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Chlorine Dioxide and Oxidants as Medicines vs. Vitamin C and Antioxidants as Medicines

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Dec 29, 2021


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Chlorine Dioxide Solution as Medicine

The topic of oxidants and antioxidants is extremely confusing for the people we work with until we remind them that we’re working with medicines. Medicine, after all, is the use of specific tools (foods, substances, surgeries, vibrations and energy, manipulations, etc.) to heal the body. Some medicines are meant to be used/taken long-term, but real medicine should cure disease. As such, medicine is generally something to be used for a period of time to cure a disease and then it won’t be needed anymore. 

There are exceptional cases where a particular medicinal tool might need to be in use permanently by a patient. For example, a person with epilepsy may need to take doses of CBD oil frequently to prevent seizures. But in some cultures such as among the Hmong / Khmer people, epileptics are revered as shaman and their seizures are not treated at all because the seizure is viewed as a blessing. Is it bad or wrong to use medicine to treat seizures? Or to not treat epileptic seizures? The answer isn’t as black-and-white as you might think. Rather, the answer is cultural because medicine taps deeply into our beliefs about life and death. Indeed, medicine straddles the concept of life and death. In western cultures, our beliefs about medicine mostly concern physical life and make little, if any reference to our spiritual existence except maybe to make fun of anyone who acknowledges spirituality and its role in healing. Western scientists even go so far as to completely discount well-known biological changes that occur in human research subjects such as the placebo effect, that happen in response to nothing more than belief

Nonetheless, medicine is the use of specific tools for healing. Diseases involve dis-ease or pain that may result from nothing more than cultural beliefs about what’s right and what’s wrong. Pain, of course, may be physical, but pain can also be mental or emotional. The relief of pain or discomfort / dis-ease comes in so many forms that it would be impossible to learn about them all in one lifetime. 

Medicine as the Study of Moderation

But as we begin this book about Chlorine Dioxide and how to use this substance as a medicine, I think it’s vital that people also think about antioxidants as medicine. When you start administering a substance like Chlorine Dioxide at medicinal doses (as opposed to administering Chlorine Dioxide at doses that are only strong enough to purify water, for example), then you are working with medicine. Most medical systems throughout the world concern themselves with the question of moderation or excess. How much of a given treatment is too much? How much of a given treatment is too little? Too little or too much of a medicine can cause death either due to a treatment that isn’t strong enough to counteract an infection or the progress of disease or due to a treatment that is administered in a dose that is so high that it is poisonous to the body. 

Basic pharmaceutical classes teach medical and pharmacy students about LD50 which is the basic concept around which dosing for any given pharmaceutical is considered. LD50 means roughly Lethal Dose, 50% or the median lethal dose. FDA approved medications that have a low LD50 number are considered more dangerous than drugs that have a higher LD50 number because it is easy for medicines with a low lethal dose to be administered at a poisonous level that could kill a patient. This makes sense to most people and the pharmaceutical industry tends to keep medication doses below 50% of what could kill a person. This is an important concept for people today to understand!.Every substance on earth (not just drugs) has an LD50

For example, there was a woman recently who signed up to compete to win a car. The competition involved drinking a certain large amount of water. The last person to pee would be the winner. As I recall, the competition was broadcast over the radio and all the other contestants except three had succumbed to the need to urinate when one female contestant suddenly fell over and died. She had ingested the required amount of water for the contest, but because she was holding in her pee rather than urinating, the kidneys got backed up and she literally died of a water overdose. 

Every substance becomes poisonous if you administer it in a dose that is too high. And every medicine can be administered in a dose that is too low to have a biological effect on the body too! Even water can be poisonous if you take in too much in a context that is toxic to the body.  Further, in order to heal, patients must feel good about the medicine that they’re taking and be able to believe that their bodies can heal. The power of the mind over the body surpasses the power of any medicine to heal which is one of the reasons why I love medicines like Chlorine Dioxide that can be administered in the comfort of the home by loved ones who really care about whether a given patient recovers their health or not. CDS / MMS gives people the power to heal themselves at home without having to expose themselves not only to toxic pharmaceuticals or surgeries but also to toxic diagnostic labels and experiences with medicine, doctors, and hospitals that are psychologically crushing.

So as you get ready to work with Chlorine Dioxide and/or antioxidants as medicines, you need to understand that medicine is all about the wise and careful use of “poisons” (substances administered in too high of a dose) in moderation to treat disease. Chlorine Dioxide has an extremely high LD50. It would be nearly impossible for most people to consume enough Chlorine Dioxide in one sitting to cause death, but it is very easy, in contrast, to administer a dose of Chlorine Dioxide that is either too low, or that is counteracted by antioxidants that are present in the body from food. In other words, it is extremely unlikely that you would overdose on Chlorine Dioxide even if you were trying to do so. The bigger danger is that you would take too low of a dose of Chlorine Dioxide to treat the disease you’re hoping to treat. Or that you would take an antioxidant that would accidentally offset the medicinal value of Chlorine Dioxide during treatment. 

Antioxidants: Are They Good or Are They Bad?

Antioxidants in the form of supplements are neither good, nor bad. They are medicines. What I mean to say is that antioxidants as supplements are not generally meant to be taken every day except in certain situations where patients are deficient. We consume antioxidants in food and we need the nutritional properties that these antioxidants provide in order to be healthy. 

