Introduction to Chlorine Dioxide


Just three years ago, Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) was one of the most controversial substances that we wrote about at Few people visited the articles about Chlorine Dioxide and it was a rare occurrence to receive a message from readers about how to use this substance. But I still remember the day when Lydian stumbled across Jim Humble and his CDS protocols. My husband had just recently found out that he had melanoma. Our family had recently relocated from the U.S. to Mexico due to changes in the healthcare system that made us concerned about our ability to stay healthy while living in our home country. We had gotten lucky that we’d moved just prior to finding out that my husband had cancer. 


On that day, Lydi and I sat across a table from each other, books strewn in all directions in a rental home on the outskirts of a small community in the mountains of Mexico. She looked up at me and said, “Hey Mom…this is interesting…” and went on to tell me about a substance that could cure malaria and cancer. It sounded very “chemical-ly” to me so I didn’t get excited about it immediately. I was deep into research on vitamin B17 and pancreatic enzyme therapy for cancer. But Lydian downloaded Jim Humble’s book and started reading it. 

That was in 2016. So much has changed in the world since that time! At the time when my husband discovered that he had melanoma, Lydi and I were in the midst of compiling information from years of travel to foreign lands and scientific research to find out how cancer and other major diseases were being cured by medical models other than the one I’d been schooled in at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as a young person. But though, at the time, Lydi and I had about 200 pages of material for this Cancer Cure book without even having to do additional research beyond our travels to over 30 countries (at that time), I still hesitated to use the material in those books to treat my husband’s melanoma. 


If you have a loved one who is ill, I’m sure you know the feeling and the thoughts that go through your head when faced with a major healthcare decision like this. Illness usually requires some level of haste in making a decision. You need time to think and to do some research, perhaps, but the time just isn’t there. You want to solve the problem and resolve the illness as quickly as possible! So Lydi and I were very blessed to be in the midst of life-saving research at the moment when we needed very specific information about how to cure cancer.


As a knee-jerk reflex, though, despite all of the compilations, reading, hands-on experiences, and hope-giving interviews with people who had been cured of cancer, I made an appointment for my husband to see an oncologist here in Mexico. As a lucky strike though, the earliest appointment available at the time was over 30 days away. Scared and worried, we went home and I paged through Lydi’s and my books which were only partially complete, unedited, and still in need of a thorough review to “connect the dots” on why all these treatments worked to cure cancer. Nonetheless, I paged through what we had up to the point to find the “best” treatment for my husband–something that wouldn’t hurt and that would only (hopefully) heal him. 


That night, I put together an ointment and applied the mixture directly to his melanoma. It consisted of coconut oil, baking soda, and apricot kernel oil and I felt scared even as I applied it to the melanoma spot on his temple. I made him no promises, but he was open to trying something other than the conventional chemo medication that patients said “turned their skin into hamburger”. I knew (or rather, believed—at the time, I had no direct experience with using baking soda to cure any disease) that other people had had success using baking soda mixed with organic oil on melanoma spots. I added the apricot kernel oil into the mix because it contains vitamin B17, which has an extremely high cancer-cure rate if patients haven’t already been given huge doses of chemo and radiation. 


Within 24 hours, the melanoma had changed shape. Within 3 days, it had fallen off, leaving healthy human skin in its place. 


We were…amazed.


With this new experience under our belts, my daughter and I delved into the Cancer Cure Catalog with a renewed passion. Not only did we have direct experience watching doctors and healers from a variety of different models of medicine healing major diseases like cancer with  nothing more than resonant frequencies (Rife Therapy), cancer vaccines (RigVIR), etc. but we now also had the emotional experience of worrying night and day about a loved one with cancer to motivate us to compile something useful for other people facing a cancer diagnosis either for themselves or for a loved one. 


Though I was very pleased that my husband’s melanoma had fallen off, leaving healthy skin underneath, I knew enough about cancer to keep working on his healing process and not to simply go into denial. So Lydian and I began collecting cancer cures (the actual treatments as bottles, pills, liquids, ointments, etc.) and going through cancer protocols and different diets one-by-one with my husband. We did this process together so that all of us had the opportunity to work with the treatments to see how they made us feel. Lydi was only 17 years old at the time, but she had already graduated from college and she developed expertise in diet and nutrition (an area she’d been engaged with for years as we were living in different countries on 6 continents of the world). We only worked with substances that would do no harm and discovered that all of us benefited from treatments that were clearly healing low-level infections and dietary deficiencies that we’d had for many years. 

Chlorine Dioxide and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) were among the first set of treatments that we all took internally, via enemas, and through the skin as part of a learning process as well as to cure whatever cancer might have been growing in my husband’s body. My husband spread it all over his body with DMSO for a few weeks because I knew better than to just treat the one tumor that we had seen with our eyes. This is a mistake that conventional medicine often makes as a model of medicine that looks at the body and at disease as isolated and separate from the whole body and the experience of being human. Oncologists put cancer patients (who are already debilitated) through surgery to remove one tumor. Then, they give the patient medicines that are poisonous, including radiation (which we all know causes cancer), totally destroying the patient’s quality of life and will to live. I didn’t want this to be my husband’s story. 


