How to Regrow Hair

Hair loss is a common problem. Both men and women suffer from hair loss which is perhaps why the hair loss links at our web site are so popular. Recently, we stumbled across thymus extract as a hair loss remedy while doing research to find an HIV cure. Thymus extract and topical products that contain Thymus peptides have the ability to help regulate the body’s immune system which is often malfunctioning when people experience hair loss.


Studies at the University of California in San Francisco have discovered that thymus extract can be a valuable supplement for hair regrowth. Thymus Extract contains a type of immune cell that can control inflammation in the scalp and trigger stem cells directly in hair follicles to promote hair growth. Without the Regulatory T cells (also known as Tregs, pronounced T-regs), stem cells can’t regenerate hair follicles which can lead to alopecia and other forms of baldness.

Thymus peptides that are applied topically to the scalp can enhance stem cell support even further to promote hair growth. For along time, researchers believed that hair regrowth was entirely dependent on stem cells, but this new research has demonstrated that Tregs must work together with the stem cells or else the hair simply won’t regrow. Both male pattern baldneess and alopecia areata were responsive to therapy with Thymus Extract. 


Tregs normally reside in the lymph nodes where they monitor exposure to different things from pet dander to influenza viruses. They’re responsible for letting the rest of the immune system know whether any given substance or microorganisms is a friend or foe. When T-regs don’t function properly. People develop allergies or autoimmune disorders. And some people may lose their hair.

The research seems to show that Tregs trigger hair follicle regeneration through a variety of mechanisms. Hair grows in cycles and studies have shown that if Tregs are present at the right moment in the cycle, hair will be triggered to regrow.


In addition to using Thymus peptide shampoos and serums along with taking thymus extract as a supplement by mouth, consider using red light therapy to grow hair too as part of a comprehensive hair growth protocol.


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FINAL NOTE: If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should also learn more about parasites and iodine deficiency. My own personal battle with hair loss was won by first getting rid of a parasite infection and correcting a long-standing iodine deficiency that affected my general health and well-being. Both a parasite infection and iodine deficiency are easily treated at home.


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