Ozone Therapy Reactive Oxygen Species Medicine to Cure Post COVID Vaccine Syndrome, COVID-19 Infection, and Long-Haul COVID


IMPORTANT NOTE: Scientists have recently realized that COVID-19 (as well as many respiratory infections) need to be treated in 2 phases. Phase 1 takes place during the first 2-3 days of acute infection when symptoms are not that severe. During this initial phase of infection, treatment with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide are appropriate to lower the viral load. However, treating the infection with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide beyond this initial 2 to 3 day window could worsen symptoms. During Phase 2 of the infection, when coughing begins, it is vital to supplement with Vitamin B3 at no less than 1000 mg per day (500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening). Patients should also be given medicines to counteract the effects of a cytokine storm during this stage. We provide a list of potential options that you can use to treat a cytokine storm at home at this link.  

Consider using a Methylene Blue, Vitamin C, and NAC protocol for Phase 1 treatment and then continue with Methylene Blue through Phase 2 for COVID-19.

What is ozone therapy? 

Ozone is a gas molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms. It can be used to treat a variety of illnesses, diseases, and ailments, including:


Studies have shown that ozone therapy is capable of destroying various toxic pathogens. When inhaled, ozone can be toxic (thus the reports that ozone isn’t medicinal), but when introduced to the body in other ways, it can be healing. 1

One common way that ozone therapy may be administered is intravenously through a process called autohemotherapy, where a patient’s blood is mixed with ozone and then reinjected into their bloodstream. It may also be applied to the skin or used in an “ozone sauna”, a process where an area of a person’s body is “bagged” with ozone gas. Some patients sometimes choose to have the ozone gas blown into their body (via the rectum or the ear). Ozonated water is another common administration method.1


Ozone Therapy as a COVID-19 Treatment

Ozone has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, oxidant, and antioxidant effects in the body. It is specifically drawn to viruses that have a lipid-coated encapsulation, such as the coronavirus. Thus, ozone can be used as a targeted therapy to treat COVID-19. In addition, the cysteine envelope of the coronavirus is especially vulnerable to oxidation. This envelope is an essential component of the virus’s anatomy, and without it, the virus is unable to attach itself to or enter cells in order to replicate itself. Because ozone can selectively target and denature the cysteine coating on the coronavirus, it can effectively stop the COVID-19 virus from replicating. 4

As a COVID-19 treatment, ozone therapy can successfully oxidize the cysteine envelope of the coronavirus, which is one of the primary mechanisms that makes this treatment effective. This envelope is particularly vulnerable to oxidation and is an essential part of the virus’ anatomy that makes it possible for the virus to attach itself to and enter cells for replication. Because ozone can selectively target and denature the cysteine coating on the coronavirus, it can effectively stop the COVID-19 virus from replicating.

Ozone therapy also has an immunomodulatory effect in the body. When administered at the correct dosage, it can help encourage the body’s immune cells to release specific cytokines that can kill any existing viruses. Any viruses in the body will have already been weakened by the oxidizing effect of ozone, and are therefore easier to target and destroy. 4

Specifically, ozone therapy encourages the release of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, and IL-2. However, because of this encouragement of cytokine release (and the release of these cytokine proteins in particular), COVID-19 patients who are also suffering from a cytokine storm should use ozone therapy with caution and only with the help of an experienced health practitioner. 4

Ozone therapy has been used in India with great success. One article from the Hindustan Times indicates that based on a recent clinical study, a group of COVID-19 patients who were given ozone therapy showed a recovery rate of 77% after only 5 days of treatment. After 8 days of treatment, these patients in the ozone group had fully recovered. Over 700 patients have successfully been treated in Mumbai and Pune. 5 

One study of 55 patients with COVID-19 demonstrated that ozone therapy was a valuable treatment option that reduced overall mortality rates. Of the 55 total patients, 37 of them were given 1 dose of autohemotherapy ozone therapy treatment over the course of 7 days at a volume of 100ml and an ozone concentration of 30mcg/ml. They also received the standard COVID-19 treatments required by the hospital. The other 18 patients in the study group were given only the standard, required treatments. Between the two groups, the mortality in the ozone group was lower. 3

If you have an active COVID-19 infection, the ozone therapy treatment you receive will need to be different than one taken for prevention. The methods for at-home administration may be administered 5 times per week in addition to an anti-COVID treatment protocol involving other healing therapies and medicines. If you plan to receive treatment at a clinic, consult with the practitioners at an ozone therapy clinic near you to receive personalized attention regarding your situation. 


