Cure COVID: Delta Variant Herbal Cures and Oxidant Cures You Can Use at Home


IMPORTANT NOTE: Scientists have recently realized that COVID-19 (as well as many respiratory infections) need to be treated in 2 phases. Phase 1 takes place during the first 2-3 days of acute infection when symptoms are not that severe. During this initial phase of infection, treatment with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide are appropriate to lower the viral load. However, treating the infection with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide beyond this initial 2 to 3 day window could worsen symptoms. During Phase 2 of the infection, when coughing begins, it is vital to supplement with Vitamin B3 at no less than 1000 mg per day (500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening). Patients should also be given medicines to counteract the effects of a cytokine storm during this stage. We provide a list of potential options that you can use to treat a cytokine storm at home at this link.  

Consider using a Methylene Blue, Vitamin C, and NAC protocol for Phase 1 treatment and then continue with Methylene Blue through Phase 2 for COVID-19.

As more and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID, more and more side effects from the vaccine are coming to light. Both of my parents and my brother are suffering from swollen feet and extreme exhaustion that came on after their 2nd dose of the COVID Moderna vaccine. These symptoms may be caused by myocarditis since this appears to be a common and very serious “side effect” of COVID vaccines. 

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Dr. Haresh, a physician from South Africa has been sending us information about natural cures for COVID that are working very well for his patients to help them avoid having to get the vaccine. These natural treatments for Delta variants and all other COVID variants are thought-provoking in this era of vaccine-related side effects and censorship. Right now, for example, U.S. emergency room doctors are being threatened for sharing their real-world observations about COVID vaccine side effects with patients. This is the same kind of censorship and medical damnation that happened around cancer in the mid-1900’s in the United States and it ultimately led doctors who had found simple, effective, non-pharmaceutical cures for cancer (Dr. Gerson is a shining example) to leave the United States and start clinics in Mexico and Hungary. 


Doctors are regularly damned by The Medical Establishment (headquarters located in the U.S.), a community of consensus-lovers/science-haters comparable to a modern-day Spanish Inquisition with a mission to “keep the doctors silent and compliant”. Doctors have, after all, invested years and years as well as a substantial amount of money into their medical careers. So if The Establishment threatens to revoke their license if they tell their truth, they have a lot on the line. Doctors who take the risk and tell the media (or their patients) about what they’re actually seeing in regard to side effects from the COVID vaccine they won’t just lose their licenses after all. They’ll also be publicly dragged through the mud and professionally burnt at the stake. Their patients will then stop listening to them, thinking the doctor is a “quack” and…all is lost. 


The only way for information to be transmitted in an era of censorship like this is person-by-person, patient-by-patient. Masks and social media have divided us but we can still speak face-to-face. People do tend to talk about cures and their own experiences being cured of a disease. Cures, after all, are as contagious as COVID. 


We feel very lucky to have Dr. Haresh sending us information about his experiences treating patients hands-on in South Africa. Dr. Haresh is a retired doctor, which means that he isn’t being included in the witch hunts that now plague doctors in the U.S. who try to tell their patients the truth about their own personal experiences with the COVID vaccine side effects. He is also working on treatment options for people who are suffering with serious long-term side effects from the COVID vaccine. We’ll provide information about these side effects and possible treatment options in upcoming articles.


Below are common COVID cures. We’ve talked about some of these cures in previous articles. Choose one and use it, but be aware that the 3rd COVID cure (the tea) may cause the 2nd COVID cure (Chlorine Dioxide) to be rendered useless if the two are used together! CDS is, after all, an oxygen medicine. It works by exposing oxygen-hating-germs to oxygen (whereupon they explode). But if you combine an anti-oxidant (vitamin C is an everyday example of an anti-oxidant medicine) with CDS (an oxidant medicine), the two are both neutralized and their medicinal qualities are canceled out. It won’t hurt you to use these two medicines together, but it won’t help you either. So, choose one COVID cure and stick to it for best results.


