Can You Make CDS / MMS in Advance?


Chlorine Dioxide is a gas that dissolves in water. When you activate sodium chlorite with a weak acid, Chlorine Dioxide GAS is made from this mixture. Note that Chlorine Dioxide gas is very different from Chlorine gas. While Chlorine gas is extremely toxic to the lungs, Chlorine Dioxide gas is much less toxic. There are protocols that involve administration of controlled doses of Chlorine Dioxide gas to treat lung cancer, for example. 


Nonetheless, the fact that Chlorine Dioxide is a gas that is dissolved in water makes it somewhat delicate chemically. If you expose a solution of Chlorine Dioxide to sunlight, it will break down and become inactive. Or, if you simply allow a solution of Chlorine Dioxide in water to sit on the counter for longer than 30 minutes, it will also become inactive. So, while it is possible to mix your 8 daily doses of CDS (for the Classic Protocol 1000, for example) for an entire day in advance, you must be mindful of the type of container you use to store your CDS as well as making sure that the bottle is tightly sealed. Do not store pre-activated CDS for longer than 24 hours to ensure that your doses remain active medicinally. 

What Type of Bottle Should You Use to Store Pre-Made CDS / MMS Doses?

The best kind of bottle to use for storing pre-made, pre-activated CDS / MMS is a GLASS bottle with a plastic lid. CDS / MMS interacts chemically with metals. Indeed, you can take CDS / MMS to remove heavy metals from the body. This should alert readers to the fact that CDS / MMS binds with metals and can remove them from the body, but if your CDS / MMS is exposed to a metal prior to dosing, it can actually carry heavy metals into the body! Avoid glass containers with metallic lids to avoid this problem. 

Activating Doses of CDS / MMS in Advance

Andreas Kalcker recommends that CDS / MMS is activated using a method that involves creating large quantities of CDS / MMS in advance, but we don’t recommend that you make your CDS / MMS doses for more than 24 hours in advance of when you plan to take a given quantity of this medicine. The reason why we advise against making CDS / MMS in advance is because it is easy for this medicine to slowly lose its potency. When this happens, the CDS / MMS solution looks and smells viable and you won’t know that it has totally lost its medicinal value. 


Below are important considerations to keep in mind if you are activating your MMS / CDS for dosing over the course of a 24 hour period:


  • To avoid the problem of having your CDS / MMS lose potency, it is best to not make CDS / MMS doses for more than 24 hours in advance of when you plan to use the medicine. 


  • Store your CDS / MMS in a dark, cool place such as a cupboard or a refrigerator. 


  • When you open your bottle of pre-activated CDS / MMS, open and close the lid on the bottle quickly to maintain the potency of the medicine throughout the entire 24 period. 

Kerri Rivera is an Autism expert who works with children in Mexico to cure Autism and she recommends that parents activate CDS / MMS for only 24 hours in advance of when they plan to use the medicine.



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