How to Use Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Red Light Therapy is not as gimmicky as you might think. The FDA has cleared this treatment modality which is elegantly simple using only LED lights of a particular wavelength to achieve its positive effects. The red LEDs stimulate hair growth by using 660 nm and 620 nm wavelengths of light to stimulate hair growth and the release of nitric oxide. If you purchase a red light therapy device for hair loss that covers the whole head, it’s easier to get broad scalp coverage and skin penetration. 


Some studies have shown that 655 nm wavelengths of light also significantly diminished hair loss in men with androgenic alopecia. This study looked only at men with androgenic alopecia but there’s no reason to believe that this wavelength of light wouldn’t also work to combat alopecia areata and other forms of baldness.

Use of red light therapy in tandem with thymus extracts and thymus peptides that are applied topically to the scalp OR DMSO and essential oils (depending on your hair loss situation — choose either topical thymus peptides or DMSO and essential oils, but don’t use both of these treatments together at the same time) provides a well-rounded natural hair loss treatment protocol that’s scientifically well-supported. 


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of finasteride or minoxidil because I know men who have experienced some horribly negative side effects from using these pharmaceuticals. And frankly, they don’t always work. If they do work, often they work only for a short time until the body rejects these synthetic substances. So I like to make sure that people know about the natural alternatives for hair loss. 


Red light therapy is pretty mind-blowing stuff. It’s pretty incredible that something as simple and accessible as red light can be used to grow hair. I read a blog by a doctor who was called in as a witness in a court case that involved a patient who’d had laser hair removal done to remove hair on his back only to have increased hair growth. 


Back in the early days of laser hair removal, the lasers were sometimes underpowered and when they were put on low settings (functioningmore like LED light), they actually stimulated hair growth. Researchers noticed these effects and eventually developed red light LED devices that are readily available over-the-counter these days. There are several products on the market that receive very respectable reviews. Many of them are price-y, but you have to consider the fact that when you buy a device like this, you don’t have to 1) regularly continue purchasing new pharmaceuticals like finasteride or minoxidil or 2) suffer the expense of serious medical issues caused by these two dangerous pharmaceuticals. 


If you’re serious about treating hair loss, consider purchasing a red light therapy cap and also taking Thymus Extract while using Thymus Peptides as a shampoo, serum, or conditioner. Thymus products work in tandem with red light therapy. While the red light brings blood to the scalp, nourishing stem cells and hair follicles, Thymus products taken both internally and applied topically provide a source of T-reg immune cells to stimulate the stem cells that cause hair growth to occur. 


The main takeaway here is that there are natural treatments for hair loss that won’t cause terrible side effects later on down the road. The natural treatments that we highlight here at AlivenHealthy are scientifically tested and supported.


Researchers have shown that patients who used red light therapy for 10 minutes per day for 6 months showed significant improvement on their hair loss. It’s vital that you use the device religiously for 10 minutes a day for at least 6 months to see the improvement. Hair growth occurs in cycles so if you use it for a shorter period of time, you may miss the boat on this natural hair loss treatment. Use it daily so you don’t miss the part of the hair growth cycle when baby hair growth is initiated, otherwise, the effects may not be as pronounced. This is why many people purchase red light therapy caps that can be worn anywhere, anytime–to ensure that they get their daily treatment in no matter what their schedule.

FINAL NOTE:  Iodine deficiency, a very very common deficiency in the U.S., is often a cause of hair loss along with parasite infection. Correcting an iodine deficiency and treating a parasite infection can help you lose weight and also prevent cancer. Though most people don’t want to think about parasites, everyone has a few in their intestines and that’s actually a good thing. But too many parasites can lead to hair loss. Iodine deficiency can lead to immune dysfunction, parasite infections, and..quite simply, hair loss. So learn about parasites and read more about iodine here.

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