Understanding the Long COVID Labyrinth


Below is a very brief discussion of my personal healing experience and my family’s healing experiences dealing with COVID and Long COVID. I decided to title this discussion “Long COVID Stages” so that I could convey the basic idea of a step-wise process in terms of healing. But the reality of the Long Haul COVID experience is that the stages are not in any distinct order. Because of the nature of the disease process (as I understand it), people jump around from stage 3 to stage 5 and then back to stage 1. 


Rather than looking at Long COVID as a disease that occurs in stages, I prefer to look at it as a labyrinth. Everyone has essentially the same areas/experiences inside their labyrinth. The goal is to really explore one’s personal labyrinth and in doing so, find your way out of it. To push into a new set of symptoms is the goal if you have Long COVID. Keep exploring new treatments until you start to notice your life getting back to normal. When this happens, you’re ready to work toward the core of the disease to get rid of the final set of toxins and imbalances that are still causing health problems. The final stage of Long COVID is exiting the labyrinth and getting back to your life. My hope is that by learning about how people heal from this disease that readers will be able to visualize this labyrinth as though they’re looking down at it from a high place rather than being enveloped by the walls of this labyrinth.  


As I went through the “stages” of Long COVID myself, I often caught myself feeling hopeless and depressed (I had been enveloped by the walls of my own labyrinth). But these feelings reminded me of at least two other major illnesses that I’ve recovered from in my life (fibromyalgia and systemic Candida albicans). Having this point of reference helped me put the brakes on toxic, hopeless thoughts about Long COVID. But I had to also acknowledge the fact that Candida albicans might be playing a role in my Long COVID mood problems. I feel very blessed to know that something like Candida albicans can cause emotional/mood problems along with many of the physical symptoms of Long COVID. Candida is curable. It’s a process to cure Candida, but it IS curable. And the infectious form of Candida is extremely common and not just an infection that occurs in AIDs patients who are seriously debilitated. Anyone can develop a systemic Candida infection. 


Indeed, I believe that many of the symptoms of Long COVID are, perhaps, nothing but symptoms of a Candida infection that emerges at the end of the active stages of the disease. But there may be more to this story. Because COVID is such a new disease, there’s a lot of learning still ahead about what it is and how it works. But there is scientific evidence and news media reports of people with Long COVID developing oral thrush which is a visible form a systemic Candida infection. Unfortunately, news reports tend to imply that the patient has developed oral thrush because of COVID or because of some irreparable physiological problem that exists because the patient has Long COVID. The news stories never talk about how the patient’s Long COVID may in fact be nothing more than a Candida albicans infection. 


Having put this down in writing in bold print, no less, I now have to backpedal and explain that for many people, a Candida albicans infection is a serious thing. It can kill you if you it isn’t dealt with properly. So of course, that’s scary. But my goal here is to give readers hope. So, if a systemic Candida infection is too scary to consider, I invite readers to think about the disease from one of the many other perspectives offered in this book. 


The other perspectives regarding COVID and Long COVID that I offer in this book are other medical models that work with different layers of humanity in terms of healing. Some illnesses are purely physical. Other illnesses include a social component (contagious disease is an example, but so is mass hysteria). And still other illnesses involve emotions and trauma. The medical model used in conventional medicine doesn’t acknowledge that humans have many layers and that healing needs to address the layers involved in a given patient’s disease state. 


If you feel fear about your treatment, you need to find faith. This may involve finding a different treatment. Or perhaps you just need to learn more about how the treatment you’re using actually works. The treatments that are included in the books that Lydian and I write are all part of a system of medical models that have to connect in a particular way or we don’t include them. In other words, Lydian and I scour the research to figure out how treatment with Chlorine Dioxide meshes with all (or most) of the other medical models in the book. When we start seeing the connections between the various models for a given disease, we know it’s time to write a book. 


Just as a cloud can take shape in only one or two layers of the atmosphere or it can take shape as a huge supercell that’s 12 kilometers tall and spanning the lower levels of the atmosphere to the higher levels, diseases can take shape as superficial events that are easily treated or they can be dense, angry, destructive, and deep. 


