentiates certain antibiotics. DMSO is used in this way for DMSO Potentiation Therapy for cancer patients wherein the DMSO is combined with low-dose chemo. DMSO has the ability to take the chemo directly where it needs to go which means a low dose works better than the high dose. The book DMSO: Nature’s Healer contains a list of doctors in the U.S. who work with DMSO and who might be able to help you with dosing antibiotics properly in combination with DMSO for DMSO-Potentiation Therapy.


  • I’m having open heart surgery. Can I use CDS / MMS instead of antibiotics during recovery? I want to avoid being exposed to antibiotics, if at all possible. 


This is an excellent question. Unfortunately, in a hospital setting where you will be undergoing a major surgery like this, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to completely avoid being exposed to antibiotic treatment. Chances are, the doctors / nurses will hook you up to a prophylactic IV of antibiotics and painkillers before you even leave the operating room.

While your doctor may be interested in CDS and may even be open to using it in some contexts, most hospitals are owned by healthcare industry leaders who have policies and procedures in place to keep doctors from using these types of medicines. Doctors who speak out against the hospitals, pharmacies, or other industry leaders risk losing their license and the prospect of being publicly shamed as a “quack”. 

Depending on the reason behind your heart surgery, you may want to look into alternative therapies such as EDTA IV treatments that can be administered in some facilities in place of open heart surgery. EDTA IVs (also known as PlaqueX) are administered to clear the blood vessels of plaque without doing surgery. There are softgels available by the same name (PlaqueX) that can be taken by mouth to complement the effects of EDTA IV therapies. If you are having heart surgery because your blood vessels are narrowing as a result of plaque, you may be able to avoid surgery by seeking out this alternative treatment option instead.

PlaqueX EDTA IV therapy treatments are available in a variety of locations throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. Few patients know about this form of therapy which can help them avoid open heart surgery and all the risks associated with a coronary bypass.



  • I tried activating my sodium chlorite, but nothing happened. The liquid didn’t ever change color. What’s wrong?


If you put sodium chlorite drops with your acid activator drops in equal proportion and the mixture did not change color from transparent to yellow/orange, then your CDS is not activating properly and should be discarded. If the solution does not change color to yellow/orange, then it does not have the medicinal qualities of Chlorine Dioxide Solution.


  • I’ve been treating myself for cancer and I don’t want to talk to my doctor about the fact that I’m using CDS just yet. Is there any way for me to test myself at home to see if I still have cancer? 


Interestingly, yes, there is a way to test yourself for cancer at home. As it turns out, cancer cells have much in common with embryonic cells (the cells produced right after an ovum is fertilized in the uterus). If you go to an oncologist to find out if you have cancer, he/she will recommend a biopsy of some kind, but in most cases, a pregnancy test will work to tell you if you have cancer or not. The only time that a pregnancy test will not work to find out if you have cancer at home, is if you are a woman and you happen to be pregnant. In this case, the pregnancy test will show a positive result because you are pregnant, not because you have cancer.

Dr. John Beard was the man who developed the Trophoblast Model of Cancer, which makes note of the similarities between cancer cells and embryonic cells. Also worth noting is the fact that many of the herbal treatments that are used to cause abortion are also powerful cancer treatments. CDS is one of few cancer cures that can be administered safely to a pregnant woman without worry of side effects or damage to a fetus. 


  • I just started using CDS 3 days ago and I feel horrible. I feel so much sicker than when I started using this stuff. Are you sure CDS is safe? I’m concerned that I’m harming myself in some way. 


Yes, I’m sure that CDS is safe! But it’s important to give yourself the right dose of CDS based on how you are feeling. The key is to start with a very low dose and work your way up to a higher dose slowly over time. CDS kills pathogens quickly. If you kill too many pathogens too quickly, your liver and your kidneys get “stopped up” and can’t keep pace with the need to detoxify and remove them from the body. The dead pathogens start to rot inside the body, releasing toxins that make you feel sick, achey, feverish, sick to your stomach, etc. If you are having a major detoxification reaction, you feel SICK. This feeling will slowly lift over the next 24 to 72 hours. In the meantime:

  • Continue taking CDS / MMS but at a much lower dose. Consider dividing the dose you were taking before in half or even in quarters. Take this lower dose for several days until you feel better than you did before you started taking the CDS / MMS. Then, when you’re ready, raise the dose by just a tiny amount for a day or two. Observe how you feel before raising the dose again.
  • Drink a lot of water to help your kidneys flush out toxins more quickly. Add a sea water supplement to your water, if necessary.
  • Get plenty of rest so your organs of detoxification can work more quickly. 



