How to Cure All COVID Variants: Rife Therapy and Resonant Frequencies


Royal Raymond Rife was a scientific inventor who worked tirelessly to find a way to fight illness and death. He was born in 1888 and died in 1971. His remarkable inventions have been described in detail by Barry Lynes, in the book The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression. Rife was an innovator who was way ahead of his time in terms of the technologies he developed to cure disease. Many people use Rife Therapy to cure Lyme Disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and other supposedly incurable infections or degenerative diseases. Our family has used Rife Therapy recently to cure Long COVID. 


Rife was particularly fascinated with the use of microscopes as a tool to see pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. In his studies, he learned that Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch would use microscopes to isolate and then culture disease-causing pathogens. These pathogens reliably caused the same sickness over and over again. As a result of his studies, Rife suspected that cancer was also caused by a pathogen, but perhaps that the pathogen was too small to be seen using a standard light-field microscope. 

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Rife worked for many years to hone his skills and develop a microscope that could see pathogens more clearly.He eventually developed a “super-microscope” in 1934 (he called it a universal microscope) that was able to see pathogens much better than the microscopes used in hospital laboratories. His high-powered microscope could magnify up to 60,000 times while standard lab microscopes only magnified 2000 to 2500 times. The Rife microscope featured excellent resolution and high contrast which made it possible for him to discover that germs change shape and size and that oscillations or vibrations caused by resonant electrical waves can inactivate and kill them. By flooding the body with gentle vibrations or oscillations of specific frequencies that are tuned to a particular pathogen, the coronavirus including COVID-19 and all of its variants can be killed in 4 minutes or less. 

Rife Therapy: How the Establishment Covers Up This COVID Cure


Rife Therapy first came to my attention in the 1990’s when I read a book called Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber as a teenager in high school. In this book, the author described a cancer cure that consisted of nothing but a machine that put out vibrations of a particular frequency to cause specific pathogens to become resonant with those frequencies, explode, and then die. I was fascinated with the idea of this machine, but the author said that all of the machines had been destroyed by the American Medical Association when the wrong people became privy to the fact that Rife had been curing cancer at the University of Southern California.


Royal Rife discovered via his super-powered microscope, that there is a very tiny microbe that causes cancer. He was not the only scientist to discover this microbe but because the information has been covered up so thoroughly, few of these scientists knew of each other or ever learned of each others’ work. Other scientists who have used specialized microscopy tools to discover the cancer microbe include Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, Dr. Isaac Goiz, and Dr. Gaston Naessens to name just a few. 

Even today, the prevailing belief is that cancer is caused by genetics or simple deterioration and degeneration of the body’s tissues. To speak of a pathogen that causes cancer is still medical heresy, even today after all this time. But this fact has been discovered time and again by numerous scientists working in different areas of medicine and biology. 


At the time when Rife developed his universal microscope and the Rife Machine, cancer was the most important illness that needed to be cured. Though the electron microscope was able to see some of the pathogens that Rife described, it can only look at dead microbes. Rife was able to take blood from a patient and look at it immediately under his microscope to see pathogens while they were still alive and moving. This made it possible for him (and others) to actually watch the pathogens die in response to his resonant frequencies, which was revolutionary. 


Today, of course, COVID-19 and Long COVID is the disease that concerns most people. Long COVID is a concern for patients today who are told that there’s nothing wrong with them even though they can’t function anymore in their daily lives. The existence of “nano-bacteria” that infect the human body is an established scientific fact, though the Medical Establishment refuses to acknowledge it because it isn’t a popular idea. And it is a well-known fact that certain viruses live for many years inside the body in a supposedly dormant state (herpes simplex, varicella, etc.). Nano-bacteria are more virulent and harder to kill than regular bacteria because they can take up residence in areas of the body that are hard to reach with conventional medicines and these bacteria may lower the immune system making the body more susceptible to other types of pathogens. But no human tissue or cell is immune to resonant frequencies. Nano-bacteria, viruses, and other super-tiny pathogens can be killed using resonant frequencies produced by a Rife Machine. 


Though in 1939 the American Medical Association (AMA) ordered that all Rife Machines and microscopes were to be destroyed and that Rife Therapy was to be stopped (even though the AMA never even examined Rife’s research or his documented successes from his work at the University of Southern California), some of Rife’s documents were found boarded up in a wall at the university in the early 2000’s. Since that time, a number of tech specialists have recreated Dr. Rife’s resonant frequency machine and microscope. Today, many people use Rife Therapy to cure supposedly incurable diseases such as Lyme Disease or autoimmune diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia that simply don’t respond to other types of therapy. Rife Therapy is relatively famous in no-chemo, no-radiation cancer-cure circles and it is regularly applied along with vitamin B17 / Laetrile therapy and pancreatic enzymes to cure all types of cancer, but few people with COVID-19 or Long COVID have ever heard of Rife Therapy. 


