Segmental Anatomy and the Autonomic Nervous System: How to Cure Post-Vaccine Syndrome and Long COVID


What is Segmental Anatomy?


Segmental anatomy is a term used to describe an alternative view of human anatomy that focuses on the connections between spinal nerves, segments of the skin, muscle groups, bones, and internal organs as opposed to grouping the structures of the body by systems (i.e. the skeletal system, muscular system, endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system etc.). According to segmental anatomy, each organ is connected to a set of muscles via fascia, a translucent, thin tissue that envelopes all organs, nerves, bones, and muscles. The fascia is an electrical tissue that must be properly hydrated to function properly (for more information about super-hydrating the body, read about how to use Sea Water). The acupuncture meridians are located in the fascia.


Segmental anatomy brings together medical disciplines like acupuncture, massage, and neural therapy to explain how healing pain in the foot or the elbow or the hip can restore organ function in the gallbladder or other organs. This system of anatomy explains the correlations between the various spinal nerves and sympathetic nervous system ganglia to make sense out of the experience of referred pain from organs that are distant from the location of the pain. 

Using Segmental Anatomy to Cure Long COVID Pain and Post-Vaccine Syndrome Symptoms


Many people report that they feel chronic pain as a result of Long COVID. This pain resembles the pain that sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have described. Indeed, according to segmental anatomy, neural therapy, acupuncture, and various other medical models, Long COVID pain and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pain have similar origins. 


Segmental anatomy is a complicated system to learn, especially for people who have been schooled in the systems version of anatomy. Nonetheless, lay people can still use the concept of segmental anatomy to consider their own aches and pains, recognizing that pain in the arm or in a finger may be related to issues related to the heart or the spleen. Knowing that there is a system of anatomy that connects parts of the body that are not traditional connected conceptually according to conventional medicine can be helpful in and of itself. If you imagine that just under your skin, your body and all of the organs and muscles are wrapped in a very thin, but strong, translucent saran-wrap type of tissue and that this tissue can sometimes get bunched up in places to cause pain or discomfort, you may be empowered to consider chronic pain in a new light.


I like to think of fascia like a onesie that people wear under their skin. This onesie can be damaged by surgery such that scar tissue from surgical procedures can extend deep into the areas around or even inside organs to cause “bunching” that can slow the blood supply or even cut off the blood supply to all or part of an organ. As with a onesie worn on top of the skin, this onesie of fascia that gets bunched up in one area of the body will inevitably cause bunching and wrinkling in other areas of the body. The bunching and the wrinkles are areas that have the potential to become a source of pain. Relieving the pain is about loosening the areas of fascia that are bunched up or wrinkled. 


Chronic pain is a real drag emotionally. Mentally, chronic pain can slowly cause your thoughts to become toxic, which can, in turn perpetuate the pain or make it worse. While conventional medicine doctors most often prescribe addictive drugs like opiates for chronic pain that they can’t explain using their systems view of anatomy, segmental anatomy gives patients a new frame of reference to consider so that they can cure chronic pain at home without addictive drugs.


Dr. Jerry Tenant’s Healing Is Voltage System of Healing

Dr. Jerry Tenant uses segmental anatomy to cure disease. He became seriously ill when he was younger and through that experience, learned that human cells must have a certain voltage in order to heal themselves. Each cell needs a particular voltage or else it cannot heal and will eventually cause pain in the body. There are many different ways to restore a cell’s voltage to its proper level. For example:


  • A human cell may have low voltage because it has been inundated with pathogens that have stolen it’s electrons. Killing the pathogens can help a human cell restore voltage to its proper level. 
  • A patient may take methylene blue to restore electrons to the mitochondria/battery of the cell, thereby restoring cellular voltage.


  • A patient may use Rife Therapy to kill pathogens inside the cell through resonant frequencies. 


  • A patient may use Neural Therapy to bring blood to areas of the body that have had their blood supply shut down due to a lack of voltage in the cells. 



  • A patient may use TENs pads on the appropriate areas of the body to recharge entire organs that are tired and lacking in voltage. 


  • More…

According to Dr. Tennant, if you apply electricity (for example, TENs pads) on the appropriate muscle groups, this will help restore electricity to the organs that are weak and lacking energy. Though this system may seem far-out to some people, it is, in fact, based on both acupuncture as well as neural therapy. Dr. Tennant provides an atlas of muscle groups in his Healing is Voltage books, which are listed in the resources section. 


