This photo shows a Candida albicans infection in the esophagus. As this infection starts to clear, the Candida organisms dies and drops into the stomach and then proceeds to irritate the entire digestive system. It rots/disintegrates on its way out of the body, releasing toxins that can cause a detoxification reaction that includes any of the following: fever, chills, shaking, pounding heart, breathlessness, sinus congestion, lung congestion, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. A detox reaction from a Candida infection is often a cyclical event that happens every few days or weeks until the infection is totally cleared. Often, doctors diagnose patients with an autoimmune disease or they say that the Candida infection has developed BECAUSE of the autoimmune disease instead of acknowledging that it could be the other around.

Is Long COVID actually a systemic Candida albicans infection?


I recently read a study that was called COVID-19 Impairs Immune Response to Candida albicans. The article title alone suggests that getting COVID-19 makes people susceptible to a systemic Candida infection. But while mainstream medicine certainly views infection as an either-or/black-and-white thing, the second I read this article title, I thought of biomagnetism, a system of medicine that was developed in Mexico by Dr. Isaac Goiz and I wished that conventional medicine acknowledged a more expansive view of illness and disease that other alternative therapies readily embrace.

Dr. Goiz is a medical doctor who attended workshops provided by NASA to learn more about how astronauts dealt with specific health issues in space. This special body of information led him to develop biomagnetism or rather, The Biomagnetic Pair. Using an extremely accurate dark-field microscope to diagnose his patients, he found (as many doctors have found before him using dark field microscopes), that germs can sometimes change shape depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the body. Dr. Goiz found that every organism has a biomagnetic “pair”. A pair consists of two very different microorganisms that create a sort of “polarity” in the body that makes the existence of both possible. For example, a bacteria may require the presence of a virus to live for long periods of time inside a “reservoir” in the body. A virus may require a yeast or fungus (such as Candida) to lower the immune system enough to allow it to take up long-term residence in the body. Typically, patients receive treatment to address multiple biomagnetic pairs in multiple reservoirs on the body and while this system of medicine may sound to some like fruit-loops and wind-chimes, let me explain how it works. Biomagnetism is actually based on sound scientific data that isn’t widely known because it threatens Big Pharma and the conventional medicine industry.

How to Use Magnets to Cure Long COVID

Biomagnetism is based on several other solid systems of medicine/models of human physiology:

  1. Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. Segmental Anatomy
  3. NASA-based studies regarding magnetism used to keep astronauts healthy
  4. pH Therapy 
  5. German New Medicine

Many of the locations of the biomagnetic pairs are along acupuncture meridians. Indeed, acupuncture meridians follow the segmental anatomy system. Segmental anatomy is a holistic way of looking at the body with fascia and connective tissues playing a leading role. According to segmental anatomy, rather than looking at “systems” of the body, we should look at the order in which an embryo develops to determine which organs go with which muscle groups and other organs. 

Embryos develop from the center outwards. Organs take shape as “buds” and are wrapped in fascia (a translucent tissue that envelopes all muscles and organs). Throughout the embryo’s development, organ tissues give rise to arms and and legs, which ultimately explains why a same meridian may be located on the foot, but also in the neck or sinuses. According to acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine and segmental anatomy it is possible for a sinus infection to cause your toe to hurt. 

And pH therapy is well established in the scientific literature, though this type of therapy does challenge many of the basic premises of conventional medicine. According to this system of medicine which is easy to observe with one’s own eyes with a dark field microscope, many (not all) germs are pleiomorphic. In other words, one type of germ can turn into a different type of germ when the blood changes from an acidic to an alkaline state and vice versa. 

It’s still possible to “catch” a cold or COVID-19, from another person, for example, but some illnesses and infections actually can and do arise from within us. Indeed, German New Medicine is another well established field wherein doctors have noted that certain emotional traumas lead to diseases like cancer. Underlying this system of medicine is a similar set of ideas about how germs can change shape. Many germs are not visible at all when using light-field microscopy and “dead blood”. Dark field microscopy, in contrast, allows doctors and scientists to observe a virus or a bacteria as it changes into a new, infectious form based on the patient’s pH (acidity / alkalinity).

So what does this have to do with magnets and specifically biomagnetism? It’s simple actually. pH is a measure of the number of hydrogen atoms in a solution of water. When measuring the pH of a person, you’re measuring the number of hydrogen atoms that are dissolved in their body fluids. But hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. So this means that it is a very very simple atom made of only a proton, a neutron, and an electron. For all intents and purposes therefore, a hydrogen atom is a lot like the basic unit of electricity (an electron) when it is dissolved in a solution of water. 

A metal atom conducts electricity because metals are really good at handing off electrons to the atoms sitting next to it. Everyone knows that metals conduct electricity. And that water conducts electricity. But fewer people realize that water conducts electricity because of the hydrogen electrons that it contains. And that water that is more acidic is also less electrically conductive. 

Biomagnetism makes use of these very basic laws in physics to seek out viruses, bacteria, and fungi or yeast that have made a reservoir in your body and taken up long-term residence there. 

Biomagnetism in America

Though biomagnetism is rather well known in Mexico, it is less well-known in the U.S. and Europe. In Mexico, people get trained and certified in biomagnetism so that they can treat a wide variety of disorders from HIV to COVID-19. The tools of this trade are just polarized magnets and a “map” of the body for practitioners to locate reservoirs of pathogens. Patients are tested using kinesiology/muscle testing to determine which areas of the body are afflicted with an infection. 

