How to Cure HIV / AIDs


Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is a popular and highly effective HIV/AIDs cure. When combined with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), this medicine is made even more powerful and its healing effects are more pronounced. These two medicines used together in conjunction with a healthy diet and detoxification protocols (enemas and sea salt water) have demonstrated a surprisingly high cure rate for HIV / AIDs. There are a few different ways that CDS and/or DMSO can be administered in order to achieve success in curing this disease.


Oral Administration

CDS may be taken orally as a treatment for HIV. HIV-positive individuals who have taken CDS orally and via enema have reported that they have been able to stop taking their prescription HIV medicines. DMSO can also be mixed with CDS that is taken orally (never add DMSO to an enema) to produce more powerful, effective results. The following CDS/MMS protocol can be used by HIV patients to treat their disease at home (it is also known as the Protocol 1000 in Jim Humble’s books): 


  1. MMS PROTOCOL: If using MMS solution (28% sodium chlorite + 50% citric acid), activate 3 drops of solution each hour and take it immediately. Take once an hour for 8 hours every day. If you wish, you may add 6 drops of DMSO to this mix as well. Make sure you use a clean, dry, glass container to mix this solution. 


  1. CDS PROTOCOL: If using a CDS solution (wherein the sodium chlorite and the citric acid have already been mixed), combine 10ml of the chlorine dioxide solution with 1 liter of fresh, purified water. Mix the two together in a glass jar. Add 40-50 drops of DMSO to oral doses of CDS if you wish (make sure you cap the bottle tightly during storage). Measure and drink 100ml of the solution every hour for 8 hours every day. 



If you experience a severe detox reaction from either of the above protocols (some people are sicker than others and may have more difficulty completing this protocol at first), back down the dosage to two drops or one drop of activated MMS per hour, or equivalent dosage of CDS (approximately 4ml = 1 drop activated MMS per hour, and 8 ml = 2 drops activated MMS per hour). The DMSO dosage does not need to be reduced. 


Do not mix DMSO with any chemicals or pharmaceutical medications without consulting with a DMSO practitioner who is well-versed in the use of this medicine. While DMSO is one of the safest substances on the planet (it is currently FDA-approved for the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women), its ability to open the cells and carry other substances deep into the body and make them more powerful means that DMSO must be used with care. For example, do not put DMSO on your hands or skin after washing your hands with soap (unless it is completely free of fragrances and chemicals) because it could carry the toxic chemical substances from the soap from the soap into the cells of the body. This aspect of DMSO is what makes CDS more potent when the two are combined, since it helps the CDS easily access the interior of human cells throughout the body. As long as you are mindful of what you mix with DMSO, it is a very safe and very effective medicine to use! 



Enemas and CDS

CDS enemas are a good way to promote detoxification during any treatment with CDS for HIV / AIDs. They also help patients stay hydrated during treatment (the intestines will absorb the water from the enema in addition to the CDS medicine). Although CDS can be used in an enema to eliminate toxins from the body and promote healing, regular water enemas (with clean, filtered water) can also be extremely valuable for HIV / AIDs patients who are treating themselves naturally with CDS or other cures.



Plain water enemas are one of the most valuable detoxification tools that you’ll have during your chlorine dioxide treatment for HIV / AIDs. Get a 1000ml enema to use once or twice per day during the initial stages of treatment (1-2 months). You will lay on your right side to do the enema (close to or in the bathroom) and ideally you will want to try to hold the water in your intestines for at least 5 minutes. Then you may relieve yourself. Individuals who are actively treating themselves for a disease like HIV can do enemas up to 3 times a day if they’re experiencing more severe detoxification symptoms, although it’s also possible to start by doing just 1 enema per day at first, even before experiencing detox symptoms. 

We recommend starting to use enemas (with or without CDS) when you first start any HIV protocol. This will help your body detoxify faster, keep you hydrated, and help you avoid and manage the dreaded detoxification symptoms that many people experience during treatment (detox symptoms often resemble influenza). By using CDS at first, and later backing off to only pure water (this is advisable if you’re using the enema to get rid of detox symptoms), you’re also giving your body an extra dose of medicine to kick start the healing process. 


Coffee enemas are a frequent alternative treatment for cancer patients because they help to flush out the liver. HIV patients may also benefit from this type of enema. Coffee enemas have an alkalizing effect on the body and as such, they will potentiate the medicinal action of CDS. 