NOTE: For children over 18 years of age, take 75 mg of Aspirin daily during an active COVID infection to prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart problems due to COVID.


COVID-19 Cure #1: 

5 drops of Lugol’s Iodine + 10 drops of DMSO in water 2 times per day for 20 days


The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is not nearly as complicated biologically as the media would have us believe. There are a variety of at-home cures for COVID. Dr. Haresh has found that his patients respond very quickly to using Lugol’s iodine (which is chemically different from Betadine/PVP/Povidone iodine that you would buy at the pharmacy for cuts and wounds) and DMSO in a 1:2 ratio (5 drops of Lugol’s + 10 drops of pharmaceutical grade DMSO) taken in water 2 times per day. This treatment works by cracking the spike protein which occurs within 1 minute of ingesting the mixture. 


Be aware that, as an American, you have likely been exposed to great quantities of bromine and fluorine in the air and water supply and this will have an impact on how iodine affects you. Bromine and fluorine are both in the same chemical family as iodine so these two chemicals often masquerade as iodine inside the body by lodging themselves in the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs. If you have problems with obesity, thyroid problems of any kind, endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) fibrocystic breasts, prostate problems, any type of cancer involving the reproductive organs (uterine cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.), iodine will probably change your life. But you need to be aware that iodine can initially cause a “detoxification reaction”


How to Use Lugol’s Iodine as a Supplement to Control Obesity and Heal the Thyroid Gland


When you start taking Lugol’s iodine, your body will extract the bromine and fluorine from your thyroid gland, reproductive organs (including the breasts, ovaries, prostate gland, testicles, etc.) and these two chemicals will then move into the blood to be excreted in the urine via the kidneys. But as the bromine and the fluorine move out into the blood supply, they may cause a rash (known as “bromaderma”) or other bizarre symptoms. This occurs after you take iodine, but you need to know that these symptoms are NOT caused by the iodine. Rather, they’re caused by other foreign chemicals (bromine and fluorine) that have lodged themselves in areas of the body where they don’t belong. 


POVIDONE IODINE SIDE NOTE: Iodine has been a big part of COVID prevention and cure since the start of the pandemic when healthcare workers realized that they could use 1 drop of PVP-Iodine/Betadine in 1/4 cup of filtered water (PVP-Iodine is the type you find in the pharmacy for wound care) as a nasal spray + a gargle every four hours to prevent COVID infection. As I mentioned above, PVP-Iodine is different than Lugol’s. Using the PVP-Iodine as a 30 second gargle + nasal spray (purchase a nasal spray bottle here) not only helped prevent COVID, but it also helped keep it under control in the throat and nose where the COVID virus likes to lodge itself. But remember, PVP-Iodine is chemically different than Lugol’s iodine and Iodoral. PVP-Iodine works especially well  when it’s applied topically to the skin (or to the back of the throat and the inside of the nose). But it isn’t absorbed into the body and the blood in the same way as Lugol’s and Iodoral. So, while you can use PVP-Iodine every 4 hours to prevent COVID, taking PVP-Iodine internally is toxic and it wouldn’t help you prevent or cure COVID anyway (so don’t drink it!). Use Betadine/Povidone Iodine/PVP-Iodine as a diluted nasal spray (1 drop of PVP-Iodine per 1/4 cup of water—less is more in this case because the PVP covers the mucus membranes best at this dilution) and as a gargle (gargle for 30 seconds with it).

Iodine Therapy: How Patients Use Lugol’s Iodine to Cure Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Other Reproductive Organ Problems


I talk extensively in another article about the use of Lugol’s iodine to prevent and cure breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and thyroid cancer, but because iodine plays such an important role in balancing hormones in the body, a lack of it can lead to a variety of very common health problems including morbid obesity. Indeed, when Big Food stopped fortifying bread with iodine and instead “fortified” it with bromine, Americans started to develop all those obesity problems that are famous throughout the world. Salt, after all, is a terrible carrier for iodine. And the body needs more iodine than it otherwise would when it’s inundated with nutrient-fakers like bromine and fluorine on a regular basis. 