What is Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is actually a branch of conventional medicine that is nearly unknown to most people. In other words, this type of therapy is administered by medical doctors, but despite the fact that it is a specialty in conventional medicine, very few patients or even doctors know that it exists. Neural therapy is based on segmental anatomy and the foundation for this system of medicine was developed over a hundred years ago when procaine was first developed as an anesthetic that could be used for surgery. 


Prior to the development of procaine, the first anesthetic ever used in conventional medicine, surgeries were performed without medicinal anesthetics. Procaine was quite an important creation, but its anesthetic effects only lasted 20 minutes. Nonetheless, a group of doctors saw the utility of this substance for performing surgery and they readily incorporated it into their surgical repertoire.


But while these surgeons were excitedly offering procaine to patients to sell them on the idea of surgery, another group of doctors had noticed something peculiar that was happening when patients were injected with procaine. One patient who suffered chronically with migraine headaches went to the doctor to treat a painful hip. The doctor injected the hip with procaine and voila! Her migraine headache disappeared. But while the disappearance of the migraine headache was truly notable after being injected in the hip, what really got the doctor’s attention was the fact that the migraine headaches never returned.


Again and again, patients would go to the doctor for injections to get rid of pain in one area of the body and find that chronic pain or disease in another area of the body would be cured. Doctors were baffled, but they continued working with the procaine to understand it fully and through their research, they developed Neural Therapy as a system through which patients can cure diseases that other doctors believe are incurable. For example:


  • There is a neural therapy point in the neck that can be injected by a doctor to cure PTSD permanently (PTSD=Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 
  • There are injection points that can be used by Neural Therapists to get rid of migraine headaches permanently.
  • Injured tissues that have been injected with procaine heal faster than those not injected with procaine because the procaine brings blood flow to areas of the body that have been cut off from blood flow. 
  • Joint pain, including arthritis, can be cured using neural therapy injections.
  • Long-standing injuries including surgical scars can be loosened and healed to restore range of motion using neural therapy. 
  • Back pain including low back pain, slipped discs, and other types of back problems can be cured using neural therapy rather than surgery. 
  • Neural therapy has been used to cure cancer by restoring blood flow to organs that have malignant tumors.
  • Carpal tunnel can be cured with neural therapy.
  • Any type of chronic pain may be able to benefit from the use of neural therapy as a harmless, but extremely helpful and powerful treatment method that works quickly and often within just a few sessions to cure chronic pain permanently.


Next generation anesthetics like lidocaine don’t have the same effects as procaine on the body. Procaine has the ability to normalize nerve conduction which cures chronic pain by retraining the nerves. Lidocaine can’t do that and in fact can have the opposite effect on pain, causing it to worsen with repeated injections. But lidocaine has an advantage in surgical or dental contexts because it provides numbing for longer periods of time than procaine and it can be used on patients who have an allergy to procaine. 


How Can Neural Therapy Cure Chronic Pain from Long COVID?

The pain that people experience from Long COVID is diverse and it depends to some extent on what areas and organs of the body are the weakest. Every patient has their own biological and physiological makeup. Every patient has their own unique weaknesses, so the location and extent of pain may vary from patient-to-patient. But Neural Therapy can be used to address pain that localizes as trigger points. As a patient, you may or may not be able to find these trigger points and as these trigger points (painful knots in the muscle) begin to release, you may find that additional trigger points exist that you hadn’t even noticed before.


In addition to trigger points, a Neural Therapy doctor may also make injections along your spine to cure Long COVID pain permanently. On either side of the spinal column, there is a “switchboard” of nerve bundles called ganglion that turn the sympathetic nervous system on and off. 


The Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System: Understanding Unconscious Stressors and Long COVID

The autonomic nervous system consists of two different sub-systems: the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The autonomic nervous system is distinct and mostly unattached to the central nervous system (which includes the brain and the sensory and motor nerves). The autonomic nervous system is unique and interesting in that it operates without direction from the conscious mind. It is a nervous system that works with unconscious stressors and all the information from the environment and from our inner reality that doesn’t ever reach conscious awareness. 


The autonomic nervous system, as such, may take note of the fact that your neighbor has been behaving strangely though your conscious mind may deny it or not even notice this fact. This unconscious awareness of your neighbor’s odd behavior could, via the autonomic nervous system, translate into a pain in the shoulder or the elbow or the knee, depending on your specific physical make-up. Nonetheless, your body may respond to your neighbor’s weird behavior by causing pain in an area of the body that demands your attention. If you ignore this pain, it may increase exponentially until you consciously take note. 