If you plan to use CDS in an enema, you may follow these instructions: 


  • Combine 10ml of CDS (equivalent to 10 activated drops MMS) with 1000ml of fiiltered, purified water in an enema bag. Make sure the water you use is warm (but not hot!). 


  • Lay on your right side, open the enema’s valve, and allow your colon to begin to fill. You may need to go to the bathroom one or more times during this process, but the goal is to get all the liquid in and hold it for at least five minutes before relieving yourself. Keep going until all the water in the enema is gone. 


  • Complete an enema at least 1 time per day, preferably at bed time. It may be used up to three times per day over the long-term with no adverse effects.



DMSO should NEVER be used in an enema! DMSO is a substance that helps medicines as well as other substances, to permeate human cell membranes. Thus, it makes everything around it easy to absorb directly into the body. By putting DMSO directly into the rectum and large intestine (both are organs where toxic waste is leaving the body), you may actually delay healing by drawing toxins back into your bloodstream and the rest of your body (and then your body has to go through the process of expelling them again). So you should NEVER PUT DMSO IN AN ENEMA!


Intravenous CDS and DMSO Therapy for HIV

Intravenous CDS therapy, DMSO therapy, and CDS+DMSO IV therapies all are particularly effective for the treatment of HIV. One doctor, Dr. Metharam Haresh, has seen a 90% cure rate with no side effects in his patients when treating them with intravenous CDS+DMSO. He was also able to use this treatment method to treat patients with tuberculosis, cancer, and other serious diseases. Dr. Haresh also offers ozone therapy, high dose vitamin C therapy, chelation therapy, Rife therapy, Myer’s Cocktail IV therapy, malaria treatment with CDS, and as well as dietary advice for patients with HIV. 


Each patient who received this intravenous CDS + DMSO treatment was treated individually and received blood tests prior to starting the protocol (all blood tests were performed by licensed laboratories). The technique for administering CDS intravenously is as follows: 


  1. Use 1 liter of normal saline and add 1ml freshly prepared CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) into the drip. This drip will be administered over the course of 3 hours.
  2. Use only FRESH CDS. Chlorine dioxide becomes unstable after 24 hours, so make and immediately use any CDS. It is prepared and stabilised with 4% HCL.
  3. Administer the IV only into large veins (like the cubital fossa). Holistic doctors, family physicians, and other similar licensed professionals with experience doing IV therapy should perform this part. The physician who administers the treatment should be available during the entire IV treatment and must be aware that the patient could develop a severe detox reaction. If this happens, the physician must be able to offer adequate care and hydration for the patients.
  4. Administer oxygen via a mask during the entire 3-hour intravenous CDS drip. This helps ensure that side effects are few to none.
  5. 5ml of DMSO can be added to the drip after the drip has been in the arm of the patient for 1 hour (in other words, when one hour has passed and two hours are remaining, the DMSO can be added to the drip).


Dr. Haresh advises that patients always consult with a doctor, physician, or other licensed experienced professional before undergoing this treatment. It is best done with an individual who knows what they’re doing and who can take care of you appropriately. Additionally, this particular treatment is not recommended for patients who suffer from peptic ulcers. Patients must also avoid antioxidant therapies such as high-dose vitamin C treatment for several hours before and after CDS+DMSO therapy. 

Dr. Haresh has worked with patients both in-person and online and is willing to speak with both patients and their relatives about how to administer CDS IV therapy as an HIV cure. He has been a doctor for 45 years and has been working with these specific treatments for the last 6 years. For individuals interested in contacting him, his email is


Other HIV Cures

Tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag4O4) IV – 

Tetrasilver tetroxide is the gold standard cure for HIV. In this article, Dr. Haresh details how he used CDS and tetrasilver tetroxide to cure HIV. Tetrasilver tetroxide is a type of colloidal silver that has a special shape that makes it especially effective at targeting and killing pathogens that would not be accessible to other medicines.

Ozone Therapy – 

Ozone therapy is another oxygen-based treatment that shares many similarities with CDS in regard to the way that it works inside the body to cure HIV. It is frequently administered via IV and utilizes oxygen to kill the HIV virus. Dr. Haresh also mentions ozone therapy as an important HIV cure.This therapy may be more readily available in some areas of the world than intravenous CDS treatment. 


