Thymus Extract for SLE:


What is Thymus Gland Extract?

Thymus extracts typically come from the thymus glands of young cows. Humans have a thymus gland that’s located just behind the sternum in the middle of the rib cage, but the thymus gland is most active when we’re young. It has a weaker influence on our health and immunity as we get older. This important immune system gland sits just below the thyroid. It shrivels up a bit as people grow into adulthood, but that doesn’t lessen its importance. Taking thymus gland extract can help your immune system rebalance and normalize which is extremely important for people who are suffering from an autoimmune disease like lupus. But thymus gland is best used to kick-start your efforts toward natural treatment for lupus. This is a supplement that can help you build your confidence, but combine it with other treatments that will build your innate immunity through proper nutrition and supplements. The Native Americans used to consume the thymus gland and the other glands of animals in part because of their healing properties. You can do this too, by taking a thymus gland extract.


Thymus Gland Extract for Lupus

Thymosin imbalances may be what initially causes patients to develop Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) according to some research on the disorder. Scientists have shown that by replacing thymosin through thymus gland extracts, some lupus patients have been able to reverse the disease or at least diminish symptoms.


Thymus extract is not a cure for Lupus, but it can help you get started on sustainable treatment protocol that moves you toward the cure. One of the first goals of self-treatment is to first find safe and healthy treatments that allow you to feel like you have some level of control over your illness. If you have pain, it’s good to find ways to control that pain. If you have a rash, it’s good to find ways to control the rash. At first, you need to just prove that you have some control over your disease and your body and Thymus extract for lupus can help you do this.


Thymus extract has also been studied as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis because it has the ability to normalize immune function and reduce arthritis symptoms. Results from these studies are significant, but based on the results of these studies, thymus extract would best be used with another lupus cure (or better yet, a lupus treatment protocol) that has the ability to not just help the immune system normalize, but that kills underlying infections, gets rid of environmental contributors to the disease, and that reverses any nutritional deficiencies that might be contributing to the disease. Thymus extract tends to only be able to assist the immune system for a few months without the addition of other therapies to improve nutrition and to get rid of underlying infection and environmental contributors to the disease. So Thymus extract is a good tool to help you get started with self-treatment by giving your immune system a big boost. Using thymusextract as part of a protocol along with other therapies would be a good way to jump start your healing process and retrain the immune system as you change your diet, detox, and allow the body to rebalance. 

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