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Jim Humble's Protocol 6 and 6 - MMS1 Protocol for Healing

Posted by Lydian Shipp | Dec 31, 2021


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Fast and Effective Treatment for Food Poisoning, Colds, Influenza, Allergies, Fevers, and More...

This protocol can be used separately from the other protocols in this book if you wish. It can function as a kind of short-term “primary protocol” in certain situations. Protocol 6 and 6 may be used by adults, children, and infants. Below we’ll first look at the administration and dosage rules for adults, and then after that we’ll describe the administration and dosage information for infants and children. 

This protocol is completed over the course of 24-hours and consists of only 2 doses of MMS1 of 6 activated drops each. It is specifically designed to handle some of the following situations: 

  • Common cold (when you first experience symptoms)

  • After exposure to a serious disease

  • Headaches

  • Fevers

  • Mild food poisoning or other mild poisoning symptoms

  • Chronic pain

  • After an accident

  • Allergies

  • Influenza

  • Other illnesses that are just showing symptoms

Below are the steps involved in the Protocol 6 and 6:
  1. Activate 6 drops of MMS1 (6 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 6 drops of an acid) in a clean, dry, glass container. Wait 30 seconds (the drops will turn an amber color).
  2. Add ½ cup (120ml) of purified water to the MMS1 solution and drink immediately.
  3. One hour after the first 6-drop dose, prepare a second 6-drop dose according to the instructions in Steps 1 and 2. Drink immediately.
  4. If you’re feeling well, you may stop taking the MMS1. However, if you’re still experiencing symptoms and not feeling good after the second hour (one hour after the administration of the second 6-drop dose), you should follow the Starting Procedure and then progress to Protocol 1000 for the next 21 days. Begin with ¼ drop doses of MMS1 for each hour of the rest of the day after the 6 and 6 Protocol. The next day, take ½ drop MMS1 doses every hour for 8 consecutive hours. After this, you may increase the dosage as you feel comfortable according to the Protocol 1000. The goal is to increase the dose to 3 activated MMS1 drops per hour for 8 consecutive hours of the day, and then maintain that dose for 21 days.

Protocol 6 and 6 for Children and Infants 

The steps involved with Protocol 6 and 6 for infants and children are more or less the same as those for adults. The main (and most vital) difference is in the number of MMS1 drops that should be administered. Just like with adults, if your child still isn’t feeling well after doing the MMS1, you may do the Starting Procedure and follow it up with the Protocol 1000 (both adjusted accordingly for the child’s weight) for the 21-day period following the administration of the Protocol 6 and 6.  

Below is a chart detailing how many drops to administer to your child based on their body weight: 

Protocol 6 and 6 Dosage Guide for Children and Infants
Weight Dosage of MMS1
Infants less than 12 lbs (5.5 kg) 1 and 1 drop dose
Children between 12-24 lbs (5.5-11 kg) 2 and 2 drop dose
Children between 25-49 lbs (11-23 kg) 3 and 3 drop dose
Children between 50-75 lbs (23-34 kg) 4 and 4 drop dose
Children between 75-100 lbs (34-45 kg) 5 and 5 drop dose
Children weighing more than 100 lbs (45 kg) 6 and 6 drop dose (same as adults)

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