Protocel – 

Protocel is a unique HIV cure. It works by actively supporting the body’s own immune system while also going after toxic, unhealthy cells. One key thing to keep in mind with this therapy is that, unlike most other therapies on this list, Protocel must be administered by itself as a stand-alone therapy. After a cure is achieved and patients stop taking Protocel, a dietary, supplementation, and immune-enhancing protocol may be used to enhance and maintain overall health, but if you plan to take Protocel, continue with your normal lifestyle until the treatment is complete. 


Biomagnetism – 

Biomagnetism is a particularly popular therapy in Mexico. Dr Issac Goiz, the man who discovered this therapy, first used biomagnetism to treat and cure HIV (today, it is used to safely cure a wide variety of other diseases too, in addition to HIV). The treatment is very simple and only involves the placement of magnets on carefully chosen places of the body. Though there aren’t many practitioners in the US, there are many practitioners in Mexico where the therapy was developed.



Sutherlandia – 

Sutherlandia is a plant found primarily in South Africa, otherwise known as Sutherlandia frutescens or Cancer Bush. It has had impressive success treating cancer, HIV, and herpes. Most people report that Sutherlandia is used to keep HIV under control rather than to fully cure the disease.



Bitter Melon – 

Bitter melon is a fruit that you can either eat fresh (if you have access to it) or take in a nutritional supplement form or as a concentrated tincture. Studies have demonstrated that this plant can cure HIV, diabetes, some forms of cancer, parasites, and much more. A protein called MAP-30 is found in bitter melon and is thought to have the correct antiviral activity needed to combat HIV infections. Individuals with HIV could consider adding bitter melon tinctures/supplements into their daily vitamin protocol, or even incorporating the fruit into a daily salad if it can be accessed as a fresh vegetable.

Trichosanthes Kirilowii – 

This plant, known as Gua Lou in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is said to damage the protein coating of the HIV virus’s RNA. This makes it so the HIV virus can’t replicate as easily, thus eliminating it from the body over time. 


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Kambo – 

Kambo is a jungle medicine found in the Amazon, where it is extracted from a type of frog and used by tribes to protect themselves from all kinds of diseases. It is known as “The Jungle Vaccine”. Kambo has a strong antiviral, cleansing effect and also gives the body extra peptides and thus increased immunity, making it a good option for HIV patients. 


Shilajit / Fulvic Acid / Humic Extract – 

Shilajit is another antiviral supplement. Found high in the Himalayan mountains as the byproduct of ancient plants found in the rocks, Shilajit contains fulvic acid and humic extract, both important substances that boost the immune system. Shilajit can protect cells from being infected with viral infections, so if the HIV virus is unable to continue affecting healthy cells, at some point it won’t be able to survive in the body anymore. This is a valuable supplement for any anti-HIV protocol.



Apricot Kernels / Vitamin B17 / Amygdalin – 

Vitamin B17 is an essential nutrient that many Americans (and westerners in general) lack in their diet. Without enough vitamin B17, the body is unable to maintain a strong immune system and certain diseases and infections such as HIV are able to develop. Many experts view vitamin B17 deficiency as being the primary cause of cancer, and indeed, cancer patients who take high doses of this medicine frequently recover more successfully. Vitamin B17 is also extremely important for HIV patients because it helps strengthen and reinforce the immune system. 



Rife Therapy – 

Rife therapy is a vibrational therapy that works through resonant frequencies. Using a special machine, Rife therapy practitioners can administer a body scan that can identify viruses and bacteria present in the body (including the HIV virus). Once these pathogens are identified, the patient may receive the correct vibrations to “burst” the HIV virus (they may or may not be physically attached to the Rife machine, see more about how Rife therapy works in this article). 

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Cesium Therapy – 

Cesium therapy is an alkalinizing treatment that works by making the body environment alkaline. Viruses like HIV prefer a more acidic environment, so by making the body alkaline, it makes the environment unfavorable, and the viruses will die or be unable to replicate. You need a doctor to oversee this treatment which is available through the Wolfe Clinic in the U.S. 


Dietary Changes and Supplementation – 

People suffering from HIV need to ensure that they eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to improve general health and immunity, and also to ensure that they don’t have a nutritional deficiency that could contribute to their disease. Although there are many different diets and supplementation protocols that a person could follow, at Alive-n-Healthy we recommend a diet that includes predominantly fresh, whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and also some meat or eggs. We don’t advise the consumption of processed dairy products. 

This article focuses on some diets that work to cure cancer, but many of these diets have similarly healing results for HIV patients too. 



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