How to Use a Nebulizer to Treat COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Illnesses Including Sinus Infections and Bronchitis

Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind. 

Both children and adults can use the treatments below to restore health after contracting a respiratory illness like COVID-19. The nebulizer treatments listed below will work the same for children as for adults.

A Note about Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO):

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is FDA approved. This medicine has the broadest medicinal action currently known in the pharmaceutical industry and it also has the lowest toxicity level of any medicine listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference. DMSO by itself has a toxicity level similar to that of water. 


DMSO is derived from trees and when it is used in the human body, it has its own “wisdom” in that it naturally goes where it’s needed most. It works as a pain reliever, nerve regenerator (it rebuilds nerves), cell detoxifier, inflammation reducer, and more.

DMSO is a solvent and it combines very VERY easily with other substances. DMSO also easily passes through the skin into cells. So these two characteristics, the fact that DMSO is a solvent + its ability to pass easily into the body through the skin, means that you need to be careful with DMSO and make sure that you don’t combine it with other things. Indeed, it will eat through most plastics. So I recommend that you put a drop of DMSO inside the nostrils if you want to send this medicine into the nose, sinuses, and the lungs. If you nebulize with a substance listed below and you want to combine it with DMSO, this is the safest way to combine this valuable medicine with other treatments to get them into the lungs. If you use DMSO in a nebulizer it may eat through the nebulizer cup (which means that it is combining with plastics that are then being absorbed by your cells) or it may combine with the plastic in the nebulizer mask. That’s why I recommend avoiding the use of DMSO in the nebulizer itself. Rather, put the DMSO into your nose directly.


DMSO makes medicines stronger. Again, this is a medicine with an extremely BROAD medicinal action. In fact, a whole new system of medicine could be based on the use of DMSO! But to keep this discussion concise, I’m focusing on the properties that pertain to treating COVID-19 at home. When you combine DMSO with a substance such as baking soda or Lugol’s iodine, it will make these medicines stronger than they otherwise would be if you didn’t combine them with DMSO. 


A drop of DMSO placed just inside the nostrils will easily pass through the mucus membranes into the blood vessels that go into the sinuses. To clear the sinuses, place 1 drop of DMSO inside the nose. Sniff the droplet up into the sinuses quickly (it will probably burn, so prepare for that!) and wait for the burning sensation to stop. DMSO warms the tissues and you may notice this warming sensation. Wait for 5 minutes and it will open and clear your sinuses. 


Or place a drop of DMSO inside the nose and hold the head back for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, nebulize for 5-15 minutes with one of the medicinal products listed below. The DMSO will remain active on the skin, absorbing the other medicinal products for 15 minutes after the initial application to potentiate the medicinal properties and take the medicines directly where they need to go to do the most good. 


DMSO is used regularly in conventional medicine and in dentistry. DMSO Potentiation Therapy is a cancer treatment that uses DMSO in combination with very low-dose chemotherapy agents to deliver chemo directly to tumors without exposing the patient to the toxic, high doses of chemotherapy that ultimately makes cancer patients sicker than they were before they received treatment!


You can use DMSO at home as a powerful COVID-19 treatment. 




WARNING: Never use DMSO as an enema treatment. You do not want the fecal matter and toxins in the lower intestines to be re-absorbed into the blood stream due to the use of DMSO.


Purchase a no odor DMSO product to avoid smelling like an oyster during treatment with DMSO! I have tried ordering the Heiltropen brand No Odor DMSO on Amazon, but they send me the regular DMSO every time so I recommend the brand below as an alternate.

How to Nebulize with Lugol’s Iodine 2%


This Lugol’s iodine nebulizer treatment will treat not just your nose, lungs, and sinuses, but also your whole body. Lugol’s iodine is different than povidone iodine, the stuff that you can buy at the pharmacy under the brand name “Betadine” for example. Do not use povidone iodine to nebulize!


When you nebulize with Lugol’s, iodine will be delivered to starving reproductive organs and starving thyroid gland tissues. Restoring adequate iodine levels to the reproductive organs will balance your reproductive hormones. Restoring adequate levels of iodine to the thyroid gland will balance your thyroid hormones. Taking in Lugol’s iodine through nebulizer treatments will enhance your overall health and reduce the probability that you’ll suffer from Long Haul COVID symptoms. Continue taking Lugol’s iodine for as long as you’d like to have a healthy immune system. 


Recipe for Nebulizing with Lugol’s Iodine: Add 1 drop of lugol’s iodine to a shot-glass of filtered water. Then add this mixture to the nebulizer cup and nebulize for 15 minutes 3 to 5 times per day. 


Lugol’s Iodine and DMSO Nebulizer Treatment for COVID-19

Follow the instructions above to nebulize with Lugol’s iodine. Before nebulizing, add a drop of DMSO inside each nostril and tilt the head back for 30 seconds to 1 minutes to let the DMSO slide back into the throat. Or sniff the DMSO up into the nose quickly such that it goes up into the sinuses and into the lungs. It may burn for a few seconds. Let that pass before nebulizing with Lugol’s.


