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How to Cure HIV: Dr. Haresh’s Protocol

Myer’s cocktail has been used for over five decades with practically no side effects whatsoever. It was first introduced by Dr. John Myers, a Baltimore physician, who was in practice at John Hopkins hospital. I have been using my modified version of the same with Chelation therapy for various diseases, including the following: 




The Myer’s Cocktail Protocol consists of the following vitamins and minerals administered intravenously: 


  • B complex vitamins –  B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamide), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Vitamin C – 3000 to 5000 mg 
  • EDTA – 1500 to 3000 mg
  • Magnesium sulphate – 2000mg 
  • Sodium bicarbonate 8.4% – 10 to 20 ml
  • Mineral solution containing zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, and molybdenum


All of the above are calculated according to the patient’s body weight, disease profile, and individual needs. Heparin is also used in a quantity of 1000 to 5000 units if there are clotting issues and in CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) or IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease). Lastly, 5 ml of DMSO is applied on both soles of the feet as it ensures quick absorption at the cellular level of the vitamins and minerals administered in the Myer’s Cocktail.



The following basic investigations are done before I start the protocol:


  • CBC + ESR (Complete Blood Count + Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)
  • LFT (Liver Function Test)
  • U&E BUN (Urea & Electrolytes test, Blood Urea Nitrogen Test)
  • TFT (Thyroid Function Test)
  • ECG if necessary (Electrocardiogram)
  • Lung functions tests
  • CRP (C-Reactive Protein test)


Other specific investigations may be done according to the patient’s disease profile. All this is done before I start the protocol. Medications are adjusted and IV is started once I have the patient’s diagnosis and consent. 


Case Studies

I will highlight a few cases of my relatives who have taken this treatment.

I cannot mention others as it will breach the patient-doctor relationship. I have done hundreds of these treatments over the past 30 years since I gave up my practice as an anesthesiologist; during my first 15 years as a physician, I practiced anesthesiology in state and private hospitals.


Patient 1

Mr. Prem Metharam, who happens to be my brother. 


In late 1999 he was in NYC and complained of severe chest pain. He was rushed to a hospital in Queens, NYC. At the hospital he was given O2 and 10mg of morphine. An angiogram was done and it was confirmed that he had two blocks in the LAD (left anterior descending artery) and the RCA (right coronary artery) as shown in the picture below. The image is shown here so that the reader may understand which arteries were blocked up to 90%.



The cardiologist suggested Angioplasty and the same was done the next morning. My brother recovered and was discharged from hospital on the 5th day. He was given beta-blockers, TNG, 75mg of Clopidogrel, and 75mg of aspirin daily to take home and was advised to take them for life.


In early January, 2000, he suffered another bout of chest pain and was again rushed to hospital and was advised to have CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting) surgery. He refused surgery and called me. I advised him to travel to SA and start my protocol which I have presented above. As you know the cost of surgery in the US is prohibitive.


My brother arrived in SA at the end of January, 2000. He was still on his medications and was able to travel with TNG sublingual spray. 


On February 1st, 2000, I started with the above Myer’s Cocktail Protocol and kept him on the same medications he had been taking. 


After the fifth intravenous treatment he started feeling better and was able to stop taking the beta-blockers and TNG medication. He continued with his other two medications. After 20 treatments he was no longer on any of his previous medications. At this point, my brother returned to his family. 


I did recommend that he follow a strict vegetarian diet & herbal supplements which I prescribed (listed below): 


  • Ayurvedic Arjuna capsules – 500mg, three times daily
  • Hawthorn capsules – 500mg, three times daily 
  • Green tea, garlic, and pomegranate with beetroot juice daily in the morning 
  • A brisk walk for 20 minutes daily 


My brother has just celebrated his 74th birthday on May 1st, 2021. He has lived a normal life for the last 20 years without any further surgery or any other interventions. Along with my suggestions I also recommended that he follow the Linus Pauling protocol for heart disease which consists of a daily teaspoon of a mixture of L-lysine, L-carnitine, MSM, L-arginine, and 1 gram of Vitamin C.


