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How to Cure Herpes with Propolis and Royal Jelly

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Jun 12, 2021


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Propolis Herpes Cure

Propolis is a bee-product that has a wide spectrum of medicinal benefits. For genital herpes, researchers found that applying 3% propolis ointment four times per day for 10 days to herpes lesions can improve healing. In fact propolis may heal the lesions more quickly and more completely than treatment with 5% acyclovir. 

In this study, by the 10th day of treatment with propolis, 24 out of 30 HSV sufferers had healed completely. In contrast, of the 30 HSV sufferers who had been given acyclovir only 14 had healed. Further, researchers noted that the healing process in the propolis group appeared to be faster with 15 individuals showing crusted lesions by Day 3 in comparison with 8 individuals showing crusted lesions by Day 3 in the acyclovir group. 

For women, the natural treatment for genital herpes using propolis was especially beneficial in comparison with acyclovir because the study found that at the beginning of the study 66% of women had vaginal superinfections in addition to their herpes outbreak. While acyclovir had no noticeable affect on the superinfection, more than half the women (55%) who were given propolis also experienced relief from the superinfection.

So while propolis may not be able to permanently cure herpes and prevent future outbreaks, it can lessen the amount of time that it takes to heal lesions in comparison with acyclovir and treat a much broader spectrum of infectious agents to make women much more comfortable living their daily lives. 

I know a person who used propolis to cure hidradentitis, a disease that involves lesions and burrowing into the lymphatic vessels. She had suffered for many years with this disease and she tried propolis out of desperation and found that it healed the lesions almost immediately. Hidradentitis disease shares certain characteristics with herpes. The herpes virus colonizes and lives quietly in the spinal column and only comes out to cause infectious lesions and symptoms under certain conditions. When lesions are present, it’s possible to apply certain medications topically that can find their way to the original colony where the herpes virus lives in the body via the infection stream.

If propolis can cure Hidradentitis, then the studies demonstrating that it can cure herpes are worth noting even though there are only a few of them. A lot of scientists have researched propolis to discover that it has the ability to control, if not cure herpes.

  • Studies have shown that the European type propolis and the Czech Republic propolis (Populus nigra) has an anti-herpes effect against HSV-1. The European-type propolis from France has demonstrated anti-herpes action against acyclovir resistant-herpes. 

  • European propolis (Populus nigra) from Canada (P. trichocarpa and P. tremuloides) also has the ability to prevent the herpes virus from attaching to and infecting host cells.

  • Studies on brown propolis - B. dracunculifolia and Brazilian propolis have demonstrated action against HSV-2 herpes virus. 

  • Geopropolis derived from the stingless bee Scaptotrigona postica can inhibit HSV replication and it’s ability to gain entry into cells. 

  • Hatay propolis samples have been used by researchers in tandem with acyclovir. In these studies scientists found that propolis and acyclovir together had a stronger effect against HSV-1 and HSV-2 than the use of acyclovir by itself. In these studies, 25, 50, and 100 μg/mL dosing was used. The Hatay propolis began to inhibit HSV-1 replication after 24 hours. It inhibited the replication of HSV-2 within 48 hours. 

Royal Jelly, Honey, and Acyclovir: HSV-1 Cure

In one important study, scientists took different dilutions of honey, royal jelly, and acyclovir and found that these three substances, when combined together at the following doses:

  • 500 μg/mL - honey
  • 250 μg/mL - royal jelly
  • 100 μg/mL - acyclovir

These combined ingredients decreased the viral load considerably. The scientists who performed the study recommended that patients consider using royal jelly and honey alone without acyclovir in the treatment of herpes lesions to avoid negative side effects from the acyclovir.


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