Storms tend to be cleansing though at times they are destructive. My goal is to give people a metaphor they can cling to so they can understand this disease in a way that helps them keep their spirits up as they go through the process of treating themselves. Maintaining hope is extremely important. According to a number of models of medicine presented in this book, hope IS the medicine. The COVID pandemic has robbed people of hope. And while conventional medicine does not in any way acknowledge that hope plays a role in recovery, there are scientifically validated systems of medicine that have been able to watch germs change shape based on a patient’s mood and emotional well-being. 


The idea that one germ can change into a new germ is challenging. But this theory of how germs and infectious disease works almost became the mainstream model back in the days of Louis Pasteur. There was another man named Antoine Bechamp who argued vehemently with Pasteur about how germs work and how diseases can and should be cured. Antoine Bechampe argued that a diseased body will attract germs that act as scavengers of tissues that are weak or poorly defended. His theories included the scientifically proven presence of tiny pinholes of light that are visible in human blood when the blood is viewed through a dark field microscope. These points of light have been called different things by different scientists who have observed them, but today, many people refer to them as “somatids”. 


These tiny pin points of light, “somatids”, regularly change shape (they are “pleomorphic”). When the body is alkaline/basic, the somatids go through a short cycle of germ-like shapes that stimulate the immune system. These germ-like shapes are harmless, but they mimic common germ-shapes that are infectious. 


In contrast, when the body becomes acidic, or when a person experiences shock or trauma or prolonged, toxic, stress, somatids will go through a much larger and more dangerous cycle of germ-shapes. Indeed, when the body is acidic, the somatids turn into shapes that include infectious microorganisms. This cycle has helped alternative medicine practitioners who cure cancer explain why patients will often do “reverse cycling” and go back through a series of diseases that they had in the past before returning to a state of health. Reverse cycling is a sign that the body is starting to heal. 


Reverse cycling is also a logical way to explain the Long COVID labyrinth. Using this very old system of medicine which has been rediscovered many times by scientists and doctors who cure disease, rather than just covering up symptoms, it’s easy to see why people with the same health problem (Long COVID), have very different healing experiences and symptoms while still sharing certain core similarities. Reverse cycling can help relieve some of the feelings of hopelessness that patient’s experience when they start to heal and begin getting sick once or twice a month with a wide variety of disease symptoms. 


For example, a patient recovers from COVID and feels exhausted and foggy-headed. They start a treatment regime and begin to feel a little better. Then, a week or two into the treatment, they get a sinus infection. It takes two weeks to overcome the sinus infection using a totally different type of treatment (or the same treatment perhaps) and then, a few days later, the patient wakes in the middle of the night with dry heaves and diarrhea. The next day, the patient can’t eat and has a fever. The patient worries that he/she is hopelessly ill with a horrible, incurable disease. The fever breaks and the patient starts being able to eat a little. The old medicine is now aversive and the patient worries that there is no other medicine that will cure his/her disease. The next day, the patient wakes up with muscle aches and pains which causes additional stress and trauma to a patient who has never heard of reverse cycling or the idea of shape-changing germs. 


Big Pharma and the medical establishment does NOT want anyone to know about this theory which is called “Germ Theory Denialism”. The reason why is because it is elegantly simple to cure disease. A body that is alkaline/basic (above a pH of 7) will repel disease. A body that is acidic (with a pH below 7) will be prone to disease. 


For those of you who are ready to embrace this theory of disease, alkalizing is definitely going to help you progress more quickly through your Long COVID treatment. But remember, this is a different system of medicine. Alkalizing is an extremely broad spectrum type of medicine. And that’s excellent because that means that alkalizing your body will take away a lot of the guesswork that happens with the one-pill-for-one-disease model. But alkalizing is so powerful that you absolutely must learn how to detox using enemas and by drinking huge quantities of water, ideally structured, mineralized water


It is easy to make yourself feel sick by alkalizing the body, but this is not the goal. It will likely happen to you if you have Long COVID. But the goal is to go slow. Use treatments that can be increased or decreased or slowed down so that you mostly feel better and better every day. When you get sick, remember that this is often part of the healing process, at least up to a point.


