How to Cure a Sinus Infection, Ear Infections, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, and Respiratory Infections Naturally at Home


Viral respiratory infections often end with secondary bacterial infections that go into the ears, chest, or sinuses. Chest infections, ear infections, and chronic sinus infections can last for months or in some cases, years, with doctors having little to offer patients other than one antibiotic after another that doesn’t work. Chronic sinus infection patients are often recommended for surgeries that worsen symptoms and disease progression. Ear infection patients may end up with tubes in their ears or a broken eardrum.


Chronic antibiotic therapy wreaks havoc on general health and having a chronic sinus or chest infection is a real drag. Children with chronic ear infections may suffer from difficulty hearing. And parents with children who have chronic ear infections suffer from a lack of sleep. So what can you do if you develop a chest infection, ear infection, or a chronic sinus infection as a result of an influenza, COVID-19, or any other type of respiratory infection? Believe it or not, there are some powerful over-the-counter treatments that will empower you to not only prevent secondary sinus infections, ear infections, or chest infections, but also empower you to finally cure chronic infections in the ear, nose, throat, and chest. 


Below we talk about how to prevent a sinus infection, ear infection, and other infections that often come about as a result of viral infections such as colds, flu, and COVID. All of the treatments below will improve your overall health, not just cover up symptoms, though they will also help diminish symptoms at the same time.  

How to Cure Sinus Infection, Ear Infection, or Chest Infection / Bronchitis at Home:

The N-Acetylcysteine / NAC Cure for Sinus Infection and Other Respiratory Infections:

NAC DOSE: Take NAC 1000 mg up to 4 times per day at the first sign of a cold, influenza, or COVID. For chronic sinus infection or any other type of disease (ear infection, etc.) involving the mucus membranes, you can take the same dose. Indeed, it is possible to take NAC every day of your life to prevent colds and flu, even when you aren’t sick.

NAC 1000 mg 120 Tablets Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW NAC, 1000mg

N-Acetylcysteine / NAC is a powerful detoxifying medicine. This is a naturally occurring antioxidant that has a broad spectrum of medicinal action that’s particularly relevant to people with acute or chronic sinus infection, bronchitis, ear infection, or any type of respiratory infection. NAC is part of an effective cure for COVID which led health officials in the U.S. to try to restrict its use. Whereas people recently were able to order NAC through Amazon, now they have to go directly to suppliers because of the legislative changes that have been made to try to keep people from discovering the value of NAC as a cure for influenza, the common cold, and of course, COVID-19


NAC thins mucus so it is used to treat bronchitis and sinus infection as well as any disease that involves mucus (including fertility because vaginal mucus secretions play a role in conception). Mucus exists in the body to trap pathogens and toxins to keep them from being inhaled. Inside the sinuses and the digestive system, mucus performs the same sticky function. It traps toxins and pathogens to escort them out of the body. Mucus, as such, is meant to flow. That’s one reason why thick mucus is a sign of a bigger problem during a respiratory infection. When you thin the mucus, not only do your sinuses clear, but your body is able to successfully remove infectious pathogens. And when you can remove these pathogens from the body, your cells can heal. 


On the other hand, if you allow a build up of pathogens or toxins to linger in the body, the cells get sick. For your cells, this would be like they’re living in a landfill. Obviously, cells that are living in a landfill are likely to get sluggish and ill. So NAC is an important and valuable supplement that anyone can take to cure sinus infection, bronchitis, ear infection, and any other type of respiratory infection. NAC helps keep mucus flowing so it can escort pathogens out of the body.


Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO): 


DMSO DOSE: DMSO can be administered on an as needed basis. It is impossible to overdose on DMSO because it has a toxicity level comparable to that of water.


