How to Cure Autism Using the Kerri Rivera Protocol


Autism is a serious disorder that typically appears in early childhood. It tends to take shape after children receive their first set of vaccines. Kerri Rivera developed an Autism protocol that has cured hundreds of children throughout the world and lessened Autism symptoms in thousands of other children. The most important medicine that she uses in her protocol is Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). Additionally, children follow a special diet that we discuss in greater detail in our chapter on Complementary Therapies that can be used with CDS. 


The Kerri Rivera Protocol: How to Cure Autism Using CDS


Kerri Rivera’s Protocol for treating Chlorine Dioxide involves a slightly different method of preparation than Jim Humble’s preparation methods. Rivera’s system allows parents to prepare the daily doses for treatment all at once in a glass bottle with a twist lid that can be very tightly sealed. The tight seal on the lid of the glass bottle is extremely important to avoid making a batch of CDS that loses its potency throughout the day. Choose a bottle that has a plastic cap, rather than a metal cap to avoid having the CDS react with metals if you plan to administer this protocol. 


For a detailed explanation of how Kerri Rivera cures Autism, read her book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, 2nd Ed. If you are the parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Autism and you are just beginning to learn more about cures for Autism, you should also learn more about Dr. Naviaux’s Metabolic Theory of Disease and his use of Suramin as a cure for Autism. We have written about the Metabolic Theory of Disease in regard to Long COVID, Resignation Syndrome (a situation where refugee children will spontaneously fall into a comatose state) and other autoimmune diseases, but please note that this theory also applies to Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders such as Aspergers.

How to Prepare a Daily Batch of CDS to Cure Autism: 


Below are instructions for creating 1 activated drop of CDS that can be administered to Autistic children and children on the Autism Spectrum throughout the day. If you follow this procedure it will result in 8 fluid ounces of water that will each contain 1/8th of a drop of CDS. In other words, throughout the day, you will administer 1 ounce of the pre-made mixture to your child which will contain only 1/8th of a drop of CDS. Be sure to put the cap on tightly after you administer each dose.


Raise the dose by 1 drop daily as long as your child is not experiencing detoxification reaction symptoms. Two drops of activated CDS divided into 8 hourly doses equals ¼ of a drop per dose. Four drops of activated CDS divided into 8 hourly doses equals ½ drop per dose. Eight drops of activated CDS divided into 8 hourly doses equals 1 drop per dose, etc.


  1. Fill your glass bottle with 8 fl. ounces of water. Use distilled or reverse osmosis water, not alkaline water. 


  1. Place 1 drop of sodium chlorite solution into a clean, dry shot glass. 


  1. Add 1 drop of the acid activator (HCl 4%-5% or Citric Acid 30-50%) to the shot glass.  


  1. Swirl the two ingredients around to mix them together and wait for 60 seconds for them to activate. 


  1. After the chlorine dioxide has activated fully and is a yellow/orange color, pour a small amount of the water from your 8 ounce bottle into the shot glass. The activation process will then stop and you will now be able to easily pour the entire 1 drop dose into the 8 ounce bottle. 


  1. Immediately close the lid of the bottle tightly. 


NOTE: As long as you store the 8 ounce bottle of CDS in a dark place and keep the lid tightly closed, your CDS will be good for approximately 24 hours. Always administer the CDS in a separate container. Do not have your child drink directly from the 8 ounce bottle or pre-made CDS. 


Maximum CDS Dose for Autistic Children


Below is the maximum dose daily CDS dose for children based on weight in pounds:



  • 25 to 30 lbs – 9 activated drops
  • 31-35 lbs – 9-11 activated drops
  • 36-40 lbs – 11-12 activated drops
  • 41-45 lbs – 12-13 activated drops
  • 46-50 lbs – 13-14 activated drops
  • 51-55 lbs – 15-16 activated drops
  • 56-60 lbs – 16-17 activated drops
  • 61-65 lbs – 17-18 activated drops
  • 66- 70 lbs – 18-19 activated drops
  • 71-75 lbs – 19.-20 activated drops
  • 76-80 lbs – 20-21 activated drops
  • 81-85 lbs – 21 activated drops
  • 86-90 lbs – 22 activated drops
  • 91-95 lbs – 23 activated drops
  • 96-100 lbs – 23-24 activated drops
  • 101-105 lbs – 24-25 activated drops
  • 105-110 lbs – 25-26 activated drops
  • 111-115 lbs – 26 activated drops
  • 116-120 lbs – 26-27 activated drops
  • 122-125 lbs – 27-28 activated drops
  • 126-130 lbs – 28 activated drops
  • 131-135 lbs – 28-29 activated drops
  • 136-140 lbs – 29-30 activated drops
  • 141-145 lbs – 30 activated drops
  • 146-150 lbs – 30-31 activated drops



