To treat a black widow spider bite at home, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow a variation of the 6 and 6 Protocol at first. Take a dose of 6 drops of activated MMS1 (6 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 6 drops of an acid) immediately. You will take the second 6-drop dose one-half hour after the first (in contrast with the one hour space between doses in the traditional 6 and 6 Protocol variation).
  2. After taking the first 6-drop dose, while waiting to take the second dose, cut a 2-inch by 2-inch piece of fresh Aloe Vera and apply it flesh-side down onto the bite. You will need to cut off the serrated edges of the leaf and split it open lengthwise to apply. Secure the cut piece of Aloe Vera with gauze and adhesive tape. Make sure that air cannot get between the Aloe Vera leaf and the spider bite.
  3. Leave the Aloe Vera leaf in place for 12 hours. Although this may be enough, apply another fresh piece afterwards and leave it on for an additional 12 hours to be sure. The pain should be alleviated and the poison should now be neutralized.
  4. One-half hour after taking the second 6-drop dose of MMS1, begin the Protocol 1000. Take a ½ drop the first hour, and then increase the dose by a ½ drop every hour until you reach a 3-drop dose.
  5. Follow the Protocol 1000 for at least 2 weeks, administering 3-drop doses every hour for 8 consecutive hours each day. You may continue for a third week or even longer if it seems necessary.


Black Widow Spider Bite Protocol for Children and Infants

The dosing guide below demonstrates how you should use the same protocol regardless of age or weight. Use the same doses and instructions for children as you would for an adult: 

Black Widow Spider Bite Protocol Dosage Guide for Children and Infants
Weight Dosage
Infants less than 12 lbs (5.5 kg) Use the same dosage as an adult
Children between 12-24 lbs (5.5-11 kg) Use the same dosage as an adult
Children between 25-49 lbs (11-23 kg) Use the same dosage as an adult
Children between 50-75 lbs (23-34 kg) Use the same dosage as an adult
Children weighing more than 75 lbs (34 kg) Use the same dosage as an adult

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