For readers who are not ready to consider a totally new germ theory, please know that this is the only section of the book where we talk with any depth about somatids and pleomorphic germs. Every chapter in this book is based on pop germ theory as most people know it in the real world. I felt like it was important to discuss somatids in this book because so many people today have lost hope and they believe that there is no cure for their disease, whatever it may be. But there are so many ways to view diseases! Though Lydi and I have seen and worked with many systems of medicine over the years, I know we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of how people can heal. 


Below I’ll talk about the stages of the disease from the initial infection through Long COVID and some of the treatments that can be used at each stage, but before I move into this section, I want to recount the story of Jason Winters (who developed the famous Jason Winter’s Tea). Winters was an actor and an adventurer. Though he was 17 years old before he ate in a restaurant for the first time, he immigrated to Canada and worked in various industries before deciding to take a hot air balloon across the Canadian Rockies and then later the Sahara Desert. 


At one point, Winters developed neck cancer. He refused surgery and set off across the world to find a cure. And he did find a cure. In fact, he formulated a cure from herbs that he found in four different countries to develop the Jason Winter’s Tea which contains an unknown herb to make it impossible for the pharmaceutical companies to copy it, “test it”, “prove that it doesn’t work”, and then shelve it. Jason Winter’s Tea is one of very few cancer cures that has been openly marketed because Winter’s had a personal relationship with the Queen of England. 


I love this story because to me, it captures the essence of the healing process. Being ill with a disease like Long COVID needs to be approached more like a long, adventurous journey or a vision quest rather than a situation that can be resolved by taking a pill or getting a surgery done. Rather than losing hope, my goal with this book is to give patients courage and a new way of thinking about their disease that resonates with the part of them that has faith in their own ability to heal fully. 

COVID-19 and Long Haul COVID Symptom Sets

Symptom Set 1: Active Infection (First 2 to 3 Days of Symptoms)

  • Fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Breathlessness
  • Red, irritated eyes
  • Headache


During the active infection stage, we used Chlorine Dioxide + DMSO to lower the viral load. There are a variety of medicines that a person could take to lower the viral load. During this stage of the disease, before coughing began, we took 6 activated drops of Chlorine Dioxide every 8 hours because once the cough started, it would’ve made our health worse to take additional reactive oxygen species into our bodies.

We did not know about mega-dosing with vitamin B3 as a way to quell the cytokine storm, so we weren’t able to use this treatment, but if I had it to do over again, I would’ve started taking 1000 mg of vitamin B3 3 times per day for a total of 3,000 mg daily until I felt completely healthy again. 

Niacin 500 mg 100 Caps Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW Niacin 500mg

Symptom Set 2: Cytokine Storm (When Coughing Begins–Day 3 to Day 10/14)

  • Coughing 
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Headache


We didn’t know about vitamin B3 as a preventative tool against the cytokine storm at the time when we got the COVID infection so we didn’t get to use it, but again, I would recommend that people take 3000 mg of vitamin B3 per day (1000 mg with food three times per day) in preparation for and during the cytokine storm. It can also be taken as a part of recovery from Long COVID. 


When the coughing started, we took drops of laudanum to put ourselves to sleep at night. Be aware that laudanum can be addictive and it isn’t available everywhere. Diphenhydramine might be a better choice if you have addictive tendencies (though recovering amphetamine addicts should avoid this as well, and perhaps consider something like a slightly increased dose of honokiol to encourage sleep). The laudanum helped us stop coughing and some believe that it also helps relieve a cytokine storm. It was our experience that the laudanum did help relieve the cytokine storm. We took 1 to 2 drops per night. I increased the amount of vitamin C that we were taking to 9000 mg daily of liposomal vitamin C (which is easier to absorb that non-liposomal vitamin C). We took 1000mg of N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) 4 times daily along with Methylene Blue at 10-20 drops twice per day. 

NAC 1000 mg 120 Tablets Yeast Free by Now Foods

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We take 50 mg of iodine in the form of Iodoral every day of our lives along with 500 mg of vitamin B17 / Amygdalin (which must be purchased as raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels in the U.S.) and a combined vitamin K2/D3 supplement, so we continued taking those supplements throughout the COVID illness.