For readers who have never used dimethylsulfoxide, this medicine will be a life-changer for you. Be sure to read our tutorial on DMSO to understand this incredible tree medicine that could literally change the face of medicine. DMSO is FDA approved and it has the broadest medicinal action of any FDA approved medication in the Physician’s Desk Reference. A whole system of medicine could be based around the use of DMSO because DMSO potentiates other medicines. While DMSO has its own medicinal properties (the most amazing of which, perhaps, is its ability to regenerate nerves), it also has the ability to combine very easily with practically any substance and/or solid materials. It is a powerful solvent. But additionally, DMSO has the ability to easily pass into and through human cells as well as other types of cells (such as bacterial or viral cells). This is a very practical characteristic because DMSO can be used to penetrate into cancer cells, for example, so that it can deliver very low doses of chemotherapy to tumors without exposing the entire body to the toxic effect of high dose chemo (Read more about DMSO-Potentiated Chemotherapy here). This characteristic of DMSO that allows it to be combined with tiny doses of antibiotics or other types of medicines such that the medicine is still effective without exposing the entire body to its toxic effects could make medical treatment more affordable. In addition to its ability to dissolve a variety of substances and medicinals and carry them through and around human cells, it also has the amazing ability to seek out the human cells in the body that are “sick” as well as to seek out pathogens. As such, it can deliver medicines directly to the areas where it is most needed. DMSO is naturally attracted to disease-causing pathogens as well as to human cells that are toxic and sick and in need of treatment. Whereas normally, people need high doses of antibiotics to treat infection, for example, with DMSO, low doses have the same effect on disease and cause less damage to healthy human cells.


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria become susceptible to drugs that have long-since ceased to be effective when those drugs are combined with DMSO. 


So why don’t you know about DMSO? 


Think about it…if a naturally occurring medicine like DMSO, that cannot be patented was able to lessen the amount of drugs that the people of the world need, who would suffer? Big Pharma, that’s who. If a medicine like DMSO were able to cure ear infection or chronic sinus infections and other diseases like COVID, more people might be tempted to treat themselves at home. The Cancer Industry would collapse first. So this is why DMSO is not well-known even though most people have received DMSO treatment at the dental office after getting dental treatments (a drop of DMSO is always administered after tooth extractions). 


Nonetheless, that’s why you’ve never heard of it.


The same concept used to treat cancer with low-dose chemo applies in regard to treating a sinus infection, an ear infection, chest infection, or any type of respiratory infection. The sinuses are hard to reach with medicines because they’re deep inside the skull. Ear infections are similarly problematic. Ensuring that medicines reach the sinuses and the inner ear can be a challenge, but DMSO can help. 


There are several medicines that we’ll talk about below that can be combined with DMSO safely to cure an ear infection, a chest infection, or to cure a chronic sinus infection without antibiotics. 


Years ago, I reliably got sinus infections at the end of every bout with the common cold or influenza. It was so frustrating! Every year or sometimes twice a year I’d end up on 2 to 3 rounds of different antibiotics over the course of a month and a half. My husband had the same problem except his sinus infections took a more insidious route and eventually turned into a chronic fungal sinus infection that eventually led to a fungal ear infection and a broken eardrum. When his doctor recommended surgery, we knew it was time for a change. But I was many years away from discovering DMSO at that time. So we started by eliminating dairy from our diet, which was surprisingly effective at thinning the mucus that would gum up inside the sinuses at the end of viral respiratory infections.  


But rather than bore you with the history of how I found the medicines in this document to prevent sinus infections, and chest infections or to treat ear infections at home, I’ll skip ahead by ten years and tell you about some of the amazing natural sinus infection treatments I’ve learned about over the years and describe how to use them.


How to Cure a Sinus Infection with DMSO:


DMSO is first in line as a sinus infection treatment. At the first sign of a cold or flu or COVID, put a drop of DMSO at the entrance of each nostril to clear the sinuses when they start to plug up. Remember, DMSO easily moves through and around human cells to go where it needs to go so this drop of DMSO will move through the skin and into the blood supply quickly when you place a drop at the entrance to the nostril. Sniff the droplets of DMSO up into the sinuses forcibly for an even more powerful effect. 