The Sympathetic Nervous System: Fight or Flight

The SNS is a system of nerves that follows every blood vessel and every capillary through the body. The SNS nerves run parallel to every blood vessel, telling that vessel whether to open or close. Below is an oversimplified explanation of how the SNS regulates pain and healing in the body via the blood vessels. 


  • Having good blood flow and proper levels of both oxygen and carbon dioxide to organs and tissues equates to good health.
  • Having poor blood flow to organs and tissues causes pain or sickness in localized areas of the body. 
  • Restoring blood flow to areas of the body that have been cut off from the blood supply can restore health by allowing tissues to get rid of toxins that have built up and by bringing healing oxygen to build tissues and alkalizing carbon dioxide to kill pathogens.
  • If the peripheral blood vessels are too slack, patients may experience weakness, a pounding heart, dizziness, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).
  • The SNS and the PSNS must be balanced or patients will experience nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, wooziness, and other symptoms of Long COVID.
  • Being in constant high-surveillance, high stress SNS-mode can lead to chronic pain in various areas of the body. The SNS shuts down the blood supply in areas of the body to get ready for fight-or-flight. You may or may not be conscious of the stressor that is causing you to be in SNS mode. 


Though chronic pain during Long COVID may also be caused by PSNS imbalances, often it is caused by a chronic SNS-mode. News stories, for example, that employ Neurolinguistic programming (a system of writing or speaking that bypasses conscious awareness in order to manipulate the reader) to tweak readers unconsciously to feel stress can actually fuel Long COVID symptoms. Individuals who are struggling with Long COVID should examine their environment and, while they may not be able to get rid of all the stressors in their environment, they can, at the very least, acknowledge consciously that the stressors exist. Bringing stress into conscious awareness, even for a moment, can help recruit the brain and consciousness into the process of healing. 


The Parasympathetic Nervous System: Rest and Digest

While the SNS runs parallel to blood vessels that feed every corner of the body, the PSNS deals with just one nerve that feeds the organs. This nerve is called the Vagus Nerve and it has numerous branches that feed the organs. The PSNS should turn on whenever you eat or rest, but sometimes, it’s hard for people to get out of SNS/fight-or-flight mode. If this happens, it may be hard for that person to properly digest their food. When food is not properly digested, the person may experience pain as a result of gas in the digestive system, constipation, gallstones, or any number of other issues. 


The vagus nerve is vital to our wellbeing and some experts have referred to it as the “second brain” that governs our gut. 


Dr. Bob Beck was a famous orthopedic surgeon who spent a great deal of his career trying to figure out how to regenerate limbs. He wrote the book The Body Electric which details his research and amazing findings. In his research, he discovered that broken bones and limbs that have been amputated develop a reversal in their electrical field. He postulated that if he could alter this electrical field, that he could cause the human body to regenerate limbs as salamanders do. 


Dr. Beck wandered into the field of vibrational medicine by accident, but he did research that demonstrated how electricity can be used to kill pathogens and cancer. Ancient Greeks had noted that sick patients who went to the river and got shocked with a torpedo fish (which emits an electric shock) would sometimes be miraculously cured. Beck developed the micropulser as a tiny device that can be worn on the wrist to regularly provide small shocks that can kill infectious pathogens in the body. He protected this invention from Big Pharma by providing schematics on how to produce the micropulser which makes the micropulser an affordable option for anyone.


The BioTuner, in contrast, is a special device that’s worn on the ears to emit a mild electric shock that travels down the vagus nerve to rebalance its transmission with the sympathetic nervous system. This device is often used to treat depression and, in fact, the FDA stole Beck’s invention and offers it to patients with treatment-resistant depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. Whether you have depression or not doesn’t matter in this case. If you’re suffering from Long COVID and you have a mixture of chronic pain (SNS-mode) mixed with episodes of feeling exhausted, weak, tachycardic (fast or pounding heartbeat), dizzy, nauseated, and lethargic (PSNS-mode), the BioTuner may help your body rebalance by using pulsed electromagnetic waves down the vagus nerve.

Visit this link for video testimonials of patients who were healed by the Bob Beck devices. 

Rebalancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems to Treat Long COVID at Home

There are many ways to rebalance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. One way to look at this process as through the model of releasing stored trauma from the body. 