  • My mother recently had a stroke. We used the CDS protocol to treat the stroke and try to prevent neurological damage. She is doing well, but my brother and I agree that she seems to be more lethargic than usual. Are there other treatments that can help her recover more quickly from a stroke?


Yes! There are nootropics known as Semax and Selank that were developed in Russia by scientists to treat stroke victims and help them recover more quickly. These two medicines are peptide chains that help the brain regrow neurons. Both medicines are taken in very small doses and should be taken 30 minutes before or after CDS and/or DMSO.


  • I have chronic heartburn and acid reflux and I was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) several years ago. I’ve taken all kinds of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Would CDS help with something like this? I’m afraid of doing something that might make the situation worse.


Yes! CDS can help you cure chronic heartburn and GERD permanently. Often heartburn and GERD are caused by a Helicobacter pylori infection. H. pylori infections are extremely common. Some experts estimate that about 50% of the world population is infected with H. pylori. Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) is a substance that is widely used to purify water and to get rid of H. pylori in the water supply using very tiny doses. But you can take CDS internally at a slightly higher dose as a medicine that will also kill H. pylori that is living in the stomach. I would recommend following the Jim Humble’s Protocol 1000 PLUS to treat an H. pylori infection. 

In addition to using CDS to cure an H. pylori infection or any number of other types of digestive infection that might be contributing to heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD, you can use just the Hydrochloric Acid Activator to diminish the symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD. Be sure to buy a CDS kit that contains the Hydrochloric Acid Activator and not the Citric Acid Activator if you wish to treat your digestive symptoms in this way. Take 4 to 8 drops of Hydrochloric Acid 4-5% immediately before or with meals to reduce symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. The Hydrochloric Acid Activator by  itself will NOT treat an H. pylori infection. It WILL help you reduce the symptoms of this type of infection though.

Take your CDS treatments (activated CDS) at least 1 hour before or 1 hour after meals according to the protocol instructions to continue treating the underlying cause of your heartburn and acid reflux. Using the activatory by itself to treat symptoms along with activated CDS, you should be able to cure acid reflux and heartburn within 3 to 6 weeks of ongoing treatment.



  • I have breast cancer and I want to use CDS as a cure, but I also feel like I should be taking Lugol’s iodine, pancreatic enzymes, and vitamin B17 based on what I’ve read at your web site. Can I take all of these medicines at the same time or will the iodine, vitamin B17, and enzymes cancel out my CDS treatment?


You can use all of these at-home cancer treatments together even while you’re using CDS to cure cancer, but just to be safe, I would recommend taking the Lugol’s iodine, pancreatic enzymes, and vitamin B17 at least 1 hour before and/or after your CDS dose. 

Lugol’s iodine has antioxidant capabilities, but it may or may not interact with CDS to cancel out its effects. Just to be safe, avoid using it at the exact same time as CDS. Pancreatic enzymes, based on what I currently know from the research, are unlikely to interact with CDS, but if I were you, I would take the pancreatic enzymes at the same time as you take the Lugol’s iodine. Vitamin B17 works through a similar mechanism as CDS to kill cancer, but don’t misunderstand my use of the word “similar” to mean “the same”. Vitamin B17 releases a tiny amount of cyanide. Cyanide is a Reactive Nitrogen Species, which also has the ability to seek out cancer cells and certain pathogens in the body to oxidize them. Reactive Nitrogen Species are also studied as part of Reactive Oxygen Species Medicine because the behavior of Reactive Oxygen Species and Reactive Nitrogen Species are similar in regard to pathogens and cancer cells. 