But this is a confusing topic. How much vitamin C is too much? How much is too little? And if you’re taking Chlorine Dioxide, is it okay to also supplement with a powerful antioxidant like vitamin C in the evening after you finish dosing?

A vitamin, by definition, is an essential nutrient that can’t be produced in the body. A deficiency of a vitamin produces a deficiency disease. As such, vitamins are essential to human health including antioxidant vitamins. So you need some vitamin C in your diet, for example. Don’t try to remove vitamin C from your diet or you may notice that your teeth and gums suffer tremendously. If you have a vitamin C supplement in your cupboard, consider taking it only as needed, as a medicine to treat specific health issues rather than as something that you take every day of your life. Most people would think twice about taking a daily vitamin C supplement if they understood that our bodies produce oxidants to combat colds and flu viruses. When we take a vitamin C supplement daily, we are neutralizing our body’s natural defenses when we need them most.

High dose vitamin C supplementation has its place in medicine, but taking high doses of vitamin C daily could lead to an untimely death by destroying your body’s natural ability to kill cancer cells and infectious pathogens (Linus Pauling took 12 grams of vitamin C daily and died of prostate cancer, for example). Exercise moderation in using vitamin supplements, including antioxidants, but keep them on hand for when you need them because they can be helpful in the right context. 

Below we talk about how antioxidants can be used in different ways to treat Long COVID, Autoimmune Disorders, and cytokine storms. Antioxidants have a powerful and important place in medicine, so don’t make rules against the use of these medicines just because you’ve sworn to never mix CDS / MMS and vitamin C, NAC, vitamin A, herbal medicines like ginger, curcumin, etc. Both oxidants and antioxidants are powerful medicines, but both must be used in the right ways to achieve the goal of balance and general health.

Long COVID, Autoimmunity, and Cytokine Storms: Oxidant and Antioxidant “Cycling” Treatments

One application for antioxidants as medicines that I’ve used myself is in “cycling” between oxidants like Chlorine Dioxide and antioxidants like Methylene Blue, NAC, and vitamin C. Our family was traveling abroad when we developed COVID and we simultaneously had family members visiting us. We had four cats in our entourage and our stress level was extremely high. Out of necessity, we ignored the initial symptoms of the disease for the first 36 hours as a result and didn’t treat ourselves with Chlorine Dioxide until about 12 hours before the onset of the cytokine storm. 

The coughing started in the middle of the night and I stood over my Chlorine Dioxide Solution on the countertop in the dark that night and felt strongly that I should not take it. I couldn’t say just why at the time, but instead of CDS, I went and got some NAC and vitamin C along with a bit of laudanum (a natural opiate that has anti-cytokine capabilities) to put my husband and me back to sleep. Later, I learned that a better choice would have been NAC, vitamin C, a couple of drops of laudanum and a dose of Methylene Blue. 

Methylene Blue is a synthetic drug, but it has antioxidant properties that are unique in the world of antioxidants. Most natural antioxidants like vitamin C don’t ever interact with the mitochondria in the cell. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell that gives our bodies energy. Natural antioxidants supply electrons to cellular structures on the outside of the cell, but Methylene Blue delivers energy in the form of electrons directly to mitochondria inside the cell. Combining Methylene Blue with vitamin C and NAC delivers a powerful antioxidant punch that can significantly reduce the effects of certain types of cytokine storms as it turns out. Because a cytokine storm involves a massive release of reactive oxygen species by the body’s immune system, the goal during a cytokine storm is to reduce the damage that can be done by this type of immune response. This is an example of a situation in which antioxidants really shine as medicines

Yet another example of how antioxidants are useful as medicines is during Long COVID and other autoimmune responses. I have experience with Long COVID thanks to my slow response at treating an acute COVID-19 infection with CDS / MMS. For at least 3 weeks, I cycled between CDS / MMS doses and Methylene Blue doses in an effort to overcome the weird and wild symptoms of Long COVID. In other words, I would take CDS / MMS to kill extremely small pathogens that were living in my cells for 3 to 4 days and then I would switch for 3 to 4 days and take 20 drops of Methylene Blue twice per day to supply energy to my cells. This “cycling” process killed the pathogens that were lowering my energy level (using CDS / MMS), while reminding my cells to “open back up and receive and transmit energy again”. Switching to Methylene Blue was like jump-starting a car, in contrast. I was delivering energy directly to the cells in the form of electrons. Long COVID is another complex topic and I did other treatments as well, but CDS and Methylene Blue were staple medicines in my recovery from Long COVID.


As you begin working with a substance like CDS / MMS, be aware that antioxidants can cancel out the effects of Chlorine Dioxide if you take them within an hour before or after dosing with the CDS / MMS. Methylene Blue has a half-life of 5 to 24 hours so taking CDS within this time period after taking a dose of Methylene Blue may be fruitless. Avoid foods and supplements that contain antioxidants to avoid canceling out the medicinal effects of CDS / MMS, but don’t totally remove antioxidants from your medicine cabinet or your diet! You need antioxidants just as much as you need oxidants in order to be healthy. Both exist in nature and both are present naturally inside our bodies to serve different purposes. 

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Fadiman, A. (1997). The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures. Macmillan.

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