DMSO: What Everyone Needs to Know about this Important Tree Medicine.

One might begin to wonder if the role of Lugol’s Iodine in curing COVID is due, in part to the fact that Lugol’s simply makes people healthier in general. Because there’s definitely a correlation between poor general health and poor COVID outcomes. So taking Lugol’s Iodine daily whether you have COVID-19 or not, is a wise plan. Personally, I take Iodoral 50 mg every day to prevent fibrocystic breast disease, a problem that plagued me for years until I started taking Lugol’s iodine. But I worked up to this 50 mg daily dose by starting with Lugol’s drops for several months as I went through the detoxification process.

Iodoral 12.5mg 90 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

Buy Iodoral 12.5mg

Iodoral 12.5 mg is for beginners. If you take 12.5 mg of Iodoral daily, work up to the 50 mg daily dose over time.

Iodoral IOD-50 30 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

Buy Iodoral 50mg

Most developed countries throughout the world have outlawed bromine as an ingredient in insecticides but the U.S. is very unique in how it supports the bromine industry. The U.S. is the only developed country in the world that still allows the use of bromine as an insecticide. And you’ll find brominated vegetable oils (abbreviated as BVO’s) in a wide variety of products including citrus soft drinks (Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and just about any other citrus drink that’s bottled), and commercial bread products. But bromine is also sometimes used in swimming pools. 


Municipal water supplies are often “treated” with fluorine to supposedly keep teeth healthy. Fluorine is a complex topic in terms of dental health because it requires a chemistry discussion, so we won’t go there in this article just to keep things simple. But suffice it to say, fluorine is only healthy for teeth if a person is lacking other specific nutrients. But by creating a false reliance and a fake need for fluorine, Big Pharma has been able to propagate the idea that fluoridating the water is good for people…but it’s not. Fluoridating the water supply without taxing industries that need to dump fluorine somewhere is, however, great for industries. 


Nonetheless, Americans are often unaware of how these substances that are in the air and the water affect them, especially if they don’t take high-dose iodine (Lugol’s or Iodoral 50 mg) DAILY. So, if you’re lucky enough to stumble across this article, take the time to read a bit more about how a lack of iodine can cause obesity, depression, and yes, even cancer. COVID-19 


COVID Cure #2:

Chlorine Dioxide – 3 to 5 drops taken orally 3 times per day for 3 days; then increase to 10 drops 2 times per day


Chlorine dioxide is a hot topic because this substance is literally a cure-all. I never go anywhere in the world without chlorine dioxide. This stuff is used by municipal water treatment plants because it’s the only substance that’s capable of killing Helicobacter pylori (the bacteria responsible for causing gastric ulcers), which means that I can use it in third-world countries or in a cataclysmic event like an earthquake to purify water. When Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) is used for water treatment, it’s used in tiny doses, but years ago, a man named Jim Humble accidentally discovered that this stuff can also be used as an extremely broad-spectrum antibiotic, anti-viral, and general anti-microbial when he was in the rainforest panning for gold with 2 men who became seriously ill with malaria. He had no medicines, he only had CDS with him. So he put a strong dose of CDS in water for the 2 men to drink and, rather than dying (which is common with the type of malaria that they’d contracted), the 2 men fully recovered within 24 hours. 

CDS has a long and complicated history because Big Pharma would do anything to cover up this information about CDS. A substance like CDS that can cure multiple diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, prions, amoebas, cancer, parasites, autism (Kerri Rivera of the AutismO2 Clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has used CDS enemas to cure nearly 200 kids of autism), etc. is a big threat to Big Pharma and their Vaccine Crusades. And one of our readers, “Robert”, used CDS orally and as an enema to get off prescription medications for HIV while Dr. Haresh has successfully used Chlorine Dioxide as part of his HIV Cure that also included tetrasilver tetroxide IVs (another COVID cure listed below). That’s why there’s so much negative press about CDS. Big Pharma wants to protect its interests and prevent as much of the public from finding out about Chlorine Dioxide for as long as possible. 