Dealing with Behavioral Issues During a Detox Reaction

In Kerri Rivera’s book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, 2nd Edition, she explains that during the initial stages of treatment or when CDS doses are increased, autistic children may experience behavioral problems including:


  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviors
  • Aggressiveness
  • Night wakings


Rivera recommends that parents give children a double dose of CDS when behavioral problems occur due to a detoxification reaction from CDS administration. The reasoning behind this double dose is that CDS performs two functions in the body for children with autism: 1) it kills pathogens by oxidizing them and 2) it oxidizes toxins that the pathogens leave behind, making it easier to remove them from the body and thus diminishing detox reactions when they occur. 


Rivera recommends that parents give children a double dose of their usual hourly daytime dose until behavioral symptoms go away. For example, in the middle of the night, if your child awakens at 1:00 AM, give him/her a double dose of CDS. If they are still awake at 2:00 AM, given him/her a second double dose. Most children will fall then be able to fall back asleep. 

Enemas for Children with Autism: Enema Protocol for Autism

Many children with Autism symptoms experience digestive issues. Indeed, many speculate that digestive problems are at the root or autism symptoms. Nonetheless, there is a strong connection between digestive problems and Autism. As such, Kerri Rivera recommends that parents administer enemas to children who are being given CDS to keep the intestines moving so that detoxification can occur more rapidly and also to kill parasites which play a strong role in behavioral issues and discomforts experienced by children with Autism. She recommends that children with Autism symptoms be given an enema at least every other day. 

For best results, you will administer a 500 to 2000 mL enema (depending on the size/age of the child) that contains CDS to kill parasites in the colon. Do the enema after your child has a bowel movement. Wear gloves or a face mask and wash your hands thoroughly both before and after doing the enema protocol for autistic children. Below is dose information for both the CDS and the amount of water that should be administered to children with autism: 



  • Child – 500 mL of water + 10 drops of activated CDS
  • Adolescent – 1000 mL of water + 20 drops of activated CDS
  • Teen / Adult – 1000-2000 mL of water + 40 drops of activated CDS



To learn more about administering an enema, see our chapter detailing Jim Humble’s Enema Protocol. Note that the Enema Protocol is administered separately and in addition to the 8 fluid ounces of water that is prepared for children to take throughout the day. 

Chlorine Dioxide Baths to Cure Autism

Another protocol recommended by Kerri Rivera is the Bath Protocol. She recommends administering a Chlorine Dioxide Bath on alternating days with Chlorine Dioxide Enemas. Parents typically administer 10 activated drops of CDS to the bath for younger and smaller children and up to 80 or 100 activated drops for older or larger children. The bath should be filled to a level that will maximize skin contact with the CDS.


For more information about how to do a Chlorine Dioxide bath to cure Autism, see the chapter detailing Jim Humble’s Bath and Foot Bath Supporting Protocol. 


Sea Water Supplementation for Autistic Children

The Chlorine Dioxide Protocol for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, is designed to cure Autism or at least significantly diminish the symptoms of Autism. Sea water supplementation is used to mineralize water and provide Autistic children with plenty of trace minerals. Administer sea water supplements according to the dosing information provided below. Not that if you administer too much sea water, children can develop diarrhea. Start with a lower dose of sea water and work up to the higher recommended doses. Administer sea water supplements in divided doses 3 times daily:



  • Child – INITIAL DOSES: 5 mL Ocean Water : 15 mL Purified Water 


                        DOSING GOAL: 30 mL Ocean water : 90 mL Purified Water



  • Adolescent – INITIAL DOSES: 10 mL Ocean Water : 30 mL Purified Water


                                     DOSING GOAL: 50 mL Ocean Water : 200 mL Purified Water



  • Adult – INITIAL DOSES: 15 mL Ocean Water : 45 mL Purified Water


                         DOSING GOAL: 75 mL Ocean Water: 225 mL Purified Water


Sea Water Supplementation will enhance the effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide, making it easier for the body to detoxify, and it will also super-hydrate the body to ensure that all systems have their trace mineral and water needs met. 


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