This in my opinion is such a simple treatment to bypass the bypass surgery (which is actually a scam perpetrated by Big Pharma as this is their money making machine). Nature has created us to heal our bodies but we need to do the right things to heal the pain and suffering. We should not fall into the trap that Big Pharma has created. It’s all about fear and symptomatic treatment and not about healing. Heart disease and cancer are two trillion-dollar industries and they do not want physicians to heal their patients. Instead, they want people to suffer and live-in pain forever on chemicals.


Patient 2

My brother-in-law living in Toronto had his bypass surgery in 2002. A year later he suffered another attack of chest pain and the cardiologist suggested angioplasty this time, because the bypass had a clot in the graft. In other words, the bypass surgery had failed to cure his heart disease. He refused the procedure and travelled to SA instead. When he arrived, he was on ten different medications including 20mg of Lipitor.


I started him on chelation therapy with the Myer’s Cocktail Protocol. He took 20 treatments in two months and went back to Canada pain free. I put him on just three medications: 


  • Arjuna – 500mg, three times daily
  • Hawthorn – 500mg, three times daily 
  • Aspirin
  • The same diet and exercise program as my brother in the previous account 


My brother-in-law’s follow up recommendation was with Linus Pauling formula and the above supplements.


There are no double-blind studies conducted to prove that bypass surgery works. This is because it does not work. The medical profession is controlled by the big Pharma and physicians have no way to overcome this problem because they are hounded and finally eliminated or their license to practice is withdrawn. The fact of the matter is that there are healing protocols for all diseases but the majority of physicians are unable to think out of the box because it affects their bread and butter income.


Patient 3 

My nephew was diagnosed with HIV in 1986 and he was given ARV (antiretroviral) treatment. In the second week after starting the treatment he collapsed due to the side effects and had to be admitted to a hospital in Queens, New York where he was given supportive treatment to recoup. He then called me and asked what he should do as he did not have funds to travel to SA. I put him on an organic vegetarian diet that was gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free along with 1000mg of Vitamin C orally taken three times daily. 


At that stage he was still an illegal immigrant in the USA and therefore he could not go to any physician. I sent him a kilogram of Sutherlandia tea. This herb is only available in SA and I had it in stock. He received the Sutherlandia tea a month later and started drinking it mixed with honey. He steadily got better and in 2009 he finally got his green card and he took a trip to SA. His CD 4 count was still around 300 and viral load around 1,000,000, but he was able to travel as he had sufficient energy. This was because he was drinking the Sutherlandia tea and consuming an organic vegetarian diet.


At this stage I started him on the Myer’s Cocktail Protocol as prescribed by Dr. John Myers himself. I did not modify it.


He started feeling better after two weeks. I then started him on IV Tetra silver tetroxide which was at that time available privately in SA. The patent was held by Dr Antelman. US patent link given below: https://www.thebody.com/article/tetrasilver-tetroxide-us-patent-5-676-977. It is even on US PubMed. 


After the first IV of Tetra silver tetroxide, he had a Herxheimer reaction which I managed with hydration, oxygen, and keeping him warm.


The next morning he was fine. I gave him a break and two days later I gave him the Myer’s Cocktail again. This really gave him a boost. The following week I gave him another IV of Ag4O4 (Tetra silver tetroxide). After the second IV he was so energetic that he wanted to go for a jog. And he did. This was followed by a chlorine dioxide (CDS) IV protocol once a week for 2 weeks. He went back to NYC with Sutherlandia, zinc, selenium, Vitamins C and B complex. He is still alive and well at 55 with his 

CD-4 at 800 and viral load at 0 (meaning the virus is undetectable). 


I have been able to give you all this information because these happen to be my family and they have been through a lot of suffering and they are eternally thankful to me as it was all done with passion and no monetary benefit.


For individuals interested in Dr. Metharam Haresh’s work or treatment options, he may be contacted via his email address: drmharesh@hotmail.com.


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