So the three of us simultaneously did a strict alkaline diet, starting with juicing and the Gerson protocol along with a baking soda protocol because CDS is made more powerful by an alkaline environment in the body. All of us experienced strong detox reactions. After taking the CDS for a short period of time, we felt like we’d gotten sick with influenza and struggled through the process with some disillusionment. We wondered, “Had we made ourselves sick using this CDS stuff?”

I now know that the detoxification reaction caused by CDS and sometimes DMSO is one of the most difficult aspects of CDS treatment to overcome for people who are new to this type of curative medicine. Patients are trained to view medicine through the lens of conventional treatment which rarely involves a cure. Indeed, few people know that Big Pharma “shelves” medicines that are proven to cure a disease so if your treatment results in a cure by accident, believe me, Big Pharma notices and does everything it can to cover up this information Salinomycin is a good example of a pharmaceutical that no one knows about because it cures both malaria and breast cancer. The word “cure” is censored on Facebook and other platforms which makes it hard for patients to believe in a cure or find a cure if they search online. Patients have learned to accept “treatment” as synonymous with a cure. But “treatments” tend to include “side effects” that are often worse than the disease that the medicine is supposed to be treating. We have been taught to accept this paradigm of “ongoing treatment rather than a cure” as the closest thing to a cure that we can get, which is a tragedy of modern medicine. Indeed, it is not medicine at all, but rather a very warped example of capitalism and greed.  


Patients have strong views about medicine. We are constantly inundated with marketing and propaganda about what to expect from medicine and our doctors, after all. So it can be hard to learn about something like detoxification reactions with an open mind. At the first sign of a “detox” from CDS, patients fear that they’ve accidentally hurt themselves. Conventional medicine teaches that healing is improbable, after all. So if you hurt yourself or if you’ve become ill, you’ve been taught to believe that you’re stuck. The body will never heal! This is totally false and clinical trials for new pharmaceuticals can prove it! As an excellent example of this fact, 70% of patients in the placebo group of most clinical trials (who receive nothing but a sugar pill as medicine) will heal spontaneously because they believe they are being medicated. Belief plays a strong role in healing and it is my goal in life to remind people that they can heal themselves. Our bodies are designed to heal. Having medicines on hand that have actual healing effects and that won’t impede our healing by causing a new illness is a big part of retraining humanity to believe in actual cures for disease.


Chlorine Dioxide is one of those medicines.


So that being said, as patients, our minds play an important role in overcoming any disease. Often, patients will try to push harder with higher doses of CDS treatment when they develop a detoxification reaction while using this medicine. Learning to pace our treatment with our body’s healing is not just a process that has to be learned in order to master CDS, but it is also a process that we need to tune into in a broader context of health in general so that we can begin to have faith in cures for disease. Experience with CDS treatment and the idea of moderation can teach us how to approach life and lifestyle not just the healing process.


During treatment with CDS, while I sniffled with a runny nose and my husband pushed through a round of headaches due to high CDS doses, Lydian had a fever. But stopping the CDS protocol quelled these symptoms within just a few days. So we hadn’t really been ill with an infection and we all learned that detox reactions are not very much fun. We learned to avoid detox reactions by going slow and raising the dosage in a stepwise process while paying attention to our body’s reaction. After the detoxification symptoms wore off, we all had to admit that we felt a lot better. Like…we felt better than we had in years. This is why CDS is still the primary medicinal agent that we always carry with us no matter where we go in the world. 


Around the same time that we ended our first CDS protocol, we started taking Lugol’s iodine drops by administering them to the skin of our wrists daily. Lugol’s and Povidone Iodine are a vital part of treatment for most diseases from COVID-19 to cancer. Of course, this sets off a different type of detoxification reaction (caused by the presence of bromine and fluoride in the body), but by this time, we were knowledgeable about detox reactions. We all started taking pancreatic enzymes too at this time. And after having already taken 10 drops of CDS 8 times daily for two weeks, we took a week off and then lowered our dose down to 3 drops 8 times daily. This time, at this lower dose, the CDS didn’t cause a detox reaction. 