The Big Pharma propaganda machine has spewed out all kinds of falsities about vitamin B17 / amygdalin / Laetrile to scare people off from this cancer cure. Vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin / Laetrile) DOES release cyanide, but few people realize, first of all, that cyanide poisoning (which can occur if a person is exposed to HUGE amounts of cyanide) can be reversed using specific antioxidant therapies. Secondly, in smaller, medicinal doses, this medicine works miracles against cancer. The same doctor who developed chemotherapy, discovered vitamin B17. He worked at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital and when he discovered this vitamin, he observed that it had a 100% cure rate. Sloan Kettering tried to cover up this information. You can read more about the vitamin B17 story here, but the main takeaway for you in terms of your question is that YES, definitely take vitamin B17 as part of your cancer cure protocol. 

Lugol’s Iodine is an essential cancer cure for reproductive organ cancers including breast cancer and thyroid cancers. Anyone who is working to cure cancer at home should include Lugol’s Iodine in their treatment regime. 

Pancreatic Enzymes have a 13% cure rate against cancer by themselves. This isn’t spectacular, but it isn’t horrible in comparison with the cure rate for chemotherapy for cancer by itself which stands at between 2-3%. Further, pancreatic enzyme therapy will protect your pancreas from cancer (pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer because of the role of pancreatic enzymes in curing the disease). When taken in tandem with CDS, DMSO, vitamin B17, and Lugol’s Iodine, pancreatic enzyme therapies add another layer of curative power to your cancer cure protocol.

Finally, consider adding a High-pH therapy to your cancer cure protocol too. Cesium Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy are two common options. Both will strengthen the effects of CDS against cancer. These two therapies will make your human cells more alkaline, which will cause CDS to focus exclusively on pathogens and cancer cells. The more alkaline your human cells become, the more invisible they are to the oxidant power of CDS and the more cancer cells and pathogens are highlighted. So I highly recommend that you include High-pH Therapy in your cancer cure protocol. And note that vitamin B17 therapy is most effective when you include several other vitamins into the mix. Dr. Philip Binzel created a cancer cure diet and a vitamin B17 protocol. 

NOTE: If you live in the United States and certain other countries, you may not be able to purchase vitamin B17. You may be able to find products labeled as Amygdalin. If you can’t get vitamin B17 or Amygdalin, purchase Raw, Bitter, Organic Apricot Kernels and take 4 to 5 of them up to 10 times per day throughout the day (40 to 50 apricot kernels daily). Laetrile is illegal because it is such a huge threat to the Cancer Industry and Big Pharma profits. Laetrile is available via IV in large doses in Tijuana, Mexico at No-Chemo, No-Radiation Cancer Cure Facilities there and in other locations throughout the world.

The Binzel Diet involves supplementation with other vitamins including:

  1. A multi-vitamin
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Vitamin B15 / Pangamic Acid (Vitamin B15 is also in Apricot Kernels if you are taking Apricot Kernels instead of a vitamin B17 supplement)
  5. Megazyme Forte (this product include pancreatic enzymes)
  6. Pro-A-Mulsion (this product can cancel the effects of CDS and vitamin B17 and should be avoided except when you are taking breaks from CDS treatment)

Obviously, this list contains several antioxidants that would cancel out the effects of CDS. If you are using Lugol’s Iodine supplements, you should also take selenium (200 mcg daily) and zinc (50 mg daily) to ensure that you can properly absorb and use the iodine. Both selenium and zinc have antioxidant properties too. 

At this point, you probably feel confused and conflicted about what to do in regard to cancer treatment because CDS is so fragile and it’s so easy to cancel out the medicinal effects of this medicine. But let me tell you what I recommend to cancer patients who are using CDS to kill cancer cells:

  • Do the Cancer Cure Protocol (Protocol 2000) for AT LEAST 3 weeks or until you recover. 
  • During this time, begin taking vitamin B17 (as amygdalin, Laetrile, or as apricot kernels–apricot kernels have the advantage that they contain some of the nutrients your body needs in order to absorb and use the vitamin B17 without supplementation), pancreatic enzymes, and Lugol’s Iodine. 
  • Begin the Cesium or Baking Soda / High-pH Therapy during this time as well. 
  • Follow the China Study Diet and eat foods of all different colors to ensure that you’re getting plenty of nutrients. Consume juiced vegetables at least once daily.
  • Eat brazil nuts (as a source of selenium)
  • Eat whole grains, cashews, and almonds (a good source of zinc)
  • Continue with the Cancer Cure Protocol until you recover. 


