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Using Salt and Sea Water to Cure Long COVID and COVID-19


One of the most important COVID-19 treatments that my family and I used to overcome the final stages of infection as well as Long COVID, was sea water. The use of salt water to cure colds, influenza, and COVID is scientifically supported, but the simplicity of this treatment approach may be deceiving. Salt and water are such simple, common household items that some may be tempted to overlook them. But in this article we talk about salt and water, salt in the air, and drinking sea water as three powerful Long COVID treatments as well as COVID-19 infection prevention tools. 


Salt has medicinal qualities. Indeed, there are very few microorganisms that can survive in extremely salty environments. As such, salt can be used as an antimicrobial. But when we talk about salt, it’s important to note that there are many different types of salts. Salts, after all, are made when two elements come together in a special kind of bond. No, I’m not talking about sex or marriage, but rather an ionic bond in which the two elements share a common electron between them. Salts can be dissolved in water because of the fact that they have this type of bond. And there are many different types of salts besides just NaCl (table salt). As humans, salts of all different kinds are important because of the ease with which they dissolve in water (humans are 60-70% water, after all). 


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Sometimes, salts are called “electrolytes” because they are literally used by the body to make electricity at the cellular level. Many of the most vital nutrients that we need in order for our cells to work properly must be consumed as salts. But most of us these days drink some type of filtered water that doesn’t contain a good profile of trace minerals. And our foods are grown in soils that have not been properly cared for, which means that they too are deficient in nutrients. And a person can go for many years and adapt to this problem for the most part until they get sick with an infection that really challenges the cells. To overcome the challenge, cells may need doses of micro-nutrients that have been missing for many years. Sea water is a good source of these trace minerals.  

Super-hydrating oneself during a COVID-19 infection using sea water can make a big difference in the progression and outcome of the disease. Why? Because when the body is well hydrated, it can easily remove toxins, the kidneys are not overly stressed, and the liver is supported. Super-hydrating the body also means that structural and conductive human tissues such as fascia are working well to further support detoxification. 


But before we talk about sea water, let’s first look more closely at the use of salt in air and in water as a treatment for COVID-19 (the active infection).  

Salt Water Solution to Reduce Symptoms of COVID


A scientific study demonstrated that the use of nasal irrigation and gargling with salt water was able to reduce patients’ coughs and congestion. Indeed, patients who gargled daily with salt water recovered two days earlier than other non-gargling patients with COVID-19. 


Scientists at the University of Edinburgh believe that the sea salt gargles help fight COVID by making human cells stronger and amping up their defenses. The effects of gargling with sea salt have been shown to have beneficial effects against not only COVID-19, but four other common coronaviruses that cause colds and flu in humans. 


Study participants who did the nasal irrigation and gargles with the sea salt solution had a shorter duration of COVID and they were less likely to pass it on to their family members. They were also less likely to need medicine from a pharmacy to get through the infection. 

Suppress COVID with Salty Air


A new study recently showed that people who breathe humid, salty air are less likely to catch COVID-19 and if they do catch the disease, they’re less likely to experience severe symptoms. This research is hardly cutting edge news. Salt Caves in Europe have been used since the early 1800’s to cure major respiratory infections such as influenza, tuberculosis, and also the common cold. The value of these salt caves was discovered because salt miners who worked daily in the caves were noticeably more healthy than other residents of their community. Once the medicinal value of salty air was uncovered, hospitals were stationed inside salt caves in some areas of Europe. Today, people can set up “salt caves” (or simply rooms where salt is emitted into the air) inside their homes. 

NOTE: Salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) should not be used by patients with lung cancer.


Salt caves are all the rage in interior decorating these days, but it’s important to note that salt bricks release very little salt into the atmosphere if they’re merely being used as a wall (whether they’re lit up or not) or as a salt lamp. To make a real salt cave (or just salinate the air to disinfect both the air and your lungs/sinuses) with actual medicinal benefits, you need a halogenerator that spews tiny bits of salt into the air. When you breathe in this salt, it has a medicinal action inside the sinuses, mouth, and the lungs. 