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My husband was looking and feeling much better. Here in Mexico, I was able to order Laetrile / Vitamin B17 through the mail and we administered daily doses of vitamin B17 along with Dr. Binzel’s recommended vitamins and minerals. Both vitamin B17 and Chlorine Dioxide must be taken separately from antioxidants like vitamin C and back then, I didn’t have any idea why this was the case. Nonetheless, I noted the information and administered vitamin B17 first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before the first dose of CDS just in case these two substances canceled each other out. Today, I know that the trace amounts of cyanide in vitamin B17 release reactive oxygen species that are able to kill cancer cells and infectious pathogens in a manner similar to how CDS kills cancer cells and infectious pathogens. Both trace amounts of cyanide and CDS release reactive oxygen species that are nearly identical to the reactive oxygen species that our white blood cells release in response to a pathogen. I still administer these two substances (CDS and vitamin B17) with at least 30 minutes separating them to ensure that both are able to do what they need to do in the body with maximum power and effectiveness, but I can clearly see how they are related. Both work by providing the body with a dose of reactive oxygen species that have a positive charge and are particularly attracted to anything that has a strongly negative charge in the body. They bypass our mostly pH-neutral human cells in favor of strongly acidic pathogens and toxins in the body. 


Alkalizing with baking soda was a way to hide our human tissues from the oxidation effects of Chlorine Dioxide and the trace amounts of cyanide in vitamin B17. But alkalizing isn’t always possible or even desirable, depending on the disease in question because our bodies naturally hover at a neutral-ish pH that is hard to push into even a moderately alkaline zone for long periods of time without disrupting digestion. Nonetheless, I learned through the process of experimentation that these very basic medicines (baking soda, Chlorine Dioxide, Dimethylsulfoxide or DMSO, and vitamin B17) are extremely powerful agents that can be used at home to cure most diseases. Today, Lydian and I give presentations all over the world about CDS, baking soda, DMSO, vitamin B17 (in the form of apricot kernels, apple seed, pear seeds, and grape seeds), pancreatic enzymes, and Lugol’s iodine


Several years ago, a man named Robert contacted me for help in overcoming an HIV infection. He and I exchanged many emails that I posted to AlivenHealthy to detail his process both emotionally and physically. He has worked tirelessly with Chlorine Dioxide, and a regimen of vitamins and minerals to finally get off his prescription medications. The process took about a year and around the time that Robert achieved stability with his health and began to wonder if he would still test positive for HIV, a man named Dr. Haresh contacted Lydian from South Africa to ask us to propagate an HIV cure that he had used to cure his brother and many other patients. This cure included either IV administration of CDS or IV administration of Tetrasilver Tetroxide. Both substances could be administered to the same patient over the course of time, if needed with a doctor’s guidance. Robert believes that he may be HIV negative now, but hasn’t taken a test yet because he knows that disease has a mental/emotional component and that feeling well and being well are related things. He protects his emotional wellness as should all patients. Nonetheless, through Robert and Dr. Haresh, Lydian and I have gotten to learn first-hand about the process involved in treating HIV / AIDs using CDS either through oral and enema administration methods or via IVs administered by a doctor. 

As world travelers, our family went from carrying a bag full of travel-medicines to carrying just a few bottles of life-saving treatments (CDS, DMSO, iodine, etc.). And these treatments have saved us many times. When my daughter met her husband, a Burmese citizen from Myanmar, we moved to Myanmar and lived there for several months. During this time, my husband and I got malaria which we treated with CDS. And Lydian got Giardia from non-potable water. She also treated it with CDS. As travelers, CDS and DMSO has empowered us to live in third world countries that we otherwise would have avoided due to diseases like MERS or West Nile Virus, Ebola, Malaria, or Dengue. We have shared CDS and DMSO with people who have been injured due to motorcycle or construction accidents, and who did not have access to the more expensive and more complicated pharmaceuticals on sale in various parts of the world. The quick action of CDS and DMSO excites people and it’s fun to share this medicine with people who might otherwise die or be crippled due to a lack of funds or insufficient access to medicines that would actually heal them of their disease or injury. It always amazes me how quickly people heal when they are given the right medicines that have curative powers.


Chlorine Dioxide is a broad spectrum medicinal tool that is safe enough for pregnant women, infants, and children to use. Most of us have ingested it in the water supply or as a medicinal ingredient in certain brands of mouthwash. DMSO is FDA approved and it is regularly used in dentistry and organ transplant surgeries (organs are stored in the DMSO prior to surgery). Having CDS and DMSO in one’s medicine cabinet is sufficient for treating most infectious and degenerative diseases, though people with autoimmune problems or more serious diseases may need additional supportive treatments to fully overcome whatever ails them (which is beyond the scope of this book, though we have much information about cures for autoimmunity online at Nonetheless, I am very hopeful that through COVID-19, the public is finally starting to discover these medicines and use them to overcome wide variety of diseases that have lowered their quality of life sometimes for decades. 


This book is a compilation of protocols by various experts that are currently being used by patients throughout the world to cure everything from cancer to COVID, malaria to HIV. Our goal is to help make this medicine easier to understand and more accessible to the masses so they can use it properly and experience its full array of benefits. Like Nicholas Culpeper, a famous herbalist who lived many centuries ago, Lydian and I hope to give power back to the people to cure themselves and their loved ones of disease.


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