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Most of the protocols in this book use MMS1 (which is a liquid) in a drinkable form mixed with water, but it’s possible to create your an MMS1 capsule tool. Some people prefer this because it eliminates the issue of smell and taste, which can make the whole experience more comfortable (and more effective in some ways, at least psychologically). Some people are very sensitive to the taste of MMS1 and prefer this administration method. Follow the steps below to create capsules of MMS:



  1. You will need empty gel or vegetable glycerin capsules (use the sizes advised in the table below), as well as an eye dropper (in addition to your MMS solution and acid activator solution). Also, you should have a clean, dry glass bowl handy to activate the drops.
  2. Activate the number of MMS1 drops for the dose you are taking in the glass bowl. After 30 seconds of activation, immediately use the eye dropper to suck up the activated drops and carefully drop them into the capsule.
  3. Close the capsule gently and ensure that it is indeed latched closed. Immediately take the capsule along with ½ cup of water. Do not wait longer than 2 minutes to take the capsule (the drops may begin to melt the capsule if you wait longer than this, so take the pill as soon as you can).


The table below provides information on the capsules sizes that you should use according to the number of drops you will be taking. For larger doses than those noted below, you could use 2+ capsules if necessary.


MMS1 Capsule Size and Dosage Guide
Capsule Size Total Drops (MMS + Activator)
Size #4 – holds a 3-drop dose 6 total drops
Size #3 – holds a 4-drop dose 8 total drops
Size #2 – Holds a 5 drop dose 10 total drops
Size #1 – Holds a 6-drop dose 12 total drops
Size #0 – Holds a 7-drop dose 14 total drops

It is important to ONLY activate the MMS OUTSIDE of the capsule. Do not activate the solution INSIDE the capsule, because this may cause pressure and could result in the capsule splitting apart while you swallow it (which would be unpleasant and may potentially cause a burning sensation in your esophagus).


You may use a large size capsule to take a smaller-than-recommended dose, but do not attempt to use a smaller capsule to take a larger-than-recommended dose. The higher the capsule size number, the smaller the capsule, meaning that size #0 is the largest size. Many people aren’t able to swallow size #0 capsules, which is something to keep in mind when you decide which size capsules you’d prefer to use. Ideally, though, you should try to use the capsule size that most closely corresponds to the MMS1 dosage you’ll be taking most regularly. 


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