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The MMS Burn Protocol is somewhat different from other protocols in this book because it utilizes plain, unactivated MMS (sodium chlorite) solution for treatment. The area underneath a burned area of skin generally produces an acid, which can cause much more pain and discomfort than necessary. Sodium chlorite (unactivated MMS1) is highly alkaline. When applied to a burn, MMS can neutralize the acid that has been produced and relieve pain and discomfort while also supporting healing by potentially activating some of the MMS1 and thus also neutralizing any burn poisons that may be present. 


To treat a burn with MMS, follow the instructions below: 

  1. As soon as possible after being burned anywhere on the body, spray/squirt/drop unactivated MMS solution (sodium chlorite) onto the burned area. It’s okay if you get some on your unburned skin in this case because you’ll be washing it off soon.
  2. Gently rub the MMS into the burn, barely touching the skin, and the pain will begin to subside almost immediately.
  3. 5 minutes after application, wash off the unactivated MMS using clean, cool/cold water (do not delay longer than 5 minutes). If you wait longer than this, the MMS may actually start to make the burn worse rather than better.
  4. If you still have pain from the burn after this first application, you may apply more unactivated MMS one-half hour later, again leaving it on for only 5 minutes before rinsing it off the skin and burned area. If you’re still having pain after the second application, you may apply a third dose of unactivated MMS after another ½ hour, and a fourth dose a half-hour after that. A fifth dose may be administered after another half hour.
  5. If you’ve applied MMS every half-hour over the course of a 2-hour period and you still have pain, wait for another 2 hour and then apply MMS another time. Generally speaking, though, the first or second application of unactivated MMS will be more than enough to relieve the pain from the burn.

This MMS Burn Protocol may be used for sunburns as well as other kinds of burns. For the treatment of a sunburn, it’s best to lightly spray the unactivated MMS solution onto the affected area and then gently rub it in. Rinse the solution off 5 minutes after applying (if you wait longer than this, the skin will start to peel). This will probably clear up the pain for now! It’s normal, however, for the pain from a sunburn to flare back up a few hours after the first MMS application, at which point it’s acceptable to apply the unactivated MMS again in the same way described in this protocol. Do not apply more than once per hour. The sunburn will (most of the time) clear up within about 24 hours.


Burn Protocol for Children and Infants

The Burn Protocol for children is exactly the same as it is for adults. You will use the same dosage for small infants, young children, and older children of any weight. Do not make any changes to the protocol above. As with adults, it’s important to rinse off the unactivated MMS after NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. Do not leave the solution on the child’s skin for longer than this. Apply as many times as needed according to the instructions above until your child reports that the pain is gone (the pain is likely to be gone after the first or second application).


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