Be prepared to feel some burning when DMSO first goes up into your sinuses. This burning sensation can last for 1-2 minutes and it can be intense, but this is a sign that the DMSO has reached tissues that need to be treated. DMSO dries tissues. It absorbs moisture so this will be helpful inside sinuses that are chronically inflamed and weeping. And it will help clean out the cells in those mucus membranes inside the sinuses. Use as much DMSO as you want in this way. No one has ever overdosed on DMSO. Patients can receive intravenous infusions of pure DMSO, in fact to heal spinal cord injuries and other nerve problems so don’t be afraid to load up on this stuff.


Though you could put DMSO in a nasal spray bottle, don’t do this because DMSO eats away at plastics and combines with plastic. So if you put DMSO in a container with any plastic, it will combine with the plastic and then take plastic into your cells. Obviously, this would be bad for tissues that are already overwrought with infection. So instead, simply use a glass dropper to put one droplet or two at the entrance to each of your nostrils and breathe in quickly and forcefully. Then, wait 5 minutes. You’ll feel your sinuses open and clear. 


An alternative method of using DMSO to heal a sinus infection is to lean over and put a droplet of DMSO at the base of the nostrils such that it can run into the sinuses. DMSO will make its way into the sinuses though whether you use this technique or not because there are blood vessels that flow through the lower nostrils upward into the sinuses. It takes about 5 minutes for the DMSO to travel from the nostrils to the sinuses.


DMSO has its own strong antibiotic properties, so even if you use it by itself, you’ll see progress at curing sinus infection. It can be used to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungal infections. 


How to Cure an Ear Infection with DMSO:

Though you can put DMSO in your ear as drops and let the DMSO go through the eardrum to treat an inner ear infection, it can be painful to do treatments in this way. The DMSO easily passes through the eardrum and in some cases, this can cause an intense burning pain in the inner ear. Indeed, DMSO drops should be at only a 0.1-0.25% concentration (1 to 2.5 drops of DMSO per 100 drops of water) if you intend to administer them directly into the ear to prevent damage to the hairs in the inner ear.

Rather than putting drops of DMSO directly into and on the eardrum, consider putting DMSO on and around the ear including spreading it inside the ear canal, on the outside of the ear, including behind the ear flap and in front of the ear flap. Put DMSO on the upper neck underneath the ear. Consider combining this topical DMSO treatment with Lugol’s Iodine to create a powerful antibiotic treatment (see below). 


DOSE: Apply No Odor, pharmaceutical grade DMSO to the areas surrounding the ear, including the neck, the area behind the ears, the ear flap, and the area in front of the ears on the face. Be aware that DMSO is drying so if you don’t add water to the DMSO to dilute it, it may dry the skin. If the skin gets red after applying DMSO, add water to the mixture as needed to make it less drying. 


Lugol’s Iodine: 

Lugol’s Iodine for Chest Infection, Sinus Infection, and Throat Infection.

Lugol’s Iodine DOSE for a Nebulizer: Put 4 drops of 2% Lugol’s Iodine in ⅛ cup of filtered, clean water. Add this mixture to the nebulizer cup and nebulize for 30 minutes up to 5 times per day to treat a sinus infection, ear infection, or bronchitis.


If you don’t know much about iodine, you should, especially if you’re suffering from any type of respiratory infection that just won’t quit. Iodine deficiency leaves a person with lowered immune defense. Indeed, our bodies normally make sure there’s plenty of iodine in our mucus and sweat to ensure that we’re protected by an Iodine Forcefield of Protection against infection, but iodine deficiency leaves people vulnerable. And of course, if you’re low on iodine, your mucus won’t have enough iodine to disinfect the sinuses, the lungs, and the bronchial tubes against pathogens. Correcting this deficiency can lead to health benefits beyond your wildest dreams, I promise you. Read more about the role of iodine in promoting immunity but also, don’t miss this important article about how people are using iodine to cure breast cancer and other reproductive organ cancers such as prostate cancer. 


Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
Support our outside vendors by purchasing Lugol’s Iodine here. 