Releasing Stored Trauma from the Body 

Trauma that is not processed either consciously or unconsciously is stored in the body. The storage of trauma may be practically unnoticeable, but it may also manifest as pain or illness. Releasing trauma is an important part of healing from Long COVID. Almost everyone in the world has felt trauma as a result of this pandemic. Getting rid of Long COVID symptoms is likely to require a conscious effort to release trauma that has been stored in the body. There are a number of ways to do this:


  • Neural Therapy – Patients often experience an emotional release while receiving neural therapy.
  • Acupuncture – Seek out acupuncture treatments to release trauma slowly through the meridians.
  • Ayahuasca – Ayahuasca is a sacred indigenous medicine that is used to release stored trauma and process it fully.
  • Moclobemide – If you live in a country where the antidepressant Moclobemide is legal, you can take this medicine for 12 weeks to 1 year to process stored trauma. It works in a manner similar to Banisteriopsis caapi (the Ayahuasca “mother” plant), but slowly over time. It is possible to purchase Moclobemide over the counter in Mexico.
  • Exercise – Dance, yoga, and other expressive types of exercise may be the most beneficial in releasing stored trauma in the body. 
  • Wim Hof breathing – Wim Hof developed a system of breathwork that balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. He also advocated for the use of cold-therapy to tone the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Watch this video to learn more about how Wim Hof breathing works. 
  • Hypnotherapy – Hire a hypnotherapist with experience working with trauma to find and release stored stress that has not been processed. 

The Autonomic Nervous System and the Metabolic Theory of Disease


The metabolic theory of disease looks at how human cells respond to extreme stress. According to this theory, human cells will close their borders in response to stress and go into a dormant state. This state of dormancy is similar to what happens when a gazelle is captured by a lion. The gazelle goes totally limp and “plays dead” in an effort to survive the attack. Human cells do the same thing. 


But if we were to look at the autonomic nerves rather than cells, we would see the same thing happening in the body from a different perspective. When the body reaches a limit in terms of stress, the sympathetic nerves shut down and the body goes into a full-on, totally imbalanced Parasympathetic Mode that doctors call “Playing Dead”. When this happens the patient may experience nausea, vomiting, extreme exhaustion, lethargy, and general malaise for no apparent reason. 


The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system should work together in a balanced way. People who are suffering with Long COVID are in a partial “play dead” mode frequently and the goal is to get out of this mode and back into a balance of mild to moderate stress with episodes of resting and digesting. 

How to Tone the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System Cheaply at Home

If you have Long COVID, you have a sympathetic-parasympathetic imbalance that needs to be addressed. As you work with this issue, it’s vital that you “tune in” to how these treatments affect your reflexes. What does your body do in response to being exposed to cold water? If it feels like you’re having a positive response to a treatment, continue with it. If it feels negative, discontinue it. Also, work with your breath to rebalance the sympathetic and parasympthetic nervous system. Doing yoga can complement this practice. And finally, remind yourself often that you CAN overcome Long COVID. The symptoms caused by the SNS and PSNS imbalances can lead to additional stress in that you may, at times, fear that you won’t be able to overcome this disease. Think positive. Positive thoughts will literally be a vital part of your full recovery, especially as your physical symptoms begin to abate more and more. 


  • Cold Therapy – You may have the desire to warm yourself if you have Long COVID, but notice whether the excessive warmth is really helping you or hurting you. Do you feel better when your body is just a little bit chilly? If this is the case, you may want to learn more about taking cold showers as a way to tone the autonomic nervous system. If you have heart problems, be sure to talk to your doctor before you jump into a cold shower! You can splash cold water on your face if you feel nausea, weakness, dizziness, or other symptoms of being in PSNS-mode.
  • Breathwork – This may sound like a cop-out in terms of treatments for Long COVID, but I challenge anyone with Long COVID to monitor their breath, particularly when they’re feeling low. Do you tend to hold your breath on the inhale? Or do you hold your breath on the exhale? Inhaling is an event that spurs the sympathetic nervous system into action. Exhaling is an event that spurs the parasympathetic nervous system into action. If you are holding your breath either on the inhale or on the exhale, then you are dominant in terms of either the sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathetic nervous system. Balance your breath by counting the inhales and the exhales or by doig Wim Hof breathing. 
  • Yoga with Breathwork –  In yoga, inhaling is generally done when the body is bent backwards (roughtly speaking). Exhaling is generally done when the body is bent forwards (roughly speaking). To do yoga that acknowledges and involves the breath with inhaling during backward bends and exhaling during forward bends can help rebalance the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. 


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