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Jim Humble’s MRSA Protocol - How to Cure MRSA and Other Drug Resistant Infections Quickly at Home

Posted by Lydian Shipp | Dec 31, 2021


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How to Use CDS to Cure Drug Resistant Infection

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), sometimes simply referred to as a “staph infection”, is a highly contagious and conventionally difficult-to-treat bacterial infection that causes both internal and external problems. People with MRSA often experience painful, pus-filled boils and eruptions on the outside of the body that are warm to the touch in addition to a fever. In severe cases, it may cause pneumonia, sepsis, or bloodstream infections. 

MMS1 solution, when administered correctly, can help treat a MRSA infection at home. Read the steps below beginning-to-end before starting. The duration of treatment varies from person to person, but the basic steps for treatment are outlined as follows: 

  1. Complete the Starting Procedure for MMS1 and then continue on and start taking the MMS1 solution according to Protocol 1000 (which, ideally, should be 3 drops of MMS1 per day for 8 consecutive hours of each day). If you only have the infection internally and are not manifesting boils or external skin problems, you may continue with only the Protocol 1000 until you have completely recovered. Even if your boils heal or you never develop any, you should still aim to complete the full 21 days/3 weeks of treatment with the Classic Protocol 1000. If you have boils (or if you develop them at any point during treatment), then proceed onward to Step 2 OR follow the Patch Protocol to treat the boils individually.
  2. Use a clear glass container with a mouth that will fit over the boil you’re going to treat to mix the MMS1 solution. You may use a clear plastic container if you have nothing else available, but glass is ideal (you want the container to be clear so that you can watch what is going on during the treatment). Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate between 5-20 activated drops of MMS1. If you’re treating a boil that is about ½ an inch in diameter, use 5 activated drops. If the boil is 1-inch in diameter, use 10 drops. For boils 2 or more inches in diameter, use 15-20 drops of activated MMS1.
  2. When you’ve finished putting the drops in the container you’re going to use, immediately place the container over the sore and try to situate it so that the MMS1 drops don’t run over your skin and so no gas can escape.
  3. Apply the gas for NO MORE than 5 minutes.
  4. The infection will likely open up in just a few seconds after applying the chlorine dioxide gas from the MMS1 drops, and then it will begin to drain. Keep the container with the gas applied and position yourself so that the pus can drain downward into the container with the MMS1 drops.
  5. When you remove the container after 5 minutes, have some sterile gauze and paper towels available to absorb any remaining pus that drains out.
  6. You may repeat the instructions in Step 2 for the same boil a few minutes after the first application if it looks like there’s still some pus in the boil. Then cover the boil with raw honey (MAKE SURE IT’S RAW HONEY) or Vaseline to prevent further infection.
  7. If needed, you can complete Step 2 a third time four hours after the second application in Step 3. Make sure you thoroughly wash off the raw honey or vaseline with chemical- and fragrance-free soap and water and dry the area before doing this third application. If you’re still having pain and/or soreness in the boil after this, continue to apply the chlorine dioxide gas as described in Step 2 (washing off the honey or Vaseline before each application) every four hours until the pain subsides. Some people also choose to use MMS1 spray to encourage the boils or resulting wounds described in Step 5 to heal completely, but this is usually not necessary.
  8. After successful treatment of a boil, there will probably be a small (or sometimes larger), empty hole in the skin/flesh where the infection once was. Cover this hole with RAW honey or Vaseline and wash and reapply as needed for the next 2-3 days until it heals. Though you can use Vaseline for this purpose, raw honey has powerful healing properties and can effectively prevent reinfection in cases like this. It is also more natural and has valuable antibacterial properties.

MRSA Protocol for Children and Infants

The MRSA Protocol for children is nearly identical to the one for adults. Children should also be administered the Protocol 1000 during treatment, however you’ll need to adjust the dosage for the protocol according to the child’s body weight (see the dosage guide below for Protocol 1000 for children). The use of the chlorine dioxide gas as described above will be the same for both children and adults. Make sure that your child knows that they shouldn’t breathe the chlorine dioxide gas, or position them and yourself in such a way that it’s unlikely they’ll ingest the gas during administration of this technique. If you choose to use the Patch Protocol, follow the guidelines for infants or people with sensitive skin described in that chapter. 

Classic MRSA Protocol Dosages for Children


Activated MMS1 Drops per Hour

Infants less than 7 lbs (3.2 kg) ¾ drop per hour the first day of Protocol 1000 treatment, then work up to 1 drop. Continue the 1 drop per hour dosage for the rest of the 21 days of treatment. 
Infants between 7-24 lbs (3.2-10 kg) ¾ drop per hour the first day, then work up to 1 drop. Continue the 1 drop per hour dosage for the rest of the 21 days of treatment. 
Children between 24-49 lbs (11-22 kg) 1 drop per hour for the full 21 days of treatment (you will start with and continue with this dosage for the entire duration of treatment with the Protocol 1000)
Children between 50-74 lbs (22-33kg) Start with 1 drop per hour and work up to 2 drops per hour. When you reach 2 drops, continue with this dosage for the rest of the 21 days of treatment.
Children more than 75 lbs (34 kg) Start with 1 drop per hour and gradually work up to 3 drops per hour over the course of a few days. Remain at the 3 drops per hour dosage for the remainder of treatment. 

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