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MMS1 was first used medicinally to treat malaria, and is even now known for its miraculous (and widespread) healing effects in the treatment of malaria in Africa. It has been used by the Red Cross in some African countries with great success in the treatment of this mosquito-borne illness. If you’re traveling to a country or an area where you’re likely to be exposed to malaria or a place where there will be a lot of mosquitos (and thus a much higher possibility of catching a mosquito-borne disease like malaria), MMS1 is an absolutely essential medicine to carry with you (along with some malaria test strips if you can find them). This protocol can save your life (and it can also save you a lot of trouble in general, too). It works fast and is highly effective.


This protocol is very different from other protocols discussed in this book because it only is administered over the course of 24 hours and uses particularly high doses of MMS1. Normally, doses this high wouldn’t be administered to patients healing from other illnesses, especially not right away without working up to them, so it’s normal to experience nausea and even vomiting or other symptoms with this protocol. Some people don’t have this experience, though. Either way is okay as long as you’re feeling better (people who do vomit generally report feeling much better afterwards). 


The strength of the malaria parasite varies greatly, with some people only needing to take a relatively small dose to kill it and recover, and other people needing to take quite a large dose (almost double the “normal” dose we’ll talk about later). The dosing is important with malaria, so be aware of the strength of the malaria parasite that you’ve most likely been infected with (do your research in advance if you can to learn more about the strain of malaria present in the areas you’re visiting, but if you don’t have time for this, read onward for information on how to get rid of malaria no matter which strain it is). 


Below is the basic Malaria Protocol for adults (the information for children and infants is later):


  1. As soon as you’re aware that you have malaria, take 18 activated drops of MMS1 (18 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 18 drops of an acid) in ¾ of a cup (6 oz./150ml) of water. Drink immediately.
  2. One to two hours after Step 1, take another 18-drop dose of MMS1 according to the same instructions. In most cases, this will get rid of the malaria parasite completely and the patient will feel much better, but if this is not the case, then proceed to Step 3 (and beyond, if necessary).

    If the first dose made you very sick and you’re still feeling sick two hours later, reduce the 18-drop dosage down to only 13-drops. Make sure that you still take this dose, though, if you can keep it down long enough to take effect. If needed, you can wait a little longer than two hours after the first dose to allow yourself to recover a bit before taking the second dose.
  3. If you aren’t feeling significantly better 4 hours after the first MMS1 dose (or after the second dose of MMS, whenever you take it), take a third 18-drop dose. This third dose will be about 2 hours after the second dose in Step 2.
  4. If the patient still feels sick from malaria after 3 doses of 18-drops of MMS1, then they should begin to take 6 drops of MMS1 every hour. If this helps them feel better (or if there’s no more significant negative change in their symptoms), you may continue to administer this until there’s improvement. If the patient gets sicker (beyond how the malaria is already making them feel), then you should stop the MMS1 drops immediately and wait to restart until they feel well enough.

    When the patient feels well enough to continue, then start them on Protocol 1000. They may stop taking this protocol as soon as they feel better (if needed, they can proceed to the Protocol 1000 Plus or even Protocol 2000, but start with at least 3 weeks on Protocol 1000 before continuing on to these next protocols, and only do so if it seems appropriate and the patient is still ill). 


The vast majority of the time (90% of cases), 2 doses of MMS1 as described above should be plenty to kill most malaria parasites. People who are also sick with other illnesses may still feel sick after taking the MMS1, but this isn’t always because of malaria, so pay attention. If you’re having particularly negative symptoms beyond the illness itself, take a 24-hour (or even 48-hour) break from the MMS1 to reassess the situation. Remember, though, you’re likely to have a detox reaction with this Malaria Protocol. Be sure to do at least the two 18-drop doses if you can (try to keep the medicine down long enough that it can get into your system, the longer the better… but if you have to vomit at any point during Steps 1-3 of this protocol, as we noted before, you’ll probably feel better afterwards). 


Malaria Protocol for Children and Infants

The chart below details the dosages to use for children and infants of different weights. Make sure that you DO NOT go beyond the maximum doses listed below! In most cases, you should not use more than the dose noted for Normal Strength Malaria (use the higher doses beyond this with great caution and only when you are 100% that the strain of malaria you’re working with is indeed particularly strong, which usually, you won’t know this, so stick with the normal strength dose or lower). 


The Normal Strength dose is equivalent to the 18-drop dose for adults in the steps above. The Minimum Strength malaria dose is equivalent to the 13-drop dose above. For the 6-drop doses noted above, refer to the Protocol 6 and 6 page for information on how many drops to use in place of 6 drops for your child based on their weight (don’t guess, look at the chart!). 


Children who still are sick even after administering these higher doses of MMS1 should follow the Starting Procedure and the Protocol 1000, just like the adults according to the instructions above. Make sure to refer to these sections for detailed body weight dosing information. 


Finally, remember that all of the same rules and guidelines for adults apply to children and infants too! If the child experiences a severe detox or if their feelings of sickness go a ways beyond how malaria is making them feel, consider decreasing the dosage accordingly based on the same principles that are used for adults. 


Below is a dosage guide for the Malaria Protocol (remember, you will ALMOST ALWAYS use ONLY the Normal Strength dosage, and in some cases you might also use the Minimum Strength dosage, but you will rarely use the higher strength dosages, especially in children):


Malaria Protocol Dosage Guide for Children and Infants
Weight Min. Strength Malaria Low Strength Malaria Normal Strength Malaria Strong Strength Malaria Max. Strength Malaria
Infants less than 12 lbs (5.5 kg) 1-drop dose 2-drop dose 2-drop dose 3-drop dose 3-drop dose
Children between 12-24 lbs (5.5-11 kg) 3-drop dose 3-drop dose 4-drop dose 5-drop dose 7-drop dose
Children between 25-49 lbs (11-23 kg) 4-drop dose 5-drop dose 6-drop dose 8-drop dose 9-drop dose
Children between 50-75 lbs (23-34 kg) 6-drop dose 8-drop dose 10-drop dose 13-drop dose 15-drop dose
Children weighing more than 75 lbs (34 kg) 10-drop dose 14-drop dose 18-drop dose 23-drop dose 29-drop dose


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