Though some scientists suggest that humid salty air is best, doctors who have worked with patients in dry salt cave environments might argue to the contrary. The air inside a salt cave is dry. And when there are dry salt particles in relatively dry air, the salt is absorbent inside the lungs and sinuses, it works as an anti-bacterial, and as anti-inflammatory. Inside the bronchial tubes, lungs, and the sinuses, anti-inflammatory effects help maintain airflow and make the sinuses and lungs less habitable to potentially infectious organisms. 


Drinking Sea Water to Cure Long COVID


Sea Water has been used to treat a number of different diseases by replacing needed trace minerals in the body and providing a source of structured water. Sea water is high in trace mineral content, which is part of the reason why drinking several doses of it daily can improve health. Trace minerals that are often found in purified sea water include the following:


  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vanadium
  • Boron
  • Lithium
  • Rubidium


These trace minerals alkalize the body and they also provide the cells with micro-nutrients that are absolutely essential to health and well-being, but that are absent from filtered water and the foods that we eat every day. One bottle of sea water goes a long way. Most people drink about 2 tablespoons of sea water 3-4 times per day to treat themselves for Long COVID or as a preventative treatment for COVID-19.


Research has shown that drinking sea water in measured doses can help people control a variety of health conditions including the following:


  • Diabetes – Drinking sea water increases the secretion of insulin, it suppresses hyperglycemia, and it improves glucose tolerance. 
  • Cardiovascular Disease –  Drinking sea water reduces high blood pressure and it generally improves heart and blood vessel health.
  • Obesity – The use of sea water and Sesamum indicum leaf extract (sesame seed LEAF extract) was used to prevent people with a high-fat diet from developing diet-induced obesity. It works by activating AMPK in visceral adipose tissue. 
  • Cancer – Drinking sea water has been used to improve outcomes in cancer patients. It works particularly well with Chlorine Dioxide and vitamin B17. Sea water has been used as part of a breast cancer protocol to inhibit the metastasis of breast cancer cells. 
  • Skin problems – Consuming sea water has been used as an effective treatment for atopic eczema/dermatitis. 
  • Gut Health Improvement – If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or any other gut health issue, drinking sea water can improve your condition dramatically.
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels – Drinking sea water can lower cholesterol levels by 15-18%. 
  • Atherosclerosis – The trace mineral content of sea water prevents the development of atherosclerotic plaques.
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure – Contrary to what you might think, the high-nutrient salts that are found in sea water actually reduce high blood pressure and generally promote cardiovascular health by reducing atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol levels naturally.
  • Fatty Liver Disease Cure – Drinking sea water has protective effects on the liver and it promotes the release of fat from the liver to slowly cure fatty liver disease over time. 
  • Improves Energy Levels – Sea water is used by athletes to prevent lactic acid buildup in the muscles. It has also been used by Long COVID sufferers to treat fatigue. 
  • Stomach Ulcer Cure – Drinking sea water heals stomach ulcers. 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Cataract Treatment and Prevention – Drinking sea water can delay the development of cataracts. 
  • Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention – Over the course of 4 months of drinking sea water, bone mineral density was substantially improved. The trabecular numbers were also improved during bone regeneration.


Long COVID is a disease that often affects multiple organs in the body with fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, pain, headache, fast and/or pounding heartbeat, and brain fog as the most common symptoms. Drinking sea water can be used to treat all of these symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of the problem (nutrient deficiencies and poor mitochondrial function that results from it along with dehydration). 


Sea water has the ability to super-hydrate the body and this is vital as part of every Long Haul COVID treatment. Staying well hydrated with water that contains essential nutrients and trace minerals ensures that the fascia can easily transport water where it’s needed most and easily remove toxins from the body as well. 


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