I would recommend that people continue taking 3000 mg of vitamin B3 per day (in 3 divided doses of 1000 mg) with food throughout the cytokine storm. You may back off to 500 mg daily after the infection passes (much of the population is woefully deficient in vitamin B3, a surprisingly versatile vitamin that can help treat a range of illnesses including depression, memory problems, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and more). 


I would also recommend that patients have bone broth as a source of structured water at least once per day to prevent the development of Long COVID at this stage of the illness. Sugar-free coconut water or fresh juices are also good sources of structured water. If you have access to food-grade sea water, drink 2 tablespoons with 4-6 tablespoons of filtered water at least 3 times per day. Eat watermelon to keep the kidneys healthy. 

If you feel strong enough to do enemas daily to keep toxins from building up in the body, this would be wise. Not only will a regular enema of 500-1000 mL of either plain filtered water or filtered water containing organic coffee help to keep the body hydrated, it will also alkalize the body and help with detoxification. 

Symptom Set 3: Recovery Period from Active COVID-19 / Long COVID

At the end of the active phase of the illness, we were still exhausted and feeling pretty awful. At this stage, we started doing enemas on an as-needed (mostly daily) basis. The enemas keep toxins from building up inside the body which shortens the duration of illness while generally lessening pain and discomfort throughout the body. We did enemas that contained 2 drops of CDS. Sometimes we added baking soda or organic coffee to alkalize our bodies. It is possible to do enemas up to 3 times per day if a person is very ill. 


Symptom Set 3A: Endotoxemia

Endotoxemia, or the presence of endotoxins in the blood, causes: 

  • Brain fog
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Achiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • General malaise


Enemas that contain 2-6 drops of Chlorine Dioxide can be used to get rid of biofilm, which can be very problematic during this stage of the illness. Biofilm is an organized community of microorganisms that create a matrix of protection over themselves in areas of the body such as the colon, disrupting nutrient absorption and causing general poor health. The chlorine dioxide can penetrate through the biofilm. Antibiotics, in contrast, can’t usually touch the microorganisms that have managed to build a sheltering place of biofilm in the gut.


During this initial stage of Long COVID, we cycled between oxidant therapies and antioxidant therapies every 3 to 4 days to get rid of endotoxemia. Everyone in our family drank freshly made carrot juice every morning (carrot juice helps alleviate endotoxemia). In other words, we would take Chlorine Dioxide by mouth (2 to 3 activated drops) and via enema (2 to 3 activated drops) for 3 to 4 days (for example on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday). Then, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we would switch to taking 10-20 drops of Methylene Blue in the morning and in the evening and also do Red Light Therapy on areas of our bodies that were achy and painful. I applied the Red Light Therapy to areas of my body that were hurting including my head and neck. I also took 4000 mg per day of NAC and 9000 mg per day of vitamin C with Methylene Blue (20-40 drops per day). I did this for several weeks to get rid of the brain fog, lethargy, and achy joints.

Symptom Set 3B: Parasite Infection


Toward the end of our battle with endotoxemia, Lydian and I noted that we had symptoms of a parasite infection. Our stomachs were upset. We had nausea at times, gas, and bloating. So we bought some Albendazole/Quinfamide here in Mexico (it is available over the counter in pharmacies here) and did a 3 day treatment followed by the Dr. Hulda Clark vibrational medicine anti-parasite protocol for 5 days. At the end of this protocol, we did the Hulda Clark Gallbladder Cleanse. If you don’t have access to Albendazole/Quinfamide, consider taking pyrantel pamoate instead as an anti-parasitic. 


One of the most interesting things that Lydian and I both noted throughout the COVID infection and while doing research on COVID is the fact that anti-parasitics like ivermectin have played an important role in overcoming the disease. Indeed, malaria is a parasite too and antimalarials are another class of medicines that are being used to treat COVID with success. Recently, scientists noted that in areas of the world where malaria is endemic, there is an inverse relationship between the number of people with malaria infection and the number with COVID. In Mali, for example, some scientists speculate that having a malaria infection may protect patients from the COVID virus. Parasites differ from other organisms in terms of their lifecycle and in terms of how they interact with the human body. Parasite infections of all kinds tend to present as a “drag” on patient energy levels, but while this “drag” is distressing, often parasites don’t kill their host because the host is their home. So I encourage readers to approach Long COVID like an onion and peel away at each of these layers. Take some time to learn a bit about parasites and, though the idea of having parasites is off-putting, consider the possibility that COVID-19 has a parasitic quality. Treating oneself for parasites can be extremely beneficial during Long COVID.


