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Fumaric Acid / Fumaria officinalis for Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (CLE) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Posted by Lydian Shipp | Jun 03, 2021


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The Earth Smoke Plant: Herbal Medicine for Lupus

The bolete mushroom is a natural source of fumaric acid.
Fumaric acid esters are an effective treatment option for not only lupus, but also for psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. They are often prescribed and administered in Germany as dimethyl fumarate under the brand name Fumaderm. This substance is most frequently found in processed foods as a preservative or artificial flavoring, but it can also be found in nature as a component of the earth smoke plant (Fumaria officinalis), Icelandic moss, and bolete mushrooms. It is also produced naturally by the body upon exposure to the sun. In Europe, dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is a relatively common conventional treatment for psoriasis (although it is also an accepted, though less known, treatment for multiple sclerosis). Its effects as a lupus treatment are known, but not yet popularly accepted by the conventional medical community.

Fumaric acid has an anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory effect in the body. Because lupus is an autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation, it makes sense that fumaric acid would be valuable to lupus patients. In addition, because people with lupus tend to avoid the sun due to its ability to spur disease eruptions, it also makes sense that lupus patients would produce less of this substance in their bodies. It’s possible to supplement with fumaric acid, though, even if you’re not going out in the sun. If going out in the sun provokes a response, taking fumaric acid internally may be a way to support your body without provoking it by going in the sun quite yet.

Here are some sources of fumaric acid: 
  • The earth smoke plant (Fumaria officinalis) - This plant is also known for its ability to heal the kidneys (an organ strongly correlated with the problems that lupus patients experience). Fumaric acid was named after this plant because of the higher quantities of the substance that it contains.

For the treatment of lupus, fumaric acid has shown to be successful at managing symptoms (and may be a cure for the disease if taken in conjunction with other lifestyle changes and supplements). One study outlined the experiences of two women who took fumaric acid to treat their lupus. The first woman saw her skin lesions disappear completely after 3 months of fumaric acid treatment, and after one year her symptoms were stable. The second woman had similar success. Another study lasting 24 weeks, 11 patients with CLE were observed during treatment with fumaric acid. Significant improvements were noted by week 12, and more improvements still were noticed in week 24 of the study. 

Individuals who take synthetic fumaric acid esters as a treatment for lupus often note digestive discomforts, including intestinal cramping, diarrhea, and some nausea, in addition to proteinuria. In other words, the synthetic, Big Pharma-produced fumaric acid ESTERS are toxic. Natural fumaric acid derived fro Fumaria officinalis or from exposure to sunlight (without sunscreen) is a much safer choice in terms of treatment. 

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