How to Cure HIV: Email and Summary of Findings to Date


Below are two scientific articles about a red dye known as Hematoxylin (sometimes spelled Haematoxylin) that has been used to cure cancer. It has specifically been used as a leukemia cure. Hematoxylin is derived from the Palo de Campeche tree.

Scientific Article #1 about HIV Cure Using Hematoxylin:

Scientific Article #2 about HIV Cure Using Hematoxylin:

Email to Robert about a Potential HIV Cure:

Hi Robert,
I had a dream last night that was inspired somewhat by the gentian violet that you wrote about a few days ago. I’ve actually been researching gentian violet and other medicinal agents that have been used as dyes/stains lately so when you said this was what you were using on your cats, it got my attention, but…last night I had this dream where one of my guides kept going over and OVER this word and this dye that I read about like…5 years ago when I first wrote the cancer cure books. It’s a red dye called hematoxylin (or sometimes haematoxylin) and when I looked it up this morning, it led me straight to leukemia…which pertains in a convoluted way to the COVID vaccine…which in turn pertains to HIV. So I looked to see if I could find any research linking hematoxylin as a treatment/cure for HIV and I found the research above that basically says that hematoxylin can be used to prevent the HIV virus from being able to inject itself into the nucleus of human cells (which means that it can’t replicate).
So, I just wanted to share this with you. I wasn’t able to find a place to find the natural-tree product (Palo de Campeche) from which hematoxylin is manufactured in the U.S., but I did find the Palo de Campeche in Mexico and my husband just ordered some that we’re going to experiment with.
Here’s a link to the Palo de Campeche tea product that’s available in Mexico:
(Be sure to watch the video—it’s quite beautiful.)
The hematoxylin that’s available in the U.S. through Amazon appears to be mixed with toxic chemicals that would make it unsafe for human consumption. But maybe there’s another source of hematoxylin through other sources.
Anyway, I wanted you to know about this. It seems like information that might be valuable to you.
Take care and HUGS!!! 🙂

Summary of Findings So Far in Regard to How to Cure HIV Using Alternative Medicine:

  1. Tetrasilver tetroxide IV – Dr. Metharem Haresh from South Africa has used tetrasilver tetroxide as part of a protocol to cure HIV. He has providing this treatment for many years. He used Tetrasilver Tetroxide to cure HIV in a family member. The Tetrasilver Tetroxide is also called Silver II Oxide. A product called Silspa can be obtained in Mexico and then purified by a chemist who knows what they are doing. Here is a link to the process used to prepare Tetrasilver Tetroxide for intravenous therapy as a cure for HIV. Tetrasilver Tetroxide is also called Tetrasil or Ag404 or Imusil. In order to use it on a patient, the patient must have a healthy liver and laboratory results that show that the liver is healthy.
  2. Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) + Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is the primary mode of treatment that Robert has used to get himself off his HIV pharmaceutical medications. At the time of this writing, he is much healthier and he is not taking pharmaceuticals to control his HIV. Rather, he takes 3-6 drops of CDS 3 times per day with Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). He isn’t emotionally ready to go get tested to find out whether he cured HIV by simply taking the CDS via enemas and by mouth and he hasn’t tried doing taking CDS intravenously yet either. He needs to have someone present to try the IV Chlorine Dioxide cure for HIV because it’s possible that the treatment could cause a cytokine storm that would need to be managed by someone who can deal with that kind of strong reaction. However, he feels healthy and the CDS treatments have taken the place of the HIV pharmaceuticals that were causing serious side effects. Slowly, he’s been working on countering these side effects and restoring his general health using various alternative treatments and vitamin therapy.
  3. Hematoxylin – This red dye as with certain other strong histological dyes (such as gentian violet and methylene blue), has healing properties. Hematoxylin could, in theory, be consumed as a whole plant treatment since it is derived from the Palo de Campeche tree (which is found in Mexico). The Palo de Campeche tree can be added to water to make a bright red drink that is able to prevent HIV-1 from entering the nucleus of human cells to replicate.


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