If you have a healthy diet and you eat nutritious foods during your CDS treatment, this will cover many of the nutritional needs required for iodine and vitamin B17 to work properly during cancer treatment. By maximizing your nutrition while treating cancer with Chlorine Dioxide, you can meet many of your needs and still benefit from iodine and vitamin B17 treatment. Maximize your nutrients and be religious about it! Avoid all sugars! Sugar feeds cancer. And eat a diet with less than 5% animal products. Reducing your amino acid / protein intake during cancer treatment and recovery will cancel out less of your CDS doses too while increasing the number of vitamins that you need to properly use iodine and vitamin B17. The China Study was a research project that proved that by eating less than 5% animal products in your diet, cancer could be “turned off” perhaps because amino acids (which are derived mostly from animal products) can cancel out the effects of oxidants in the body. Consider using a pancreatic enzyme product that also contains an OxBile supplement to support your liver health and enhance digestion.  

If you are following Jim Humble’s Cancer Protocol / Protocol 2000, consider dosing with vitamin B17 (in the form of apricot kernels) in the half-hour intervals when you are not taking MMS2 doses. Try to consume 40 to 50 of them per day, but don’t take more than 4 to 5 at a time because they are very bitter and they can cause stomach upsets if you take too many of them at a time. 

NOTE: Some pancreatic enzyme products are designed to be taken at mealtimes. Follow the instructions on the bottle for best results.


  • I want to try using CDS, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to eat much while I’m on the medicine because the antioxidants in my food might cancel out the effects of the medicine. How can I still eat 3 meals per day AND follow an MMS protocol like the Classic Protocol 1000 or the Protocol 2000? 

There are a few different ways to manage following a CDS protocol as well as eating three healthy meals each day at the same time. Depending on the exact protocol you follow, you may need to adjust some of these recommendations, but here are a few tips to help you manage your CDS dosing schedule and your meal schedule so that you get the most from both the CDS medicine as well as your diet (since diet is important for healing, too!): 


  • Wait a minimum of 30 minutes before and after eating a meal or a snack before taking a dose of CDS. Though different antioxidants in food have different half-lives (meaning that some leave your system faster than others), 30 minutes is a decent period of time to use in most cases and has been tried and tested by many people who have used CDS successfully. A 1-hour interval is better, but if you’re managing a challenging treatment schedule, 30 minutes will work too.


  • Consider adjusting your schedule (as much as seems reasonable) to accommodate the CDS dosing. Whatever feels normal and natural to you now in terms of your eating schedule might only feel stressful once you start taking CDS since a lot of the protocols involve hourly dosing for longer periods of time during the day. Thus, some changes might be in order, at least for the time being.

    If you’re following the Classic Protocol 1000, the Protocol 1000 Plus, or the Protocol 3000, for example, you’ll be taking 8 doses of activated MMS per day, one every hour for 8 consecutive hours over the course of at least 3 weeks. The thing to remember here, though, is that YOU can choose the times when you want to begin and end your dosing schedule. For example:

