Mucuna pruriens – Dried beans

Some people with lupus are affected with neuropsychiatric conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, cognitive dysfunction, and personality and mood disorders. Although not all neuropsychiatric conditions can be treated with Mucuna pruriens, many of these symptoms can be significantly relieved by supplementing with this plant. 


Mucuna pruriens has an impact on dopamine levels in the brain which, in turn, affects and regulates cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone and in lupus patients, this hormone is often dysregulated. Taking Mucuna can help lower stress levels while treating depression, anxiety, and other mood problems. It gives the body an opportunity to reboot and rebalance hormones that are secreted by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.



Mucuna can successfully treat depression, mood disorders, anxiety, dementia disorders, and addiction. Individuals who experience neuropsychiatric symptoms of lupus should take a high-quality Mucuna pruriens supplement daily to treat the symptoms. Higher supplementation should be taken at first, and later after lupus symptoms are relieved, the patient may gradually step down the dosage. 

Mucuna is a bean that is regularly eaten and consumed by tribes in Central America, and is also a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal remedy. Many people in different parts of the world eat Mucuna as part of their daily staple diet.



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