How to Heal Vaginal Infections Naturally Using Chlorine Dioxide / CDS



Supporting protocols are designed to provide targeted, specialized MMS treatment. They should be used in addition to an MMS protocol like those listed above in order to achieve the maximum benefit from treatment. 


Some women have been told that douching disrupts the natural bacterial balance of the vagina, and although there is some truth to this (you probably shouldn’t douche all of the time), this statement isn’t entirely true. Despite the fact that long term douching might cause more problems than benefits, douching with MMS1 as a shorter term treatment for illness can be extremely helpful (if not essential in some cases), particularly for women who are suffering from some of the ailments listed below: 



This douching protocol not only helps kill and remove toxins and pathogens from the vaginal tract and the surrounding areas, but it also can help prevent breast cancer and lymphatic problems in women. The MMS1 is absorbed directly into the lymphatic system through the cervix, where it can then be carried to the breasts or to other areas of the body via the lymph. Thus, some other problems that seem unrelated to the reproductive system in women that have to do with the lymphatic system (such as lymphoma, for example) that may also benefit from MMS1 douche treatment. 



To prepare and use an MMS1 douche, you will first need to get a 500ml (2 cup) douching bag. A larger bag can be used, but it’s not necessary, so if you don’t already have a douche then this is the size of douche you’ll need for this protocol. Follow the steps outlined below to start: 


  1. Activate 5 drops of MMS1 (5 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 5 drops of an acid) in a glass container. Wait 30 seconds and the drops should have turned an amber color. Now add 2 cups (500ml) of water and swirl around to incorporate. Pour the water into your douching bag and set yourself up in the bath or shower to do this protocol.
  2. When you administer the douche, start the flow and then wait until the water starts to flow back out of the vagina. Then close the valve and hold the solution in for as long as you can (think of it like you’re doing a prolonged Kegel), then release.
  3. Repeat Step 2 until all of the water is gone.
  4. You may increase the drop dosage up to 30 activated drops per douche as long as you don’t experience any burning or other types of discomfort. If you do start to experience this, cut the dose in half and work your way back up to a higher dosage gradually. This protocol may be completed up to 4-5 times per day in the case of cancer or severe infections, or it may even be administered every hour for up to 10 hours of the day in some cases. Always listen to your body, though, and if this seems like too much, back off until you feel like you can handle more.

    For less severe problems, douche between 1-4 times per day and make sure to do your last douche of the day (in either case) before bedtime. Doing this final douche before bed encourages better absorption of the MMS1 medicine.

Some women may have somewhat of a burning sensation when they do this MMS1 douche. If this happens to you, either decrease the number of MMS1 drops or increase the amount of water that you use per douche (without decreasing the MMS1 dosage). If you have burning on the vulva or close to the exterior of your vagina, you may use some pure Aloe Vera gel (make sure it contains NO OTHER INGREDIENTS) to ease the discomfort. 



If you want, you may also choose to administer DMSO with your MMS1 douche. Do not incorporate the DMSO into the water you put in the douche, though, because the DMSO could eat away at the plastic or rubber and carry potentially toxic substances from these materials into your body, directly into your bloodstream. Instead, either before or after you administer the MMS1 solution you can use a glass pipette (or something that you’d get from a dropper bottle, for example) to administer 2 drops of DMSO per MMS1 drop you’re using (or, you can simply administer a full dropper-full of DMSO into your vagina, which might actually be easier in a lot of cases since you won’t be able to SEE the drops). 



Adding DMSO can increase the effectiveness of the MMS1 medicine, especially in cases where the illness is serious. Keep in mind, however, that DMSO can be drying, so if you experience pain from dryness or less vaginal lubrication at any point, you may decrease the DMSO dosage or take a break for a few days if needed. For women doing douches multiple times per day with MMS and DMSO, consider only incorporating the DMSO into a few of the douches so that you don’t accidentally dry out your vagina too much (since this could do more harm than good… you want things to stay relatively lubricated if at all possible). 


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