This kinesiological muscle testing is done to diagnose patients with the proper location for biomagnetic pairs. Biomagnetism doctors literally ask patients (and themselves) if a given “pair” needs to be treated on the body. This is done by holding up the feet and watching the heels to see if they become shorter or longer. 

Again, though this may seem very woo-woo to a lot of readers, the fact is, the shortening and lengthening of limbs is a real thing that happens in response to changes in body pH in localized areas of the body. It likely works through the Autonomic Nervous System, which is the part of our nervous system that bypasses the brain and detects subtle bits of information from our environment. The Autonomic Nervous System is made up of two systems: the Sympathetic Nervous System (which deals with fight-or-flight responses) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (which deals primarily with rest and digest responses).

Muscle testing is widely used throughout the world, for example in Traditional Chinese Medicine to determine what a patient is allergic to so the allergy can be treated. The basis of this type of diagnosis is electricity (and pH) and it is supported from a number of different angles. The Sympathetic Nervous System has the ability to pick up “stressful cues” from the environment, including cues that go unnoticed by our conscious minds. As such, the Sympathetic Nervous System is more sophisticated than a lot of people realize. It may be the part of the body that’s responsible for storing trauma and emotions and later releasing them. 

Nonetheless, biomagnetism is a real thing and it is fairly easy to perform biomagnetism at home (both diagnosis and treatment). This is a powerful system of medicine that can be used to cure disease, though from my experience, patients often must receive several treatments before they are completely cured. 

Symptoms of a Systemic Candida albicans Infection: Long COVID vs. Candida albicans

The symptoms of a systemic Candida albicans infections are very similar to the symptoms of Long COVID. Candida albicans has often been implicated in the development of autoimmune diseases, though I don’t personally think that the relationship is purely cause and effect, but rather, to understand this relationship requires an entirely different model of medicine. By referencing the biomagnetism model of medicine where different microorganisms support the presence of other microorganisms, by creating a polarity and traveling along energetic “channels”, it’s easier to imagine how the COVID-19 virus could coexist with Candida and that these two infectious pathogens could support each other’s continued presence in the body. 

Indeed, Candida can support the presence of several different microorganisms and the same may be true for COVID, which could explain why patients who get one or the other of these diseases struggle to regain their health.  

How to Cure Long COVID and Candida

There are a number of treatment options for patients who are willing to consider that they have not just a viral infection, but also (or perhaps ONLY) Candida. Because Candida is pleiomorphic (it can change shape), patients may find that when they begin pH treatment or treatment with another medicinal listed below, they do “reverse cycling” back through diseases that they’ve had in the past. This is extremely common, but frustrating and sometimes disillusioning for patients who are trying to overcome Long COVID. 

It’s important to keep a journal throughout this process and note progress day-by-day. You may become ill several times before finally overcoming the general malaise caused by Long COVID.  

Below is a list of whole-body treatments that could be used to overcome both Long COVID and Candida such that neither are able to survive long-term in the body:



These treatments are not targeted, which is valuable if you don’t know where to start and you want to see progress quickly. But often, before you’ll feel progress and notice yourself feeling better, you’ll have a major healing crisis by following the protocols listed above. A healing crisis during Long COVID may involve fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or congestion in the sinuses or the lungs. These symptoms look like other illnesses like food poisoning or even a cold, influenza, or…COVID. When they happen, you may feel like you’re getting worse instead of getting better. 

This is where systems like biomagnetism can be really valuable. Biomagnetism allows you to alkalize the body in localized areas or channels between specific points on the body (the points are known as “reservoirs” for pathogens). Alkalizing in localized, but very targeted areas makes it easier to detox slowly and feel better and better day-by-day (although you may still at times feel like you’re going backwards a bit) rather than pushing too hard and making yourself feel awful during the recovery period. 

The COVID 19 Biomagnetic Pairs

Below is a list of the COVID-19 biomagnetic pairs. These are areas of the body where the COVID virus may try to shack up long term in a reservoir. Typically biomagnetic practitioners won’t just treat patients using a list like this. Rather, they do muscle testing to figure out what pathogens might also be supporting a COVID infection. But, this list gives you a place to start if you don’t know how to do muscle testing, but you still want to work with biomagnetism to cure Long COVID.

Each magnet has a red side and a black side. The magnets are placed in pairs. When the same location is given for both the black and the red pair, they are laid right next to each other at the same location. Leave the magnets in place for at least an hour. : 

Black Side                                                  Red Side

Pubis symphysis (urethra)                        Pubis symphysis (urethra)

Right medial tibia just under the knee     Left medial tibia just under the knee

Temple                                                         Center back of the head where the spine meets the skull

Nose                                                             Esophagus/Front middle neck

Larynx (front of the neck)                          Sacrum

Descending colon                                       Left pectoral muscle

Left cuadriceps                                           Left pectoral muscle

Larynx                                                           Larynx

Under the clavicle (center)                         Under the clavicle (center)

Lung                                                              Lung

Supraspinatus                                              Supraspinatus (top of the shoulder blade)

Back of the knee                                         Back of the knee


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