Today, though there are a number of Rife Machines on the market, the biggest challenge consumers face in getting ahold of one is simply just learning that they exist. The AMA, the FDA, and other powerful entities spend billions and trillions of dollars to make it hard for people to find information about Rife Therapy online. They hire writers and tech specialists to make sure that the content that they want to promote ends up at the top of Google searches and they censor content that contains words like “cure” or “healing”. The AMA, the FDA, and various “philanthropic” non-profits that purportedly exist to help the patient are actually designed as warehouses of misinformation and propaganda against these treatment modalities. Most of the time these entities are sponsored and funded by the Rockefellers, Carnegies, or Mellons, the creators of the AMA and the current medical regime that exists in the world today. 

How to Kill Nano-Pathogens like COVID-19 with Resonant Frequencies

Very tiny pathogens can live inside human cells or they can find areas of the body where they can survive for long periods of time without being affected by antibiotics or other medications. Gaining access to these tiny, hidden pathogens often requires the use of vibrational medicines such as biomagnetism, Rife Therapy, Bob Beck Therapy, etc. 

Size Comparisons of Human Cells and Pathogens


  • Human cells are about 10,000 nanonmeters in size.


  • The size of a typical bacteria is around 1000 nanometers. 


  • Viruses tend to range in size from 20-400 nanometers.


  • The cancer-causing pathogen is 50-70 nanometers long.


  • The polio virus, for example is 30 nanometers. 


  • The spherical core of the COVID-19 virus is about 85 nanometers in size. It is surrounded by spikes that are 20 nanometers in size.  


To see a TedTalk featuring resonant frequencies and some footage at around 9 minutes 23 seconds that shows what happens to pathogens when they’re exposed to resonant frequencies, visit this link.

How Rife Therapy is Administered


In order to be effective in killing one or more specific pathogens, Rife Therapy must be administered for at least 3 minutes at the necessary frequency every 2-3 days. The frequencies are harmless to human tissue, but lethal to pathogens. It does not hurt patients to receive resonant frequencies for pathogens that they are not infected with.


At the University of Southern California, Dr. Milbank Johnson, Professor of Physiology and Clinical Medicine gathered a research committee in 1934 to test Royal Rife’s machine against cancer. In this study, 16 terminally ill cancer patients with a variety of different types of malignancies were treated with Rife’s oscillating electrical field. Each cancer patient was given the specific treatment for only 3 minutes every 3rd day. Patients felt nothing during the treatment. They didn’t feel pain or any kind of sensation even on the skin. Nonetheless, the cancer-causing pathogen was killed. Patients were given two days of rest following treatments to eliminate the toxic debris left behind by the cancer-causing pathogen. 


After 3 months of treatment with Rife Therapy, 14 out of the 16 hopeless, terminally ill cancer patients who had been sent home by their oncologists to die, were pronounced clinically cured by a staff of 5 medical doctors at the University of Southern California. Dr. Foord, a pathologist certified that the patients were healed by Rife Therapy. 


The American Medical Association immediately set about the task of putting Rife out of business so that they could cover up the discovery. All Rife Machines were destroyed and Rife ended up having to leave the country. He took up residence in Mexico. 


Spooky2 Essentials Rife Machine Kit

NOTE: If you order a Spooky2 and you need help with set up, please contact us at AlivenHealthy to schedule a video call for assistance.

How the Rife Machine Works to Kill COVID-19


Royal Rife proved his theory that each pathogen had a lethal oscillatory wave frequency that would kill it if the frequency was applied at a high enough strength. 


A Medicine to Treat All COVID Variants


Viruses such as the coronavirus are inactivated when the specific Rife frequencies are applied to the body. The coronavirus coating ruptures when it is exposed to Rife frequencies for only 3 minutes at a time. It doesn’t matter whether the virus is circulating in the blood or whether it has taken up residence inside cells or other tissues. It doesn’t matter whether the COVID virus has mutated or not. Rife Therapy works against pathogens including all types of coronaviruses in a manner that is impossible for them to defend themselves against.


Once the Rife frequencies have killed enough of the pathogens that are causing immune impairment or imbalance, the body starts to be able to heal itself. 

The Spooky2 Rife Machine

When my husband got cancer 4 years ago, we bought a Spooky2 Rife Machine. We have used the machine to cure a variety of diseases for which we had no official diagnosis (because we didn’t go to a doctor to receive one). It is possible to run a “sweep” of the body that covers all of the Rife frequencies within about an hour, exposing the body to 3 minutes of each frequency. If you don’t know the name of your disease or if you aren’t sure what ails you, you can use the Spooky2 Rife Machine to treat the disease without ever having to receive a diagnosis. The treatment can be done by simply applying sticky pads to the wrist while the patient watches TV or rests quietly. 


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