It’s wise to continue to do enemas during a parasite cleanse to prevent extreme headaches due to detox, so we did enemas daily during this process as well. 

Symptom Set 3C: Shoulder Pain, Sinus Infection, and More…


The gallbladder is located within a segment of fascia that includes the sinuses as well as areas of the shoulder, the arms, and the back. Following the Hulda Clark gallbladder cleanse, we all developed a sinus infection that included extremely dry eyes and pain behind the eyes along with a fever. This makes sense if you know that the sinuses are on the same meridian as the gallbladder. Of course, it’s frustrating to be working toward overcoming an illness and then experience another illness like this shortly afterwards, but this sinus infection represents a layer of the illness and energy that needed to “move” in order for a full recovery to occur.


The gallbladder can be a storage place for fear, anger, and other negative emotions or traumas. Indeed, as I see it,  gallstones are rather like fossils and when you do a gallbladder cleanse, it’s rather than doing an archeological dig into the past. Most archeologists spend a lot of time in the heat and in the sun and they need to make sure they stay super-hydrated. If you’ve experienced some trauma and you have Long COVID, staying super-hydrated is essential as part of this “archeological dig”. In Eastern Medicine, this hot, dry type of fever is considered to be a manifestation of excess heat and wind.


The most important treatment that we used that really changed the progression of Long COVID was sea water and coconut water. We drank doses of the sea water to super-hydrate and throughout the day we drank coconut water or water that contained crushed chia seeds. These are all sources of structured water that help hydrate the fascia more effectively than just plain, filtered water alone. 


Dehydration is an impediment to recovery from Long COVID. Dehydration plays a role in the development of gallstones (which must be cleaned out using the Dr. Hulda Clark cleanse to avoid surgery if you develop digestive symptoms). It can play a role in the perpetuation of the disease for many reasons that are too numerous to discuss in a book of this length. Super-hydrate yourself. 


Dehydration can generally prevent recovery from Long COVID. I talk about structured water later in this book and I especially recommend the use of sea water if you can find a source of it, but there are other sources of structured water that are excellent as well for healing. Dehydration of the fascia may result in diseased/painful areas of the body that don’t seem to be related to each other or to the fact that you’re dehydrated. But often, if a person were to examine segmental anatomy and the connections that exist via the fascia, they’d find that indeed, those painful areas are related. 


When you first start drinking the structured water, note that your body may respond like parched earth in that it may not readily absorb the water. Or you may notice simply that the pain or the disease “moves” rather than going away completely. It may take time for the fascia to fully absorb the water along its entire topography. Once the water is absorbed, detoxification can truly begin. The goal is to get to a point where your urine is clear. When that happens, congratulate yourself even if you still aren’t feeling like you’ve totally healed.


During the peak of our sinus infection, we took 2 tablespoons of turmeric/curcumin powder mixed with 1⁄2 tablespoon of coconut oil and honey (to taste) to quell another cytokine storm (fever, joint pain, inflammation), along with Butterbur 75 mg / Feverfew 200 mg supplement twice per day. We also took 20 drops of Methylene Blue in the morning and at night followed by time spent doing Red Light Therapy to the sinuses which basically just involves pointing the red light at areas of the body that are feeling pain. 


At night we took white willow bark (a natural alternative to aspirin/ibuprofen) if we were achy or feverish. 


We continued doing enemas as needed with water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda to alkalize the body and also continue detoxifying through the process. 


