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NOTE: In addition to the amino acid, herbal, and nutrient-based remedies for sugar addiction that we mention below in this article and in our book The Anti-Addiction Encyclopedia, Lydi and I have also recently finished developing the, an addiction guided meditation tool that uses sophisticated brain entrainment strategies to create a powerful trance combined with metaphor, hypnotic music, and light patterns that mimic natural phenomena such as light passing through the leaves in the trees, or the flickering light of a fire. This tool used to be available only to healers and therapists for thousands of dollars, but we felt like it was important for people to have access to powerful trance-inducing devices like this at home at a reasonable price. Whereas in many countries of the world, there are sacred indigenous medicines like Iboga or Ayahuasca that can be used to overcome addictions, in many developed countries, these medicines have been made illegal. So our goal was to create a tech-based-Iboga-or-Ayahuasca-analogue that people struggling with addiction can use in addition to the supplements and herbs below to overcome the roots of addiction and regain control over their lives.

Addiction to refined sugars is extremely common today. Some experts would argue that sugar addiction is at the root of a wide variety of serious health problems in the world today including ADHD, depression, obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer, and more. Though natural sugars exist in foods like fruits and vegetables, refined sugars are sugars that have been processed and chemically altered. The chemical alteration of natural sugars into refined sugars makes them highly addictive and bad for health in a very general way. 

Overcoming a sugar addiction is possible though. Below we recommend several herbs and supplements to help you rebalance your dopamine levels. When you balance your dopamine levels, eating refined sugars will have less of an effect on your mood and behaviors. You’ll find that by increasing the amount of available dopamine in the body by eating the Mucuna bean you’ll experience fewer cravings for sugar and you’ll experience less of a “high” from ingesting refined sugars:


  • Kudzu – This is a must-have supplement for sugar addicts. Take 2400mg every 2.5 hours, 3-4 times per day to reduce cravings for refined sugars and to diminish the amount of sugar that you consume. This plant works by safely changing the way that your body metabolizes sugars. It is in the same family as Mucuna pruriens (see below). 
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  • Mucuna pruriensMucuna and Kudzu are the key to stopping sugar completely. I knew a girl who ate a 10 pound bag of sugar candies every week and using these two medicines, she was able to quit her addiction immediately without withdrawal symptoms. Take 6000mg/day of Mucuna pruriens for a sugar addiction. Take the Mucuna four times per day -1500mg in the morning, 1500mg at noon, 1500mg again at 3pm, and finally take the last 1500mg dosage at bedtime. And be sure to take the vitamins below to ensure that the Mucuna is properly metabolized into dopamine in the brain.

  • B-Complex vitamin – This vitamin should contain an array of all the B vitamins, but it MUST contain at least 25mg of vitamin B6 in order to promote the manufacture of dopamine from Mucuna pruriens


  • Multivitamin – Take 1 per day. Make sure that whichever multivitamin you take includes both vitamin C and zinc. These two vitamins are essential in the production of dopamine. I recommend the Thorne brand multivitamin for sugar addiction because this multivitamin contains vitamin K2, which, when combined in a proper ratio with vitamin D3, can help rebuild and remineralize the teeth (which often suffer as a result of a sugar addiction). 



  • N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) – Take 100-600mg every 4 hours. This supplement will help your brain and body recalibrate so that you don’t feel as much like engaging in compulsive/habitual behaviors (for example, many people who are trying to stop a sugar addiction will eat sugary foods at specific times of the day or in specific situations, and NAC helps reduce the need to engage in this kind of compulsive sugar snacking). This supplement may be taken at the same time as the Mucuna pruriens. Unfortunately, NAC is no longer available through Amazon, perhaps because the FDA is targeting this miracle-working supplement due to its ability to cure COVID. Even as I sit here writing this article, I have a cold that I’m treating using NAC, which thins mucus and keeps colds from turning into serious sinus infections or pneumonia. 


Depending on the seriousness of your sugar addiction, you may want to make some significant dietary changes in addition to taking the herbs and supplements listed above. The following diet is highly recommended for reducing sugar intake immediately and literally changing the way that your body metabolizes food: 


  • The Ketogenic Diet – This diet changes your body’s metabolic needs. Consider following either a Ketogenic Diet or a Modified Gerson Diet and Juicing to stop eating refined sugars quickly. 


  • Juicing or a Modified Gerson Diet – Juicing is a great way to deliver maximum nutrients to your body while keeping sugar levels balanced. The Modified Gerson Diet is a healing regimen that is used to cure a variety of diseases from cancer and tuberculosis to diabetes and migraines. 


You probably won’t follow a Ketogenic or Modified Gerson Diet forever, but many people report miraculous health benefits when they follow one of these diets for 2 to 4 months. When you’ve completed 2 to 4 months of a healing, anti-sugar diet, you should seek out foods that contain only the following types of sweeteners to keep your sugar addiction at bay:


  • Monk Fruit – This stuff is Super Sweet! Read the ingredients label and avoid products that contain any other ingredient other than Monk Fruit. Many manufacturers add toxic ingredients to Monk Fruit. Choose a brand that offers only PURE Monk Fruit.

  • Stevia – Stevia used to be bitter, but I use the SweetLeaf brand because a lot of the bitter flavor is conspicuously abset. Read the ingredients label on stevia products if you have a sugar addiction and avoid products that contain any other ingredient other than Stevia. Many manufacturers add other sweeteners to Stevia. Choose only brands that contain Stevia as the sweetening agent to avoid setting off your sugar addiction inadvertently.


  • Authentic Maple Syrup – Avoid maple syrups that contain corn syrup or other sugars. Read the product label and only buy products that contain PURE, authentic maple syrup. Maple syrup is an excellent sweetener for replacing refined sugars because it contains nutrients that your body needs. While refined sugars are empty calories, authenic, pure maple syrup contains iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, and more.


  • Authentic Honey – Avoid cheap honeys that contain other ingredients and that are not locally sourced. Seek out healthy honey by finding a local supplier so you know where your honey is coming from. Below is an organic raw honey product that contains no other sweetening agents except honey. 

Finally, if you feel like you’re addicted to fast food or sugar or any kind of high that you get from eating, you might also benefit from taking Lugol’s Iodine. This special type of iodine feeds your thyroid gland, which is the headquarters for all things pertaining to metabolism and fat-burning. You can read more about how to use Lugol’s iodine to boost your metabolism here.

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