To potentiate the Lugol’s Iodine as an at home sinus infection treatment or chest infection treatment, put 1 drop of DMSO at the entrance of each nostril prior to nebulizing. DO NOT ADD DMSO TO THE NEBULIZER ITSELF. DMSO tends to eat away at and combine with plastics and you don’t want to inhale tiny droplets of plastic mixed with DMSO. To avoid this problem, while still taking advantage of the benefits of DMSO in treating a sinus infection, put a drop of the DMSO at the entrance of the nostrils at the beginning of a nebulizer session with Lugol’s Iodine. 

Iodoral IOD-50 30 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

Iodoral IOD-50

Iodine used to be the most commonly prescribed medicine back in the early 1900s before Big Pharma really took hold and changed the American healthcare system into a profit-generating machine that has no concern for patient well-being. If you aren’t currently taking a supplement such as Lugol’s Iodine 2% or Iodoral, you need to consider the health benefits of a daily iodine supplement. Iodized salt simply isn’t enough for Americans due to the ubiquitous presence of bromine and fluorine in water, food, and in the environment.


Lugol’s Iodine Ear Infection Cure:

DOSE: Add 1-4 drops of Lugol’s Iodine to the topical DMSO ear infection treatment as an antibiotic and anti-fungal that will soak into the skin along with the DMSO. The DMSO and Lugol’s Iodine will travel through blood vessels to the middle or inner ear to cure ear infection. 


Vitamin B17 / Amygdalin and Vitamin B15 / Pangamic Acid


DOSE: Eat 5-7 raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels daily to meet your vitamin B17 and vitamin B15 needs as you recover from a respiratory infection. Eat these nuts first thing in the morning 30 minutes before you consume anything. Take a second dose of these nuts in the evening right before bed and 1 hour after consuming anything (including supplements). 

Take a high-quality multivitamin along with the apricot kernels to ensure that your body can absorb the vitamin B17 and vitamin B15 and use these substances to rebuild your health.

Grind up FRESH apricot kernels for children and put them in vegetable capsules. 


The whole story of Vitamin B17 is a tragedy of political intrigue that would blow your mind if you knew it! The same doctor at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, Dr. Sugiura, who developed chemotherapy also discovered later that vitamin B17, an active substance that’s present in high quantities in apricot kernels, apple seeds, pear seeds, and grape seeds is able to cure cancer in 100% of lab rats. For humans, the cancer cure rate of using vitamin B17 is between 80 to 90% depending on the patient’s diet and other health factors. The book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin details step-by-step using public record how vitamin B17 was covered up after its cancer curing abilities were discovered.


I always recommend that my clients take vitamin B17 and vitamin B15 in the form of raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels because cancer is a disease that has fungal origins, so to speak. Any disease that involves progressive degeneration or chronic illness is likely to involve a deficiency of these vitamins because, frankly, fruits have been systematically hybridized to exclude seeds that humans used to eat daily. People have been taught to believe that apple seeds are poisonous and that grapes taste better without seeds. And this has led to an onslaught of chronic diseases including chronic sinus infections, frequent ear infections, susceptibility to respiratory infection, chronic bronchitis, and a wide variety of chronic respiratory diseases and disorders. A few apricot kernels a day can literally keep the doctor away. 


Methylene Blue and Red Light Therapy for Treating Sinus Infection, Ear Infection, and Chest Infection at Home: Photodynamic Therapy at Home


What is Methylene Blue? 


Methylene Blue was the first pharmaceutical ever developed, so it’s been around a long time. And it’s no longer patentable so Big Pharma does everything it can to hide the utility of this pharmacore medicine on which many other medicines have been modeled. In fact, many of the prescription medications that wereused during the COVID pandemic to improve health outcomes (hydroxychloroquine is an example) were derived from Bethylene Blue. 


I talk a lot about Methylene Blue and how to use it to cure COVID as well as how to cure Long COVID / Long Haul COVID so I’ll let you scroll through some of the Other Important Links at the end of this document to learn more about this valuable medicine which can be used to rebuild cellular health. 

Rebuilding cellular health and cellular energy may not sound like a big deal but if your cells are tired and sick, they need energy to recover. Methylene Blue can literally recharge the batteries of cells by donating electrons to the mitochondria. 