Symptom Set 3D: Candida albicans Long COVID Symptoms

Another layer of Long COVID mimicked the symptoms of a systemic Candida albicans infection. We developed yellow and green “frothy” mucus in our sinuses. All of us has bubbly urine. Three of us had neck pain. We continued drinking the sea water and doing enemas daily with 1 teaspoon of baking soda to further alkalize the body. We also started drinking Palo de Campeche tea (Haematoxylum campechianum) which may be difficult for people to get outside of Mexico. An alternative to Palo de Campeche tea that people can get in other parts of the world is Pau d’Arco. Don’t order just any Pau d’Arco tea though because many species of Pau d’Arco are not medicinal. For Long COVID treatment, use the inner bark of the Tabebuia impetiginosa tree). We drank 2 to 3 cups daily. 

This treatment may be too aggressive for some people. Baking soda is very alkalizing and it works quickly which means that it can cause people go full-strength into a reverse cycling mode. It’s important to work with baking soda and alkalizing slowly to avoid feeling worse. The goal is to feel better and better, especially when you’re working with a health problem that requires emotional endurance like Long COVID. 


My sinuses drained over the course of about 7 days which upset my stomach because the mucus/Candida ended up in my digestive system where the Candida died and then proceeded to rot. I felt depressed during this time, due to the presence of Candida, but I do want to note that in the past, when I had a systemic Candida infection, I had panic attacks. The panic attacks ended abruptly when my Candida infection went away. The best way to get rid of a Candida infection is to stop eating sugar of any kind and alkalize the body (get pH test strips and take 1 teaspoon of baking soda in water 5 times daily — the strip should show a pH between 7 and 8 and this pH should be maintained for as long as you can stand it or up to 3 weeks and then allow your body to go back to its normal pH) 


An alternative to using baking soda is drinking either the Haematoxylum campechianum tea or Tabebuia impetiginosa tea (2 to 3 mugs per day). Using the tea is much gentler than using baking soda for Long COVID.


The process of getting rid of a systemic Candida infection is relatively simple, but it still takes time. I felt as though the process proceeded on a 2 day cycle where I would feel better one day and then worse the next. I still continued getting noticeably better each day, but with dramatic setbacks of vomiting and nausea or a mysterious sore throat. Other family members, in contrast, experienced neck pain or extreme bloating. The symptoms varied. 

Symptom Set 3E: Minor Malaise


At this stage, all of us were mostly functioning in our normal lives, but we felt frustrated with a very minor malaise that involved pain, mostly in the neck, shoulder, or arm and a slightly lower energy level than our pre-COVID days. At this stage, we started using vibrational therapies to address the aches and pains and the lack of energy. 


Our digestive systems had been through so much at this point that we all felt like we needed to rebuild and avoid anything that would tax our tummies as well as the liver or kidneys. We stopped doing enemas daily, but changed our diets and ate much simpler meals. In particular, we tried to focus some energy on positive pursuits to avoid getting into a toxic, downward spiral of frustration. 

We started using biomagnetism on areas with pain and on specific points that represent channel end-points or reservoirs. We got out our Rife Machine and started doing daily sessions with all the frequencies. And we used the Dr. Jerry Tenant system of medicine to reboot our organs. Using this system, we placed TENS pads on specific muscle groups that “recharge” the organs. 

Our symptoms of Long COVID slowly disappeared over the course of 1-2 months using this protocol but there are many protocols that would work to cure Long COVID. If you don’t have access to all of these different systems, know that the process of healing may take longer, but it will still happen even if you just drink Pau d’Arco tea every day until you feel better.  


It’s important though, that anyone suffering from Long COVID knows that there are many treatments available to help them find the exit from the Long COVID labyrinth. There’s an emotional component to this disease and it can be extremely helpful to just know that a myriad of treatments exist to overcome it. There are many exits from this labyrinth. Hope is an ally during the healing process from this disease and if you’re willing to expand your thinking into other models of medicine (many of them ancient), there is an unlimited supply of hope and possibilities for overcoming Long COVID.

Symptom Set 3G: Extremely Dry Mouth

This symptom created other problems including gastrointestinal discomforts because our mouths were not salivating properly, thus we didn’t digest our food as well. The thing that worked very well to cure dry mouth was an herb known as Heliopsis longipes or Chilcuague (in Mexico) or Gold Root (in the U.S.). Heliopsis longipes encourages the salivary glands to salivate and it does very well in this capacity. Salivation, in turn, helps keep the tongue healthy as well as the esophagus and it is released as a vital component of the first stage of digestion.

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