Cure Gangrene / Necrotizing Fasciitis / Flesh-Eating Bacteria Disease with Citric Acid Dressings.


I have personally used CDS in my family to cure cancer, malaria, parasite infections, viruses, diarrhea, food poisoning, respiratory illnesses, and more. Though CDS doesn’t work on skin-based streptococcal infections like necrotizing fasciitis, the CDS activator (a weak acid, usually citric acid or vinegar) can be used at a 3% strength applied topically to cure strep infections and to kill other infectious organisms that cause diseases like flesh-eating bacteria disease (necrotizing fasciitis). Indian doctors discovered this cure when some of their poorer patients didn’t respond to first-round antibiotic therapies and simply couldn’t afford the Cadillac drugs that doctors in other parts of the world are required to use on patients. These Indian doctors simply applied wound dressing with the citric acid directly to the infected areas. Which is just another reason why everyone should have the Chlorine Dioxide duo (the sodium chlorite + citric acid activator) in their medicine cabinet.


Again, CDS is a big topic and it challenges the foundations of conventional medicine and the theory of One Pill for One Disease. The chlorine dioxide kit can cure some of the world’s most devastating diseases from malaria and cancer to necrotizing fasciitis/flesh-eating bacteria disease. And it can cure COVID-19 too. So people often need time to really absorb the idea of CDS before they consider taking it. There’s a lot of fear-tactics out there with headlines like Is Chlorine Dioxide bleach?” and…it scares people. Thus, I always recommend that people who have learned about CDS start by buying a good CDS product and then start with a tiny dose of the stuff in water (it is, after all, a water purifier), and then increase the dose bit by bit to see what happens. In that way, a person can prove it to themselves that CDS in higher doses won’t hurt them and in fact…may help them. 


Chlorine Dioxide: Bleach or Medicine? The Chemistry of Miracle Mineral Solution.


REMEMBER: Do NOT combine CDS with food or other treatments (like COVID Cure #4) that contain anti-oxidants. CDS is an OXIDANT medicine, which means that it works by exposing oxygen-hating germs to oxygen molecules (causing them to explode). But if you combine an OXIDANT medicine with an ANTI-OXIDANT medicine (vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant medicine that people use for colds), you’ll cancel them both out! Most of us are more familiar with anti-oxidants than with oxidants, but just be aware that there’s a whole system of conventional medicine called Reactive Oxygen Species medicine that has been cleverly hidden from the public. Big Pharma knows about chlorine dioxide and there are many studies that have been done to prove that oxidant medicines like chlorine dioxide can be used to cure diseases like COVID. Chlorine Dioxide is powerful medicine, but Big Pharma hasn’t figured out how to cash in on oxygen yet (naturally occurring substances can’t be patented, after all). As a lay-person using chlorine dioxide for self-treatment at home, just remember, you must use EITHER an Oxidant Medicine (like CDS) or an Anti-Oxidant Medicine (like vitamin C or foods/herbs that contain high amounts of vitamin C)…don’t combine these two things or you’ll end up with No Medicine At All. Be mindful of foods that you eat within 30 minutes of taking CDS. If they contain an anti-oxidant, they may cancel out the medicinal effects of the CDS. So avoid eating or drinking anything other than water for 30 minutes before and after taking Chlorine Dioxide for COVID.


Kerri Rivera Uses CDS to Cure Autism at her AutismO2 Clinic in Puerto Vallarta.


The Layperson’s Guide to Chlorine Dioxide and Miracle Mineral Solution – BUY NOW!


COVID Cure #3:

Dr. Haresh’s Mother’s Anti-COVID Tea — Combine the following ingredients in equal portions in a pot with filtered water and bring it to a boil for 15 minutes:


Star Anise (Star Anise cracks the COVID spike protein)




Black Pepper (to increase the medicinal strength of the rest of the herbs)



Pine Needle Essential Oil (just a few drops)


Honey (to taste)


It’s very unfortunate that people underestimate the value of plant medicines for treating COVID. Star Anise is a powerful COVID cure. Dr. Haresh, for example, drinks this tea daily to prevent himself from getting sick with COVID himself because he’s regularly exposed to people who are ill with the disease. And it works! 