Baking soda 

Use high-quality, food-grade baking soda to nebulize and clear the lungs as part of a COVID-19 treatment that you can do at home. If you don’t have DMSO on hand, you can just add a pinch of baking soda to filtered water to make it alkaline. This nebulizer treatment works best if you are also alkalizing your whole body (not just your lungs, nose, and sinuses) at the same time by taking 1 teaspoon of baking soda 5 times per day and following an alkaline diet. Alkalinity degrades the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and it restarts your immune system. What I mean to say is that when your body is acidic, your immune system is in a weakened state (unless you regularly spend time in a very hot sauna for 30 minutes to an hour each day). I’ve written about the principles underlying acidity and alkalinity in a variety of articles that were mostly focused on cancer, but these principles are holistic and can be applied to almost any infection or chronic disease. For more information about how heat and acidity can be used to cure disease, read this article. For more information about how to use pH as a cure for COVID and other diseases, follow this link.


Recipe for Nebulizing with Baking Soda: You can either add a pinch of baking soda to the water after you’ve filled the nebulizer cup or you can add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water, mix well, and then add this solution to the nebulizer cup.


Nebulize for 15-30 minutes, 3-5 times per day. 


Combine this treatment with whole body alkalizing by taking 1 teaspoon of baking soda 5 times per day and following the COVID-19 Recovery Diet.


Baking Soda + DMSO

Follow the recipe above and fill the nebulizer cup with baking soda. Before nebulizing, add a drop of DMSO inside each nostril and hold the head back for 30 seconds to 1 minutes to let it slide back into the throat. Or sniff the DMSO up into the nose quickly such that it goes up into the sinuses and into the lungs. 


Then nebulize with baking soda and water for 15 minutes. The DMSO will remain active in the nose, sinuses, and lungs to combine with the baking soda and water treatment to make it stronger and to take it where it is most needed in the body.

How to Nebulize Methylene Blue as a COVID-19 Treatment

Use 0.1% Methylene Blue in an at-home nebulizer to increase oxygenation of the blood in the early stages of the disease. One to two drops per day in a nebulizer is the current recommended dose through this route of administration. Put one drop in the nebulizer cup and use it throughout the day, as needed, and simply add another drop to the water in the nebulizer cup if you use it up throughout the day. 


Learn more here about how to use Methylene Blue as a whole-body treatment for COVID-19. 


Methylene Blue: COVID-19 Loss of Smell Nebulizer Treatment

If you’ve lost your sense of smell due to COVID, consider nebulizing with Methylene Blue. According to this study, Methylene Blue was able to help with loss of smell due to Parkinson’s Disease. In this study, mice were given 1 mg/kg of Methylene Blue per day in their drinking water to restore smell, but if you’ve experienced loss of smell due to COVID-19, you might consider following one of the COVID-19 prevention protocols above while also nebulizing Methylene Blue. Though the use of Methylene Blue for COVID-19 loss of smell hasn’t been studied, it’s use for the treatment of smell loss in Parkinson’s patients seems to indicate that it this medication has a positive effect on nerve tissues in the nose and the sense of olfaction perhaps in part due to its strong anti-oxidant and pro-mitochondrial function.


Note that you can easily combine Methylene Blue in a nebulizer with Red Light Therapy to target the sinuses, the nose (as an at-home treatment for loss of smell due to COVID), and the throat. If you have a lingering problem with post-nasal drip after COVID, this type of treatment can be extremely valuable.

Scientists have not yet been able to find a pathogen that cannot be killed by Red Light Therapy by itself. In combination with Methylene Blue, it’s even more powerful. The trick is to shine the light at the areas in need of treatment for 5-15 minutes. The red and infrared spectrum of light can penetrate about 4 centimeter through skin and bone tissues to NOT ONLY kill pathogens but also re-energize cells. The Methylene Blue and Red Light Therapy work together to reawaken cells that have gone “dormant” in response to being under siege by dangerous pathogens. Red light benefits the eyes and vision, but do close your eyes if you’re shining the red light at your sinuses. The red light will still penetrate through your eyelids and make your vision go greenish-blue for a short period after you do the therapy.

Star Anise Essential Oil: COVID-19 Treatment

We discussed star anise earlier as a treatment for COVID-19. Star Anise contains natural shikimic acid, which is the main ingredient in Tamiflu. 


Recipe for using Star Anise essential oil to nebulize: Use a dropper to put 95 drops of water in a small glass container. Add 5 drops of therapeutic grade Star Anise to the water. Then transfer this mixture into a nebulizer. Shake frequently while nebulizing.


Read more here about how to use Star Anise essential oil and Pine Needle essential oil to cure COVID.

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