Visit this link about treating depression with Methylene Blue for information about dosage. You can take Methylene Blue and then apply Red Light Therapy to the infected areas of the body (the ears, the sinuses, or the chest/back) to improve cellular health overall and give cells the energy they need to regain health.

What is Red Light Therapy?


Red Light Therapy is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the therapeutic use of red light to treat diseases, injuries, and infections. It’s so simple that it confuses people. Basically, you just shine a red light at areas of the body afflicted by infection or pain. 


But for a chronic sinus infection, frequent ear infections, chronic bronchitis or to treat active respiratory infections like influenza, the common cold, or COVID, it’s best to buy a red light that offers both infrared and regular red light between 640 and 950 nm. Higher powered red light is generally preferred over low watt, low powered red lights for treating a respiratory infection or a sinus infection. 

If you don’t have Methylene Blue on hand or if you don’t want to use Methylene Blue to cure an ear infection, bronchitis, or a sinus infection, you can use Red Light Therapy without combining the two. In other words, Red Light Therapy and Methylene Blue both have their own valuable healing properties even if you don’t combine them together and use them at the same time. But if you do use Red Light Therapy with Methylene Blue, the two potentiate each other. One strengthens the effects of the other. People are often amazed at how quickly and efficiently Red Light Therapy works to cure ear infection or sinus infections. 


My husband and I lived in Myanmar for a period of time and while there, he became ill with an ear infection and sinus infection that wouldn’t go away no matter what we tried. At a small local store we saw a small infrared light one day so we bought it and took it home. Every morning and every night, he shined the light at his ears and sinuses. He said he could feel the infection “tingling”. After months of struggling with it, it only took days for infrared light to work its magic to treat the ear infection and the sinus infection.

Red Light Therapy and Methylene Blue both have super-broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. Scientists say that Red Light can kill any pathogen, the challenge is to get the red light to the pathogen so that the pathogen dies. Scientists have, for example, swabbed the inside of the nostrils with Methylene Blue and then shoved little red LEDs up inside the nose to do red light in the area of the nose where COVID most likes to hide. Near Infrared Light is most capable of penetrating human tissues to treat the lungs through the chest and the sinuses and the inner ears through the skull bones.


Near Infrared Light is the type of light that is most effective at penetrating human tissues. This is the spectrum of light that’s used by doctors to treat Traumatic Brain Injury which means that the red light is able to pass through the skull to achieve its effects on the brain. Below is a product called a TALS Red Light Therapy mouthpiece that floods the mouth and the sinuses with red light. If you follow the link below, you’ll see that this mouthpiece also floods light into the sinuses. If you take Methylene Blue according to the proper dose and then put this mouthpiece in for the recommended period of time, you’ll not only cure a sinus infection and possibly an ear infection, but you might also find that your teeth start to remineralize, particularly if you stop using toothpastes that contain glycerin and if you take the Thorne Research multivitamin we recommend above. 


SIDE NOTE ABOUT TEETH: It’s extremely important that your teeth and gums are healthy if you have chronic sinus issues. If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, get them removed. Candida albicans and other fungi feed on the presence of mercury. It may be hard to heal your sinuses if you don’t get these fillings removed (I got mine removed for a quarter of the price in a very clean, nice facility in Tijuana, Mexico). If you wish to remineralize your teeth, stop taking any stand-alone vitamin D3 supplements and only take supplements that combine vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MK-7). Most multivitamins contains vitamin K which is actually vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 is necessary in order for your bones and teeth to stay healthy and to keep your blood vessels from becoming clogged up with calcium deposits (all the calcium goes into the blood vessels if you aren’t taking vitamin K2 with your D3). Stop using any type of toothpaste or eating foods that contains glycerin (because it clogs the pores of the teeth and makes it impossible for minerals to remineralize the teeth), consider getting yourself some GC Tooth Mousse, and shine a red light in your mouth twice a day for at least 10 minutes. Or shine a regular Near Infrared Light at your sinuses for 10 minutes twice a day. 

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