Dr. Haresh has been drinking this tea for 50 years (it was his mother’s secret recipe) to keep himself healthy while working with multiple patients with different types of diseases. 


COVID Cure #4

Nebulize with 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in filtered water.

A nebulizer is a very handy tool that you can use over and over again to treat respiratory issues from sinus infections, colds, or flu, to COVID variants. A nebulizer simply shakes liquids to make it so that the liquid becomes fine, air-borne droplets that can easily be inhaled. I’ve talked about other medicines that can be used in a nebulizer to treat COVID in another article, but hydrogen peroxide is a good choice. Just be sure to use FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide that you buy at the pharmacy is NOT food grade which means that it contains other chemicals that should not be inhaled. You can order food grade hydrogen peroxide (sans the icky chemicals) online.


Learn about Effective Methylene Blue COVID Treatments Using a Nebulizer.



Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Cancer Cure: Yet Another Oxidant Therapy to the Rescue!


COVID Cure #5

Tetrasilver tetroxide administered via IV. 


Tetrasilver tetroxide is a powerful HIV cure when it’s administered via IV, but it can also be used to cure COVID. Many Americans and Europeans are familiar with colloidal silver as a medicinal product and tetrasilver tetroxide is a related, but more potent medicine that will be very important in the upcoming years. 


It isn’t easy to get pure, pharmaceutical grade tetrasilver tetroxide (also known as Silver Oxide II), but you can click here for information about how to purify impure tetrasilver tetroxide products. Don’t attempt this process if you aren’t a chemist. Because tetrasilver tetroxide must be administered intravenously, it’s VITAL that this medicine is extremely pure before you use it.  Tetrasilver tetroxide can be used to sanitize pools as an alternative to chlorine, but pool-grade tetrasilver tetroxide would need to be purified (as an end product, tetrasilver tetroxide is black once it has bee properly purified.)


Modified Myers Cocktail and Tetrasilver Tetroxide HIV Cure.


If you wish to use tetrasilver tetroxide to cure COVID or to treat HIV yourself at home, please contact us at AlivenHealthy for more information about possible treatment options. If you are a doctor who is interested/willing to use tetrasilver tetroxide for the treatment of disease, we’d be happy to give you the contact information for suppliers, etc..


COVID Cure #6: Suramin

Suramin is an important reverse transcriptase inhibitor that has been identified as a cure for HIV and as a cure for autism but this drug can also be used to cure COVID. It interacts with a multitude of different proteins and enzymes in the body. It has broad-spectrum effects on enzymes that catalyzes the transcription of DNA, which is why it has a powerful impact on HIV, but Suramin also inhibits the coronavirus’ ability to replicate. It is non-toxic and it works at the molecular level in humans.

Suramin has been compared to the aqueous extract of the herb, Prunella vulgaris in its mode of action. Both Suramin and Prunella vulgaris directly interrupt the coronavirus’ ability to bind to cellular receptors, blocking it’s ability to enter human cells and replicate. Combining Prunella vulgaris with Suramin with an anti-COVID neutralizing antibody has an even more powerful effect against the coronavirus.


De Clercq, E. (1987). Suramin in the treatment of AIDS: Mechanism of Action. Retrieved September 5, 2021 from
Ao, A., Chan, M., Ouyang, M. J., Olukitibi, T. A., Mahmoudi, M., Kobasa, D., Yao, X. (2021). Identification and evaluaction of the inhibitory effect of Prunella vulgaris extract on SARS-coronavirus 2 virus entry. Retrieved September 5, 2021 from

COVID Cure #7: Prunella vulgaris

Scientists have compared Prunella vulgaris and Suramin to each other in terms of their mechanism of action against COVID-19. Though Suramin may not be easy for some patients to gain access to, Prunella vulgaris is relatively accessible.


Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Hawaii Pharm herbal tinctures often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
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