    • Start taking the MMS at 6am and take your last dose at 2pm. This schedule is likely to be more comfortable for people who prefer to eat larger dinners and little to no breakfast, with a light to medium lunch in between. For breakfast, consider a meal consisting primarily of carbohydrates, such as toast with raw honey (not jelly, since this will contain vitamin C in most cases) or perhaps white rice with an egg. Eat light, if you can. For lunch, pasta with olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper or something similar is a good choice. Again, avoid incorporating any antioxidant-rich foods (tomato sauce, for instance, is off the table since it contains high levels of vitamin C). Thirty minutes after your final 2pm dose, you may eat a snack if you wish (or not), and by dinnertime you’re welcome to eat normally without focusing so much on whether or not you’re taking in any antioxidants.
    • Start taking the MMS at 12pm and take your last dose at 8pm. This schedule will be best for people who may like to eat a bigger lunch and/or breakfast, and who may eat later in the day already. For breakfast, you may eat normally. Eat lunch slightly earlier than 12, at 11am would be a good time so that you don’t feel rushed. You may eat foods that have antioxidants, but still be aware and limit them somewhat because you’ll be taking your first MMS dose very soon. From 12pm to 8pm, avoid snacking unless absolutely necessary, and if you DO need a snack, eat something like bread, rice, or plain pasta (you may top these with healthy oils, salt, or black pepper, or you may use honey if you’d like). Plan your snacks to take place directly between hours, at about 30 minutes after and before your MMS doses, and don’t spend more than 15 minutes eating your snack. Plan to eat dinner no earlier than 8:30pm and try to make the meal somewhat lighter, if possible.
  • Carefully “screen” your favorite foods for their antioxidant content, and establish a list of the most antioxidant rich foods that you eat regularly as well as the least antioxidant rich ones. This will help you decide which snacks or mealtime foods that you can incorporate into your day while you’re taking the MMS.
  • Try to make sure that at least one meal can be eaten somewhat normally (with more than an hour of space either before or after an MMS dose). Make modifications to the other two meals of the day as needed.
  • You don’t have to take the MMS at the same time every day! If there’s some reason why you need to be able to eat without as much thought for one day (such as when you have a work lunch or dinner, for example), adjust your dosing schedule for that one day. Establish a “normal” schedule that you regularly follow, but plan ahead when needed to change this normal schedule if something comes up. 


  • I have tried taking tiny doses of MMS/CDS, but I still get diarrhea and it upsets my stomach. Am I doing something wrong? I seem to be really sensitive to this stuff!

Some people are EXTREMELY sensitive to sodium chlorite that is leftover in the MMS / CDS mixture after it is activated. The leftover sodium chlorite can cause some sensitive individuals to feel awful even at minute doses. If this seems to be your situation, consider following the protocol described in the video link posted below. This link provides instructions for how to produce pure chlorine dioxide without any sodium chlorite left in the mixture. People who are very sensitive to sodium chlorite left in the MMS / CDS can safely take a mixture that does not include sodium chlorite.

CDS/MMS video for those who are sensitive to sodium chlorite.

NOTE: At the end of the video, the speaker gives the option to add sodium chlorite to the final mixture to stabilize it. If you are sensitive to sodium chlorite, do not not add the 20 mL of sodium chlorite back into the CDS mixture (to keep the chlorine dioxide solution totally pure).


  • I want to apply frankincense essential oil topically with DMSO for the treatment of brain cancer. Can I do this while I’m also taking MMS? 

Yes, you can still use frankincense essential oil while using MMS as a cancer treatment. However, you should not use these two medicines at the exact same time. The half life of frankincense is approximately 6 hours, meaning that it is more or less completely out of your system after this period of time. The half-life of MMS is about an hour-and-a-half. Knowing the half life of these two substances will help you maximize your treatment with them because this way you can find a kind of “sweet spot” where the two will not interact with each other to cancel each other out. 

In other words, you’ll want to wait at least 1.5 hours after taking MMS to administer the frankincense oil topically with the DMSO. Then, after administering the frankincense, you’ll need to wait at least 6 hours after that before starting your next MMS cycle. So if you finish taking your 10 doses of MMS (according to the Protocol 2000 – The Cancer Protocol) at 6pm, and you plan to start the next 10-dose cycle of MMS at 8am the next day, you can apply the frankincense essential oil + DMSO anytime between 7:30pm and 2:00am without having to worry about the CDS being canceled out by the antioxidant effects of the frankincense. 

If you’re currently taking any other antioxidant medicines, the same “formula” applies. Consider the half-life of the medicine you’re using (you may need to Google this) and then plan accordingly and time your antioxidant medicine as well as possible according to its half life. Always avoid taking an antioxidant medicine WITH a dose of MMS, even if you’re applying the medicine topically, since the antioxidant effects will cancel out the medicinal oxidant effects of CDS (this won’t cause anything bad, but rather, nothing will happen at all with either the CDS or the antioxidant medicine).

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