Ozone Therapy for Long Haul COVID

Ozone therapy can help people suffering from long haul COVID to regain strength and rebuild immunity. It can specifically help relieve symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, and general feelings of weakness. It also helps rebuild antioxidants to increase the body’s ability to fight off secondary infections. Doctors in India are currently recommending that patients who have just recovered from COVID-19 receive 10 ozone therapy sessions post-recovery in order to stave off long haul COVID and/or the potential for a secondary infection. 5

Long haul COVID may be treated more or less the same as any COVID-19 infection treatment. The chronic fatigue and general feelings of weakness associated with long haul COVID can often be treated quickly with ozone therapy. You may visit a clinic for individualized care, or you may perform ozone therapy on yourself at home (some people choose to do a combination of at-home and clinic based treatments). 


Ozone Therapy for COVID-19 Prevention

Ozone therapy can help eliminate existing viruses in the body by making them more vulnerable to the body’s immune cells and making it impossible for the virus to replicate. Ozone can also stimulate the body’s immune system to produce immune proteins. Therefore, regular ozone therapy treatments can help clear out any COVID-19 viral loads in the body that may exist even before symptoms start. 4

There are many boutique health therapy clinics in the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond that offer ozone therapy treatments. Specifically, many of these clinics offer autohemotherapy treatments. For the prevention of COVID-19, you may go receive a treatment once a week or once a month, or administer a 1-3 time per week at-home ozone treatment using the methods described later in this section. 


Side Effects of Ozone Therapy

Depending on the administration method, different side effects may occur after ozone therapy administration. However, regardless of how the ozone gas is administered, a large percentage of patients experience a Herxheimer reaction following treatment, otherwise known as a “detox”. It’s common for people to initially feel very good after an ozone therapy session, but in the days following, they may feel worse before they finally feel better. 1 Herxheimer reactions differ from person to person, but may involve symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea, nausea, headache, irritability or mood swings, general intestinal discomfort, fatigue, fever, acne breakouts or rash, and achiness or general pain. Drink plenty of water and rest during this detox period to help your body recover fully. You may also use bentonite clay or charcoal and enemas to help relieve some symptoms and support the detoxification process. 

Individuals who choose to receive ozone therapy via the rectum may experience intestinal cramping, discomfort, or flatulence. These effects will pass soon after the treatment and are common with this method of administration. 1

Pregnant women are advised to not receive ozone therapy in any form. It is also contraindicated for patients with uncontrolled hyperthyroidism. Patients with glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency should specifically avoid receiving ozone therapy treatments via the major autohemotherapy (MAH) method. 4


How to Administer Ozone Therapy At Home

To administer ozone therapy, you will either need to obtain a prescription for an 870 medical oxygen tank, or you will need to acquire a 540 commercial oxygen tank (these are available at locations like Airgas, Praxair, and other welding supply stores). There is no difference in purity between these two types of oxygen. You will be able to get and use a 540 tank as long as you don’t tell the seller that you plan to use it for medical purposes. You will also need to obtain a medical grade ozonation device to transform the plain oxygen in the tanks into ozone. 2

There are three primary ways to administer ozone gas at home: rectal insufflation, ear insufflation, and by drinking or applying ozone water. 2

Rectal insufflation is one of the most efficient ways to administer ozone at home because it is the most effective way to introduce ozone into the bloodstream, thus benefiting the entire body. You may perform this method up to 5 times per week for the treatment of COVID-19. 2

Ear insufflation is particularly valuable for the treatment of COVID-19 because it helps treat symptoms such as cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, and other head-related symptoms. Do ear insufflation as needed. 2

Ozone water is a valuable disinfectant. It may be used on surfaces in the home or on the skin. It also may be drunk directly to help treat the digestive system and offer whole-body ozone therapy, similar to rectal insufflation. Ozone water may also be used as needed. 2

It is important to start with a lower dose when you are starting to administer ozone therapy at home. Higher doses aren’t always better with ozone, and in fact, lower doses may even be stronger in some cases. Do not EVER breathe ozone gas, as it can cause burning, irritation, and lung damage. Consult with a healthcare practitioner for additional advice on how to administer ozone at home safely and effectively. 2


Clinics That Offer Ozone Therapy Treatment for COVID-19

While it is possible to administer ozone therapy at home on yourself or loved ones, some people choose to receive ozone therapy at a clinic. Most of the clinics below utilize autohemotherapy to administer ozone, however some use direct intravenous administration. MAH (major autohemotherapy) sessions can last about 1 hour, while intravenous ozone treatments usually last for only a few minutes. 4 Here are some clinics that offer ozone therapy for the treatment of illnesses, including for the treatment of the COVID-19:


American Regenerative Clinic

31000 Telegraph Road, Suite 140

Bingham Farms, MI, USA 48025


Advanced Wellness Clinic

4242 Medical Drive, Building 6

San Antonio, TX, USA 78229


Emerald Wellness Integrative Health Clinic

16729 100 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5X 2S9


Integrative Wellness New York

26 Court Street, #309 

Brooklyn, NY, USA 11201



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